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    1. Elections will run from April 15 to April 27. (ddemaio, 20:01:03)
    2. Format of Debate (ddemaio, 20:01:03)
    3. Each of the candidates will have a chance to respond to the questions presented. The order of response will be alphabetically, unless specified by a question for a direct candidate. Aaron, Ana, Gerry, Gertjan and Simon. (ddemaio, 20:01:03)
    4. Aaron - aluna (ddemaio, 20:01:16)
    5. Ana - Ana06 (ddemaio, 20:01:16)
    6. Gerry - Fraser_Bell (ddemaio, 20:01:18)
    7. Gertjan - knurpht (ddemaio, 20:01:19)
    8. Simon - Simotek (ddemaio, 20:01:21)

  1. Many developers come from Europe and US, but I believe many new users are coming from the other parts of the world like Asia and South/Latin America. Users are important in open source development they can help to give feedback to developers. Any plan to increase the involvement of users from this part of the world? How all the candidates view this condition? (ddemaio, 20:02:19)
    1. http://anamaria.martinezgomez.name/2018/02/15/gsoc-in-indonesia.html (Ana06, 20:08:00)

  2. We're trying hard to reach out our communities, in Indonesia alone there are 4,225 members of openSUSE Indonesia facebook group. We use any means that we feel is easiest to communicate to the community. Currently we use Telegram group and it has around 300 users. IRC is good for developer communication, but new generation usually do not use it, they prefer instant messaging like telegram, whatsapp etc (ddemaio, 20:19:52)
  3. I maybe don't have good knowledge about the Board division of work, but from wiki the main task for board are communication facilitator and as point of contact representing community. What all candidates comment about the current condition of all the tasks, how that tasks distribute among the Board members, and what is your plan to improve that condition? (ddemaio, 20:34:41)
  4. Question 2 - What's your opinion about mailing list moderation? (ddemaio, 20:50:49)
  5. Question 7 - What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the openSUSE Project in the next five years? (ddemaio, 20:59:22)

Meeting ended at 21:15:41 UTC (full logs).

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  1. ddemaio (58)
  2. Fraser_Bell (34)
  3. Ana06 (30)
  4. aluna (21)
  5. Simotek (20)
  6. knurpht (18)
  7. Simotek-Simon (7)
  8. Mir (6)
  9. terrorpup (4)
  10. bugbot (3)
  11. foursixnine (2)
  12. sysrich (2)
  13. rawtaz (1)
  14. tacit (1)
  15. robin_listas (1)
  16. Sleep_Walker (1)

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