15:18:52 <ilmehtar> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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15:19:45 <ilmehtar_work> Okay! A few minutes late but lets start this meeting
15:21:15 <ilmehtar_work> Going from the Agenda which has been posted on https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting - Going through the Minutes from the last meeting, there were no action items, so I'll be setting the topic to openSUSE Asia
15:21:23 <ilmehtar_work> #topic openSUSE Asia Summit
15:21:36 <ilmehtar_work> does anyone have any updates about the upcoming summit?
15:21:46 <saurabhsood91> hi
15:21:58 <saurabhsood91> we had a meeting about an hour back. things progressing well
15:22:15 <saurabhsood91> voting is in progress for the logo
15:22:21 <ilmehtar_work> saurabhsood91: feel free to put anything you want to share with everyone in #info items so they show in the minutes
15:22:30 <saurabhsood91> sure
15:22:34 * victorhck reading...
15:22:50 <saurabhsood91> #info accepted proposals have been announced
15:23:11 <saurabhsood91> #info acceptance for TSP has been announced as well
15:23:53 <saurabhsood91> #info voting in progress on logo for summit
15:24:08 <saurabhsood91> i will just check once more if i missed on anything else...
15:24:13 <ilmehtar_work> saurabhsood91: I know we dont announce details, but can you give me a rough summary of TSP for summit? how many people are being sponsored?
15:24:41 <saurabhsood91> ilmehtar_work: as to that, i don't have any idea
15:24:53 <saurabhsood91> victorhck: was that discussed in the summit meeting? i missed some parts of it
15:25:23 <victorhck> I was but only few minutes...
15:25:42 <saurabhsood91> ilmehtar_work: maybe someone from the TSP team can tell
15:26:00 <ilmehtar_work> if any of them are here.. tux93 ?
15:27:00 <tux93> here, let me read up the log
15:27:32 <victorhck> I didn't found nothing sbout that in Trello...
15:27:53 <saurabhsood91> i don't think TSP details came up
15:29:00 <saurabhsood91> #info there is a need to promote voting among the community for the logo design. vote.suse.org.cn
15:29:14 <tux93> if i counted right we are sponsoring eight people
15:30:24 <ilmehtar_work> tux93: that's great! :)
15:30:29 <victorhck> I made a bit of "spam" about logo contest in G+ community and Tw
15:31:24 <saurabhsood91> #info registrations for the summit are open till 30th september
15:31:37 <ilmehtar_work> :)
15:31:47 <ilmehtar_work> anything else need to be said about Summit?
15:33:16 <saurabhsood91> i dont have anything else
15:33:17 <ilmehtar_work> I guess not
15:33:19 <ilmehtar_work> :)
15:34:01 <ilmehtar_work> Moving on then, officially there is nothing else on the Agenda.. but I know that's not true.. so let me first make a quick note for the minutes
15:34:12 <ilmehtar_work> #topic openSUSE Project Procedure
15:34:28 <ilmehtar_work> #info if you have items for the openSUSE Project Meeting, please update the Agenda on https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting before the meeting
15:34:38 <ilmehtar_work> and now..
15:34:52 <ilmehtar_work> #topic OpenRheinRhur Nov 2014
15:35:09 <Ada_Lovelace> #topic OpenRheinRuhr and other events
15:35:12 <ilmehtar_work> Stefan, Axel and Sarah here?
15:35:25 <Ada_Lovelace> I am Sarah. :)
15:35:49 <Ada_Lovelace> Stefan has connected me.
15:35:52 <ilmehtar> #topic OpenRheinRhur Nov 2014
15:36:09 <ilmehtar> (great..I'll fix the minutes later..tempremental bot..)
15:36:43 <Ada_Lovelace> I can take the part.
15:36:47 <ilmehtar_work> yes, is Stefan here? he was the one who suggested it should be discussed..
15:37:12 <Ada_Lovelace> We have a problem.
15:37:33 <ilmehtar_work> Yes?
15:37:38 <Ada_Lovelace> We need somebody of the community. My membership won't be accepted.
15:37:50 <ilmehtar_work> I don't understand?
15:37:59 <Ada_Lovelace> I don't have a mail account.
15:38:54 <Ada_Lovelace> I translate in the translation team and our team lead Michael Skiba is uploading all the files with his own svn access.
15:39:08 <ilmehtar_work> You dont need to be an openSUSE member (and therefore have a mail account) to represent openSUSE - are you sure that OpenRheinRuhr will only let you complete the Call for Projects with an openSUSE address?
15:39:39 <Ada_Lovelace> With this way nothing is translated by the translation team. All will be ttranslated by Michael.
15:40:02 <ilmehtar_work> Ada_Lovelace: I dont understand - what does this have to do with OpenRheinRuhr?
15:40:03 <Ada_Lovelace> My membership won't be accepted any time.
15:40:31 <Ada_Lovelace> We need somebody with a membership status on the OpenRheinRhur.
15:40:36 <ilmehtar_work> why?
15:41:15 <Ada_Lovelace> They need that. Wait I write to Stefan.
15:41:38 <ilmehtar_work> I'm looking at http://www.openrheinruhr.de/aussteller.html - they dont seem to have any such requirement
15:43:18 <ilmehtar_work> If they need verification that you're really going there on behalf of the openSUSE Project, I'll be happy to email them to confirm that. you shouldn't need to be an openSUSE member in order to represent openSUSE at an event, we have plenty of advocates around the world who do that without any problem
15:43:22 <Ada_Lovelace> Ok. I'll contact them with my private mail address.
15:43:46 <ilmehtar_work> Great, and like I said, if they want 'official confirmation', send them my way ;)
15:44:10 <Ada_Lovelace> I'll do that. :)
15:45:51 <ilmehtar_work> Is anyone else going to be in Essen for the week of 8-9 November and able to help Ada_Lovelace with our presence at Open Rhein Ruhr?
15:48:15 <ilmehtar_work> No one? Okay, Sarah, looks like you're in charge..I'd recommend reaching out on the opensuse-de lists and channels and such and try and find some more help so you're not doing it all
15:48:25 <Ada_Lovelace> Stefan is here. :)
15:48:33 <stefan737> hi
15:48:54 <ilmehtar_work> stefan737: hi there..we've just been talking about ORR
15:49:10 <stefan737> how can i help
15:50:51 <ilmehtar_work> stefan737: well Sarah (Ada_Lovelace) is going to be in charge of organising the booth. I'm going to be updating the TSP Application so people can apply for both TSP support and a Booth Box so they'll be materials for a booth. I'd say the best help you could do is either helping her at the booth during the event, or help her find more people going to ORR who'd be willing to represent us
15:51:38 <Ada_Lovelace> Thanks!
15:52:37 <stefan737> helping at the booth would be difficult, becaus we'hve our own booth with invis-server, another boot with my own business and we've to organize a complete talk threat at orr.
15:54:13 <ilmehtar_work> stefan737: understood, then the best help you can be is, along with Sarah, probably approaching the opensuse-de channels and lists, as well as maybe another mail or 2 to -project over the next few weeks, to get more volunteers to help on our booth. that would be great
15:54:39 <Ada_Lovelace> We will do that.
15:54:45 <stefan737> that's ok
15:54:46 <ilmehtar_work> Thank you
15:55:53 <ilmehtar_work> Ada_Lovelace: is it okay if I put your mail address in the minutes so people know to get in touch with you?
15:56:37 <stefan737> no problem
15:56:53 <Ada_Lovelace> #info for OpenRheinRuhr 2014 mail to ada.lovelace@gmx.de
15:57:19 <ilmehtar_work> #info Sarah Julia Kriesch (Ada_Lovelace) taking the lead organising a booth at OpenRheinRuhr. More volunteers are needed. Please contact ada.lovelace@gmx.de if you're willing to help over 8-9 November
15:57:45 <stefan737> i try to talk with jan krings and marcel richter to volunteer at orr. they did it last year.
15:58:13 <ilmehtar_work> And just so you know, we're starting to run low on booth box materials, but I think we shouldn't have a problem getting materials to you
15:58:35 <Ada_Lovelace> Thanks a lot.
15:59:11 <ilmehtar_work> ORR was already pencilled in to my list :)
15:59:24 <ilmehtar_work> okay then..anything else about ORR before we move on to 'Any other business'?
16:00:06 <ilmehtar_work> I guess not :)
16:00:15 <ilmehtar_work> #topic Any other topics?
16:00:16 <ilmehtar_work> D
16:00:26 <ilmehtar> #topic Any other topics?
16:00:37 <ilmehtar_work> Does anyone else have anything they want to bring up for this meeting?
16:01:47 <ilmehtar_work> I guess not..alright then
16:01:52 <ilmehtar_work> #topic Next meeting
16:02:13 <ilmehtar_work> #info The next openSUSE Project Meeting will be at 15:00 UTC on Wed 17th September
16:02:21 <ilmehtar_work> Thanks to everyone for coming! :)
16:02:24 <ilmehtar> #endmeeting