15:10:02 <ilmehtar> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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15:10:06 <ilmehtar> #char warlordfff
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15:10:28 <warlordfff> ok
15:10:44 <warlordfff> #Startmeeting
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15:10:44 <ilmehtar> There we go, warlordfff you should now be able to use all the bugbot commands #topic #info #action #undo etc
15:11:06 <warlordfff> ok who are around?
15:11:11 <ilmehtar> warlordfff: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting for instructions if you need them.. I have to get back to testing, but I will try my best to contribute to this meeting
15:11:27 <differentreality> I am around
15:12:56 <warlordfff> anyone else around?
15:14:11 <warlordfff> ok so...
15:14:19 <warlordfff> #topic Quick review of action items from last meeting
15:14:38 <warlordfff> I see no action items from last meeting
15:15:06 <warlordfff> so let's go to the next one
15:15:17 <warlordfff> #topic GSoC
15:15:33 <warlordfff> manugupt1:  want to lead on that?
15:15:34 <manugupt1> yo..
15:15:51 <manugupt1> We have the mentors summit,
15:15:54 <manugupt1> in october
15:16:51 <warlordfff> how many mentors can we send?
15:16:59 <saurabhsood91> two delegates
15:17:01 <warlordfff> are the numbers out?
15:17:03 <manugupt1> 3 people have volunteered (me, peter and Dominik) , if I dont get a VISA then Dominik and Peter will go else, Me and Peter will go as Dominik attended last year (so it seems from ML), Dominik is really keen on going, and has requested peter to talk to zorp if they can send him
15:17:45 <warlordfff> manugupt1:  what do you need for Visa?
15:17:57 <warlordfff> I mean is there a point that we can help?
15:18:18 <manugupt1> warlordfff:  No :) I am planning to move to US this August
15:18:28 <warlordfff> really????
15:18:29 <manugupt1> so I need to wait and see..
15:18:40 <warlordfff> that is Great news my friend
15:18:42 <manugupt1> warlordfff: yes.. for a couple of years to study
15:18:48 <warlordfff> cool
15:18:52 <saurabhsood91> awesome
15:18:56 <warlordfff> I wish you all the best
15:19:07 <manugupt1> warlordfff: thanks..
15:19:08 <warlordfff> saurabhsood91:  are you next?
15:19:12 <warlordfff> :D
15:19:15 <manugupt1> warlordfff: maybe :P
15:19:38 <manugupt1> warlordfff: next imp thing is this
15:19:44 <warlordfff> cool, great news guys, now back to the GSoC, anything else?
15:19:47 <manugupt1> every mentor gets 1100 USD
15:19:47 <saurabhsood91> warlordfff: maybe ;)
15:20:24 <manugupt1> and we need to fill up a purchase order form, so
15:20:43 <manugupt1> traditionally vuntz has done this, should we send it to vuntz or to the board
15:20:51 <manugupt1> so that the whole board knows the process
15:21:15 <warlordfff> My opinion is to send it to the Board list
15:21:20 <saurabhsood91> many gul
15:21:23 <saurabhsood91> oops
15:21:47 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: how was this done last year? vuntz?
15:21:53 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: yeah vuntz
15:22:00 <saurabhsood91> Ok...
15:22:31 <manugupt1> warlordfff: vuntz can be your best help on this and I will take your word and forward the money matters to the board..
15:22:58 <warlordfff> ok
15:23:17 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: Anything else I missed
15:23:41 <warlordfff> cool
15:23:47 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: don't think so.
15:24:09 <manugupt1> warlordfff: We are done.. I guess for this week thanks a lot for the time..
15:25:46 <warlordfff> ok, I just want to say to all of you working on GSoC a great thank you for doing all this great work for the Project
15:26:22 <warlordfff> ok let's move to the next one then...
15:26:38 <warlordfff> #topic New Ideas & initiatives for the project?
15:27:15 <warlordfff> so any new ideas around?
15:27:39 <warlordfff> none?
15:27:57 <warlordfff> not one?
15:28:09 <warlordfff> Ok then I will start :D
15:28:44 <warlordfff> Today we are 'bootstraping' the Greek Community
15:29:28 <ilmehtar> yay
15:29:31 <warlordfff> over the years we spread a lot and finally we feel that after oSC13 we were a bit lost
15:29:48 <warlordfff> so today we summarize and start over
15:31:41 <darix> differentreality: ping
15:32:13 <differentreality> darix: pong
15:32:34 <warlordfff> ouch
15:32:53 <darix> differentreality: the OSS transifex is an old outdated copy according to the description
15:33:13 <warlordfff> a ping gone wild entered the room :D
15:33:20 <darix> https://github.com/transifex/transifex
15:33:54 <differentreality> darix: maybe discuss after the meeting?
15:34:14 <darix> oops
15:34:44 <warlordfff> darix:  :p
15:35:05 <warlordfff> Anything else?
15:35:14 <ilmehtar> so, the Greek community?
15:35:35 <warlordfff> what we did?
15:35:55 <henne> being awesome
15:36:03 <henne> I sentence you to a case of beer
15:36:11 * henne has spoken
15:36:15 <warlordfff> lol
15:37:08 <warlordfff> oh BTW next week I will be talking to a small team of Volunteer Rescue Team about FOSS and openSUSE
15:37:55 <warlordfff> so if there is nothing else
15:38:01 <warlordfff> ...
15:38:39 <warlordfff> Let us meet here in 2 weeks, same time same place and hopefully more energetic
15:38:53 <warlordfff> #endmeeting