15:03:15 <robjo> #startmeeting openSUSE project meeting
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15:03:47 <robjo> Hello everyone and welcome to the openSUSE project meeting
15:04:41 <robjo> The, unfortunately empty agenda, can be found here: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
15:06:27 <robjo> As far as I know there were no outstanding action items from the last meeting.
15:07:10 <robjo> Thus lets jump right in, does anyone have any topics they would like to discuss?
15:08:35 <robjo> tigerfoot: is not around AFAIK, thus he cannot provide an update on the meeting time poll
15:09:02 <SFaulken> meeting time seems alright to me.   It's not the middle of the night here.
15:09:15 <robjo> The not so great news this week was the we did not get accepted as a mentoring organization for GSoC 15 :(
15:09:51 <tampakrap> there have been like 60 organizations less this year
15:09:52 <victorhck> would be good  to know the reasons for that...
15:10:16 <robjo> AFAIK we will find out why in the next couple of weeks
15:10:30 <victorhck> ok...
15:10:42 <robjo> The LinuxFoundation did not get accepted this year either
15:11:21 <robjo> It looks to me that a number of organizations that were consistently accepted in the past did not make the cut this year
15:11:52 <robjo> Anyway, no need to speculate why, we'll get answers from Google soon enough and I am certain they will be shared on the list
15:12:54 <robjo> #topic oSC15
15:13:03 <robjo> A few words about oSC15
15:13:24 <robjo> I sent a mail to the -project list and want to do a short repeat here
15:13:51 <robjo> If you have any opportunity to promote oSC15 please use it, we need more attendees
15:14:51 <robjo> Also if you are a contributor and have not registered please make an effort to come to oSC
15:15:09 <robjo> Extra TSP money is available and the TSP application period is open
15:15:14 <SFaulken> robjo: I'm registered, just waiting for an answer back from TSP
15:15:28 <robjo> SFaulken: great
15:16:20 <robjo> The first round of talks have been accepted. If your talk has been accepted please login to OSEM and confirm your talk
15:17:04 <robjo> The Hotel situation is also sorting itself out, We will have "indoor" camping option at the event location.
15:17:25 <robjo> That's about all the news I have for oSC15, anyone else would like to chime in?
15:18:21 <ddemaio> I will be publishing an article related to the TSP and the visa requirements on news this week
15:18:44 <robjo> ddemaio: thanks
15:19:11 <robjo> #topic Miscellaneous
15:19:23 <robjo> OK, free for all, anything else from anyone?
15:20:42 <robjo> Alright, looks like we are done for today
15:21:11 <robjo> Thanks everyone for attending, 8 weeks to oSC15, make them count and promote the event.
15:21:17 <robjo> #endmeeting