#opensuse-project: openSUSE Project Meeting

Meeting started by prusnak at 18:02:30 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Old Action Items (prusnak, 18:05:13)
    1. Alan working with Attachmate Executive Mgt and Legal teams, SUSE management is supportive of the Foundation. (prusnak, 18:10:08)
    2. we agreed we need a session (probably BoF) about novell vs. (open)suse bugzilla and bugzilla vs. fate discussion (prusnak, 18:20:08)
    3. folks at Google don't know whether there will be Google Code-In this year. if yes, they'll announce it sometime around the first week of October (prusnak, 18:25:25)

  2. Status Reports (prusnak, 18:27:29)
    1. lots of buzz going on about the conference, follow news.opensuse.org to get it all! (prusnak, 18:32:24)
    2. alan and sshaw working on (secret for now) fun activity that will entice people to register and attend the conference. (prusnak, 18:35:27)
    3. GSoC results will be closed this Friday, 7 mentors have already submitted their evaluations, only 1 of them was FAIL, we are still waiting for the other 7 evaluations (prusnak, 18:40:43)

  3. Board F2F at the openSUSE Conference (prusnak, 18:52:56)
    1. most of the Board members will arrive on 8th Sept and will have a F2F meeting on 9th and 10th, just prior the conference (prusnak, 18:56:43)

  4. permission@ requests (prusnak, 19:08:36)
  5. Where do we need to improve? (prusnak, 19:23:58)
  6. Questions & Answers (prusnak, 19:31:03)

Meeting ended at 19:36:03 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)

People present (lines said)

  1. prusnak (141)
  2. suseROCKs (114)
  3. AlanClark (79)
  4. mrdocs (30)
  5. bugbot (4)
  6. sshaw (2)
  7. SUSEhelp (1)
  8. izabelvalverde (1)

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