15:00:33 <robjo> #startmeeting openSUSE project meeting
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15:01:16 <robjo> Hello everyone and welcome to the openSUSE project meeting
15:01:35 <robjo> vuntz: is stuck in a meeting thus I'll be your chair today
15:02:10 <antlarr> hi robjo
15:02:38 <awafaa> robjo: and a fine seat you have
15:02:59 <robjo> ilmehtar_cloud: is hanging out in China
15:03:40 <robjo> awafaa: is around and paying attention, there's a positive development .... ;)
15:03:47 <robjo> warlordfff: tigerfoot ping
15:03:59 <henne> not sure this is...
15:04:27 <robjo> OK the agenda is posted here: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting as always
15:04:45 * ilmehtar_cloud is half here, very tired, this is my first ever project meeting in bed
15:05:15 <robjo> as we had IRC issues last time there's no nice log with the action items, but if I recall correctly there were none
15:05:59 <robjo> thus GSoC would be the next topic
15:06:14 <robjo> manugupt1: saurabhsood91 ping
15:07:22 <saurabhsood91> hi all
15:07:49 <saurabhsood91> not much to report. we submitted our application last week. results due by monday night
15:08:29 <robjo> great, thanks for the effort
15:08:35 <saurabhsood91> :)
15:08:47 <saurabhsood91> ideas can still be added to the ideas page
15:09:01 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: anything else?
15:09:05 <robjo> #topic other stuff
15:09:29 <robjo> OK, anything we need to discuss that is not on the agenda?
15:10:37 <awafaa> have we got an idea on how the cfp for osc14 is going?
15:12:00 <robjo> we have 24 submissions at this point
15:12:17 <awafaa> ok thanks
15:13:40 <robjo> 25 people have registered
15:14:05 <robjo> our numbers are not very good at this point, we need some serious drive to get people to submit talks and register
15:14:53 <robjo> Well, if there is nothing else we'll have a real short meeting today
15:14:59 <robjo> 10
15:15:00 <antlarr> btw, I was thinking on proposing a BoF about OSEP, but afaik there are no BoF track
15:15:20 <antlarr> maybe I could submit the proposal as a workshop?
15:15:34 <robjo> antlarr: BoFs are usually scheduled on site we do have rooms available
15:15:40 <antlarr> ah ok
15:16:30 <robjo> antlarr: you can always submit it as a talk and in the outline indicate that it is intended to be a BoF
15:16:52 <ancor> 24 submissions from 15 different people, thanks god that most speakers have submitted more than one talk
15:16:54 <antlarr> good, I'll do that
15:16:54 <robjo> I have done that before at other events and it worked reasonably well
15:17:49 <ancor> s/12/15 only 15 speakers
15:17:56 <ancor> 12 I meant
15:18:30 <robjo> OK, I think that's it then, anything else?
15:19:20 <robjo> #endmeeting