15:09:43 <plinnell> #startmeeting
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15:13:39 <plinnell> tigerfoot awafaa FunkyPenguin robjo ilmehtar_ kostas_ ping
15:13:52 * tigerfoot not available
15:13:53 <plinnell> #chairs tigerfoot awafaa FunkyPenguin robjo ilmehtar_ kostas_ ping
15:13:59 <robjo> I'm here sorry I am late
15:14:09 <plinnell> robjo: no worries.. starting late
15:14:11 <robjo> thanks plinnell for getting things started
15:14:22 <plinnell> robjo: no probs
15:14:50 <plinnell> robjo: you want to kick off ? so I can ingest some needed caffiene :)
15:15:18 <robjo> ceratinly
15:15:36 <robjo> Hello everyone, belated hello ;) , to the openSUSE project meeting
15:16:18 <robjo> The agenda is posted here: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
15:16:38 <robjo> although it looks as if it is from the last meeting
15:17:15 <plinnell> yeah lst time i was the only one here iirc
15:18:00 <robjo> OK, there are no prior action items I am aware of
15:18:28 <plinnell> agreed
15:18:40 <plinnell> I think it would be useful to have coolo tell us about 13.2 status and Factory
15:18:43 <robjo> Anyone have any topics for discussion today?
15:19:16 <plinnell> vrv
15:19:21 <plinnell> brb even
15:22:16 <robjo> Well, looks like another no show meeting :(
15:22:22 <plinnell> we have a booth at SUSECon.. any idea about staffing etc ?
15:22:42 <robjo> awafaa: is chasing that
15:22:52 <plinnell> gotcha
15:23:16 <plinnell> i'll be there, but how much time I can spend there is unknown at the moment
15:23:27 <plinnell> im going to be in the Big Data solutions area
15:25:02 <robjo> I expect to have no time for manning the openSUSE booth at SUSECon
15:26:12 * plinnell wonders if ilmehtar_ is going
15:27:05 <awafaa> plinnell: sorry for the delayed
15:27:30 <plinnell> no worries were all late today
15:27:55 <awafaa> Just waiting on response on one person, but should be staffed
15:28:25 <awafaa> Large booth box is coming down from Provo
15:30:34 <robjo> ilmehtar_: will be at SUSECon, he is giving an openSUSE talk
15:34:59 <plinnell> good
15:36:29 <robjo> OK, I think we should probably be done here
15:36:39 * plinnell nods
15:36:52 <robjo> #endmeeting
15:37:17 <robjo> hmm looks as if plinnell has to do that ;)
15:37:30 <plinnell> #endmeeting