15:05:59 <ilmehtar_work> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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15:06:05 <ilmehtar_work> Okay! Meeting time!
15:06:28 * henne hides
15:06:47 <ilmehtar_work> #topic Action Item Review
15:07:17 <ilmehtar_work> the only action item from last meeting was saurabhsood91 - how did it go posting openSUSE Asia announcements to the openSUSE india google group?
15:07:25 <saurabhsood91> hey
15:08:20 <saurabhsood91> I posted announcements of the logo contest, snoek hacking and proposals to the opensuse-india list. I will post some reminders tomorrow
15:08:20 <ilmehtar_work> hi!
15:08:29 <saurabhsood91> *tonight
15:08:41 <ilmehtar_work> how's it going? any results yet?
15:09:41 <saurabhsood91> I did not get many responses. hoping for better tonight
15:10:54 <ilmehtar_work> #info saurabhsood91 has posted announcements to the openSUSE india google group to encorage more involvement in openSUSE - Few responses so far, more reminders on the way, hoping for more going forward. Get in touch with saurabhsood91 if you think you can help
15:11:19 <ilmehtar_work> Moving right along to the first topic on the Agenda..
15:11:27 <ilmehtar_work> #topic GSoC
15:11:46 <ilmehtar_work> saurabhsood91 I guess this is you too...any general GSoC updates?
15:11:53 <henne> what's an opensuse-india list?
15:12:20 <saurabhsood91> not many updates. almost at the end of the program me, with hard pencils down on august 18
15:12:22 <ilmehtar_work> henne: i think it's a google+ group
15:12:39 <saurabhsood91> expecting it to pass smoothly
15:12:56 <saurabhsood91> its a google group
15:12:58 <henne> k
15:14:16 <ilmehtar_work> #info No major news for GSoC this fortnight - the program ends on August 18 this year
15:14:28 <tigerfoot> saurabhsood91: on the -india you could also push the opensuse.asia summit informations
15:14:33 <ilmehtar_work> Anyone else got anything else to say or ask about GSoC?
15:14:38 <ilmehtar_work> tigerfoot: ...that's what he's doing..
15:14:53 <saurabhsood91> tigerfoot: doing that ;)
15:15:05 * tigerfoot meee have missed two lines in the backlog --- sorry
15:15:19 <saurabhsood91> :D
15:16:19 <ilmehtar_work> Nothing else on GSoC? Going once..going twice
15:17:31 <ilmehtar_work> #topic openSUSE Asia Summit
15:17:40 <ilmehtar_work> does anyone have any news/questions/updates about openSUSE Asia?
15:18:16 <saurabhsood91> we are having a meeting as we speak.
15:19:14 <saurabhsood91> artwork is the main concern, with not too many submissions
15:19:37 <ilmehtar_work> ...we've managed to double book meetings? woops!
15:19:45 <ilmehtar_work> What artwork do you require?
15:20:22 <saurabhsood91> mostly the logo. I think posters would be welcome as well
15:20:56 <saurabhsood91> sakana_: maybe you can update a little more
15:21:22 <ilmehtar_work> #info the Asia summit team still need help with artwork - especially a logo for the event and posters
15:21:33 <ilmehtar_work> sakana_: if you do, please speak up :)
15:22:12 <sakana_> We are prepare the openSUSE.Asia Summit, the CFP deadline at 18th, Aug
15:22:25 <sakana_> I will mail to mail list to reminder
15:22:50 <sakana_> by the way, which mail list is suggestion to call for paper and announce TSP information?
15:23:37 <Sunny> Hi, This is Sunnyt
15:23:38 <Sunny> Sunny
15:23:39 <ilmehtar_work> I would say that opensuse-project@opensuse.org is probably a good choice
15:23:41 <ilmehtar_work> Hi Sunny!
15:23:45 <saurabhsood91> opensuse-project could do right?
15:23:51 <Sunny> Hello
15:24:06 * sakana_ note
15:24:14 <sakana_> ilmehtar_work, hi
15:24:25 <henne> opensuse-project is okay for notifications
15:24:32 <henne> when you have something to announce to the world
15:24:36 <sakana_> henne, awesome
15:24:44 <henne> and want people to pick it up: news + opensuse-announce
15:25:26 <sakana_> opensuse-announce@opensuse.org  +  opensuse-project@opensuse.org
15:25:29 <sakana_> got it
15:25:34 <Sunny> Sorry for asking which topic we are talking about? openSUSE.Asia summit?
15:25:41 <sakana_> Sunny, yes
15:25:47 <ilmehtar_work> Sunny: yes we are
15:25:48 <sakana_> I am update some information
15:26:06 <henne> sakana_: + blog post on http://news.opensuse.org
15:26:19 <Sunny> Call for paper and Call for sponsor is working on process
15:26:44 <sakana_> We are plan with 1 main hall and 2 conference room ( one might be workshop)
15:26:49 <Sunny> so far, we got 15 pieces of proposals and 2 pieces of logo design
15:27:08 <Sunny> we booked 1 main hall and 3 conference rooms
15:27:22 <Sunny> 1 main hall contain 280 people
15:27:32 <Sunny> each conference rooms contain 20 people
15:27:37 <sakana_> At today's meeting, we will have ( China / Taiwan / Japan / India ) to introduce their comunity
15:28:08 <sakana_> In one long talk ( each 15 mins )
15:28:09 <Sunny> we are not decide if how many rooms for workshop
15:28:45 <sakana_> Yes, depend on call for paper.
15:28:59 <ilmehtar_work> #info Planning for Summit is progressing well. More proposed sessions would be nice - http://summit.opensuse.org/#cfp
15:29:07 <ilmehtar_work> :) sounds like it's really going well
15:29:28 <sakana_> Which part do you want to know with detail ^^
15:29:52 <Sunny> About speech: we have 15 minutes lightning talk; 30 minutes short talk, 1 hour long talk and 2 hours workshop
15:30:25 <Sunny> the shiny point for this openSUSE.Asia summit is workshop
15:30:36 <sakana_> any openSUSE Edu Li-f-e team member here ?
15:30:53 <ilmehtar_work> Sunny: Quite a lot of variety.. nice. How long are you expecting the keynote(s) to be?
15:31:10 <Sunny> we will set objective for each workshop, evenyone who attends the workshop and achieve the objective could get a chop, collecting some chops could exchange a gift
15:31:23 <Sunny> keynote: 1 hour
15:31:28 <sakana_> Sunny, one hour  or more ? hehe
15:31:33 <Sunny> at most
15:31:42 <sakana_> Basic 1 hour
15:31:43 <sakana_> ^^
15:32:05 <ilmehtar_work> hmm, that's an interesting idea with the workshops, I'll be excited to see how it works
15:32:35 <ilmehtar_work> sakana_: I dont think I want any more details (other people might - speak up!) - it's nice to have a good picture of what's going on :) thank you
15:32:53 <sakana_> ilmehtar_work, my pleasure
15:32:59 <Sunny> anything you would like to know?
15:33:37 <Sunny> btw, deadline of call for paper and art work design is Aug 18th, we hope to get more submission in these days, so please help to spread these news
15:33:50 <Sunny> more detail, please refer to summit.opensuse.org
15:34:11 <ilmehtar_work> #info Deadline for Call for Paper and Artwork is August 18th - Please help spread the word!
15:34:15 <Sunny> TSP application is from Aug 1st to Aug 18th
15:34:20 <ilmehtar_work> There..that'll put a note in the minutes too
15:35:20 <ilmehtar_work> #info TSP Applications for openSUSE Asia summit are *open* until August 18th - Let openSUSE reimburse your travel to the summit - Please apply on https://connect.opensuse.org/travel-support
15:35:30 <sakana_> #info Deadline for TSP with openSUSE.Asia Summit is August 18th - please help spread the world!
15:35:42 <ilmehtar_work> :)
15:35:47 <sakana_> :) haha
15:35:55 <saurabhsood91> isn't TSP deadline from September 1?
15:36:02 <Sunny> no
15:36:08 <sakana_> saurabhsood91, no
15:36:24 <ilmehtar_work> people better get applying then.. :)
15:36:24 <Sunny> application deadline is Aug 18th
15:36:41 <saurabhsood91> oops...I think acceptance is from september 1 onwards. my bad ;)
15:37:12 <ilmehtar_work> Unless anyone has more questions, I think that sounds like everything we need to talk about for Summit today
15:37:24 <Sunny> have a nice day!
15:37:26 <sakana_> ^^
15:37:34 <ilmehtar_work> Sunny: sakana_ thanks! :)
15:37:42 <Sunny> my pleasure
15:37:44 <sakana_> ilmehtar_work, my pleasure
15:37:47 <ilmehtar_work> #topic Any other topics?
15:37:57 <ilmehtar_work> Does anyone else have anything at all they'd like to have discussed at this meeting?
15:38:13 <ilmehtar_work> open floor, here's your chance
15:39:16 <ilmehtar_work> Guess not then... :)
15:39:26 <ilmehtar_work> #topic Next Meeting Date
15:39:54 <ilmehtar_work> #info The next openSUSE Project Meeting will be on Wed 20th August at 15:00 UTC - See you then!
15:40:01 <ilmehtar_work> Thanks everyone for participating
15:40:12 <ilmehtar_work> #endmeeting