17:00:29 <ddemaio> #startmeeting
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17:00:40 <ddemaio> Thanks for being here
17:00:55 <ddemaio> I look forward to reading all your comments
17:01:08 <ddemaio> #chair ddemaio
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17:01:24 <ddemaio> I’m going to post by topic. We can discuss the topic. I’ll add the info. If you want to add info to the topic, put a hashtag info, hashtag idea, hashtag link
17:01:44 <ddemaio> today we will go over the following
17:01:48 <ddemaio> #topic Status
17:01:48 <ddemaio> #topic Keynote
17:01:48 <ddemaio> #topic T-Shirts Design
17:01:50 <ddemaio> #topic Videos
17:01:52 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsors
17:01:54 <ddemaio> #topic TSP
17:01:56 <ddemaio> #topic Posters
17:01:58 <ddemaio> #topic Status
17:02:00 <ddemaio> #info Registration 85, Submissions 31, Hours 28
17:02:20 <ddemaio> #info the call for papers ends March 31
17:02:55 <orion_0> hey guys!
17:03:12 <ddemaio> hey orion_0 glad to see youre here
17:03:24 <ddemaio> we just started
17:03:40 <orion_0> yes sorry i missed last meetings. way too much workload
17:04:07 <ddemaio> no problem. its all good
17:04:22 <ddemaio> We have a few advertisements for oSC17
17:05:41 <ddemaio> overall the numbers look good and we can expect more growth
17:05:56 <ddemaio> last year the numbers doubled in the last two weeks
17:06:05 * victorhck_ reading....
17:06:07 <victorhck_> :)
17:06:11 <ddemaio> #topic Keynote
17:06:11 <ddemaio> #info Thomas Hatch has agreed to be a keynote speaker
17:06:11 <ddemaio> #info Aleix Pol i Gonzàlez, KDE Vice President, to give a keynote
17:06:47 <tampakrap> how many keynotes we're having?
17:07:16 <ddemaio> So I talked with few KDE people about what they would like to hear from Aleix. And Thomas I don't know what his topic will be yet
17:07:26 <ddemaio> We are looking at one keynote a day
17:07:34 <ddemaio> Which means we need one more
17:08:35 <ddemaio> I asked the guys from software heritage if they can do it
17:08:39 <ddemaio> #link https://fosdem.org/2017/schedule/event/software_heritage/
17:09:02 <ddemaio> but one of them has a scheduling conflict
17:09:30 <ddemaio> I'm thinking of reaching out to GNOMEs new executive manager
17:09:38 <ddemaio> does anyone else have any ideas
17:09:42 <ddemaio> suggestions
17:10:02 <orion_0> yep
17:10:45 <orion_0> due to the recent Munich ditching Linux incident i think we should invite someone to give a talk to this topic
17:11:21 <orion_0> it would be a shame to go down like that without a major distro community like ours doing something
17:12:25 <ddemaio> I could ask Matthias if he would speak about it
17:12:40 <victorhck_> someone from FSFE or SUSE ? (don't know who)
17:12:42 <ddemaio> #link https://twitter.com/kirschner
17:12:46 <ddemaio> FSFE
17:12:47 <victorhck_> that!
17:12:50 <victorhck_> :)
17:13:09 <orion_0> good idea
17:14:13 <ddemaio> ok. I asked him
17:14:23 <ddemaio> we'll see what he says
17:14:41 <ddemaio> on to the next
17:14:52 <ddemaio> #topic T-Shirts / Design
17:14:52 <ddemaio> #info Certain level sponsors will have logos on this year t-shirts.
17:14:52 <ddemaio> #info Submit Design via the Thread - T-Shirt Design for oSC17 on either the opensuse-project or opensuse mailing lists
17:14:54 <ddemaio> #info Submit design by April 1 and make sure the original is in either .svg, .eps or .ai formats.
17:14:56 <ddemaio> #info Vote on the submitted designs will be on April 5.
17:14:58 <ddemaio> #link https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse/2017-02/msg00404.html
17:15:14 <orion_0> till when is the contest on?
17:15:14 <victorhck_> orion_0: you made a great work last year
17:15:27 <orion_0> oh never mind just saw it
17:15:33 <victorhck_> have you subbited a new one for this year??
17:15:39 <victorhck_> hurry up!!!
17:15:49 <victorhck_>17:16:00 <orion_0> of course i will
17:17:05 <ddemaio> probably better to include this link instead
17:17:10 <ddemaio> #link https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-project/2017-02/msg00044.html
17:17:23 <ddemaio> this one tracks the submissions
17:18:19 <victorhck_> yep
17:18:20 <ddemaio> I think when we vote for the design that we should also vote on the color of the shirt
17:18:34 <ddemaio> But we should know the design before the color
17:18:52 <ddemaio> we're including sponsors on the tshirt this year
17:19:13 <ddemaio> #topic Videos
17:19:13 <ddemaio> To do the videos like we did last year, we will need two systems. Coordinating with the video team to get the equipment we need for the video systems.
17:20:36 <tampakrap> by video team you mean?
17:21:20 <tampakrap> you just need to talk to thomic and mcaj :)
17:21:51 <ddemaio> so we have a team in prague and nuremberg that does video
17:22:31 <ddemaio> Thorsten Bro is organizing the video equipment
17:23:01 <ddemaio> we have video equipment, but want to update to the same equipment we used last year, which was provided by
17:24:24 <thomic> hi i am here
17:24:34 <thomic> whats the topic
17:24:44 <ddemaio> video eqiupment
17:25:04 <ddemaio> just looking for the team that provided us support last year
17:26:02 <ddemaio> something like v3ccc
17:27:07 <ddemaio> #link https://streaming.media.ccc.de/osc16
17:27:14 <ddemaio> We need their equipment
17:27:33 <ddemaio> we plan on ordierng it, but we need an offer from them
17:27:47 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsors
17:27:48 <ddemaio> Oracle/MySQL is sponsoring. ADMIN and Linux Mag also. Kopano is looking to sponsor
17:27:59 <ddemaio> ARM is interested
17:28:30 <thomic> yay we will have the c3voc again
17:28:32 <thomic> of course
17:28:40 <ddemaio> For those who want to sponsor and get their logo on the tshirt, the deadline will be April 10
17:28:44 <thomic> as danimo is now working for us
17:28:51 <thomic> the thing is - we need to get the hardware
17:29:02 <thomic> hand yes we will need maybe some additional hardware of c3voc
17:29:08 <ddemaio> We won't have them again. We plan on purchasing the equipment they use
17:29:13 <ddemaio> the kit they have
17:29:16 <thomic> yup
17:29:20 <thomic> that's okay
17:29:38 <thomic> i mean i'm talking now with both voices
17:29:44 <thomic> there will be guys from us (c3voc)
17:29:49 <thomic> at least the two working for suse
17:29:59 <thomic> + there will be juergen again
17:30:00 <ddemaio> Thorsten or someone from c3voc plan on giving us an offer and then we will purchase it and record
17:30:01 <thomic> i think
17:30:14 <thomic> ddemaio: i am the guy you talking about D
17:30:20 <thomic> it's just my irc nick here
17:30:22 <thomic> :D
17:30:28 <ddemaio> Probably. We should have a pretty good sized group
17:30:38 <thomic> <<< = Thorsten
17:30:39 <ddemaio> ha
17:30:46 <ddemaio> the light just went on
17:30:50 <thomic> :D
17:31:16 <ddemaio> so just giving a status
17:31:34 <ddemaio> do you have any update you want to give
17:31:44 <thomic> yay status is i missed setting up a meeting with danimo during hackweek but i will have it lately next week
17:31:54 <thomic> and we want to put together an holy official offer of the ccc :D
17:32:04 <thomic> that you can go for clicking on purchase
17:32:08 <ddemaio> sweeeet
17:32:10 <thomic> and than we will go on further
17:32:23 <ddemaio> ok. great. thx
17:32:26 <thomic> as equipment might be the biggest topic
17:32:37 <thomic> anything else we do just off the flight
17:32:54 <thomic> what is "to discuss" if we want to setup an own streaming infrastructure
17:33:00 <thomic> or if we want to use the existing
17:33:15 <thomic> i would go for using the ccc streaming infra as we are familiar with it
17:33:27 <ddemaio> I think we should set up a meeting with cdecklemann
17:33:33 <thomic> for recording and postprocesing i think it's still youtube
17:33:56 <thomic> the other thing is uplink through fireworkers^^ which is -i think- in planning?
17:33:59 <ddemaio> or at a minimum a meet with martin
17:34:12 <thomic> martin?
17:34:15 <thomic> martin who :)
17:34:25 <ddemaio> caj
17:34:28 <thomic> yay we can do that of course
17:34:29 <thomic> jup
17:34:39 <thomic> of course martin will support us too in video prod
17:35:28 <ddemaio> #info Ask UI/UX team for a template for speaker introductions
17:35:41 <ddemaio> do you have the specs for that
17:36:01 <ddemaio> thomic: I imagine it will be the same
17:36:18 <ddemaio> #topic TSP
17:36:18 <ddemaio> Deadline will be April 10
17:36:32 <cboltz> please also create a "background image" for the videos
17:36:53 <cboltz> (for the areas that don't show slides or the speaker)
17:37:01 <ddemaio> thats what I meant
17:37:42 <ddemaio> yeah. there is a spec for it. I think its on github
17:37:42 <cboltz> hmm, "template for speaker introductions" sounds more like a title "slide" to me
17:38:38 <cboltz> what I mean is (random example) https://media.ccc.de/v/908-opensuse-much-more-than-linux-distributions
17:38:51 <cboltz> instead of the CCC logo, we should have a geeko there ;-)
17:38:59 <ddemaio> #link https://github.com/voc/intro-outro-generator
17:39:44 <ddemaio> yeah. that's pulling from git
17:40:29 <ddemaio> #link Trello board - https://trello.com/b/xhSviOKO
17:42:00 <ddemaio> I added the card to trello
17:42:30 <ddemaio> ok. Last topic for the day
17:42:33 <ddemaio> #topic Posters
17:42:33 <ddemaio> Posters were delivered. Posters have been hung up at local universities.
17:42:44 <ddemaio> I have 100 posters
17:43:14 <ddemaio> I'm dropping some off for CLT tomorrow
17:43:28 <ddemaio> cboltz: will you be at CLT
17:43:54 <thomic> ddemaio cboltz yes
17:43:57 <thomic> so
17:44:00 <thomic> regarding artwork
17:44:08 <thomic> last time we got 3-4 different artworks
17:44:15 <thomic> which made it hard for the video team to decide
17:44:16 <cboltz> no, I'm not at CLT
17:44:42 <ddemaio> ok. I'll ask sarah
17:44:43 <thomic> we than went to having the one with the geeko which is on the search page of opensuse
17:44:54 <thomic> and YES if we get it early this year
17:44:56 <thomic> before may
17:45:06 <thomic> we will prepare (exactly me) all this artwork stuff
17:45:17 <thomic> with having a geeko in picture in picture
17:45:19 <thomic> break screen
17:45:21 <thomic> and so on
17:45:33 <thomic> that was just a fail due to less time last conference
17:45:44 <ddemaio> did I give the right link https://github.com/voc/intro-outro-generator
17:46:13 <thomic> ddemaio: i will run this tool
17:46:16 <thomic> usually
17:46:21 <ddemaio> ok
17:46:26 <thomic> we just need the svgs to fire somewhat against it
17:46:33 <thomic> but if your were fine with last years design
17:46:39 <thomic> we will just recycle it :)
17:47:27 <ddemaio> I think we wanted something newer and branded like https://opensuse.github.io/branding-guidelines/
17:49:04 <ddemaio> ok, so until next week
17:49:04 <thomic> ddemaio cboltz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adz3p5o61wc#t=4m30s
17:49:11 <thomic> look here^^
17:49:18 <thomic> that's what we can do for example
17:49:25 <thomic> nice moving geekos in background
17:49:28 <ddemaio> that looks good.
17:49:29 <thomic> opensuse logo in the front
17:49:33 <thomic> or moving tumbleweed
17:49:42 <thomic> i did it last year for owncloud too :)
17:49:48 <thomic> script is here just needs input :)
17:49:53 <ddemaio> Cornelius is a bit scary, but the slide looks good ;-)
17:49:58 <thomic> lawl
17:50:23 <cboltz> moving geekos sound like a good idea
17:50:38 <thomic> or we could have moving tumbleweed
17:50:39 <thomic> haha
17:50:46 <cboltz> one detail I don't like in your example is that there's a box around the conference logo
17:51:08 <cboltz> just use a transparent background for the logo
17:51:32 <thomic> cboltz: yay don't look at it to detailed
17:51:39 <cboltz> ;-)
17:51:41 <thomic> it was a crappy - oh its 9 am in the morning
17:51:46 <thomic> conference starts at 11
17:51:51 <thomic> can somebody help out :d
17:51:53 <thomic> and i did
17:51:54 <thomic> :D
17:52:14 <cboltz> so you had two hours? should be enough to make it transparent ;-)
17:52:15 <ddemaio> at 10
17:52:29 <thomic> ddemaio: no i meant owncloud conference
17:52:34 <ddemaio> ah
17:52:46 <thomic> cboltz: yay
17:52:55 <thomic> but i had to start all the servers
17:53:00 <thomic> and so on
17:53:12 <thomic> you are invited to do a merge request
17:53:28 <thomic> when i put it there
17:54:32 <cboltz> I'm probably not the best designer out there, but feel free to ping me when you have something to review ;-)
17:54:56 <cboltz> a better idea might be to ask the artwork team
17:55:56 <ddemaio> Thanks for the input all. I'm going to end the meeting now
17:56:04 <anditosan> Thank you
17:56:17 <ddemaio> #endmeeting