15:12:21 <robjo> #startmeeting openSUSE project meeting
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15:12:32 <|miska|> Well, AFAIK we shouldn't leak what projects gets slots allocated and what students will get selected
15:12:40 <robjo> OK, that took a bit, sorry IRC was fighting me
15:12:48 <|miska|> At from what I understood these are Googles rules
15:13:02 <robjo> Welcome to the openSUSE project meeting
15:13:18 <robjo> The only thing that's on the agenda is GSoC
15:13:21 <|miska|> So there shouldn't be a public log of discussion about what do we do and who do we choose
15:13:30 <robjo> manugupt1: saurabhsood91 have the floor
15:13:42 <saurabhsood91> |miska|: its not which projects we will select that we disclose
15:14:41 <saurabhsood91> point is, how many slots owncloud gets, mate gets, zorp get, mate get
15:14:48 <|miska|> Ah
15:15:29 <manugupt1> cosenal: there
15:15:35 <cosenal> manugupt1: yes
15:16:01 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: can you start
15:16:12 <saurabhsood91> i pinged the mate devs. waiting for a response from them...
15:16:18 <manugupt1> henne: ping
15:16:18 * henne is gone: away
15:18:52 <saurabhsood91> so, we have 14 slots...
15:19:19 <saurabhsood91> and 3 orgs
15:19:29 <saurabhsood91> correction...4
15:21:01 <saurabhsood91> me and manugupt1 were thinking of 8(opensuse) + 2(mate) + 2/3(owncloud) + 1(zorp)
15:21:41 <saurabhsood91> mentors? your opinions?
15:23:17 <ancorgs> fair, I would say
15:23:17 <manugupt1> cosenal: miska ??
15:23:18 <|miska|> Kinda hard without knowing what projects does it reflect to, but I guess for every organization there is someone who knows about how many projects which organization wants to do :-)
15:23:56 <czp-mobil> Sounds OK with the zorp team, as we had only one, but very good proposal
15:24:05 <saurabhsood91> |miska|: the decision for the allocation was based on the projects accepted by the mentors for the orgs on melange
15:24:08 <cosenal> owncloud has 3 good proposals, but only 2 students were hanging out with us in the past two months
15:24:28 <|miska|> Sounds fair
15:25:05 <cosenal> to stay on the safe side of students not disappearing, I would say owncloud 2
15:25:20 <saurabhsood91> just waiting for mate devs...
15:25:41 <cosenal> but that will leave one spot not taken
15:25:42 <saurabhsood91> we might just end up with the possibility of having excess slots
15:26:00 <manugupt1> Sounds good.. if need arises we will consider giving back the slots also
15:26:12 <cosenal> saurabhsood91: manugupt1: I could try to get in touch with the 3rd student and check if he is committed
15:26:17 <cosenal> but that will take few days
15:27:07 <saurabhsood91> cosenal: oh...
15:27:14 <manugupt1> Hmm cosenal that is okay if it is within the timeline
15:27:42 <cosenal> manugupt1: can you remind me the timeline?
15:28:02 <cosenal> manugupt1: by what day do you have to accept the slots?
15:28:20 <saurabhsood91> it would be better if we can get that done fast. deduplication on friday
15:28:32 * saurabhsood91 checks dates
15:28:58 <saurabhsood91> cosenal: 18th april
15:29:55 <ilmehtar> half here, sorry..
15:30:48 <cosenal> saurabhsood91: manugupt1 ok. by tomorrow you will have an answer from us
15:31:05 <saurabhsood91> cosenal: cool
15:31:10 <manugupt1> Thanks
15:31:11 <cosenal> o/w you will give the spot back to other orgs
15:31:33 <cosenal> ofc if we missed a very good proposal within opensuse, you're welcome to take the spot
15:31:53 * cosenal is afk for 10 mins...
15:32:10 <manugupt1> We are not sure.. as one of the mate developers had an accident
15:32:20 <manugupt1> So we need to know their requirements
15:32:42 <manugupt1> And fewer students have applied
15:33:54 <manugupt1> I am not sure if openSUSE can absorb more than 8 or 9
15:34:16 <saurabhsood91> same here...
15:37:58 <robjo> anything else?
15:38:17 <manugupt1> So is everyone fine with giving back slots
15:38:30 <|miska|> Yes
15:39:09 <manugupt1> Next thing can you add one more thing I assigned a lot of slots
15:39:47 <manugupt1> Yesterday can mentors and respective orgs confirm if they are ok
15:40:16 <manugupt1> robjo: can you add this as an info
15:40:57 <henne> hey
15:41:06 <robjo> #info slot assignment plan: 8(opensuse) + 2(mate) + 2/3(owncloud) + 1(zorp)
15:41:08 <henne> can we first assign slots before giving them away? :)
15:41:15 <robjo> #info we have 14 slots total
15:41:27 <manugupt1> Henne I did it yesterday
15:41:46 <manugupt1> I assigned a lot of projects to you
15:41:48 <henne> where?
15:42:15 <henne> hehe
15:42:23 <henne> I have a lot of co-mentors now
15:42:35 <henne> where can I see which slots I got?
15:43:21 <henne> not on melange
15:44:34 <henne> hello?
15:45:13 <saurabhsood91> henne: i think individual projects show you as mentor. i cant see the option to filter by name :/
15:45:49 <saurabhsood91> henne: i think searching on the proposals page list you in 4 projects
15:45:51 <henne> ah, css overflow
15:45:56 <henne> jeez, melange is bad
15:46:14 * saurabhsood91 always found it slightly inconvenient
15:46:24 <henne> I have 2 slots for the same project...
15:46:50 <manugupt1> Can you invalid obe via private comment
15:47:10 <henne> sorry what?
15:47:29 <manugupt1_> henne: can you just comment which student you want to select on melange
15:47:39 <manugupt1_> We will ignore the other one
15:48:46 <henne> hrm. before we're giving slots back I would rather take both...
15:49:00 <henne> I didn't expect that
15:49:05 <manugupt1_> henne: Are you sure about it ?
15:49:33 <henne> I would take Christan and Stella
15:49:56 <henne> James Mason and Cornelius could take Gopesh
15:50:13 <henne> Matt will take Sebastian
15:50:24 <manugupt1_> Ah.. So that is what the project wa about..
15:50:25 <henne> all 3 of them should have maintainer connections
15:50:43 <henne> don't they?
15:50:47 <manugupt1_> They have
15:50:49 <henne> ok
15:51:26 <henne> I would then split the two splash page ideas in to two
15:51:32 <henne> one for admins, one for users
15:51:36 <manugupt1_> henne: One more thing
15:51:54 <manugupt1_> Matt is usually busy, we received this feedback last year, can you back him up if reqd
15:52:25 <henne> Matt isn't this summer. I talked to him :)
15:52:38 <manugupt1_> henne: thanks a lot.. so I am removing you
15:52:58 <henne> the only thing left would be to alter the proposals slightly
15:53:16 <manugupt1_> henne: k.. that is upto the mentors and students
15:53:44 <henne> okay
15:54:10 <henne> great
15:54:48 <manugupt1_> I think we are done for now..
15:55:02 <manugupt1_> Final results will be declared after Google annouces it.
15:55:14 <manugupt1_> We still need to make a decision on the students selected
15:55:32 <henne> ?
15:56:09 <manugupt1_> robjo: can you add this info again "Final results to be declared by Google, we will announce the students therafter"
15:56:33 <robjo> #info Final results to be declared by Google, we will announce the students therafter
15:56:33 <manugupt1_> that is it I guess
15:56:46 <henne> ok
15:56:51 <robjo> OK, we are at the top of the hour
15:57:04 <manugupt1_> long meetings after a while robjo ":P
15:57:10 <robjo> See you next week in Dubrovnic at oSC14
15:57:15 <robjo> #endmeeting