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18:00:14 <ddemaio> #chair ddemaio
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18:00:34 <ddemaio> #info Welcome to the week 9 meeting leading up to the openSUSE Conference 2019. I’m going to post by topic. We can discuss the topic. I’ll add the info. If you want to add info to the topic, put a hashtag info, hashtag idea, hashtag link, hashtag question. I will post the meeting minutes to the opensuse-project mailing list after the meeting.
18:00:43 <ddemaio> #topic Status
18:00:43 <ddemaio> #info Registration 173
18:01:15 <ddemaio> I think this number will start to increase
18:01:23 <ddemaio> Still pretty solid though
18:01:37 <knurpht> yup
18:01:42 <ddemaio> #topic events.o.o
18:01:42 <ddemaio> #info An updated was made to the events.o.o software (OSEM). The update caused some issues. If anyone wants to help out with the issues, they are listed in the below link. Most of this is written in ruby. The open issues can be viewed at https://github.com/openSUSE/osem/issues
18:01:42 <ddemaio> #info The bug with the schedule was fixed
18:01:42 <ddemaio> #link https://events.opensuse.org/conferences/oSC19/schedule
18:02:09 <ddemaio> So, I think we should focus on the schedule a bit today/tonight
18:02:23 <ddemaio> #topic Schedule
18:02:23 <ddemaio> #info Let’s go over the scheduled talks and see what we can re-adjust to deconflict some talks and align some talks.
18:02:23 <ddemaio> #link Day 1 https://events.opensuse.org/conferences/oSC19/schedule#2019-05-24
18:02:23 <ddemaio> Are there any talks you see that we should adjust?
18:02:39 <ddemaio> #link Day 2 https://events.opensuse.org/conferences/oSC19/schedule#2019-05-25
18:02:40 <ddemaio> #link Day 3 https://events.opensuse.org/conferences/oSC19/schedule#2019-05-26
18:03:20 <ddemaio> So far, no one has emailed me about shifting talks to accommodate a scheduling conflict
18:03:44 <ddemaio> let's start with day 1
18:04:51 <ddemaio> No need to really look at the talks from 10 to 11:45 as those are keynotes
18:05:27 <knurpht> Maybe switch the 1st en 3rd Kubic talk?
18:06:14 <knurpht> AFAIK Richard's is more generic, doing that first might give the audience of ..In production some background.
18:06:22 <ddemaio> so put richards first and move ish to where richards talk is now
18:06:32 <ddemaio> true
18:07:11 <knurpht> Yup
18:07:38 <cboltz> technical question - is it possible to "rotate" the schedule by 90 degrees (= rooms as columns)?
18:08:02 <knurpht> cboltz: noticed that change too.
18:08:49 <cboltz> I'm slightly ;-) annoyed by having 3 pages/clicks per day instead of one page for the whole day
18:08:51 <ddemaio> it's not possible from the ui of events.o.o, but https://github.com/openSUSE/osem/issues
18:09:02 <ddemaio> bug might be the way to solve it
18:09:32 <cboltz> ok, I'll open a bugreport later
18:10:01 <ddemaio> small steps cboltz. I was just happy to be able to view the schedule for the meeting today. that bug was fixed last week
18:10:16 <cboltz> ;-)
18:10:40 <ddemaio> so if I move ish and richard, richard would have back to back talks
18:10:51 <ddemaio> should we do that to him
18:10:57 <knurpht> cboltz: it's a feature, not a bug.
18:11:16 <ddemaio> or should we shift richards first talk to another slot
18:11:29 <knurpht> or put Ish in the middle, would work for me AFAICS
18:11:42 <knurpht> So, R, Ish, R
18:12:23 <ddemaio> but the kube r first then ish then r tkd
18:13:01 <ddemaio> or r tkd, then ish, then r kube
18:14:16 <knurpht> Ah, sorry. moment
18:15:21 <ddemaio> if you refresh, you should see r, r, Igawa then ish
18:16:08 <ddemaio> I tried to focus on the two rooms talks starting at the same time
18:17:25 <knurpht> R openSUSE Kubic, then Igawa, then R TDK, then Ish ?
18:18:47 <ddemaio> refresh
18:18:53 <knurpht> Trying to have some logic. Introduction/general first, then the rest.
18:19:29 <knurpht> Yup, that's what I meant
18:20:11 <ddemaio> I had to switch the other room's talk arond to make it work, but I think that doesn't make much of a difference what comes first for the room at the moment
18:20:50 <ddemaio> ok. what about the last four talks of the day
18:21:23 <ddemaio> should I switch the shorter ones to the last spot
18:21:51 <ddemaio> ceph and eos should start at the same time
18:22:31 <cboltz> IMHO the current schedule is better
18:22:50 <ddemaio> ok. we will go with that. On to Day 2
18:22:57 <cboltz> it gives people from the packaging workshop to switch over to "re-thinking spec files" without missing something in the middle of the workshop
18:24:35 <ddemaio> sounds good
18:24:49 <knurpht> agrees
18:25:17 <ddemaio> with the workshop on day 2, I started it a little before as I thought going up to 12:30 wasn't the best idea
18:26:10 <cboltz> agreed
18:27:03 <ddemaio> it looks like the 13:00 hour talk is missing
18:27:53 <knurpht> the ws is on day 1
18:28:05 <knurpht> rethinking as well
18:28:28 <ddemaio> Ah. I know what that is
18:28:53 <ddemaio> andreas withdrew a talk
18:30:05 <knurpht> Packaging WS and Rethinking -> day 2? Mostly a lot of people miss friday, if we move them to saturday, we'd attract more audience probably
18:30:29 <ddemaio> but then decided not to. forgot to change it
18:31:06 <ddemaio> so move day 1 to day 2 and day 2 to day one in the main room
18:31:40 <knurpht> No, just the packaging stuff.
18:31:57 <knurpht> the workshop and the rethinking one.
18:32:22 <ddemaio> so change one workshop with another
18:34:12 <knurpht> only move day2 seminarraum1 -> day2 seminarraum1 and vice versa
18:35:53 <knurpht> this new interface sucks IMNSO. We could click on dates, header showed to rooms in columns, times in rows.
18:38:15 <ddemaio> can you refresh
18:39:34 <ddemaio> I moved the keysigning to friday and all the friday workshops to saturday
18:43:28 <knurpht> That leaves re-thinking spec files before the workshop, but maybe that's OK.
18:44:08 <cboltz> I'd say these two are mostly independent, and not having them overlap is a feature
18:44:56 <knurpht> cboltz: indeed, re-thinking immediately after a workshop may be confusing
18:45:23 <knurpht> at least for old idiots like me
18:45:57 <ddemaio> so it looks good
18:46:18 * cboltz wonders if he should add knurpht's last line (and only that) to his signature collection
18:47:21 <knurpht> ddemaio: yep
18:47:21 <cboltz> another question for saturday -
18:47:26 <ddemaio> how does the rest of the talks look on saturday.
18:47:34 <ddemaio> sure, what cboltz
18:47:38 <cboltz> it looks like I'll end up handling the lightning talks
18:47:44 <cboltz> can we please fix the title?
18:47:48 <ddemaio> yes
18:47:53 <ddemaio> sure
18:47:54 <cboltz> s/beer/wine/g ;-)
18:48:00 <ddemaio> ah
18:48:02 <ddemaio> sure
18:48:33 <cboltz> next question: do we get problems with Z-Bau if I bring the wine and some glasses?
18:48:34 * knurpht wants to move cboltz's lightning beer talks to 0730 AM
18:48:53 <ddemaio> Lighting Beer and Wine (Not Wine) Talks w/cboltz
18:49:02 <cboltz> knurpht: that's known as "Fr�hschoppen" here ;-)
18:49:43 <ddemaio> Wein
18:50:13 <ddemaio> Lighting Beer and Wein (Not Wine) Talks w/cboltz
18:50:30 <knurpht> ROTFL
18:52:31 <comrad> are you talking about chemnitz?
18:52:41 <cboltz> as long as I don't have to bring the beer, I'm fine with that ;-)
18:52:53 <cboltz> comrad: no, we do planning for the openSUSE Conference
18:53:31 <cboltz> ddemaio: how much involved do you want to be in the lightning talks?
18:53:38 <ddemaio> ok, it's update
18:53:51 <cboltz> I'd propose to change "speakers" to me, and to remove "w/ cboltz" from the title if that's ok for you
18:54:13 <cboltz> ... to be involved ...
18:54:15 <ddemaio> I think you can give the intro if you want or maybe anna could give the intro as well. It's up to you
18:54:44 <cboltz> I can give the intro, no problem
18:55:02 <cboltz> I guess I'll also have to ask for and select the talks, right?
18:55:03 <ddemaio> If you log in and to a submission with the same, title, I will schedule it. There is a bug to change the speaker in OSEM
18:56:02 <cboltz> submissions are closed, which makes that a bit hard ;-)
18:56:19 <cboltz> (I don't have special permissions on events.o.o, and I'm not sure if I want them ;-)
18:57:02 <cboltz> ah, I was able to change the speaker
18:57:09 <cboltz> the trick was to remove you first ;-)
18:57:30 <ddemaio> it has you as the speaker. just me as the submitter
18:58:40 <cboltz> the submitter doesn't seem to be public, so - who cares? ;-)
19:00:44 <knurpht> re. sunday, could we move the DNF talk to some other place and do the Meeting the board earlier?
19:01:01 * cboltz has to leave for dinner - I'll read the log later, and if necessary answer on the mailinglist
19:03:23 <ddemaio> you want the board meeting earlier
19:03:35 <knurpht> Yup.
19:03:46 <ddemaio> ok. let me look at it
19:04:19 <knurpht> Even though it was quite a success last year, quite a lot of people already left to catch planes, trains and automobiles.
19:07:55 <knurpht> If we move DNF -> day2, seminarraum1, we could
19:08:26 <ddemaio> can you refresh
19:09:40 <ddemaio> I could also make it the first thing on the sunday and move those talks to 13:00
19:09:49 <knurpht> That's a good one.
19:10:33 <ddemaio> the way it is or the idea above
19:10:41 <knurpht> The way it is now.
19:11:10 <ddemaio> ok. There is one other topic I wanted to bring up for the meeting
19:11:21 <ddemaio> then we can discuss and close out the meeting
19:11:51 <ddemaio> #topic School / Girl's Day at openSUSE conference
19:12:29 <ddemaio> #topic desktop apps leaders meetup
19:12:57 <knurpht> That's 2 topics :D
19:13:18 <ddemaio> #info With the school/girl's day, a member of the community said they would be willing to put together this if we had some room
19:13:52 <knurpht> and, do we have some room?
19:13:54 <ddemaio> since we rearranged the schedule a bit, we could have it in seminar room 2
19:14:21 <ddemaio> in the morning and after the gpg keysigning
19:14:44 <knurpht> OK, if someone is willing to put it together, let's do that and see what happens.
19:15:17 <ddemaio> as for the desktop apps leaders meetup. there is a room in the back I have for them just as a meetup room if they decide to do it. I've informed them that we have some space for them already
19:16:22 <ddemaio> ok. sounds good. I will write them and update them about the new schedule and let them know they have have a room. thanks for helping out cbotlz and knurpht
19:16:40 <knurpht> Do you think someone has to chair the app leaders meetup?
19:16:45 <ddemaio> next topics will just be posted for the record
19:17:19 <knurpht> You're welcome, thank you.
19:17:21 <ddemaio> probably not. they have a telegram group I follow and they all know one another, so they would control it
19:17:49 <knurpht> Ah, OK.
19:17:56 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsors
19:17:57 <ddemaio> #info MySQL and arm have been listed as a sponsor.
19:17:57 <ddemaio> #info waiting on how to collect arm funds for sponsorship
19:17:57 <ddemaio> #iinfo Amazon said they would sponsor oSC19 as a Platinum Sponsor. Still working on details on how help pay for the cost of the backpacks and t-shirts.
19:17:57 <ddemaio> #info BMW has expressed interest in sponsoring oSC19. I sent them the details. Waiting on response
19:18:11 <ddemaio> #topic Volunteer Team
19:18:12 <ddemaio> #info Seeking a person to lead the volunteer team.
19:18:12 <ddemaio> If you want to volunteer at the conference or lead the volunteer team, please email ddemaio@opensuse.org with the subject “oSC19 Volunteer Team”
19:18:12 <ddemaio> We have two members who plan on being on the volunteer team. We just don’t have anyone to lead it just yet.
19:18:13 <ddemaio> #topic Visas
19:18:16 <ddemaio> #info Processed two more invitation letters.
19:18:18 <ddemaio> #link https://news.opensuse.org/2018/11/20/find-out-the-visa-requirements-to-attend-osc19/
19:18:29 <ddemaio> #topic media
19:18:30 <ddemaio> #info Swapnil will attend.
19:18:30 <ddemaio> #topic Insurance
19:18:30 <ddemaio> #info insurance has been ordered via
19:18:30 <ddemaio> #link https://www.eventassec.de/rechner-kurzfristige-veranstaltungs-haftpflichtversicherung/?vnr
19:18:45 <ddemaio> #topic Travel Support Program
19:18:46 <ddemaio> #info The deadline for submitting for the TSP is April 12. Article was published on Dec. 18.
19:18:46 <ddemaio> #link http://bit.ly/2R3UP4F
19:19:15 <ddemaio> #topic Links
19:19:16 <ddemaio> #link Trello board - https://trello.com/b/xhSviOKO
19:19:16 <ddemaio> #link - https://www.ticketprinting.com/Event-Badges/
19:19:16 <ddemaio> #link Week 1 - https://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-11-06-18.00.html
19:19:16 <ddemaio> #link Week 2 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-11-20-18.00.html
19:19:20 <ddemaio> #link Week 3 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-12-04-18.00.html
19:19:22 <ddemaio> #link Week 4 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2018/opensuse-project.2018-12-18-18.00.html
19:19:24 <ddemaio> #link Week 5 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-01-15-18.00.html
19:19:27 <ddemaio> #link Week 6 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-01-29-18.00.html
19:19:32 <ddemaio> #link Week 7 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-02-12-18.00.html
19:19:35 <ddemaio> #link Week 8 - http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2019/opensuse-project.2019-02-26-18.00.html
19:19:50 <ddemaio> #topic Next meeting
19:19:51 <ddemaio> #info The next meeting will be March 26 at 18:00 UTC.
19:20:00 <ddemaio> #endmeeting