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Meeting started by hcderaad at 13:01:54 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Agenda (hcderaad, 13:02:56)
    1. Promotion, promotion, promotion (hcderaad, 13:02:58)
    2. Hotel reservations (hcderaad, 13:02:59)
    3. Other points by attendees (hcderaad, 13:03:01)
    4. Next meeting (hcderaad, 13:03:02)

  2. Promotion (hcderaad, 13:03:42)
    1. The current status of the attendees for the conference is quite dissapointing and with only 4 weeks we really need to up our game. (hcderaad, 13:03:43)
    2. ddmaio is working on online banners which need to be sent to all interested parties so that they can help out in this. (hcderaad, 13:03:45)
    3. We actively need to invite other communities to participate in the conference, because the openSUSE community itself seems to be not very responsive. (hcderaad, 13:03:46)
    4. hcderaad and RobinEd have already contacted GNOME, KDE, NLUUG, NLLGG, Diaspora. Everyone is requested to contact their own local (and international) communities to attend the conference. (hcderaad, 13:03:48)
    5. The target for attendees is 200, at the moment were at about 50%, with more than half of that being speakers. (hcderaad, 13:03:49)
    6. If we want openSUSE Conference to remain a relevant event for future editions, we need to start getting of our island. (hcderaad, 13:03:51)
    7. it’s not enough to expect only a small handful of people to do all the PR when everyone has their own social media accounts and can echo the newsposts being put out without much effort. (hcderaad, 13:03:52)

  3. Hotel reservations (hcderaad, 13:12:33)
    1. We’ve had some problems with the hotel reservations for the Van der Valk hotel and the sleep over facilities at the conference. (hcderaad, 13:12:34)
    2. We’re straightening that out right now and will communicate about this this week. (hcderaad, 13:12:36)

  4. Other points by participants? (hcderaad, 13:21:15)
    1. https://events.opensuse.org/conference/osc15/schedule (hcderaad, 13:22:04)
    2. The SUSE bus is leaving NUE at 11 a.m. on 04.30. It should be there by 9 or 10 p.m. (hcderaad, 13:31:35)

  5. Next meeting (hcderaad, 13:36:43)
    1. Due to Easter, the next meeting will be Tuesday the 7th of April 13h UTC / 15h CEST (hcderaad, 13:36:44)

Meeting ended at 13:38:41 UTC (full logs).

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  2. darix (20)
  3. |miska| (11)
  4. ddemaio (9)
  5. RobinEd (6)
  6. ganglia (4)
  7. Garheade (3)
  8. bugbot (2)
  9. Sleep_Walker (2)
  10. Ada_Lovelace (1)

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