18:02:30 <prusnak> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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18:02:44 <prusnak> #meetingtopic openSUSE Project Meeting
18:02:47 <suseROCKs> prusnak,    you need to op bugbot before you @startmeeting
18:02:54 <prusnak> suseROCKs: i did
18:03:03 <suseROCKs> oh  opps  never mind   :-_
18:03:13 <prusnak> The agenda for today's meeting is:
18:03:20 <prusnak> 1. Old Action Items
18:03:23 <izabelvalverde> I'm following too
18:03:26 <prusnak> 2. Status Reports
18:03:32 <prusnak> 2.1 openSUSE Conference Planning Update
18:03:38 <prusnak> 2.2 openSUSE Foundation Status Update
18:03:40 <suseROCKs> prusnak,   more chairs please
18:03:47 <prusnak> 2.3 GSoC Status Update
18:03:55 <prusnak> 3. Proposal from Manu Gupta on Google Code-In
18:04:00 <prusnak> 4. Board F2F at the openSUSE Conference?
18:04:05 <prusnak> 5. permission@ requests
18:04:11 <prusnak> 6. Where do we need to improve?
18:04:19 <prusnak> 7. Questions & Answers
18:04:27 <prusnak> #chair suseROCKs AlanClark mrdocs
18:04:27 <bugbot> Current chairs: AlanClark mrdocs prusnak suseROCKs
18:05:00 <prusnak> okay
18:05:01 <prusnak> first topic
18:05:09 <suseROCKs> FYI:   I was expecting a service technician to come to the house an hour ago but hasn't shown up yet.  So I might have to step away unexpectedly for a moment
18:05:13 <prusnak> #topic Old Action Items
18:05:38 <prusnak> board items are at http://bit.ly/opensuse_board_ais
18:06:03 <prusnak> there are two items - one mine - there is no progress whatsoever on user search in bugzilla
18:06:22 <prusnak> another is assigned to AlanClark - any news?
18:06:30 <AlanClark> We can cover a bit on the Foundation here.
18:06:57 <prusnak> okay, please go on
18:07:12 <AlanClark> I am rapidly working with Attachmate Executive Mgt and Legal teams.
18:07:58 <AlanClark> With new management and legal team members, we are going through some education cycles.  The SUSE management is supportive of the Foundation.
18:08:11 <AlanClark> It is a matter of some internal work.
18:08:42 <AlanClark> I am aiming for us to have much to talk about at osc and the board F2F.
18:08:58 <mrdocs> great.. sounds like a plan
18:10:08 <prusnak> #info Alan working with Attachmate Executive Mgt and Legal teams, SUSE management is supportive of the Foundation.
18:10:09 <AlanClark> For this bug, we aren't quite ready yet to write an announcement.  We're getting closer, but we leave the bug as is for the moment
18:10:41 <prusnak> do you think there will be an announcement before the conference?
18:11:15 <prusnak> so people can read it before face to face discussion?
18:11:40 <AlanClark> I don't know yet
18:11:48 <prusnak> okay, thanks
18:12:11 <prusnak> Project AIs are at http://bit.ly/opensuse_action_items
18:12:21 <prusnak> currently we have 4 open items
18:12:51 <prusnak> as adrianS, henne and cboltz are not here we skip the first 3
18:13:10 <prusnak> suseROCKs: can you tell us about the 4th one?
18:13:42 <suseROCKs> anything more?
18:13:42 <suseROCKs> prusnak,   question for you
18:13:43 <suseROCKs> on your AI
18:13:44 <suseROCKs> as your AI pertains to bugzilla issues there's the oft-repeated discussion about whether we should get away from Novell Bugzilla.
18:13:59 <suseROCKs> Quesiton is,  do we want to come up with some statement on this, or come up with a more indepth discussion... or what?    Does anyone have some inking of a plan one way or the other?
18:14:05 <suseROCKs> err... is there a lag here?
18:14:51 <prusnak> there was a discussion about moving away from the novell bugzilla some time ago (months, even before acquisition)
18:15:04 <prusnak> but there was not a clear outcome
18:15:16 <prusnak> i think we should make this a topic for a discussion on the conference
18:15:25 <suseROCKs> well the discussion has reared its head again on our mailing list this past week.
18:15:39 <AlanClark> +1 for conference discussion
18:15:41 <prusnak> which mailinglist?
18:16:02 <suseROCKs> I agree but I would much rather see a discussion centered around specific ideas rather than another session bellyaching about "I don't like this or that"
18:16:14 <prusnak> sure
18:16:23 <prusnak> we need to agree if we want to depart or not
18:16:34 <prusnak> and if yes who'll maintain the instance
18:16:35 <suseROCKs> prusnak,   bugzilla vs fate is the subject line and its on factory ML
18:17:36 <prusnak> i think this is conference material
18:17:59 <suseROCKs> should it be part of the general meeting topic?
18:18:09 <prusnak> greg and pascal will be there and they both wanted to the current bugzilla situation
18:18:16 <prusnak> ...wanted to change....
18:18:55 <prusnak> suseROCKs: i don't know, maybe have a separate BoF about that
18:19:14 <suseROCKs> prusnak,   ok
18:19:21 <AlanClark> Let's BoF it
18:19:28 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   thoughts on that?  (regarding when in conference to discuss)
18:19:39 <suseROCKs> Thought expressed.  :-)
18:20:08 <prusnak> #info we agreed we need a session (probably BoF) about novell vs. (open)suse bugzilla and bugzilla vs. fate discussion
18:20:24 <suseROCKs> ok I'm done asking questions on this specific topic
18:21:12 <suseROCKs> now prusnak had a question on my bug #711572
18:21:15 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 711572 in openSUSE.org (Action Items) "[AI] Google Code-in" [Normal,Needinfo] https://bugzilla.novell.com/711572
18:21:38 <AlanClark> I received a reply from Google
18:21:43 <suseROCKs> This one is actually also listed as Topic #3 in today's agenda.   Shall we wait to Topic 3 to discuss or go ahead now?
18:22:00 <prusnak> let's discuss it now
18:22:05 <suseROCKs> ok
18:22:22 <suseROCKs> the summary of my investigation is detailed in the bug report regarding Manu's proposal for a Google Code-In
18:22:46 <suseROCKs> There were some questions in the investigation about whether GCI will be held again this year and the timing of the GCI contest
18:22:55 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   You say now you have word from Google?
18:23:20 <AlanClark> I received a reply email from them this morning.  "
18:23:21 <AlanClark> We're not sure yet. Last year we announced around the first week of October.
18:23:21 <mrdocs> back sorry plasma misbehaving
18:23:22 <AlanClark> If we choose to do the program again we'll announce this year's program
18:23:24 <AlanClark> around the same time.
18:24:00 <prusnak> thanks for the info
18:24:06 <prusnak> i also tried to reach folks from google but failed
18:24:18 <suseROCKs> ok so there's really nothing we can/should do now
18:24:19 <AlanClark> I just added a comment to the bug.
18:24:40 <AlanClark> Looks like we need to check in October
18:25:00 <suseROCKs> ok so we have a 6 week reprieve then  :-)
18:25:05 <suseROCKs> assuming we actually want to do this.
18:25:25 <prusnak> #info folks at Google don't know whether there will be Google Code-In this year. if yes, they'll announce it sometime around the first week of October
18:25:40 <suseROCKs> I dislike the timing of last year's contest  (Nov 22 - Jan 10)  and I wonder how we can recruit >18 year old students
18:25:58 <AlanClark> Is there a way to set a date on this bugg in bugzilla so that we can ignore it until October 1?
18:26:20 <suseROCKs> I was wondering the same thing
18:26:22 <prusnak> i don't know about such feature
18:26:45 <prusnak> the last comment mentions the date explicitely though
18:27:02 <prusnak> should we move on?
18:27:05 <suseROCKs> yeah
18:27:12 <AlanClark> yes, next
18:27:29 <prusnak> #topic Status Reports
18:27:40 <prusnak> ++ openSUSE Conference Planning Update
18:28:05 <prusnak> anyone wants to take this one?
18:28:39 <prusnak> there is a lot of activity going on, i'm not sure who should i pick :)
18:28:55 <AlanClark> lots of actvity.
18:29:05 <AlanClark> Looks like it's coming together
18:29:31 <suseROCKs> Agreed and whenever there's something worthy we try to publish it on news.o.o
18:29:52 <suseROCKs> prusnak, and I are about to publish the announcement of the android app
18:30:29 <suseROCKs> I think he and digitltom did a great job on the app
18:30:36 <prusnak> yes, i saw announcements on news.o.o and i think we should continue using that
18:31:15 <AlanClark> I missed that. Way cool!
18:32:24 <prusnak> #info lots of buzz going on about the conference, follow news.opensuse.org to get it all!
18:32:34 <AlanClark> sshaw and I are working on an additional "fun activity" that will entice people to register and attend the conference.
18:33:16 <prusnak> great!
18:33:25 <suseROCKs> I hope you're not telling people "Register and get a belly dance with suseROCKs"
18:33:27 <prusnak> when are you going to announce it? or is it a local one?
18:34:15 <AlanClark> We have a bit more to figure out, then we can announce.  We're working on a 'giveaway' for the conference.
18:34:38 <prusnak> nice :)
18:35:05 <AlanClark> We have to get it to work first ;-)  sshaw keeps saying something about his day job getting in the way ;-)
18:35:27 <prusnak> #info alan and sshaw working on (secret for now) fun activity that will entice people to register and attend the conference.
18:35:30 <suseROCKs> yeah those ferrari's are always trouble to get working
18:35:59 <prusnak> next subtopic
18:36:16 <AlanClark> next
18:36:18 <prusnak> openSUSE Foundation Status Update - we already dealt with that in the beginning of the meeting
18:36:22 <prusnak> next
18:36:32 <prusnak> GSoC Status Update
18:36:44 <suseROCKs> prusnak, is an wesome meeting moderator.  He gets the topics talked about before the topic s  :-)
18:36:47 <prusnak> i'll take this one
18:37:05 <prusnak> this monday was the firm "pencils down" for students
18:37:09 * sshaw blames it on his day job
18:37:26 * sshaw is however very excited about it if it works :)
18:37:30 <prusnak> during this week mentors have to fill in final evaluations (until friday)
18:37:51 <prusnak> some of them already did so, we are still waiting for 7 mentors
18:38:08 <suseROCKs> and to refresh my memory, how many projects did we have?
18:38:11 <prusnak> out of the other 7 mentors who filled in evaluations already - only 1 was fail
18:38:23 <prusnak> 6 were successful
18:38:32 <prusnak> right now we have 14 projects in total
18:38:41 <prusnak> 1 or 2 failed at the midterm
18:38:51 <suseROCKs> ouch on the fails
18:39:19 <prusnak> still i think this is good, let's wait for the last 7 evaluations
18:39:24 <AlanClark> good success ratio
18:39:34 <prusnak> i will poke the mentors again tomorrow
18:39:37 <mrdocs> true  one or two fails in 14 is quite good actually
18:39:46 <mrdocs> and i have seen a couple which are excellent
18:40:05 <suseROCKs> out of curiosity, was there ever a decisiona bout what to do with the openSUSE portion of the contest funds?
18:40:10 <AlanClark> prusnak - I recieved the PO from google.
18:40:43 <prusnak> #info GSoC results will be closed this Friday, 7 mentors have already submitted their evaluations, only 1 of them was FAIL, we are still waiting for the other 7 evaluations
18:41:23 <AlanClark> monies are being used to send to the google mtg (I don't remember the name); also some to bring them to osc
18:41:36 <prusnak> AlanClark: good, do you need help with that (the PO)?
18:42:05 <suseROCKs> Will one of you be accompanying the students to Mountain View for the Google event?
18:42:18 <AlanClark> That's why I was looking for vincent earlier, to make sure it is inline with our expations.
18:42:33 <suseROCKs> Which I believe is in October.
18:42:47 <prusnak> suseROCKs: students are not going to mountain view, 2 of the mentors are - Tom Schmidt and Michal Hrusecky
18:43:02 <suseROCKs> Good.   Good to have representation there
18:43:15 <prusnak> AlanClark: i read the PO and it seems right
18:43:57 <AlanClark> I was in a rush when it arrived. I haven't been back to read it again.  Did they give us funds for 2 mentors?
18:44:12 <prusnak> yes, $2000
18:44:43 <AlanClark> Guess I was expecting to see 2*$2000
18:45:00 <prusnak> no, it is $1000 per mentor
18:45:17 <suseROCKs> That's gonna be a tight fit
18:45:20 <prusnak> tom and michal know that if they go above the limit, they have to pay themselves
18:45:50 <prusnak> (i already talk with them and it is around $60 above)
18:46:38 <AlanClark> Sounds like we should cover that with the other Gsoc monies
18:47:08 <suseROCKs> Only $1060 to mountain view  including hotel??   That's cheap
18:47:30 <prusnak> suseROCKs: no, hotel is paid by google, you pay only for the flight and then get it reimbursed
18:47:42 <suseROCKs> ahhhh
18:47:49 <suseROCKs> then that's a close enough amount  sure
18:48:03 <prusnak> AlanClark: that is open to discussion i guess, i have no problem with that
18:48:53 <suseROCKs> yeah let's not quibble over a few dollars.
18:49:24 <prusnak> next topic?
18:49:33 <suseROCKs> However I'd like to propose if they have time to meet with any local openSUSE folks in the Bay Area
18:50:01 <prusnak> good idea :)
18:50:36 <mrdocs> i might be there as well
18:50:47 <mrdocs> depending on family visa situation
18:51:04 <prusnak> :)
18:51:32 <suseROCKs> Do you know the actual date of the Google Gthering?
18:52:06 <prusnak> 22-23 Oct
18:52:14 <suseROCKs> ok
18:52:20 <prusnak> okay, let's go - we skip topic #3 because we already handled Google Code In issue during the Action Item
18:52:44 <suseROCKs> i would propose to remove that from the agenda permanently since its now an AI
18:52:52 <prusnak> okay
18:52:56 <prusnak> #topic Board F2F at the openSUSE Conference
18:53:23 <prusnak> we discussed a little on the mailing list
18:53:32 <suseROCKs> are we confirmed for the 9th?
18:53:37 <AlanClark> yes.
18:53:42 <prusnak> i'll be in NBG 2 days prior the conference
18:53:53 <prusnak> so i can attend f2f on 9th and 10th
18:54:23 <prusnak> henne probably won't join us because of the conference duties, but this can change
18:54:26 <suseROCKs> 9th is definite and 10th is as-needed,  right?
18:54:41 <prusnak> we'll see how much time we'll need
18:54:55 <mrdocs> im going to arrive the 8th
18:54:55 <AlanClark> We need to work on the agenda.
18:55:00 <suseROCKs> ok I like that.   Last few times we were so rushed with tiny time spent
18:55:13 <prusnak> i also arrive 8th evening
18:55:30 <suseROCKs> nd I arrive on 8th too.   Arriving at 4 p.m. via train and heading over to EuroHotel
18:55:32 <AlanClark> I arrive on the 8th as well.  I think we will be recruited to help with osc setup on the 8th
18:55:43 <prusnak> so we only don't know about rupert
18:55:49 <prusnak> iirc
18:55:58 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   seriously?   8th?   After all that traveling?  :-)
18:56:12 <AlanClark> suseROCKS - best to stay awake
18:56:23 <suseROCKs> yeah....
18:56:43 <prusnak> #info most of the Board members will arrive on 8th Sept and will have a F2F meeting on 9th and 10th, just prior the conference
18:56:51 <suseROCKs> ok so we meet for sure on 9th at 10:00 a.m.?
18:57:09 <AlanClark> at a conference room at the SUSE office
18:57:20 <mrdocs> sounds good to me
18:57:25 <prusnak> alright
18:57:37 <suseROCKs> I'd like to emphasize to folks here that as always our face to face board meetings are not closed meetings
18:57:40 <prusnak> i might come sooner (9:30) to arrange the stuff
18:58:05 <prusnak> so we can actually start at 10:00
18:58:07 <suseROCKs> simply usually too boring for non board members to come to.  :-)
18:58:23 <AlanClark> suseROCKS, if so boring what are we doing there?
18:58:40 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   Its our opportunity to tell each other what we really think of each other face to face  :-)
18:59:02 * mrdocs grins
18:59:14 <AlanClark> suseROCKS and you think that will be boring?
18:59:21 <suseROCKs> LOL
18:59:48 <AlanClark> Next stepis to work on the agenda.
19:00:11 <suseROCKs> I have invited Jos to attend as a guest and he has agreed
19:00:31 <prusnak> fine, i'm sure AJ will join as well if he has time
19:00:32 <AlanClark> How about we form it on the project/board meeting wiki page?
19:00:34 <suseROCKs> and we should invite (why do I keep forgetting his name?!?) that is heading the SUSE offices
19:01:10 <AlanClark> suseROCKS, you thinking of Nils?
19:01:17 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   i sure am!  :-)
19:01:33 <AlanClark> Good idea. I'll invite him to come meet us.
19:01:54 <AlanClark> and MM as well.
19:02:22 <suseROCKs> And in the past, we set up a time slot for these guests to come to our meeting.   Do we want to do that as well this time or just invite them to sit in with us the whole time?
19:02:30 <AlanClark> timeslot
19:02:39 <prusnak> timeslot +1
19:02:51 <suseROCKs> I +1 that too   much easier on them
19:03:00 <prusnak> and us too :)
19:03:07 <suseROCKs> and then the other question is do we want to meet them as a group or one on one or.... some as a group and others as one...
19:03:43 <AlanClark> Group - depending upon their schedule
19:04:29 <suseROCKs> ok
19:04:47 <suseROCKs> so I also agree we should just all go to the wiki and add our suggested topics and be done with it
19:05:13 <prusnak> sounds reasonable
19:05:22 * AlanClark is editing the wiki
19:07:02 <suseROCKs> ok what's next?
19:08:16 <prusnak> AlanClark: could you please send URL of the page to board@ ML ?
19:08:28 <prusnak> next topic
19:08:36 <prusnak> #topic permission@ requests
19:08:45 <prusnak> there are two requests
19:08:48 <AlanClark> it's the same page that we use for these meetings
19:09:03 <prusnak> AlanClark: ah thanks, i thought there was a separate one
19:09:11 <prusnak> a) http://www.linux-pratique.com, would like to use the OpenSUSE logo in upcoming issue
19:09:14 <suseROCKs> I already voted +1 on them and both have marketing benefits so I will be further investigating how we cn collaborate together.
19:09:16 <prusnak> b) Logo on SuperTuxCart
19:09:47 <suseROCKs> err  i mean I will be passing it along to marketing team to further investigate
19:09:50 <prusnak> we have 4 out of 6 members present so we can vote
19:10:06 <suseROCKs> a) +1
19:10:09 <suseROCKs> b) +1
19:10:19 <prusnak> a) +1
19:10:21 <prusnak> b) +1
19:10:31 <AlanClark> a) +1
19:10:33 <AlanClark> b) +1
19:10:41 <suseROCKs> That was easy  :-)
19:10:53 <AlanClark> rupert voted by email +1 on both
19:10:54 <suseROCKs> I do have a question before we close the topic
19:11:11 <suseROCKs> 2 actually
19:11:17 <mrdocs> i voted +1 for both by mail
19:11:17 <AlanClark> I do have a question as well
19:11:22 <prusnak> mrdocs voted on both +1 as well
19:11:36 <AlanClark> mrdocs - is it a reputable magazine?
19:11:44 <mrdocs> AlanClark: very
19:11:53 <prusnak> web is down atm, which kinda sucks
19:11:55 <mrdocs> they have sponsored FOSS events
19:11:57 <suseROCKs> Question #1.   Currently requests are sent to permissions@novell   is this going to change in the new structure?
19:12:29 <mrdocs> AlanClark: nationwide distribution in France, many authors are foss developers
19:12:42 <mrdocs> suseROCKs: good topic for f2f
19:13:04 * AlanClark adds it as a topic
19:13:28 <suseROCKs> mrdocs,   well its something we need to clarify fairly quickly imo or it becomes misleading to get suse permissions from novell int he current state
19:13:40 <mrdocs> exactly
19:13:42 <suseROCKs> a topic for F2F yes but also a topic that needs to be discussed internally by the company
19:13:54 <suseROCKs> and they need to discuss it before we can discuss it, I think
19:14:52 <suseROCKs> the second question I have is that we're starting to get non-openSUSE requests forwarded to us.    I'm unsure if its just  coincidence or if the forwarder is just bulking it all together for everyone on the ML
19:15:04 <AlanClark> I'll take that action item
19:15:55 <AlanClark> I'll follow up with Sue on the second question.
19:16:33 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   also, in light of the last two requests, we need Jos to be on that ML too
19:16:54 <AlanClark> why? the decision is the Boards
19:17:09 <suseROCKs> AlanClark,   not in terms of decision but in terms of being aware of stuff
19:17:19 <suseROCKs> He usually handles press relations (such as the one from the French magazine)
19:17:33 <AlanClark> I agree.  We should be leveraging these much more.
19:18:05 <suseROCKs> and if you noticed   in one reply by someone on the corporate side, they said to refer it to some marketing person over at Novell.  and i wanted to jump in and say "Nuh uh!  This is openSUSE territory!"  :-)
19:19:04 <suseROCKs> And last question I have:  How quickly do we reply to requestors when its voted yes by the board?
19:19:11 <AlanClark> Let's talk about that at the F2F
19:19:21 <suseROCKs> I'd like to reach out to the TuxRacer guy and see if we can demo it during Conference
19:19:57 <prusnak> suseROCKs: please do
19:19:59 <AlanClark> I've been taking the action to reply to these requests.
19:20:25 <suseROCKs> ok
19:20:32 <AlanClark> Part of the reason is that I send the reply to Legal so that they can file the response for any future reference
19:21:00 <suseROCKs> I only want to reach out to the guy after you've done that step
19:21:06 <AlanClark> suseROCKS.  Why don't you reply to the TuxRacer and include a reply to permissions@
19:21:25 <suseROCKs> ok
19:21:29 <AlanClark> That way Sue(Legal) will get the response
19:21:39 <suseROCKs> can you forward me a copy of a past reply you've sent so I can keep the language similar?
19:22:01 <AlanClark> yes.
19:22:11 <suseROCKs> Ok I'm done with my permissions questions  :-)
19:22:24 <prusnak> next topic then?
19:22:24 <suseROCKs> Please let me know if I'm not asking enough questions today
19:22:26 <AlanClark> I'll take the AI to respond to the French Magazine
19:22:38 <AlanClark> I'll include Jos on the response
19:22:49 <suseROCKs> Perfect
19:23:25 <suseROCKs> yes prusnak
19:23:40 <AlanClark> next
19:23:58 <prusnak> #topic Where do we need to improve?
19:24:34 <suseROCKs> Since this topic is about immediately-fixable things, I'll just inject here something I just created today
19:24:38 <suseROCKs> new factoid
19:24:44 <suseROCKs> !projectmeeting
19:24:44 <SUSEhelp> Folks, the openSUSE Project and Board Meeting is about to begin.  We invite you to join us at /join #opensuse-project.
19:25:03 <suseROCKs> you can use this in any room where SUSEhelp is logged in and encourage more people to joiin
19:25:13 <AlanClark> what no brush your teeth jokes?
19:25:27 <mrdocs> AlanClark: I can take the Fr magazine from your pile
19:25:29 <suseROCKs> don't make me come up with an AlanClark factoid!
19:25:58 <AlanClark> mrdocs.  Great. It yours.  be sure to include to permission@
19:26:10 <mrdocs> of course
19:26:19 <suseROCKs> mrdocs,   and include Jos  because we want to be sure we can leverge this as much as possible
19:26:24 <mrdocs> exactly
19:26:37 <mrdocs> AlanClark: is there some sort of template people use ?
19:26:49 <mrdocs> and I will start in French to make them feel at home :)
19:26:55 <AlanClark> mrdocs.  I'll send you the text
19:27:04 <mrdocs> great
19:27:18 <AlanClark> I'll send it to board@
19:27:22 <mrdocs> im back in france until the end of sept
19:27:38 <mrdocs> *roughly*
19:27:48 <suseROCKs> mrdocs,  just be back in time for Brainshare
19:28:02 <mrdocs> suseROCKs: yes sir..
19:28:26 <suseROCKs> I'm guessing we have no actual "need to fix" topics today  :-)
19:28:38 * AlanClark looks forward to seeing mrdocs at Brainshare
19:28:58 <AlanClark> I don't have anything for the "need to fix" topic today
19:29:03 <mrdocs> same
19:29:12 <mrdocs> AlanClark: ill be at OSC too
19:29:26 <mrdocs> but im not shy in a booth either
19:29:28 <suseROCKs> there goes the neighborhood
19:29:39 <mrdocs> suseROCKs: i know i know...
19:29:47 <AlanClark> openSUSE storms the conference, headline at 10 lol
19:29:57 <suseROCKs> hehe
19:29:59 * mrdocs runs for a fresh diet coke
19:30:20 <AlanClark> next
19:30:20 <suseROCKs> ok folks....  I'd like everyone to be aware that while we normally have board meetings online every two weeks, we won't have one two weeks from today
19:30:34 <AlanClark> wait we have a question posted
19:30:41 <suseROCKs> in lieu, we will have a general meeting at the conference on the 14th
19:30:44 <prusnak> yep
19:30:54 <prusnak> let's move to Q&A
19:31:03 <prusnak> #topic Questions & Answers
19:31:14 <prusnak> there is a question by Jedibeeftrix
19:31:19 <prusnak> GSoC - Software Centre is coming along nicely, but what is the status of Appstream and Bretzn for opensuse 12.1?
19:31:53 <suseROCKs> Good Question
19:32:02 <prusnak> although i was involved in appstream project in its beginning, unfortunately, i don't know the current state of it
19:32:19 <prusnak> vincent untz and frank karlitschek would now more
19:32:26 <suseROCKs> it definitely seems to have disappeared from main conversation these days
19:32:59 <mrdocs> vuntz|IS: you there ?
19:33:35 <prusnak> vuntz is on vacation in iceland till the end of the week
19:33:58 <AlanClark> best we save this question for the next meeting
19:34:32 <suseROCKs> so we're done?
19:34:45 <prusnak> i guess so
19:35:03 <suseROCKs> I think we had a pretty good meeting today.  Good job guys!
19:35:04 <prusnak> 5
19:35:06 <prusnak> 4
19:35:07 <prusnak> 3
19:35:09 <prusnak> 2
19:35:10 <prusnak> 1
19:35:12 <AlanClark> good meeting.  Thanks all
19:35:13 <prusnak> 0
19:35:16 <prusnak> -1
19:35:22 <prusnak> :)
19:35:33 <suseROCKs> See you all in two weeks.  last one to Nuremberg is a rotten egg!
19:35:35 <prusnak> thanks all for joining us
19:35:36 * AlanClark didn't know atomic clocks could go negative
19:35:58 <prusnak> they can't, they go 255 after 0 :-)
19:36:03 <prusnak> #endmeeting