#opensuse-project: openSUSE Project meeting

Meeting started by robjo at 15:01:22 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. openSUSE Asia Summit (robjo, 15:04:56)
    1. notification for accepted speakers for the summit is expected no later than Sept. 1st (robjo, 15:08:05)
    2. watch out for a call for voting on the logo for the Summit in the near future (robjo, 15:09:11)
    3. don't forget to check summit.opensuse.org for the latest info (page is currently down but will back up soon ;) ) (robjo, 15:12:42)

  2. Any other topics? (robjo, 15:15:57)
    1. oSC15 should have a kick-off meeting in the not to distant future, thus watch out for that. (robjo, 15:18:34)

Meeting ended at 15:19:12 UTC (full logs).

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  1. robjo (22)
  2. Sunny1 (14)
  3. henne (4)
  4. bugbot (2)
  5. saurabhsood91 (1)

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