16:02:29 <robjo> #startmeeting oSC14 organization meeting
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16:02:48 <SveborP> hi everyone!
16:03:27 <robjo> The agenda is posted here: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_meeting#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting
16:03:35 <CarlosRibeiro> ;-)
16:04:05 <SveborP> thanx for the agenda paste, we don't have many things to go through today I think.
16:04:06 <CarlosRibeiro> SveborP, robjo hi
16:04:22 <SveborP> hi CarlosRibeiro
16:04:46 <SveborP> it seems there aren't many people here today
16:05:31 * tux93 is reading
16:05:49 <SveborP> so, most of the items of the agenda are reports to be commented upon
16:05:52 <robjo> That might make it easier to reach decisions ;)
16:05:59 <SveborP> indeed :-)
16:06:07 <robjo> +1 on the logo from my side
16:07:18 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, are you ok with the chosen logo in the end? I really liked seeing the way it evolved through various proposals :-)
16:07:51 <SveborP> Lucijana told me she couldn't be here today, but wanted to say she had some minor tweak ideas for the logo, but we're for it.. so
16:07:53 <SveborP> also +1
16:08:22 <CarlosRibeiro> not bad about the logo. Lots of elements, keep the openSUSE original logo, but you know what? TO be honest I believe in the main time whe will find something more" wow that is the logo"
16:08:49 <CarlosRibeiro> maybe a little variations or something else that I dont know what is it now
16:09:14 <CarlosRibeiro> but as I said before... it's ok
16:09:15 <SveborP> maybe combination with other graphics for various materials?
16:09:26 <enola_> hello :)
16:09:27 <CarlosRibeiro> yep
16:09:32 <SveborP> cool
16:09:34 <CarlosRibeiro> you are right
16:09:36 <SveborP> hi enola_
16:10:25 <SveborP> ok, onto the motto, I think it makes sense to somehow reflect the topics at the conference, so we chose "The Strength to Change"
16:10:35 <CarlosRibeiro> Im thinking when we will be creating badges, tshirts, flyers, brochures... so s we have several elements inside the logo will not be difficult to work with combinaing with the situation
16:11:04 <CarlosRibeiro> two points about moto.. I mean, i have two questions
16:12:10 <CarlosRibeiro> motto should be something specific and related with  the conference or should be a motto that refletcs the general project situation... or even a mix of both ideas?
16:12:24 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, hi man ;-)
16:12:28 <anditosan> hey
16:12:35 <SveborP> hi anditosan
16:12:36 <anditosan> are we talking about the motto?
16:12:43 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, yep
16:12:54 <CarlosRibeiro> I just started to comment right now about the motto
16:12:55 <anditosan> What's the issue with robjo s motto?
16:12:55 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, I think the motto should be a little of both
16:13:20 <SveborP> and maybe a more about the project and topics at the conference (IMO)
16:13:32 <robjo> CarlosRibeiro: the motto is exactly that, for the first time we will have a "business track" and we have major changes going on in the project
16:13:49 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, I agree and I liked
16:13:54 <CarlosRibeiro> my point is not about this
16:14:08 <CarlosRibeiro> my point or my question is a previous step
16:14:34 <CarlosRibeiro> if the purpose of motto is to reflect the actual situation of the project ... awwesom it s perfect
16:15:11 <SveborP> nice, so we all like it? :-)
16:15:16 <SveborP> I give it +1
16:15:17 <CarlosRibeiro> but if the purpose of the motto is to reflect somehow a connection wit the place, area, region or hosted country.. maybe is not the best choseen
16:15:31 <SveborP> ah, sorry for replying to quickly :)
16:15:54 <CarlosRibeiro> see the FIFA world cup motto for Brazil 2014
16:15:55 <SveborP> I don't think it has to be about the host country
16:16:40 <SveborP> I mean, we are going to have fun in the host country / town /area, but.. the conference is about opensuse
16:16:44 <CarlosRibeiro> every time, the event chance hosts also together with the host changes motto and identity to better reflect or make connection with the hosted country
16:16:59 <robjo> So far we have not considered the location fro the motto, henne has sent a nice summary of past mottos and their motivation, I think this one fits in line with previous years
16:16:59 <enola_> I don't really get the *strength* to change, I think it's more about courage, but that wouldn't sound good...
16:17:36 <SveborP> robjo, +1
16:17:53 <CarlosRibeiro> btw I'll work as volunterr at the FIFA 2014 as I alredy was approved few days ago.. and now during my training I seen many things about the volunterr topic that we can apply here in the conference
16:18:00 <anditosan> I only suggest 1, don't make it a paragraph 3-4 words max, 2 don't make it a tong twister ;)
16:20:13 <robjo> I think the last time we agreed that the decision is up to the core team, lets not re-visit everything at every meeting
16:20:32 <SveborP> well, I see it like this. the discussion about the motto on the ML stopped, there have been 2 votes for the strength to change, and two votes on the first meeting for the geeko kingdom. if we are changing, we need to choose another motto right away because it needs to be done.
16:20:58 <CarlosRibeiro> SveborP, +1
16:21:29 <anditosan> SveborP: then let's propose some new mottos in the ML and vote
16:21:51 <CarlosRibeiro> I not agains t the actual motto, I just don't fells like the motto fits the motto purpose
16:22:05 <CarlosRibeiro> good
16:22:09 <SveborP> uh, let's not.. it's been there for far too long. we either change it here during this meeting or stick to the motto we chose, like we agreed on the last meeting
16:22:13 <robjo> No, we need to move forward, lets stick to what we already agreed on
16:22:51 <anditosan> then let's go with what was chosen
16:23:49 <SveborP> anditosan, I agree.. we can't change it in a jiffy I think and for it to stay good...
16:24:11 <CarlosRibeiro> let's keep talking about motto in ml
16:24:21 <robjo> #info Logo and Motto finalized as posted in the agenda
16:25:24 <SveborP> ok, report on trip to dubrovnik this weekend
16:26:15 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, anditosan SveborP let's keep finish this and keep the chosen one even I believe we have the skills to find a better one ;-)
16:26:51 <CarlosRibeiro> as this topic is the huge impact of the next activities
16:26:52 <SveborP> we will go to talk with the tourist agency owner about accommodation, with the people at the university, to record some POIs for the map, and with City of Dubrovnik officials
16:27:24 <anditosan> CarlosRibeiro: I think it is too late. The motto was chosen in the ML and to reformualte a new set of words will take another long discussion. Let's stick with what we have. The limitations on design are always like this, work with what you have and use your creativity to build something around it.
16:28:04 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, I agree I just believe we can do better ;-)
16:28:05 <SveborP> so I expect to return with offers and ways to book for various types of accommodation (private apartments, rooms, hotels ...)
16:29:06 <SveborP> At the University we'll try to speed up the work on contract with SUSE for the venue, and try to make a few photos of the conference area
16:29:27 <SveborP> we'll talk about possible sponsorship from the city of dubrovnik
16:29:38 <SveborP> and go see the proposed party places
16:30:09 <SveborP> so, any suggestions and ideas you might have for us to do while there, please ... email them or tell me now
16:30:30 <robjo> Take as many pictures as you can of everything, hopefully we can incorporate a good chunk of them in the web site
16:30:55 <robjo> Provide information on using public transport
16:31:18 <robjo> how does one get from the airport/train station to .....
16:31:50 <robjo> if there is any info on "how to use the public transport system" that would be great
16:32:03 <robjo> i.e. are there automated boxes, how much money is a ticket etc.
16:32:13 <anditosan> Is it hot in april in croatia? beach party maybe?
16:32:20 <SveborP> ok, we'll look into that
16:32:42 <SveborP> http://www.holiday-weather.com/dubrovnik/averages/april/
16:32:47 <robjo> This stuff is often hard to find on line and difficult to figure out when on site
16:33:16 <SveborP> not too warm, and not too cold
16:33:34 <anditosan> beach bon fire then! :D
16:33:47 <SveborP> I will seriously look into that possibility
16:33:56 <CarlosRibeiro> if we have time is will not be so expensive I believe the transport system help during conference, must be also inside the badge and in the conference androind application to
16:34:05 <SveborP> robjo had an idea that would benefit from such a party
16:34:26 <amon0thoth1> how faris Plitvice national park from the site? It would be a nice place for that oS party?
16:34:47 <SveborP> amon0thoth1, not close I'm afraid
16:35:00 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, yes, that is a good idea
16:35:15 <SveborP> I have seen an interactive map that Tomo sent me at some time
16:35:18 <anditosan> I don't think we have had many outside parties in past conferences, so it sounds cool!
16:35:22 <SveborP> but it was croatian only
16:35:29 <amon0thoth1> SveborP: :-(
16:36:09 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, in thessaloniki we have party in the beach
16:36:10 <SveborP> yup, amon0thoth1 .. around 5 hours car drive
16:36:14 <CarlosRibeiro> was awesome
16:36:21 <anditosan> CarlosRibeiro: oh nice!
16:36:55 <SveborP> ok, and what kind of bars do you guys prefer - for the welcome party
16:36:59 <CarlosRibeiro> I believe we haveabout 5 parties during the conference... yep now I remember, almost every night :D cool
16:37:04 <SveborP> and how many people do often show up there?
16:37:09 <amon0thoth1> SveborP: omg! too far for geekos.
16:38:01 <alexandros> Hello...
16:38:21 <CarlosRibeiro> SveborP, kind of bar? simple one i believe
16:38:33 <SveborP> :-) ok
16:38:34 <CarlosRibeiro> alexandros, hello
16:38:42 <SveborP> alexandros, hi
16:38:51 <SveborP> what i wanted to ask is - music or no music
16:38:52 <robjo> SveborP: I think the "how many people" question is best addressed via mail based on previous events, lets gather input from henne, _miska_ and differentreality
16:38:55 <alexandros> CarlosRibeiro, i confirm everything you say about oSC13...
16:38:58 <enola_> Mljet national park is closer to Dubrovnik
16:39:09 <CarlosRibeiro> alexandros, ;-)
16:39:35 <robjo> SveborP: music yes, but it's not a "dance party" ;)
16:39:38 <CarlosRibeiro> SveborP, we must do not forget about the volunteers party
16:40:09 <SveborP> ah, ok. volunteers party wasn't on my list. :-)
16:40:28 <SveborP> robjo, roger on the number
16:40:55 <amon0thoth1> SveborP: there are beautiful beaches close to Dubrovnik. I do not know how close they are (Banje, Pile, Lapad)
16:40:57 <SveborP> amon0thoth1, there are also fun places to go around dubrovnik, Lokrum is just 15 minute boat ride from old town http://www.dubrovnik-secrets.com/ds/islands_lokrum.html
16:41:10 <SveborP> it's all very close
16:41:14 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, +1 for send a question to henne, miska and differentreality  about how many ppl
16:41:42 <SveborP> But we need to see how do we organize such a party without getting the police tu chase us out of there.. :-)
16:41:57 <robjo> SveborP: the party stuff will be basically up to you, you and your team have the best knowledge of available venues, no need fro input from people that live far away
16:42:48 <amon0thoth1> robjo: +1
16:42:50 <SveborP> I know, but it's nice to see what seems interesting to others.. in the end we will do it and try to make it fun for everyone
16:42:56 <CarlosRibeiro> SveborP, do you know someone that wishes to participate in the event that have a bar?
16:43:01 <anditosan> SveborP: the police in our party? I say, let's have fun hahahah
16:43:34 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, Tomo knows a few people, and I will talk to him about it
16:44:22 <SveborP> ok, moving on
16:44:57 <SveborP> sponsorship brochure - Izabel made and sent a few drafts
16:45:35 <SveborP> I will go through it over the weekend and we'll have it ready soon I hope
16:45:55 <SveborP> venue contract - Agustin sent the draft
16:46:24 <CarlosRibeiro> oh... I I was waiting for your feedback about the previous one.. like if you want keep the levels model like gold, silver, platinium. ..
16:46:42 <SveborP> I will go through it with people at the University in Dubrovnik so we produce feedback by next week
16:46:51 <anditosan> SveborP: do you need editing in the brochure? I can help!
16:47:09 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, probably yes, I just didn't get to really take a look at it yet - got it just yesterday afternoon
16:47:09 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, we need first to decide what kind of contents
16:47:26 <CarlosRibeiro> because depending of the contents we can change or not the design
16:47:27 <anditosan> Ok
16:47:42 <anditosan> I mean, paragraph editing
16:48:45 <SveborP> anditosan, sure, I will just have to first go through it, see if we can contribute to it somehow and then get back to Izabel
16:48:56 <anditosan> k
16:49:04 <SveborP> and after we'll go to editing and such
16:49:20 <CarlosRibeiro> another good idea is to directly ping izabel, henne, differentreality  and ask then what the believe we missed duting the sponsorship brochure after was done, and what they believe that could be improved
16:50:34 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, sure
16:50:38 <CarlosRibeiro> for sure izabel knows what ppl(sponsors) most liked and most dislike during sponsorship brochure presentation
16:51:16 <SveborP> I'll let izabel know and as soon as she says it's ok to start sharing further I guess
16:51:35 <SveborP> yep
16:52:38 <SveborP> ok, movin on to the CfP plan that robjo sent.. It seems fine by me and I think it's ok to start working on an announcement?
16:52:39 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, any idea or suggestion about how we can improve the sponsorship brochure?
16:52:52 <SveborP> CarlosRibeiro, sorry, too quick again. :-)
16:53:35 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, 5
16:53:37 <CarlosRibeiro> 4
16:53:39 <CarlosRibeiro> 3
16:53:41 <CarlosRibeiro> 2
16:53:43 <robjo> I think we should keep the levels we hade previously and we need to stay focused on oSc
16:54:23 <robjo> all the other stuff, i.e. how to make multiple events attractive to sponsors is a separate discussion
16:54:39 <robjo> this needs to happen in parallel and not influence the current plan
16:54:46 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, we are already keeping focus on conference as the sponsorship is one of the most important things about the osc ;-)
16:54:51 <robjo> I thought last years brochure was good
16:55:18 <robjo> we should keep most of it in tack, IMHO
16:55:56 <robjo> OK, on to CfP
16:55:56 <CarlosRibeiro> without soponsroship hardly we can do other things ... but ok, you like to move ahead, so go on
16:55:56 <CarlosRibeiro> cfp
16:56:35 <robjo> CarlosRibeiro: our primary sponsor is not dependent on the sponsorship brochure
16:56:36 <CarlosRibeiro> +1 for the proposal snt by robjo to ml
16:57:18 <SveborP> OK, got it. As I said, I will look at what Izabel sent. And I think there hardly will be any changes, even less significant ones. I will probably just agree with what Izabel sent me. :-) I might have some ideas for local sponsors but, it's hard to say now because i really haven't looked at what she sent.
16:57:20 <differentreality> sooooooorry all, grandma duty took unexpectedly longer
16:57:40 <anditosan> differentreality: oh grandma!
16:57:50 <SveborP> +1 for cfp prposal
16:57:51 <robjo> The CfP team also decided that it will take care of the keynote seaker
16:58:19 <robjo> thus we will solicit ideas from the community for a speaker and then make a selection
16:58:50 <SveborP> hi differentreality
16:59:04 <alexandros> hi differentreality
16:59:23 <differentreality> hey all :)
16:59:32 <CarlosRibeiro> differentreality, hello
16:59:33 <SveborP> robjo, the proposal you sent actually reminded me we could call someone from Croteam to talk about developing games for Linux
17:00:53 <SveborP> so, just putting it out there.. (they are the ones who develop Serious Sam games), could be interesting .. topic might be somewhere between enthusiast and geeko suits
17:02:12 <SveborP> ok, moving on?
17:02:32 <robjo> I will send a separate e-mail to the list about speaker proposals
17:02:58 <SveborP> ok
17:03:22 <robjo> With the logo and motto chosen we'll get OSEM set up shortly
17:04:08 <anditosan> moving on?
17:04:27 <SveborP> yes
17:04:37 <CarlosRibeiro> ok for moving on by me as I have nothing to add to the cfp
17:04:37 <SveborP> ok, so OSEM will be setup shortly
17:04:58 <SveborP> and we need announcements
17:05:32 <SveborP> so maybe we can define some deadlines for those?
17:05:43 <anditosan> SveborP: I have been working on editing the cfp announcements in the google doc
17:06:40 <SveborP> cool! do you think the 1st one is ready?
17:06:59 <SveborP> is it this file? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OXw9yZKNAtYQLxrv7hz0bKDE6jGaYwCoAXFcW1fX4TQ/edit#heading=h.8cvv3qm6hzn
17:07:03 <anditosan> pretty much, but I think it needs extra details, it seems rather short
17:07:06 <anditosan> Yes, that one
17:07:40 <SveborP> ok, can we help?
17:08:30 <SveborP> or maybe put the comments into it so anyone that wants can contribute
17:08:43 <SveborP> and maybe have it published by Monday?
17:09:12 <anditosan> Yes, if you can add more deatails about it I can edit more for you
17:09:24 <anditosan> Put a deadline on the trello card and I will look at it
17:10:08 <differentreality> for the record cfp announcement will be different - the program committee can easily put the facts there for you... Making it nice, that's a different story ( henne , jospoortvliet... )
17:10:28 <jospoortvliet> differentreality: I'll be there for you :D
17:10:30 <jospoortvliet> always
17:10:31 <jospoortvliet> :P
17:10:45 <robjo> I think we have most everything defined to make an announcement that is meaningful and does not provide information in chunks that are by themselves rather insignificant
17:10:46 <differentreality> jospoortvliet: :D :*** (plz remember what u just said... I want to come to Berlin sometime soon :P)
17:10:47 <SveborP> ok, what do you need for 1st? pictures, stories about Dubrovnik, venue..?
17:11:23 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: yes, that. Especially - a LOGO :D
17:11:35 <jospoortvliet> but stories - not so much. I can grab stuff from wikipedia, if needed...
17:11:38 <differentreality> I think, 2 photos and a paragraph pretty much saying why Durbrovnik is such a cool location
17:11:43 <SveborP> great, a logo is available here https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/51efb2afe6df929a28002210/52a14417b0e4806f090016a8/b8305417bc8e41ff225eeef0d44c97f3/photo.jpg
17:11:49 <anditosan> jospoortvliet: wikipedia? hehehe
17:12:01 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: see https://news.opensuse.org/2013/01/24/opensuse-conference-2013-geeko-gets-geared-up/
17:12:06 <differentreality> jospoortvliet: I will put links in comments with logo and/or photos as they come along, if that helps you
17:12:30 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: I need a bit 'about the event', a bit about the city, tickets and registration, sponsoring... Much I can take from last time, I bet.
17:12:34 <SveborP> jospoortvliet, great, will be written
17:12:55 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: rough draft is fine, really rough is ok - bullet points for example :D I'd be happy to polish it
17:13:30 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: nice logo btw :D
17:13:40 <robjo> Lets add the CfP information into the announcement as well this year as we have the dates already worked out
17:13:43 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: it is somewhere in svg, I hope?
17:13:57 <CarlosRibeiro> and after that me or andy or artwork team can read  the bullets and give a help to do some artwork for each announcment
17:14:03 <jospoortvliet> robjo: yes sir. In general, give me all you have - if I think it is too much for one article I will propose splitting up.
17:14:25 <jospoortvliet> anditosan: +1000 on taking the lead on the cfp announce, btw :D
17:14:42 <jospoortvliet> differentreality: and we're waiting for you in Berlin (except for during this christmas, we'll be in NL)
17:14:58 <anditosan> jospoortvliet: thanks :D
17:15:47 <SveborP> jospoortvliet, the logo was done by andres
17:15:58 <CarlosRibeiro> jospoortvliet, svg already is on github at the conference-2014/Logo/ folder
17:16:03 <anditosan> with the good ideas from CarlosRibeiro :D
17:16:41 <anditosan> I think also that since we uploaded a lot of logo proposals, we will need to clean up git to only have the one that was chosen
17:17:40 <SveborP> yes, the logo evolved with CarlosRibeiro and anditosan inspiring eachother.. it's been very nice to watch
17:17:44 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, our good ideas and discussions ;-) I just tried to be the bad guy pointing some comments to try to keep the openSUSE identity and country history
17:17:56 <anditosan> ;)
17:18:01 <differentreality> anditosan: it would be nice to have the proposals too in my opinion... maybe put "proposal_" inthe beginnig of filename? if that works for you ofc
17:18:14 <anditosan> differentreality: that is a good idea too
17:18:35 <CarlosRibeiro> btw lucjiana helped a lot with the logo too ;-)
17:18:36 <anditosan> just to have some differences, but we don't want to turn git into a dump with every idea we've ever had
17:18:36 <differentreality> maybe the final logo to be used can say in the beginning "final_oSC14_logo" or sth like that
17:19:53 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, +1 for keep clean the github
17:20:15 <SveborP> +1
17:20:19 <anditosan> are we still talking about cfp?
17:20:20 <anditosan> :D
17:20:23 <CarlosRibeiro> also for rename and include the final word in the final approved artwork
17:20:33 <SveborP> keep clean everything :-)
17:21:36 <SveborP> well, announcements in general.. if henne were here I would ask about the website too
17:21:59 <SveborP> one more thing - promo materials for FOSDEM
17:22:02 <differentreality> i think last time he said he will be on it once we have sth to put in it, so...
17:22:09 <robjo> SveborP: the web sit is in github, everyone is free to send pull requests ;)
17:22:10 <CarlosRibeiro> anditosan, we can create two differente folders inside Conference-2014... one for working in progress and another for the final ones
17:22:25 <CarlosRibeiro> and keep all proposals in the working in progress
17:22:44 <anditosan> (let's chat about this in the ml or later in irc)
17:22:44 <SveborP> robjo, yes, I just wanted to ask henne what exactly do we need to prepare to make a list
17:22:58 <CarlosRibeiro> anf just move to the final named folder when the artwork was approved
17:23:09 <robjo> can we not discuss the organization of the git hub artwork repo in the oSC meeting please?
17:23:47 <anditosan> robjo: +1
17:23:57 <anditosan> Moving on...
17:24:06 <SveborP> ok, so lets make a list what we need I think: 1st announcement, CfP announcement and FOSDEM materials
17:24:13 <CarlosRibeiro> moving on
17:24:18 <SveborP> 1st announcement we settled, CfP is settled,
17:24:31 <SveborP> FOSDEM - anything from last year to use as a draft?
17:24:35 <differentreality> YES!
17:24:41 <differentreality> the cubes / cube-like tux
17:24:44 <CarlosRibeiro> cube
17:24:50 <CarlosRibeiro> differentreality, yeahhh
17:25:04 <CarlosRibeiro> cube- tux paper,
17:25:06 <differentreality> :D and we did some posters too (spread along the venue) - btw SveborP are you coming to fosdem ?
17:25:21 <SveborP> I am planning to, yes.
17:25:28 <CarlosRibeiro> pretty easy and quickly to adapt to the oSC14 as we already decided the motto and logo ;-)
17:25:28 <SveborP> haven't booked a flight yet though
17:25:37 <CarlosRibeiro> I do it
17:25:49 <differentreality> https://github.com/openSUSE/artwork/blob/master/Marketing%20Materials/Events/openSUSE%20Conference/2013-oS-Conference/Folding%20Cube/Folding%20Cube%20oSC13.pdf?raw=true
17:26:06 <differentreality> https://github.com/openSUSE/artwork/blob/master/Marketing%20Materials/Events/openSUSE%20Conference/2013-oS-Conference/Folding%20Tux%20Paper/Folding%20Tux%20%20oSC13.png
17:26:38 <SveborP> Cool, added CarlosRibeiro to Trello
17:26:39 <SveborP> task
17:26:49 <SveborP> ...for FOSDEM
17:27:31 <SveborP> can a openSUSE beer bottle fit into that box?
17:27:41 <differentreality> what box? :/
17:27:44 <differentreality> the cube?
17:27:46 <SveborP> yes
17:27:54 <SveborP> (is it a box?) :-D
17:28:04 <differentreality> perhapx... (but it is really made to be a cube, closed on all sides)
17:28:15 <differentreality> (but you kind of have to print, cut the paper and the glue the sides)
17:28:44 <differentreality> so you could leave one side open, but keep in mind that we cannot put that strong paper to the cubes...
17:29:10 <differentreality> first of all it will be unnecessarily expensive and secondly if paper is too thick, you cannot fold properly (specially the sides that need to be glued)
17:29:15 <SveborP> ok, never mind .. I guess I'm thinking about going for a beer after the meeting so I got a little carried away..
17:29:18 <differentreality> (yes, I have a lot of cube training :P)
17:29:39 <alexandros> maybe a sticker
17:29:48 <differentreality> heh... the right question is if we have cleared all issues regarding the bottles with fosdem team and if we are gonna have opensuse beer at fosdem (and/or osc14)
17:29:50 <alexandros> on the bottle
17:30:06 <differentreality> or stickers in general.... SveborP do you have any offers to produce such materials?
17:30:21 <CarlosRib_> during fosdem party .. I was thinking about to give a geeko money to ppl around
17:30:27 <differentreality> it is not only a matter of coming up with designs and ideas but also making the stuff (paying for it and getting it to fosdem)
17:30:37 <differentreality> CarlosRib_: for free?
17:30:38 <SveborP> I can get offers as soon as we have materials we want to produce
17:30:44 <CarlosRib_> pretty inexpensive, funny and ppl could use geeko money to have a kind of discount in beer
17:30:55 <SveborP> we have a few companies that we work with occasionally
17:31:00 <differentreality> CarlosRib_: discount for which beer? :/
17:31:17 <CarlosRib_> we wil not have beer in openSUSE booth?
17:31:29 <differentreality> I don't know, don't make assumptions plz :P
17:31:32 <differentreality> I am merely asking
17:32:05 <CarlosRib_> so ppl that get the geeko money during fosdem party, maybe could use the geeko money to have a kind of discount or promotion to buy a openSUSE beer during event in openSUSE booth
17:32:19 <differentreality> SveborP: there is probably not enough time to pre-pay for marketing stuff that will go to fosdem... So that's a tiny detail we need to address
17:32:43 <CarlosRib_> maybe someone could buy two beers and with the geeko money get the 3rd one for free
17:33:06 <robjo> You could hand out geeko money that is redeemable at oSC
17:33:12 <differentreality> CarlosRib_: sounds complicated to me, because beer party of fosdem... ppl get drunk. Geeko money we give against donation. Who keeps the geekomoney? Who keeps the real money ?
17:33:20 <CarlosRib_> will be a nice and fun and inexpensive way to promote oSC14 during fosdem
17:33:32 <SveborP> robjo, I was just thinking the same thing
17:33:47 <CarlosRib_> robjo, brillant idea
17:34:58 <CarlosRib_> to give geeko money during fosdem and ppl that shows during oSC could be redeemable somehow
17:35:09 <differentreality> yes, but... ppl will have to pay to get geeko money or not?
17:35:18 <differentreality> because if during osc14 we count on ppl to have paid for the geeko money they use
17:35:28 <SveborP> buy a beer, get opensuse money with it
17:35:31 <differentreality> but instead they have geekomoney left from fosdem that they got from free... We need to know what is going on
17:36:00 <robjo> differentreality: yes, we need to know what's going on
17:36:29 <robjo> If we run through the numbers lets see what we get
17:36:36 <robjo> how many people go to fosdem?
17:36:44 <SveborP> well, we can distribute geeko money freely to a certain amount
17:36:57 <CarlosRib_> SveborP, +1
17:36:59 <SveborP> that will fit the budget that we decide on
17:37:09 <SveborP> after that is spent people will have to buy it
17:37:24 <differentreality> roughly 5000 ppl go to fosdem
17:37:44 <CarlosRib_> but not these 5000 will came to oSC ;-)
17:38:01 <differentreality> obviously :)
17:38:15 <differentreality> why don't we just have geekomoney in our nice booth?
17:38:19 <robjo> lets say 70% of those people show up at the openSUSE booth
17:38:53 <SveborP> have them play a game to win it
17:38:53 <differentreality> there is certainly someone at the booth responsible enough to collect money and give out geekomoney (and if not, I will just be around the corner at fosdem reg desk myself)
17:39:11 <CarlosRib_> differentreality, i believe we can have in both situations, during fosdem party and also to have inside the booth
17:40:06 <robjo> differentreality: I understand your concern, I think, that those that get "free" geeko money at Fosdem are not "equal" to those that have to pay at oSC
17:40:11 <differentreality> plus during beer event there might be misunderstandings (ppl thinking they can get beer at delirium with geekomoney?) don't know sounds complicated to me... maybe it is just me (I will be at the beer event for the record)
17:40:12 <CarlosRib_> differentreality, dont you think we can have in both situations
17:40:21 <robjo> but lets see how big of a hit we would take
17:40:31 <differentreality> robjo: ah... ok.... that we can do!
17:40:40 <differentreality> we know how many *free* geekomoney we gave away at fosdem
17:40:50 <differentreality> and so we know what to do at osc...
17:40:51 <robjo> lets say we end up handing out 3500 geeko dollars at fosdem
17:41:18 <CarlosRib_> robjo, geekollars :D
17:41:25 <robjo> that's about 70% of the attendees
17:41:49 <robjo> now lets say 1% of those show up at oSC
17:42:19 <robjo> that would be 35
17:43:02 <CarlosRib_> no difficult to handle, specially becuase not all of these 1% will remember to bring gekkollars to the conference
17:43:03 <robjo> if we "buy" 1 free beer for those 35 we attracted from FOSDEM, I'm OK with that
17:43:19 <differentreality> i m cool with it too
17:43:25 <CarlosRib_> at lease we remind then during announcments
17:43:50 <differentreality> yes yes yes
17:44:00 <differentreality> and geekomoney is relatively inexpensive to print
17:44:06 <robjo> Thus I think handing out free geeko money at fosdem to promote oSC should be OK
17:45:01 <CarlosRib_> and with this simple attitude we can help a lot to promote and do marketing (also looking fdor possible sponsors during FOSDEM) using geekollars
17:46:43 <anditosan> are we close to the end of the meeting? Coming up to 2 hours now
17:46:59 <SveborP> Ok, added to Trello. Where do we print it? I can ask locally.
17:47:12 <CarlosRib_> but this time if we use, we must print on green paper not gray one ;-) looks more fun in green than in gray
17:47:20 <SveborP> anditosan, I think we are
17:47:31 <differentreality> last year someone from sus ewas kind enough to take care of that and just get it to us
17:47:44 <SveborP> that would be very nice
17:47:55 <differentreality> |miska|: ? jospoortvliet ?
17:48:04 <differentreality> who handled fosdem stuff last year? and who does this year?
17:48:33 <jospoortvliet> differentreality: not sure, the ML has a mail from richard looking for a new volunteer. I believe Bruno tigerfoot stepped up
17:48:38 <jospoortvliet> I have to go, folk, sorry
17:48:39 <robjo> SveborP: probably best if you can find a local (to fosdem) print shop. Paper is relatively  heavy to shlep/ship around
17:48:48 <jospoortvliet> have a nice day and please - mail the results of this meeting to the ML!!!
17:48:51 <jospoortvliet> don't forget that!
17:49:31 <jospoortvliet> robjo: absolutely right on that account. But also - we in Nue are going to be printing stuff, SveborP - send me a mail about this, please. I can probably ensure some of those flyers get printed and brought to FOSDEM :D
17:49:49 <SveborP> jospoortvliet, thanks
17:49:56 <tigerfoot> I'm involbed in the Fosdem thing,
17:50:08 <CarlosRib_> SveborP, in the same corner as we stayed last year have a print store if Iḿ righ.. at maximum 2 block aways from the hotel I have sure
17:50:15 <tigerfoot> acting as coordinatoor, but need lots of volunteers :-)
17:50:26 <robjo> Yes, if stuff gets brought from NUE to FOSDEM, piggy backing on that is the best approach ;)
17:50:59 <SveborP> tigerfoot, can you coordinate the printing too? if jospoortvliet won't be able to bring all the stuff we send?
17:51:00 <robjo> I'd say that part needs to move to the ML
17:51:04 <tigerfoot> jospoortvliet: SveborP thanks to taking care of getting the stuff printed so we can spread it out at Fosdemd
17:51:18 <jospoortvliet> SveborP: put him in CC when you mail me :D
17:51:26 <SveborP> ok :-)
17:51:32 <tigerfoot> SveborP: in last resort I've some backup plans to get things printed, but then I need to use the Geeko car .-)
17:51:37 <differentreality> I think we should really talk to the specific person in charge of the material to fosdem to avoid any problems (that or jos...)
17:51:48 <differentreality> who is here from openSUSE team at suse ?
17:51:54 <CarlosRib_> differentreality, I quite believe Richard have handle fosdem last year
17:52:06 <differentreality> not the stuff from NUE office though
17:52:18 <tigerfoot> differentreality: the person in charge is several, but count on Ilmehtar to kick ass and cwh at Nue
17:52:36 <differentreality> haha I can do that :P
17:52:41 <tigerfoot> but they don't have a bus or whatever for the moment :-)
17:53:13 <tigerfoot> it's chaos organization, but well they have done that for the last 4 years :-) so I believe it will work ...
17:53:25 <differentreality> ah right...
17:53:27 <SveborP> OK, so we have cubes and geeko money
17:53:29 <differentreality> that's also aproblem...
17:53:44 <tigerfoot> I need a big flag too, the logo is nice ..
17:53:51 <CarlosRib_> SveborP, + tux paper
17:54:21 <SveborP> and tux paper. so, we produce the artwork, mail jospoortvliet and tigerfoot and it's done :-D
17:54:28 <SveborP> and we'll solve problems as we go
17:54:29 <CarlosRib_> SveborP, oSC14 promo Cube, Tux Paper and Geeko money
17:54:40 <differentreality> and poster ?
17:54:41 <robjo> I think we should have a reasonably sized poster advertizing oSC at FOSDEM as well
17:55:05 <CarlosRib_> I can take care of this artwork
17:55:12 <differentreality> with 30 euro I can take care of the standing banner
17:55:19 <differentreality> (after I get the artwork that is)
17:55:34 <SveborP> ok, added the checklist to trello
17:55:43 <robjo> standing banner +1 at that price
17:55:54 <tigerfoot> differentreality: Kostas will come I suppose ? so put the standing banner in his bag :-)
17:55:59 <tigerfoot> or trousers
17:56:04 <SveborP> :-)
17:56:09 <differentreality> (note this is only for printing... I will bring the mechanism I have, which I will take back afterwards)
17:56:15 <differentreality> tigerfoot: unfortunately not
17:56:36 <differentreality> other greeks will
17:56:55 <robjo> are we done with oSC items?
17:57:01 <SveborP> we are
17:57:20 <robjo> next meeting is in January, it is already on the openSUSE calendar.
17:57:28 <robjo> Enjoy the holidays everyone
17:57:30 <SveborP> any volunteers to write a report of the meeting to ML? :-)
17:57:37 <robjo> #endmeeting