14:59:44 <rbrownsuse> #startmeeting
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15:00:51 <rbrownsuse> There were no action items in the last Project Meeting, so we'll dive right into the one agenda item for todays meeting, the agreed Merger of the Attachmate Group (TAG) and Micro Focus
15:00:55 <rbrownsuse> #topic TAG / Micro Focus Merger
15:03:20 <rbrownsuse> As you may know, SUSE are part of the Attachmate Group, and this group intends to merge into Micro Focus in November. As SUSE are the primary sponsors of openSUSE, they've contacted the Project to assure us that business is usual and that they remain committed to Open Source and openSUSE. We also have Michael_Miller here from SUSE's leadership today. Would you like to add anything before I open the floor for questions?
15:04:33 <Michael_Miller> rbrownsuse: Thanks Richard. The SUSE executive team as a whole has discussed this question and we all want to communicate our commitment to openSUSE
15:05:03 <Michael_Miller> I've also encouraged all the SUSE execs to start using openSUSE 13.1 as their work OS :)
15:05:52 <rbrownsuse> :) a mischievous part of me wants to suggest they try Factory..
15:05:56 <Michael_Miller> I've also communicated the MicroFocus leadership about how important openSUSE is to our development/innovation model and our business as a whole and I believe they understand
15:06:39 <Michael_Miller> I'll stop there.
15:07:20 <rbrownsuse> Thanks Michael. Alright then everyone, the floor is yours. Does anyone have any questions about this development?
15:09:51 <rbrownsuse> No questions from anyone? don't be shy
15:10:25 <Dominian> I don't have a completely understanding of the entire business model, so no questions from me. As long as openSUSE continues to thrive, I'm happy.
15:10:26 <Michael_Miller> I'm a huge openSUSE fan and supporter and also very open to questions - so don't hesitate to ask anything you would like
15:12:11 <coolo> I guess most feel like Dominian (or are offline anyway)
15:12:24 <Dominian> Or forgot the meeting time.
15:12:27 <Dominian> :)
15:13:11 <Dominian> I honestly don't see many of the normal folks active in other channel like #suse, -buildservice, -kde
15:13:12 <coolo> Michael_Miller: the main question is: do you like tea ;)
15:13:58 <Michael_Miller> coolo: :) unfortunately, I'm much more of a coffee type - being in the Seattle area
15:14:30 <coolo> mint sauce then? rbrownsuse takes everything with mint sauce!
15:14:59 <Dominian> Michael_Miller: What's your favorite typte of beer?
15:15:07 <Dominian> (you did say ask anything) ;)
15:15:18 <coolo> looks like it's just us 4 today anyway
15:15:19 <Dominian> and when will I get this chance again?
15:15:48 <coolo> Dominian: but seriously - his name is Miller...
15:15:51 <Michael_Miller> Dominian: I did say that:) Right now I'm in an ale phase - with strong but not over-powering hops - not too malty
15:15:54 <Dominian> coolo: haha
15:16:01 <rbrownsuse> Dominian: Michael lurks around here more often than you'd think
15:16:03 <Dominian> Michael_Miller: Good man.
15:16:12 <Dominian> I'm into Stouts, porters. ales.
15:16:14 <Fudus> Will any of the names change when the merger is done? Or sticking with SUSE/Novell
15:16:16 <Dominian> I like the darker side of beer
15:16:33 * malcolmlewis is lurking
15:16:33 <Michael_Miller> Dominian: I can definitely enjoy that also
15:16:51 <Michael_Miller> Fudus: the names of the brands that we go go market with will not change
15:18:17 <coolo> Fudus: thanks for the first serious question
15:18:17 <einar77_work> Quick question (community KDE team member here) - any planned "focus shifts" or similar changes medium-lojng temr?
15:18:52 <Dominian> coolo: hey.. my question was serious...
15:19:29 <Michael_Miller> einar77_work: in regards to SUSE, there are no plans to change or future focus areas - we're still focused on the DataCenter, OpenStack Cloud and Distributed Storage for the future
15:19:42 <coolo> Dominian: sorry, I can't take questions about best beer serious - as it's obvious: the opensuse beer is the best
15:19:59 <einar77_work> Michael_Miller: thanks, that's reassuring
15:20:04 <Dominian> coolo: hahaha
15:20:08 <Dominian> coolo: point taken
15:20:13 <rbrownsuse> einar77_work: and in terms of openSUSE - we focus on the areas where our contributors focus on ;)
15:21:00 <erakles> When the MicroFocus leadership communicated their decision, was SUSE the aim of the merger or just "fallout"?
15:21:32 <amon0thoth1> Sorry, I am late. Does anybody knows how is going to be oSUSE infracstructure and hosted sites supported after merge is completed?
15:22:18 <Michael_Miller> erakles: Micro Focus was very interested in all of our business units, as they are all very profitable, but (and maybe I have a little bias) they definitely saw SUSE as the big area of growth
15:22:42 <rbrownsuse> amon0thoth1: Michael_Miller can correct me if i'm wrong, but from the communications from SUSE so far, I understand that all of that should stay the same. SUSE are not planning on changing their structure, so their support of our infrastructure should remain the same
15:23:07 <coolo> rbrownsuse: we will port all our server software to visual cobol though
15:23:09 <Dominian> Right, even in the announcement email that went out, which I believe Michael_Miller sent to the mailing list explained that all.
15:23:16 <Michael_Miller> rbrownsuse: that is correct - no plans to change any of that
15:23:30 <maxlin_home> coolo: lol
15:24:14 <amon0thoth1> rbrownsuse, Michael_Miller: Thanks
15:24:49 <Michael_Miller> coolo: or turbo pascal :)
15:25:07 <rbrownsuse> turbo pascal was the programming language I learned at school
15:25:24 <erakles> Thank you Michael_Miller
15:26:44 <rbrownsuse> amon0thoth1: theoretically speaking, this merger could bring opportunities for greater investment into SUSE, which could also lead to SUSE being able to increase their investment into openSUSE. So things like infrastructure from SUSE might benefit from that
15:28:10 <Fudus> Will 13.2 timeline be affected by the merger? By personnel changes at SUSE for instance
15:28:20 <rbrownsuse> coolo: would you like to answer that? :)
15:28:26 <Fudus> Probably too much to ask at this point :P
15:29:05 <amon0thoth1> rbrownsuse: that sounds great! I wish our SUSE and openSUSE developments populate the whole world around.
15:29:15 <Michael_Miller> Fudus: I won't comment on 13.2 directly but indirectly I will say that there are not personnel changes slated for SUSE staff that may be contributing
15:29:25 <coolo> Fudus: the merger is only effective in november. So unless everyone chats on possiblities that may or may not happen, this will have little influence on 13.2 as it's due on nov 04
15:30:37 <rbrownsuse> coolo: am I right in thinking we could do with more community help putting 13.2 together? is there is a list of open tasks for the release somewhere?
15:30:53 <coolo> but 13.2 is a good topic - perhaps we should switch topic actually
15:31:15 <rbrownsuse> Okay, hold fire on 13.2 for a little - any last questions on the TAG Merger?
15:31:33 <coolo> good thing you ask Richard! Indeed I have such a list of things to help with:
15:31:36 <coolo> https://progress.opensuse.org/projects/opensuse-13-2-release/issues?set_filter=1&tracker_id=4
15:31:48 <amon0thoth1> any plan to move headquarter from Germany to UK?
15:32:06 <Fudus> (I thought it was in Utah?)
15:32:10 <Michael_Miller> amon0thoth1: absolutely not - SUSE's home will remain in Nuremberg!
15:32:20 <rbrownsuse> #info the SUSE executive team want to communicate their commitment to openSUSE
15:32:38 <rbrownsuse> #info SUSE will not be changing their name as a result of the merger
15:32:58 <rbrownsuse> #info there are no plans for SUSE to change their focus areas from their current - DataCenter, OpenStack Cloud, and Distributed Storage
15:33:34 <rbrownsuse> #info Micro Focus was interested in all of the TAG Business Units, but they definitely saw SUSE as a big area of growth
15:33:50 <rbrownsuse> #info SUSE's hosting of openSUSE's infrastructure will not change
15:34:09 <rbrownsuse> #info SUSE's HQ will remain in Nuremberg
15:36:12 <rbrownsuse> #info Michael Millar (VP Global Alliances & Marketing at SUSE) prefers coffee over tea and is persuading his colleagues in SUSE's executive team to run openSUSE 13.1 as their main desktop
15:36:40 <rbrownsuse> #info openSUSE 13.2's scheduled release date of 4th November 2015 should not change as a result of the Merger
15:36:51 <rbrownsuse> Okay..caught up with all those info's for the minutes.. changing the topic to openSUSE 13.2
15:37:01 <rbrownsuse> #topic openSUSE 13.2
15:37:07 <awafaa__> Michael_Miller: sorry for the late question, but does the merger mean SUSE will be getting more of their innovative mojo back and be more ballsy/aggressive?
15:37:21 <rbrownsuse> #info We need more community help for the 13.2 release - There is a list of open tasks at https://progress.opensuse.org/projects/opensuse-13-2-release/issues?set_filter=1&tracker_id=4
15:37:22 <malcolmlewis> rbrownsuse, that'a a long time to wait for 13.2 ;)
15:37:42 <rbrownsuse> malcolmlewis: ..um..yeah..I'll fix that before I send the minutes out
15:38:19 <rbrownsuse> #info CORRECTION: openSUSE 13.2's scheduled release date of 4th November *2014* should not change as a result of the Merger
15:38:34 <Michael_Miller> awafaa__: I can't comment on /commit to post close investment plans but certainly our hope is that this change will ultimately result in increased investment in our innovation areas
15:39:08 <awafaa__> Thanks
15:39:17 <coolo> rbrownsuse: we seriously lack man power in drumming about 13.2
15:39:53 <coolo> jospoortvliet has a different job now and beside warlordfff noone volunteered
15:40:12 <coolo> and honestly I don't want to release anything because it's on the roadmap if noone cares
15:40:15 <Fudus> Factory as a rolling release probably took most potential dev's attentions
15:40:32 <coolo> Fudus: I'm not talking about devs, I'm talking about people talking
15:40:50 <coolo> (like most everyone in here ;)
15:41:25 <malcolmlewis> I can ping the news guy that hangs out in the forum, he will probably take up some of the slack...
15:41:39 <rbrownsuse> coolo: I'm working on a marketing hackathon in October, I'm not in a position to share any details yet though. And there is someone new starting at SUSE soon who'll be able to help with that, but I agree, we'd really like to see more community involved in spreading the word about 13.2 - in simple language, what sort of stuff would you like to see?
15:42:48 <coolo> tons of material about 13.2 on news.opensuse.org
15:43:21 <coolo> basic stuff. so that a reader of news.opensuse.org figures the opensuse project also does releases not just wallpapers
15:43:59 <rbrownsuse> coolo: what sort of stuff? Summaries of what sort of features to expect? Detailed articles about key features? (What are the more exciting features in 13.2?)
15:44:32 <ancorgs> just the kind of things we had for previous releases. is in the archives :-P
15:44:44 <coolo> rbrownsuse: whatever! I want people to care - and I don't want to be the one who tells anyone else what to do
15:45:49 <rbrownsuse> ancorgs: I know it's in the archives.. but it's a lot easier for me to run around and find people to put together the things you expect if I have easy examples to frame the ideas..I dont want to just point people to archives and say "Look through that..like that, just, newer"
15:46:13 <Ada_Lovelace> "What is new?" and and "What will be change?." are most important.
15:46:44 <Ada_Lovelace> *changed*
15:47:10 <coolo> rbrownsuse: this is not about what *my* expectations this is about the expectations of readers of news.opensuse.org
15:47:50 <rbrownsuse> is anyone from the news team here today?
15:49:49 <rbrownsuse> coolo: I understand, but I figured hearing your expectations might be a good place to start the ball rolling from
15:50:25 <malcolmlewis> rbrownsuse, I sent a PM to holden87 on the forum, to see if he will volunteer to help out.
15:52:41 <rbrownsuse> #info We need serious help marketing/spreading the word about openSUSE 13.2. We would like to see articles about the upcoming Betas, and other exciting news about 13.2 such as What new things to expect in 13.2, and detailed articles on specific changes and new features. If you're interested in helping, please start by replying to the "openSUSE 13.2 Release" thread on the opensuse-project mailinglist
15:53:44 <rbrownsuse> coolo: does that sound like a good way to start?
15:54:38 <coolo> rbrownsuse: we'll see
15:54:50 <coolo> I will delay the beta release till monday - possibly over the weekend a miracle happens
15:55:21 <rbrownsuse> Anyone else have anything else to say about 13.2?
15:56:48 <rbrownsuse> Guess not..does anyone else have any other topics they'd like to bring up?
15:58:59 <rbrownsuse> #topic Next meeting date
15:59:00 <rbrownsuse> Thanks to everyone for coming - the next openSUSE Project Meeting will be at the same time (13:00 UTC) in 2 weeks time, on Wednesday 1st October! See you then. Remember, if you have any items for the agenda, please update the wiki - https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
15:59:13 <rbrownsuse> #endmeeting