18:00:16 <ddemaio> #startmeeting
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18:00:36 <ddemaio> Welcome to the first of many meeting leading up to the openSUSE Conference 2017.
18:00:36 <ddemaio> I’m going to post by topic. We can discuss the topic. I’ll add the info. If you want to add info to the topic, put a hashtag info, hashtag idea, hashtag link
18:00:36 <ddemaio> The plan is to have the meeting from 1800 UTC to 1900 UTC.
18:00:48 <ddemaio> #chair ddemaio
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18:01:36 <ddemaio> #topic Status
18:01:36 <ddemaio> #topic Rooms
18:01:36 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsorship
18:01:38 <ddemaio> #topic Keynote
18:01:40 <ddemaio> #topic Teams
18:01:42 <ddemaio> #topic Volunteers
18:01:44 <ddemaio> #topic Summits/Events
18:01:46 <ddemaio> #topic Topics for next meeting
18:01:48 <ddemaio> #topics Links
18:01:57 <ddemaio> Let's start with the status
18:02:00 <ddemaio> #topic Status
18:02:00 <ddemaio> #info Registration 53, Submissions 14
18:02:13 <ddemaio> These are the numbers as of today
18:02:31 <ddemaio> So far, I think things are going in the right direction.
18:02:50 <ddemaio> Does anyone have anything they want to add or any questions
18:03:07 <ddemaio> ?
18:03:13 <orion_0> same venue, same rooms i guess?
18:03:56 <ddemaio> yes. Let me post the next line to address that
18:04:07 <ddemaio> #topic Rooms
18:04:07 <ddemaio> #info Saal (main hall) vom 25. bis 28. May 2017
18:04:07 <ddemaio> #info Galerie vom 25. bis 27. (19:00) May 2017
18:04:09 <ddemaio> #info Seminarraum 1 vom 25. bis 28. May 2017
18:04:11 <ddemaio> #info Seminarraum 2 vom 25. bis 28. May 2017
18:04:13 <ddemaio> #info Seminarraum 2 (Hacker Room) vom 25. bis 28. May 2017
18:04:15 <ddemaio> #info Group Room (Hacker Room) vom 25. bis 28. May 2017
18:04:25 <ddemaio> Basically it is one day less than last year
18:04:44 <ddemaio> We wont be able to get the galerie for the Sunday
18:05:00 <ddemaio> There is a concert on the Saturday night in that room.
18:05:14 <cboltz> hmm, events.o.o says May 26 (not 25) till 28..
18:05:30 <ddemaio> 25 is set up day
18:05:58 <cboltz> so the actual conference (talks etc.) starts on 26th?
18:06:03 <ddemaio> yes
18:06:34 <taroth2> I guess the  (beer)garden outside will also be part of the "event space"?
18:06:44 <ddemaio> that's the plan. Maybe we could do something on the evening of the 25 there if that comes up in our planning
18:07:20 <ddemaio> The beer garden is part of it. It's sort of an open area to all
18:07:37 <ddemaio> no booking necessary
18:07:38 <taroth2> ok
18:08:11 <ddemaio> The outside is not really anything they charge for or reserve
18:08:25 <taroth2> that's great
18:08:46 <ddemaio> Any questions about the dates or rooms.
18:09:11 <ddemaio> Or times. Last year we started everything at 10 and finished by 6.
18:09:40 <ddemaio> Is that something we would want to do again or was it too long
18:10:29 <orion_0> well last year we proposed a kart racing.
18:10:55 <ddemaio> entertainment
18:11:17 <ddemaio> yeah. That would still be planned
18:12:07 <ddemaio> Entertainment was basically from 7 until 9 or 10
18:12:52 <orion_0> suse band is available this year?
18:13:30 <ddemaio> orion_0: ill look into both. I have something at the end of the meet today that has one option
18:13:39 <ddemaio> we can explore more
18:13:43 <orion_0> cool
18:13:59 <ddemaio> Let move on to sponsorship
18:14:09 <ddemaio> #topic Sponsorship
18:14:09 <ddemaio> #info SUSE is Sponsor
18:14:31 <ddemaio> Recommended Categories
18:14:31 <ddemaio> Donation - $500 and above - Donate a giveaway for the community
18:14:31 <ddemaio> Silver  - $1.500 - Logo on website / Inclusion of sponsor material in the conference welcome package
18:14:33 <ddemaio> Gold - $2,500 - Logo on Tshirt / on website / at registration booth / Inclusion of sponsor material in the conference welcome package
18:14:35 <ddemaio> Platinum - $5,000 - Logo on Tshirt / name on website / main sponsor / Signage visible throughout conference
18:14:37 <ddemaio> What do you think? Any adjustments or recommendations?
18:15:10 <ddemaio> I have to put a prospectus together and I want to chat to some people at FOSDEM to get them on board
18:16:45 <ddemaio> Does anyone have more ideas that we could add to entice more sponsors
18:19:38 <ddemaio> ok. I guess that's set
18:19:51 <ddemaio> #topic Keynote
18:19:52 <ddemaio> #info Thomas Hatch has agreed to be a keynote speaker
18:19:52 <ddemaio> Is there anyone else we want to approach?
18:20:37 <orion_0> how about city officials to try once more to promote the linux use in public sector?
18:21:29 <ddemaio> that's been quite a challenge
18:21:40 <orion_0> i can imagine...
18:21:46 <taroth2> :)
18:21:57 <ddemaio> they have mostly been unresponsive since its all about votes for them or their party
18:22:36 <ddemaio> i can reach out to matthias with FSFE and see if he could come or get someone from berlin or eu
18:23:32 <ddemaio> #idea - talk with FSFE about government speaker as a keynote
18:23:46 <ddemaio> is there anyone else?
18:24:09 <orion_0> nope
18:24:20 <ddemaio> how about another project
18:26:33 <ddemaio> If I reached out to a board member from either KDE or GNOME, would that be something of interest
18:27:09 <orion_0> espesically after the new KDE release, a talk from the guys would be interesting
18:27:50 <ddemaio> ok. I could reach out to them.
18:28:20 <ddemaio> #idea - contact KDE project about doing a keynote
18:28:41 <ddemaio> we can carry this on to the next meeting
18:28:55 <ddemaio> #topic Teams
18:28:55 <ddemaio> Recommend an org team, marketing team, selection team
18:28:55 <ddemaio> I can put a call out to the mailing list asking for volunteers for the teams.
18:29:53 <taroth3> sounds good
18:30:21 <ddemaio> cool.
18:30:58 <ddemaio> #topic Volunteers
18:30:58 <ddemaio> Recommend a volunteer lead.
18:30:58 <ddemaio> Any volunteers.
18:31:25 <orion_0> i would if i was sure i could make it to the conf...
18:31:40 <ddemaio> no problem - I can put a call out to the mailing list.
18:32:13 <ddemaio> There are a few people who have asked me to help. I can ask them.
18:32:50 <ddemaio> #topic Summits/Events
18:32:50 <ddemaio> #info Kolab has expressed interest if having a Kolab summit
18:32:50 <ddemaio> #info Members of the community asked for an openQA day
18:32:52 <ddemaio> #info Members of the community offer to do a Drum Circles as a social program
18:35:15 <ddemaio> We don't have entertainment planned yet, but I think we should have the drum circle for one night
18:35:36 <taroth3> the drum circle could take place open air and would be open for everyone to participate (also for newbies/non-drummers) - we would bring the instruments
18:36:10 <ddemaio> what day is best, friday or saturday
18:36:18 <taroth3> friday?
18:36:34 <taroth3> to not collide with the concert on Sat evvening
18:36:45 <taroth3> that takes places in the gallery
18:36:50 <taroth3> as you said before
18:36:54 <ddemaio> #info - plan drum circle
18:37:06 <ddemaio> yes. it think it starts pretty late
18:37:11 <ddemaio> at 10 or so
18:37:21 <taroth3> the gig on sat, you mean?
18:37:25 <ddemaio> yes
18:37:47 <ddemaio> I don't have the exact details, but the zbau mentioned it to me
18:37:50 <taroth3> ok, but Friday would be good for the drum circle
18:38:21 <ddemaio> ok. And for the saturday. Is there any recommendations
18:39:10 <ddemaio> Any comments on Kolab summit or openQA day
18:41:22 <ddemaio> I can check if the SUSE Band could play on the Saturday for an hour
18:41:53 <ddemaio> Maybe even see if they could do a Thursday for a pre-party
18:42:42 <ddemaio> Ok. I think that about covers it this week.
18:42:52 <ddemaio> #topic Links
18:42:52 <ddemaio> #link Trello board - https://trello.com/b/xhSviOKO
18:43:08 <ddemaio> I adjusted the trello board
18:43:34 <ddemaio> we can start placing card there. I left old card there from last year but listed them as oSC16
18:43:56 <ddemaio> This should give us some continuity with the planning
18:44:16 <ddemaio> #topic Topics for next meeting
18:44:16 <ddemaio> #info TSP
18:44:36 <ddemaio> Are they any topics anyone wants to put on the agenda for next week
18:44:41 <ddemaio> meeting that is
18:46:00 <ddemaio> #topic tshirts
18:46:20 <ddemaio> #info tshirts
18:46:35 <ddemaio> #info gift bags
18:46:48 <ddemaio> #status
18:47:07 <ddemaio> #info status
18:47:30 <ddemaio> #info keynotes
18:48:21 <ddemaio> I will send out reports to the mailing lists
18:48:54 <ddemaio> #idea - add topic request from mailing lists
18:49:21 <ddemaio> if we get anyone bring up a topic in the mailing list, we list it for the meeting to discuss it.
18:50:53 <ddemaio> I'm going to close the meeting
18:51:05 <taroth3> ok, thanks for now
18:51:12 <ddemaio> thank you
18:51:13 <taroth3> cu
18:51:18 <ddemaio> cheers
18:51:19 <orion_0> ok good night everyone!
18:51:28 <taroth3> same to you!
18:51:31 <ddemaio> cya
18:51:34 <ddemaio> #endmeeting