11:56:46 <KalabiYau> #startmeeting OSEM status/progress meeting
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11:57:28 <KalabiYau> #chair differentreality ancorgs ChrisBr gopesh henne KalabiYau
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11:57:43 <gopesh> ChrisBr: you have entirely changed the mail notifications that I built :P
11:58:03 <gopesh> I haven't completed them and the delayed jobs integration is still left
11:59:39 <ChrisBr> Not entirely ... Henne wanted to be consistent ...
11:59:40 <KalabiYau> #topic short standup
11:59:57 <KalabiYau> we shall start, guys. Hi, everyone!
12:00:04 <gopesh> hello
12:00:08 <gopesh> everyone
12:00:24 <ancorgs> I have half on the brain in the meeting, mention me if you really need me :-)
12:00:34 <KalabiYau> ancorgs, sure
12:00:45 <KalabiYau> can we share  our current status? How things are going? Any problems, achievements, things to be proud?
12:01:28 <gopesh> Well the admin backend looks really professional great work ChrisBr
12:01:59 <differentreality> I am working on the roles and the authorization, I am implementing tests, I stubmle upon stuff that need to be reworked and it's still a work in progress
12:02:32 <KalabiYau> from my side, i've done some deploument and CI related tasks which are tracked in #263, removed Hound CI and replaced it with rubocop. Slowly moving towards proper style ;) Additionally we've moved production instance and now we running it on master + all the errors notifications we got via errbit
12:02:56 <gopesh> I am currently working on email notifications, the implementation is almost over however the delayed jobs integration and some polishing is still left
12:03:17 <KalabiYau> ancorgs, ChrisBr, henne anything to share?
12:03:51 <ancorgs> not here
12:03:55 <KalabiYau> oh yeah, we have some stuff around happening with travis/phantomjs, but seems temp fix is in place, done by gopesh
12:03:58 <ChrisBr> Okay, currently I'm working on the default mail templates and fixing bugs for event update state but the this PR
12:03:58 <ChrisBr> is already finish and I will discuss some issues with gopesh after meeting and waiting for review! The next small
12:03:58 <ChrisBr> tasks is a bug in a migration (reported from differentreality) and the issue with js and travis :/ My next big task
12:03:58 <ChrisBr> is the refactoring of the admin menu structure which I would like to start tomorrow
12:04:17 <KalabiYau> cool
12:04:32 <henne> I'm starting to work on the user onboarding
12:04:41 <KalabiYau> #topic agile structuring
12:04:59 <KalabiYau> Seems everyone reported, back to agenda.
12:06:28 <KalabiYau> My idea is about to limit our focus to move with osem progress more rapidly and more fractionated. So, we can establish a milestone - it is there in fact, https://github.com/openSUSE/osem/issues?milestone=1&state=open
12:07:38 <KalabiYau> say, we _all_ agree on some stuff we can deliver in one milestone. This example holds data of 6 Aug. With 8 issues. We all discuss should we do something or not in this milestone, assign ourself to tasks and proceed
12:07:47 <henne> clashes a bit with my GSoC project plan for ChrisBr
12:08:00 <KalabiYau> why it is good? It is more focused approach
12:08:20 <KalabiYau> no worries, as tasks in GSoC project can be included
12:08:26 <KalabiYau> as you are working on that anyway
12:08:55 <KalabiYau> but very basic idea is to do only commited stuff. simple
12:09:06 <KalabiYau> henne, that way it will do?
12:09:40 <gopesh> Well we haven't confirmed on what shall we do about the user deletion
12:09:41 <KalabiYau> GSoC is good, but OSEM should move forward as well. As at some point GSoC will end and need to move on
12:09:50 <henne> true
12:10:08 <henne> I of course like a more focused approach
12:10:17 <KalabiYau> any objections from milestone approach from anyone?
12:10:23 <henne> we just have to figure out the details with the current schedule
12:10:35 <KalabiYau> we have time for it, no hurry
12:10:39 <KalabiYau> just a test-drive )
12:10:56 <KalabiYau> how it will work out, and we will decide later on
12:11:30 <KalabiYau> no objections so far, only concerns, which can be and should be solved. Then seems we are good. Moving on.
12:12:04 <henne> so when / how are we going to decide on milestone content?
12:12:23 <KalabiYau> #action all agree on milestone content
12:12:45 <ChrisBr> KalabiYau: and what happens if we are faster / slower than commited?
12:13:23 <gopesh> ChrisBr: faster is good and slower is not an issue :)
12:13:35 <KalabiYau> If we are faster - we just agree on something else until milestone ends, if slower, next time we will be wiser. Practice shows that it needs two-five sprints to make proper estimations
12:13:45 <KalabiYau> gopesh, agree
12:14:16 <ChrisBr> KalabiYau: Okay
12:14:21 <KalabiYau> henne, each should estimate his plans, tasks he think he/she want/need to deliver until end of milestone and add em to milestone
12:15:07 <KalabiYau> until say tomorrow evening and on friday we will COMMIT - means milestone experiment officially running
12:15:26 <KalabiYau> any qustions/objections?
12:15:33 <KalabiYau> s/questions/objections/
12:15:44 <KalabiYau> :) cool
12:15:50 <henne> I always like to do collaboratively
12:15:50 <KalabiYau> #topic BigGoals v.1
12:15:56 <henne> wait...
12:16:10 <KalabiYau> #topic agile structuring
12:16:14 <KalabiYau> #topic agile structuring
12:16:27 <KalabiYau> waiting :)
12:16:47 <henne> I would like to meet on Milestone.end and discuss content of the next milestone
12:17:01 <henne> so we at least sync once per milestone...
12:17:01 <KalabiYau> absolutely, that how it should work
12:17:06 <henne> k
12:17:18 <ChrisBr> KalabiYau: The sprint period is then from 25.07-06.08?
12:17:30 <KalabiYau> ChrisBr, something like it, yes
12:17:35 <KalabiYau> it is flexible
12:17:55 <ChrisBr> Ah okay, so no exactly two week sprints
12:18:03 <KalabiYau> but to get result we need some discipline
12:18:25 <KalabiYau> i would say, each milestone catch up we do review of what is done and next plans
12:18:34 <KalabiYau> how long should be next sprint and stuff
12:18:44 <KalabiYau> anything else to this topic?
12:19:13 <KalabiYau> seems not :)
12:19:15 <KalabiYau> #topic BigGoals v.1
12:19:25 <KalabiYau> that is more questionable topic
12:19:47 <KalabiYau> big goals can allow us to build project work on OSEM more valuable to ourselves
12:20:00 <KalabiYau> like we want to get 100 installations, to help guys out there
12:20:04 <henne> I think we also need more discipline when taking on issues
12:20:15 <KalabiYau> is it good feeling to achieve?
12:20:20 <KalabiYau> henne, elaborate please
12:20:57 <henne> well if we're going to work with issues in milestones we need more discipline in recording thing we're going to do
12:21:12 <henne> and more discipline in recording when we start to work on something etc etc
12:21:27 <KalabiYau> absolutely
12:21:34 <henne> we have currently 2 competing implementation of cancancan and email templates for instance
12:21:36 <KalabiYau> i would extract it to wiki somewhere
12:21:46 <KalabiYau> ;) that should be synced
12:22:03 <KalabiYau> as it is kinda spending time for competitors
12:22:21 <henne> how about we use https://waffle.io/openSUSE/osem
12:22:47 <KalabiYau> awesome
12:22:50 <KalabiYau> we could
12:22:53 <KalabiYau> i am on it
12:23:18 <KalabiYau> so seems idea of big goals did not get any attention, so i would postpone it for better implementation
12:23:21 <gopesh> this is awesome
12:23:31 <KalabiYau> #topic tools and improvements
12:23:40 <KalabiYau> i think waffle will help us!
12:24:25 <KalabiYau> and let's write something in contribution.md to leverage tasks assignment?
12:24:36 <henne> yeah
12:24:53 <KalabiYau> that will eliminate problems like competing implementations in the same milestone
12:25:28 <henne> and it will separate feature issues from bug issues
12:25:36 <KalabiYau> #action KalabiYau PR with Milestone discipline + issues discipline/Codename 'RubyGrandma'
12:26:04 <KalabiYau> yeah
12:26:08 <differentreality> haha
12:26:28 <KalabiYau> #topic free talk
12:26:48 <KalabiYau> we have ton's of issues in GH and we need to clean them
12:26:57 <henne> not back to Big Goals? :)
12:26:58 <KalabiYau> as many of them looks abandoned
12:27:12 <KalabiYau> we can, actually
12:27:21 <KalabiYau> but seems i need to wrap it up better
12:27:37 <KalabiYau> who is up to big Goals?
12:27:45 * henne is
12:27:46 <gopesh> I am
12:27:57 * KalabiYau is
12:28:08 <ChrisBr> too
12:28:13 <KalabiYau> okay
12:28:14 <KalabiYau> #topic BigGoals v.1
12:28:27 <KalabiYau> so, those can drive process of milestone solving
12:28:58 <KalabiYau> if each milestone has in a background some part of big idea called 'epic', that way we will deliver more than awesomeness
12:29:20 <KalabiYau> self esteem, warm feeling, respect from fellow foss'ers
12:29:21 <KalabiYau> and so on
12:29:33 <ChrisBr> sounds great :)
12:29:54 <KalabiYau> i presume we can collect ideas for big goals until next week and then choose 3-5 for one calendar year
12:30:01 <KalabiYau> how is that
12:30:02 <KalabiYau> ?
12:30:11 <henne> where do we record those?
12:30:15 <gopesh> that sounds great
12:30:18 <KalabiYau> etherpad/wiki/you name it
12:30:45 <gopesh> or maybe in GH with label BigGoals
12:30:57 <KalabiYau> sure, when we choose
12:31:13 <KalabiYau> when we settle goals for a year, we can put them into GH
12:31:22 <KalabiYau> but to brainstorm we need some other place
12:31:25 <henne> goals are not worth a penny if you don't announce them. I would put them into README.md :)
12:31:33 <KalabiYau> henne, +1
12:31:40 <KalabiYau> GH + readme for tracking
12:31:41 <gopesh> for Big Goals I think we should ask people in the entire community like in the biweekly of opensuse-project
12:31:44 <henne> move the install documentation out of there
12:32:08 <KalabiYau> gopesh, asking is good
12:32:20 <KalabiYau> but each of the proposal should be filtered
12:32:33 <KalabiYau> we decide where to steer, but we listen carefully
12:32:42 <henne> yeah and we should have an idea what we want before asking anyone
12:32:50 <KalabiYau> :) true
12:33:13 <differentreality> I think that BigGoals is more what we, developers of OSEM, want for the application. One of which would be to raise awareness about the existence of OSEM among FOSS communities, for instance.
12:33:14 <henne> as a first step, let's get an idea what we, as a group, want from this
12:33:31 <KalabiYau> differentreality, that would be super
12:33:49 <KalabiYau> i wanna cookie !
12:33:56 <KalabiYau> from RubyGrandma
12:34:00 <KalabiYau> sorry :)
12:34:26 <KalabiYau> i want our stuff to be more widely used, i want more collaborators, especially from non rails world
12:34:34 <gopesh> One of the big goals would be to enhance the Android Application of OSEM, giving people the power to manage their stuff via mobile
12:34:41 <KalabiYau> we are running out of time, btw
12:35:18 <KalabiYau> i suggest we establish a plan for this BigGoals thing and move on with it in async
12:35:23 <KalabiYau> deal?
12:35:25 <henne> Note your awesome ideas down somewhere and let's discuss them tomorrow
12:35:36 <gopesh> I think people will use the app more wisely and OSEM will be more popular
12:36:00 <KalabiYau> #task KalabiYau establish a place for BigGoals sub-prj tracking and brainstorming
12:36:08 <KalabiYau> #action KalabiYau establish a place for BigGoals sub-prj tracking and brainstorming
12:36:15 <KalabiYau> Then we are done
12:36:18 <KalabiYau> thanks a lot
12:36:24 <KalabiYau> #endmeeting