15:01:22 <robjo> #startmeeting openSUSE Project meeting
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15:02:26 <robjo> Hello everyone and welcome to the openSUSE project meeting, it is Wednesday August 20, 2014 and the sun is shining in New England
15:02:43 <robjo> temperatires are very much on the chilly side considering it is the middle of August
15:03:06 <robjo> And with the first typo out of the way for today lets get going
15:03:28 <robjo> As always the agenda can be found here: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
15:04:07 <robjo> There were no Action Items from the last meeting, according to the minutes: http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2014/opensuse-project.2014-08-06-15.05.html
15:04:44 <robjo> That gets us to topic number 2 for today the openSUSE Summit in Asia
15:04:56 <robjo> #topic openSUSE Asia Summit
15:05:11 <robjo> Anyone here that has anything to report?
15:05:33 <saurabhsood91> Sunny1 can report on the summit
15:05:39 <Sunny1> Hi
15:06:01 <Sunny1> CFP is finished, we got 51 pieces of proposal in the end
15:06:15 <robjo> great
15:06:24 <Sunny1> Paper review committee is reviewing the proposals
15:07:17 <Sunny1> We plan to mail to people whose proposal is accepted Sep 1
15:07:36 <Sunny1> Call for logo design is finished, and we got 9 pieces of paper
15:07:58 <Sunny1> We will put these logo candidate on website for public voting in these days
15:08:05 <robjo> #info notification for accepted speakers for the summit is expected no later than Sept. 1st
15:09:11 <robjo> #info watch out for a call for voting on the logo for the Summit in the near future
15:09:17 <Sunny1> CFS is WIP, two companies (except for SUSE) confirmed to sponsor us already :-)
15:09:57 <Sunny1> SUSE is the first one to be confirmed to sponsor our summit
15:11:07 <Sunny1> TSP application is finished, TSP will review all appliant in these days
15:12:08 <Sunny1> That's the main update in the past two weeks
15:12:37 <Sunny1> any questions?
15:12:42 <robjo> #info don't forget to check summit.opensuse.org for the latest info (page is currently down but will back up soon ;) )
15:13:21 <Sunny1> Thanks for reminder :-)
15:13:41 <henne> why is that page down?
15:13:59 <Sunny1> I have no idea, sorry
15:14:17 <henne> ah it's also served on conference
15:14:17 <robjo> henne: I do not know, I got a 503 and was planning to send a ticket after the meeting ;)
15:14:27 <henne> back up
15:14:39 <robjo> OK, not ticket needed :)
15:14:40 <henne> we have OSEM troubles...
15:15:32 <robjo> Thanks Sunny1 for the update and all the work in getting the openSUSE Summit in Asia off the ground
15:15:46 <Sunny1> my pleasure
15:15:57 <robjo> #topic Any other topics?
15:16:17 <robjo> Any other "on the spot" items?
15:18:34 <robjo> #info oSC15 should have a kick-off meeting in the not to distant future, thus watch out for that.
15:18:53 <robjo> I guess we are done for today
15:19:05 <robjo> Thanks everyone for your time and for participating.
15:19:12 <robjo> #endmeeting