15:01:14 <vuntz> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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15:01:15 <vuntz> who else is here?
15:01:39 * manugupt1 is here
15:02:50 <vuntz> so, it seems I forgot to update the agenda after the last meeting and we still have the old items
15:02:59 <vuntz> but we still have this on the agenda:
15:03:00 <vuntz> oSC15 ideas about finding a location
15:03:08 <vuntz> New TSP Team
15:03:28 <vuntz> (and we can discuss again openSUSE in 2016 if wanted)
15:04:39 <robjo> brb
15:04:59 <vuntz> anything else?
15:05:44 <ilmehtar_> vuntz: I can probably say a few things about the situation with the forums
15:06:02 <vuntz> ah, that'd be good
15:06:08 <vuntz> let's start with that, actually
15:06:15 <vuntz> #topic Situation with the forums
15:06:26 <kigurame> Oh yeah that was mildly disturbing but nit really anything to worry about.
15:06:35 <kigurame> not even
15:07:16 <ilmehtar_> Okay, so the forums were 'hacked', though I'm informed that technically it was only a breach of a single plugin (the one used for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO)
15:08:14 <ilmehtar_> the hacker was not able to modify anything outside of that single plugin directory, the database was not accessed, no user credentials passwords were breached, though apparently they may have been able to get a list of email addresses
15:08:41 * warlordfff here
15:09:17 <ilmehtar_> The forums are down while the admins tidy everything up, and our friends at suse.com and novell.com who also used the same plugin on their forums have disabled it to protect themselves
15:09:38 <ilmehtar_> That's all I know at the moment
15:09:43 <kigurame> unfortunate but hardly life threatening. I will say however that vbulletin has a long history of weakness esp with the plugin system.
15:10:33 <ilmehtar_> Even if they were able to get into the database, because of our use of an SSO solution, the vBulletin database doesn't have our openSUSE.org passwords in it, so that's a relief
15:11:03 <kigurame> One might consider migrating to a more hardy solution somewhere in the future.
15:11:07 <warlordfff> ilmehtar_:  sorry butI was not here intthe beggining, are there any accounts hacked?
15:11:36 <ilmehtar_> warlordfff: the answer to that question appears to be a pretty firm 'no'
15:11:46 <warlordfff> cool, thanks
15:11:54 <kigurame> ilmehtar_: Only real effect of it is the rather nasty PR it generates
15:12:19 <ilmehtar_> kigurame: true, but even that has its positives..who'd have thought we had 79,000+ user accounts in our forums, that's awesome :)
15:12:45 * ilmehtar_ always looking on the bright side..
15:12:50 <kigurame> Heh the timing was real unfortunaty with suse's keeping servers secure campaign
15:13:04 <warlordfff> lol
15:13:36 <vuntz> thanks for the report, ilmehtar_
15:13:43 <vuntz> any additional question on the topic?
15:15:48 <vuntz> ok
15:15:50 <vuntz> next one, then
15:16:00 <vuntz> #topic oSC15 ideas about finding a location
15:16:03 <vuntz> robjo: are you back? :-)
15:16:09 <robjo> yes
15:16:44 <robjo> #topic oSC15
15:17:06 <robjo> vuntz:  please echo that ;)
15:17:36 <vuntz> robjo: that's already the topic :-)
15:17:49 <robjo> missed that, sorry
15:17:50 <vuntz> at least, here
15:17:51 <kigurame> I vote Seattle so i can walk there !
15:19:20 <robjo> As those that follow -project know we have received a last minute proposal from La Laguna on the Canary Islands
15:19:31 <kigurame> But in all seriousness i missed the previous meeting on this so ihave no idea where the discussion stands
15:19:45 <kigurame> thanks robjo
15:19:57 <robjo> The board has concerns with the location due costs of getting there etc
15:20:09 <robjo> and everything is more expensive on an Island ;)
15:20:21 <tigerfoot> except sea & sun :-)
15:20:37 <robjo> we have not received any other proposals meeting the deadline
15:20:59 <kigurame> definitly a cost hurdle for attenders too
15:21:00 <robjo> Thus by default this would be the location for oSC15, but....
15:21:39 <kigurame> I'd have to roll it into the family vacation
15:21:39 <robjo> so what are we to do?
15:22:07 <robjo> from the boards perspective we basically have 3 options
15:22:38 <robjo> 1.) stick with the plan, i.e. La Laguna is the location and we move forward from there and see what happens
15:23:08 <robjo> 2.) poke people and try to find another location, this will bend the rules and we might not end up with anything
15:23:52 <robjo> 3.) consider a co-location with another event, such as Linux-Tag, this also bents the rules but with a higher likely hood of having an oSC15 event
15:24:44 <robjo> The decision ultimately rests with the board, but we are quite uncertain about the direction in this case and would like to get more input from the community at large
15:25:26 * coolo has not seen any news about that - you said "as those that follow -project know". What was the subject of the mail I missed?
15:26:25 <ilmehtar_> coolo: "University of La Laguna (oSC15)"
15:26:42 <ilmehtar_> coolo: From: eduardo@osl.ull.es
15:27:01 <kigurame> As nice as La Laguna sounds i honestly can't see people overcoming the cost hurdle the third option takes away from the identity of oSC imho so i think the second option would be the way to go
15:27:28 <coolo> ilmehtar_: http://lists.opensuse.org/cgi-bin/search.cgi?query=Laguna&advanced.x=-102&advanced.y=-116&advanced=yes&list=opensuse-project -> empty
15:28:29 <tigerfoot> kigurame: option 2 is only valid if any answer is coming for a real
15:28:32 <warlordfff> try oSC15
15:28:42 <warlordfff> coolo: try osc15
15:28:55 <cwh_> On the other hand such places where you usually spend your holidays are maybe reachable easier and cheaper than others
15:29:05 <robjo> The message is not in the archive :(
15:29:07 <ilmehtar_> coolo: interesting..it was sent to opensuse-project and board@ at the same time..looks like it might have just gotten through to the board and not -project for some reason
15:29:17 <robjo> but it was sent to both the board and the -project list
15:29:36 <coolo> ilmehtar_: it's not in my inbox either
15:29:43 <coolo> so it's in henne's spam filter :)
15:29:47 <robjo> maybe is was dopped from -project because of the attachement, 103 KB pdf file
15:29:49 <tigerfoot> yeah but attachement could have been the blocker in -project
15:29:51 <coolo> good thing we have these meetings then ;)
15:30:29 <vuntz> cwh_: unfortunately, for the canary islands, "cheaper" is not true :/
15:30:33 <robjo> Sorry for not checking ahead of time about the availability of the message in the archive
15:31:03 <cwh_> maybe somebody volunteers for Mallorca, then ;)
15:31:10 * tigerfoot think time to create a osc15 wiki draft page and dump information there <- vuntz as todo for one of us who have all the data
15:31:22 <robjo> Anyway, the proposal is solid and the team has experience in organizing events having done a KDE event in the past
15:31:33 <coolo> just checking nürnberg flights - Thessaloniki in mai is 153€, Santa Cruz 397€
15:31:35 <robjo> the biggest problem is location and accessibility
15:31:58 <coolo> so indeed quite a bit more expensive
15:32:17 <tigerfoot> cwh_: we could rent a boat during one week :-)
15:32:25 <kigurame> not to mention the price of food transportation and lodging
15:32:42 <coolo> kigurame: you can buy food on canary island too - most people living there do ;)
15:32:44 <warlordfff> tigerfoot:  nice idea, the geecko boat, carlos will get crazy...
15:32:45 <kigurame> I've been there before
15:33:32 <kigurame> coolo: going local check !
15:33:39 <coolo> robjo: anyway, the board needs to decide what it wants from the OSC. If it's a come together for those that can afford it, go La Laguna. If it's students learning about openSUSE, LinuxTag sounds more feasible
15:34:05 <coolo> option 2 sounds like a kick in the back of those proposing La Laguna. If you go that route, you have to decline Laguna right away
15:34:20 <kigurame> agreed
15:34:33 <kigurame> it's quite a pinch
15:34:54 <warlordfff> we can also 'rephrase' option 2
15:35:24 <warlordfff> I mean maybe instead of making a co-host maybe we could make an expand of the event
15:35:29 <robjo> even if we co-locate with another event we still need a team to do some leg work
15:35:39 <warlordfff> what do you think?
15:35:47 <kigurame> Maybe if a discount in lodging can be negotiated to offset the higher travel cost ?
15:36:49 <kigurame> I've done similar with hotels here in seattle.
15:36:56 <robjo> kigurame: discount in lodging compared to what?
15:37:05 <coolo> kigurame: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9e/La_Laguna.jpg - there is a lot of space for camping :)
15:37:18 <robjo> lodging in Thessaloniki was cheap and it will be cheap in Dubrovnik as well
15:37:59 <coolo> ah, btw. Dubrovnik is 291€ for the same flight options
15:38:12 <coolo> so we'd get +100€ every year
15:38:26 <coolo> (and La Laguna needs bus transfer too, so even more expensive)
15:38:38 <robjo> even if we could reach the lodging prices at La Laguna we have this year and had last year getting there is still significantly more expensive
15:38:44 <warlordfff> dubrovnic is higher than going to Nurnberg for us
15:39:16 <robjo> the only thing we can count on with flight prices is that they will always go up ;)
15:39:19 <tigerfoot> coolo: linuxTag is already merging with other this year no?
15:39:36 <warlordfff> ?
15:39:42 <coolo> tigerfoot: linuxtag always hosted other meetings
15:39:43 <robjo> but for the Cannaries there are no other options
15:39:55 <coolo> tigerfoot: we would be just another subevent for linuxtag
15:40:06 <tigerfoot> coolo: okay in that sense, make it clear...
15:40:16 <warlordfff> how about co-hosting with something that changes location every year, like the libre office thing
15:40:17 <warlordfff> ?
15:40:21 <kigurame> coolo: agreed and we really don't want that.
15:40:26 <tigerfoot> then we need to find motivated german's geeko ...
15:40:38 <robjo> I just threw Linux-Tag out as an example, it could be some other event in Europe, we could do CLT
15:41:46 <robjo> In the end we have to make a decision soon and the board would like to have more feedback from everyone
15:42:01 <kigurame> I say we inform the board of our cost concerns and see what happens it's their decision ultimatley.
15:42:15 <robjo> Our biggest concern is the cost and accessibility restrictions
15:42:38 <vuntz> kigurame: I think the board is aware of the cost concerns :-)
15:42:40 <kigurame> agreed
15:42:41 <vuntz> the main question is whether we all believe it's a blocker or not
15:42:51 <kigurame> I certainly do
15:42:53 <vuntz> (my opinion is that it is)
15:43:18 <vuntz> and then the followup question is which is our next step between options 2 and 3 that robjo mentioned
15:43:57 <coolo> vuntz: I think SUSE would send only very few employees. The concerns about Thessaloniki were already high and Teneriffa sounds even more like vacation trip to the manager's ear
15:44:09 <ilmehtar_> coolo: that's a good point too
15:44:13 <warlordfff> well I certainly think that this is worth searching for a while
15:44:24 <robjo> Sounds like we (the board) need to take this to the -project list to get more input
15:44:46 <vuntz> robjo: yeah; it's unfortunate we didn't notice the mail didn't reach the public list :/
15:44:53 <robjo> I'll send a message today
15:45:29 <ancorgs> do it in september and most German and British people will be the island already :-)
15:46:14 <vuntz> #action robjo to take this topic to the opensuse-project mailing list to get more feedback
15:46:24 <vuntz> robjo: anything else you'd like to add?
15:46:45 <robjo> nope that's it from my side
15:47:35 <vuntz> anyone else?
15:48:36 <vuntz> nope, then last topic
15:48:40 <vuntz> #topic New TSP Team
15:48:50 <vuntz> warlordfff: want to say a few words about that? :-)
15:48:55 <warlordfff> yeap
15:49:02 <coolo> TSP = Topic Selection Protocol?
15:49:04 <warlordfff> well
15:49:21 <warlordfff> Travel Support Program
15:49:27 <warlordfff> :)
15:49:54 <warlordfff> Now we had to choose some people to replace me
15:50:07 <warlordfff> and because we needed more help anyway
15:50:09 <warlordfff> so
15:50:19 <warlordfff> we chose tux93
15:50:27 <warlordfff> and Diamond_gr
15:50:45 <warlordfff> Both of them are pretty experienced with the community
15:51:05 <warlordfff> and of course they know the TSP more than good
15:51:37 <vuntz> warlordfff: might be good to give their full name ;-)
15:51:44 <warlordfff> and of course they are people that are independent and trustfull
15:51:56 <warlordfff> ok I suck on that
15:52:04 <warlordfff> Marcell kullhorn
15:52:12 <warlordfff> I hope this is correct
15:52:14 * tux93 is Marcel Kühlhorn
15:52:24 <warlordfff> yeap that :D
15:52:33 <warlordfff> and Stathis Iosifidis
15:52:52 <warlordfff> tux93:  want to say a few words?
15:53:50 <warlordfff> I have nothing else to add, Izabel said it all in the announcement she wrote in news
15:53:53 <tux93> well what do you want to hear? aside from thanks for trusting me :D
15:54:20 <warlordfff> :D
15:54:36 <tux93> kick off meeting will be this saturday
15:54:37 <vuntz> :-)
15:54:59 <vuntz> a big thanks to warlordfff for his time on the TSP!
15:55:21 <warlordfff> thanks
15:55:25 <vuntz> okay, we're done with the topics, then
15:55:30 <vuntz> #topic Any other topic?
15:55:37 <warlordfff> yeap
15:55:40 <vuntz> any quick question, comment, etc.?
15:56:14 <warlordfff> we are thinking in resurecting weekly news, only that this time it will be different and not weekly but monthly
15:56:36 <warlordfff> anyone who wants to volunteer just have an eye in Marketing ML
15:56:59 <warlordfff> in a few days there will be an announcement
15:57:12 <warlordfff> thats it
15:57:21 <vuntz> nice
15:57:26 <tigerfoot> vuntz: is it possible to integrate the ping in irc ...
15:57:26 <vuntz> anyone else?
15:57:37 <vuntz> tigerfoot: what do you mean?
15:58:02 <tigerfoot> vuntz: kde team have a way to ping a list of people when the meeting start
15:58:28 <tigerfoot> but I will ask ..
15:58:54 <vuntz> ah, sure, feel free to ask for that
16:00:54 <vuntz> ok, we're done, then
16:01:01 <vuntz> thanks everyone
16:01:05 <vuntz> I'll share minutes with the list
16:01:08 <vuntz> #endmeeting