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  1. Action Item Review (robjo, 15:03:28)
    1. There was no action items on the meeting of the 24th (sysrich, 15:03:35)
    2. I'd like to remind everyone that the openSUSE Board elections are coming up, polls open January 13 if I remember correctly (robjo, 15:05:16)
    3. the candidates are listed in this mail: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-project/2014-12/msg00027.html (robjo, 15:08:14)
    4. if anyone has any questions for the candidates please send a message to the -project mailing list (robjo, 15:09:07)
    5. Please remember that oSC15 is fast approaching (robjo, 15:09:58)
    6. everything that needs to be done is listed in progress.o.o https://progress.opensuse.org/projects/osc15/issues (robjo, 15:10:48)
    7. dates and CfP have been announced on news.o.o (robjo, 15:11:16)
    8. we need to start creating a buzz around the event and especially make certain that existing contributors make the effort to participate in oSC15 (robjo, 15:12:14)
    9. register and submit session proposals at: https://events.opensuse.org/conference/oSC15 (robjo, 15:13:15)
    10. oSC15 takes place in The Hague, The Netherlands and is reasonably easy to reach from around teh world (robjo, 15:13:56)
    11. and of course there will be TSP money available (robjo, 15:14:09)
    12. it would be great to once again see on the order of 200 people at oSC (robjo, 15:14:30)
    13. the openSUSE Board is seeking locations for oSC16 (robjo, 15:15:18)
    14. anyone interested in organizing oSC should send a proposal to the openSUSE board or the -project list (robjo, 15:15:52)

  2. Next Meeting (sysrich, 15:24:12)
    1. the Next openSUSE Project Meeting will be at 1500UTC on Wed 21st Jan 2015 (sysrich, 15:24:33)

Meeting ended at 15:25:04 UTC (full logs).

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  3. bugbot (3)
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