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18:00:24 <ddemaio> #chair ddemaio
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18:00:24 <ddemaio> #info Welcome to the week 10 meeting leading up to the openSUSE Conference 2019. I’m going to post by topic. We can discuss the topic. I’ll add the info. If you want to add info to the topic, put a hashtag info, hashtag idea, hashtag link, hashtag question. I will post the meeting minutes to the opensuse-project mailing list after the meeting.
18:00:24 <ddemaio> #topic Status
18:00:24 <ddemaio> #info Registration 184
18:01:30 <knurpht> #info Registration 186 now :)
18:01:40 * DocB wishes everybody a good evening!
18:02:33 <ddemaio> #topic events.o.o
18:02:33 <ddemaio> #info An updated was made to the events.o.o software (OSEM). The update has caused some issues. If anyone wants to help out with the issues, they are listed in the below link. Most of this is written in ruby. The open issues can be viewed at https://github.com/openSUSE/osem/issues
18:03:12 <ddemaio> I'm still running into some minor bugs, so it'll make some tasks a bit more challenging
18:03:40 <ddemaio> #topic Schedule
18:04:29 <ddemaio> So, I think we ended the last meeting with finalizing the schedule. Do we want to revisit anything on the schedule?
18:05:52 <knurpht> Do we now how many are arriving on 24, 25? More in the weekend?
18:06:09 <ddemaio> #info I'm still waiting to see if we will have a School / Girl's Day at openSUSE conference
18:06:11 <knurpht> If so, Conference Photo on Sunday?
18:06:27 <ddemaio> let me check
18:07:20 <DocB> Sunday early only, due to departure
18:09:59 <knurpht> Mmm, 10:45 ?
18:10:15 <ddemaio> No good data. I see about 99% will arrive on 24. 100% say they will leave on the 26th, but I don't take that to be all that accurate
18:12:06 <knurpht> Should be changed to something like "Attend from.....to".
18:12:45 <ddemaio> I don't know. Before the lunch was the only good time I could find. There is the option to do it right before or after the Lighting Beer Talks, which would be right before the bbq
18:13:46 <knurpht> That would probably get the maximum of attenders, before the bbq
18:14:06 <DocB> Or before the SUSE Band plays on Saturday? Most people in good mood?
18:14:54 <knurpht> O, yeah. And the SUSE band in it.
18:14:58 <ddemaio> The band starts at 7, lighting beers end at 6
18:15:09 <knurpht> I can picture a setup
18:15:36 <ddemaio> They should be set up pretty quick. Should we schedule the pick for 18:15
18:16:37 <SergioAtSUSE> taking times into account is also useful. It is not the same leaving on 26 at 10:00 than on 26 at 21
18:17:35 <ddemaio> true. The plan would be for the photo on May 25 at 18:15.
18:18:18 <ddemaio> that should be enough time to get people outside for the photo.
18:19:48 <knurpht> SergioAtSUSE: I arrive in N'berg on the 21st..... We ( OSEM ) should mainly be interested in arrival on event. I've seen Morning-Afternoon checklists.
18:20:23 <knurpht> ddemaio: +1 on May 25 18:15
18:23:25 <ddemaio> Ok. I rescheduled the group photo
18:23:40 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsors
18:23:40 <ddemaio> #info Amazon said they would sponsor oSC19 as a Platinum Sponsor. Working on payment details
18:23:40 <ddemaio> #info Waiting on final decision from owncloud.
18:24:34 <ddemaio> #topic Volunteer Team
18:24:35 <ddemaio> #info Seeking a person to lead the volunteer team.
18:24:35 <ddemaio> If you want to volunteer at the conference or lead the volunteer team, please email ddemaio@opensuse.org with the subject “oSC19 Volunteer Team”
18:25:01 <knurpht> Never thought I'd say it: "Yay for Amazon".
18:26:23 <ddemaio> With the volunteers, we should probably have people show up on May 23 to pack some bags and help with last minute things. I should be there most of the day and will be moving a few things from the office to the venue
18:27:33 <ddemaio> #topic Visas
18:27:33 <ddemaio> #info Again processed two more invitation letters. Eight total this year, which is an increase from years past.
18:27:33 <ddemaio> #link https://news.opensuse.org/2018/11/20/find-out-the-visa-requirements-to-attend-osc19/
18:28:04 <ddemaio> #topic Social media posts
18:28:05 <ddemaio> #info It’s a bit helpful to write and publish some social media posts about the talks for the openSUSE Conference.
18:28:05 <ddemaio> It would be great if people could help develop some tweets/posts about the topics and post them occasionally. I have started an etherpad to help develop some posts for the conference.
18:28:05 <ddemaio> #link https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/oSC19tweets
18:28:08 <knurpht> cboltz DocB and me will be in the F2F Board Meeting on 23rd, so no go.
18:29:29 <ddemaio> cboltz, we should probably post yours a few times with the Lighting Wein (Not Wine) Beer talks so people know what to do.
18:30:08 <cboltz> right, and I should probably also add some instructions how to submit lightning talks to the talk description
18:30:08 <ddemaio> All good. We will have a few people show up and will meet you all at the pre-party
18:30:20 <ddemaio> yes, that would be great
18:31:05 <ddemaio> I've told a few people about it, but having some instructions with a description of what to do would be good
18:31:52 <DocB> cboltz, make sure to bring enough wine ;-)
18:32:04 <cboltz> no worries ;-)
18:32:24 <cboltz> but I hope someone else (ddemaio?) will bring the beer, because I won't ;-)
18:32:44 <knurpht> cboltz: wine in a beer bottle to make your life easier?
18:32:54 <cboltz> lol
18:33:03 <DocB> *Bügelverschlussflasche*
18:33:17 <knurpht> Genau
18:33:36 * cboltz wonders if "your choice of the drink you want might influence if your talk gets accepted" would scare people
18:33:39 <ddemaio> I saved a case of openSUSE Beer
18:34:28 <ddemaio> #topic Keynotes
18:34:29 <ddemaio> #info Scott Chacon, (GitHub cofounder) first talk on Friday morning.
18:34:29 <ddemaio> #info Thomas DiGiacomo (SUSE President of Engineering, Product and Innovation) second talk on Friday morning.
18:34:29 <ddemaio> #info Thomas Graf (Cilium) first talk on Saturday morning. Working on transportation, registration
18:34:56 <ddemaio> #topic Travel Support Program
18:34:56 <ddemaio> #info The deadline for submitting for the TSP is April 12. Article was published on Dec. 18.
18:34:56 <ddemaio> #link http://bit.ly/2R3UP4F
18:35:13 <ddemaio> #topic Swag
18:35:13 <ddemaio> #info T-Shirt / Backpacks
18:35:13 <ddemaio> #info In Waiting on PO. arm, SUSE and Amazon logos to go on t-shirts
18:35:13 <ddemaio> #link https://shop.shirtbuddies.de/Sortiment/Rucksaecke/Laptop-Rucksaecke/Backpack-Wall-Street.html?shp=414
18:35:15 <ddemaio> #link https://en.opensuse.org/File:OSC19-tshirt-blue.png
18:39:09 <ddemaio> I think that's about all I have today. Are there any other topics we want to discuss?
18:40:51 <ddemaio> By the way, at the board meeting, could you discuss sponsorships or maybe put it on the agenda.
18:42:38 <knurpht> ddemaio: maybe it's a good idea you join our next ( or the one after ) conference call
18:42:55 <ddemaio> I will say that it's been a bit difficult and complicated. The Amazon sponsorship will workout, but I went through several options to make it work out and Amazon has been very patient
18:43:13 <knurpht> Meh
18:43:49 <ddemaio> That might be a good idea. When is your next meeting planned? I'll be stateside until April 9 and next week is SUSECON
18:44:52 <knurpht> Then that would have to be Tu April 16
18:45:21 <knurpht> You can also mail us about it on board@o.o
18:45:28 <ddemaio> Ok. That's good for me. I have my meeting at the ZBau on April 15, so that will work out nicely
18:45:45 <ddemaio> Any other topics we want to discuss
18:47:43 <ddemaio> ok. Well I guess I will close out the meeting. Thank you all for coming and have a good evening
18:48:07 <ddemaio> #topic Next meeting
18:48:07 <ddemaio> #info The next meeting will be April 9 at 18:00 UTC.
18:48:09 <knurpht> thanks, ddemaio
18:48:20 <ddemaio> ur welcome. thank you
18:48:33 <ddemaio> #topic Links
18:48:33 <ddemaio> #link Trello board - https://trello.com/b/xhSviOKO
18:48:33 <ddemaio> #link - https://www.ticketprinting.com/Event-Badges/
18:48:33 <ddemaio> #link Week 1 - https://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-11-06-18.00.html
18:48:33 <ddemaio> #link Week 2 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-11-20-18.00.html
18:48:36 <ddemaio> #link Week 3 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-12-04-18.00.html
18:48:39 <ddemaio> #link Week 4 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-12-18-18.00.html
18:48:44 <ddemaio> #link Week 5 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-01-15-18.00.html
18:48:47 <ddemaio> #link Week 6 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-01-29-18.00.html
18:48:50 <ddemaio> #link Week 7 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-02-12-18.00.html
18:48:53 <ddemaio> #link Week 8 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-02-26-18.00.html
18:48:54 <SergioAtSUSE> I am not sure if I have a lag and I don't receive was is written. So, before the meeting ends, I would like to propose something. Sorry if this gets crossed in the middle of a conversation.
18:48:56 <ddemaio> #link Week 9 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-03-12-18.00.html
18:48:59 <ddemaio> #endmeeting