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Meeting started by hcderaad at 13:00:08 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Agenda (hcderaad, 13:01:18)
    1. Current status proposed talks and tracks (hcderaad, 13:01:19)
    2. Invited speakers status (hcderaad, 13:01:21)
    3. Current status attendance registration (hcderaad, 13:01:22)
    4. Promotion on events (FOSDEM/Scale) (hcderaad, 13:01:24)
    5. Focus on call for team members (hcderaad, 13:01:25)
    6. Other points by participants (hcderaad, 13:01:27)

  2. Current status proposed talks and tracks (hcderaad, 13:01:44)
    1. There haven’t been a lot of new additions, we now have 27 proposed talks (hcderaad, 13:01:46)
    2. This is obviously not enough to fill 4 rooms with high quality talks, we (robined and hcderaad) want to formalise internally that we keep the amount of talk rooms limited to 2 and add 1 devroom and 1 workshop/tutorial room. This will be our goal. (hcderaad, 13:01:47)
    3. If more talks are proposed at a later time, we can always expand this. (hcderaad, 13:01:49)
    4. Talks committee will all attend FOSDEM, we’ll start formalising the currently registered talks there so that we can start announcing them. (hcderaad, 13:01:52)

  3. Invited speakers status (hcderaad, 13:12:28)
    1. Last weekend hcderaad attended phpBenelux conf and local meetups, invited 4 speakers to do talks. (hcderaad, 13:12:30)
    2. 2 already confirmed (talks about Docker security and about Ansible). (hcderaad, 13:12:31)
    3. 2 others will probably have to be through video channel (hcderaad, 13:12:33)
    4. There are some outstanding invites, hcderaad has done followup on them by email. (hcderaad, 13:12:34)
    5. NLUUG, NLLGG and some local meetups have been requested to spread the word about the CfP as well. hcderaad will do follow up on this after FOSDEM. (hcderaad, 13:12:36)
    6. keynote announced (hcderaad, 13:12:37)

  4. Current status attendance registration (hcderaad, 13:16:35)
    1. The counter is now at 43 participants. That’s not very good. (hcderaad, 13:16:37)
    2. We need to make an announcement about all current project members inviting colleagues/friends/etc/etc…. (hcderaad, 13:16:38)
    3. Will talk in person about this at FOSDEM, as discussion in the IRC sessions and ML doesnt seem to provide much result. (hcderaad, 13:16:40)

  5. Promotion on events (FOSDEM/Scale) (hcderaad, 13:29:55)
    1. Linux Magazine (NL - Dutch language) offered to give us some extra swag, and announce the conf. (hcderaad, 13:29:56)
    2. We didnt have feedback from other news outlets yet, we’ll (robined and hcderaad) do a follow up later this week. (hcderaad, 13:29:58)
    3. The social event on Saturday at FOSDEM should also be a nice place to get together and talk about the current status. (hcderaad, 13:29:59)

  6. Focus on call for team members (hcderaad, 13:39:14)
    1. We need more people! This is also something we will discuss at FOSDEM. (hcderaad, 13:39:15)
    2. https://en.opensuse.org/Conference_FAQ_2015 (hcderaad, 13:42:35)

  7. Other points by participants (hcderaad, 13:45:43)
  8. Next meeting (hcderaad, 13:46:55)
    1. The next meeting in person will be at FOSDEM, we’ll send a summary of the points discussed to the project ml. The next IRC meeting will be Monday 9th februari 13h UTC / 14hCEST. (hcderaad, 13:46:57)

Meeting ended at 13:50:45 UTC (full logs).

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