15:00:25 <vuntz> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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15:00:37 <vuntz> I assume Ilmehtar is not far away
15:00:52 <vuntz> who else is here?
15:01:10 * CygniX is not a member is here :)
15:01:19 * differentreality here
15:01:28 <alexandros_> here
15:02:20 <robjo> No agenda :(
15:02:33 <vuntz> anything people would like to discuss?
15:02:46 <vuntz> maybe the current thread on opensuse-project@?
15:03:07 <robjo> Also the meeting is not in the openSUSE Calendar, who's got the necessary powers to add some more?
15:03:57 <vuntz> robjo: good catch; anyone from the news team should be able to do that, I think
15:05:08 <vuntz> ok, let's go quickly over the past action itemls
15:05:14 <vuntz> #topic action item review
15:05:22 <vuntz> jospoortvliet to check with TSP about ability to deal with reimbursement of local materials
15:05:47 <robjo> That's done, we have an answer
15:05:55 <vuntz> yep
15:06:16 <robjo> need more people for TSP and need to form a separate team for local marketing material production
15:06:32 <antlarr> vuntz: please note that jos is on holidays this week, so I'm not sure if he'll be available to do so these days
15:06:48 <vuntz> #info We need more people for TSP
15:07:05 <vuntz> #info We will form a new team to deal with reimbursement of local marketing material production
15:07:14 <robjo> BTW the process to expand the TSP team is on the way
15:07:21 <antlarr> I think he returns next monday, so if it's not urgent...
15:07:33 <vuntz> antlarr: oh, we don't need him, he completed his action item :-)
15:07:37 <antlarr> aah :)
15:08:07 <vuntz> next one is:
15:08:13 <vuntz> toscalix_ to discuss reimbursement of local materials with Ilmehtar and/or vuntz
15:09:20 <vuntz> I had some lng discussions with toscalix, but we forgot this topic
15:09:42 <vuntz> that being said, I think we're all set as the plan to move forward is to have a new team to handle this
15:10:33 <vuntz> is there any question on this?
15:11:02 <vuntz> nope?
15:11:03 <robjo> Also see the board meeting minutes, the board needs to follow up on the money question with SUSE
15:11:11 <vuntz> good point
15:11:18 <vuntz> last action item:
15:11:21 <vuntz> Everyone help with documenting new features and providing screenshots for the release, this is important to the release and its quality
15:11:32 <vuntz> I guess we can consider this done :-)
15:11:47 <coolo> not really. I don't think everyone helped :)
15:11:52 <vuntz> ahah
15:12:19 <vuntz> btw, our release is awesome, again thanks to everyone who contributed!
15:13:03 <vuntz> so, no more action items!
15:13:03 <vuntz> woo
15:13:27 <vuntz> robjo: do you want to do a quick summary about the summit?
15:14:13 <robjo> OK
15:14:36 <vuntz> #topic openSUSE Summit Summary
15:14:58 <robjo> Summit was successful, we had almost 100 people attend
15:15:22 <CarlosRibeiro> many ppl from SUSE or most part from community?
15:15:31 <robjo> Sessions were well attended
15:15:55 <robjo> a lot of SUSE people but was not a "SUS only" event ;)
15:16:21 <robjo> I have not separated out  SUSE employees, they are community members as well
15:17:15 <robjo> Personally I was very happy with the Saturday Keynote and found it great and inspiring heard good comments from others as well
15:17:43 <CarlosRibeiro> not at all suse employess are openSUSE members... but I got the point... we have ppl from SUSE and from community, pretty good
15:18:10 <robjo> there were a lot of discussions in the "hallway track" about the project which was great to
15:18:58 <robjo> most of those discussions were non technical and will help us move the project forward, also see the board meeting minutes about the state of the Summit going forward
15:19:30 <robjo> On a personal note, it was very rewarding to see people come together and share their knowledge, discuss the project and the distribution
15:19:44 <CarlosRibeiro> about the numbers... does anyone knows if does we have more attendees than previous summit, to be able to measure?
15:19:58 <robjo> from my point of view the work to get the Summit pulled together was worth it
15:20:19 <robjo> CarlosRibeiro: I do not know
15:21:09 <vuntz> CarlosRibeiro: I think we had slightly more people last year, but there were some LUGs that were meeting during the summit
15:21:09 <robjo> Overall I think it was a good event
15:21:21 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, ok, but is good to know ;-) to let us able to measure and really check if we grow in numbers of attendess or not
15:21:29 <vuntz> CarlosRibeiro: so the figures from last year are not "pure" openSUSE figures
15:21:49 <CarlosRibeiro> vuntz, yeap, you are complety right
15:22:24 <CygniX> Is it the right time/place to discuss paste.opensuse.org?
15:22:51 <vuntz> CygniX: once we're done with the current topic, yes :-)
15:23:34 <robjo> CarlosRibeiro: growing number of attendees would tell us something, but I am not certain it would tell us what we really want to know, are we getting more users and contributors in the US/Americas
15:24:23 <CarlosRibeiro> does we have before summit topic done, I have two things to ask about the sumit, but i prefer to wait because I wait and see if my doudts will be answers before I ask
15:24:37 <robjo> I think a growing number of attendees would probably only tell us something about he local area
15:25:02 <robjo> don't get me wrong, I'd be thrilled if we could grow the local community in the Orlando area
15:25:20 <robjo> CarlosRibeiro: ask, I am about done
15:25:41 <CarlosRibeiro> ok, my turn
15:26:01 <CarlosRibeiro> i did not seen videos, does we already have it
15:26:38 <robjo> No videos were taken, we did not have the equipment or manpower
15:26:47 <CarlosRibeiro> some friends of my here asked about to have in future openSUSE summit in brazil.. is this possible? did we already decided where will be the next summit?
15:27:24 <robjo> There is generally no objection to have Summits around the world
15:27:38 <robjo> there is a chance that we will have a Summit in China next year
15:28:01 <robjo> For the US it has been decided that we will try a different approcah, see the board meeting minutes
15:28:19 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, ok, thanks for the answers
15:28:28 <CarlosRibeiro> no more question by me about summit
15:28:36 <robjo> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Board_meeting#Meeting_2013-11-22
15:29:08 <coolo> robjo: thx. was about to ask for a pointer
15:29:09 <robjo> If you want to organize a Summit in Brazil you are free to do so, if you need money you'll have to work with the board
15:30:08 <CarlosRibeiro> robjo, ok I got it ;-)
15:30:09 <robjo> that's all from mee on the SUmmit unless there are other questions
15:30:18 <robjo> s/mee/me/
15:30:42 <vuntz> anyone?
15:31:31 <vuntz> #info Good summary of the summit, read the log for details ;-)
15:31:45 <vuntz> #info But in short: it was a good event!
15:31:54 <vuntz> okay
15:31:59 <vuntz> let's move on
15:32:03 <robjo> #info picture on the Summit G+ page
15:32:14 <vuntz> #topic paste.opensuse.org
15:32:23 <vuntz> CygniX: here's the microphone :-)
15:32:25 <robjo> Thanks to Alex for taking the pictures
15:32:57 <CygniX> paste.opensuse.org needs to updates
15:33:15 <CygniX> the software and the https cert
15:33:43 <CygniX> for example trying to past the content here http://pastebin.com/FtyZFBnc you will be called a spammer
15:34:13 <vuntz> CygniX: have you contacted the infrastructure team?
15:34:43 <CygniX> second, try going to https://paste.opensuse.org/ you can see the cert does not match url, and it's not a opensuse cert.
15:35:00 <CygniX> vuntz: no, I dont know who to contact
15:35:49 <vuntz> CygniX: admin at opensuse org :-)
15:36:00 <vuntz> CygniX: just send a mail, and you're done!
15:36:06 <CygniX> OK
15:36:18 <alexandros_> also before 1-2 days i tried to edit the wiki page about FOSDEM and there was a problem with the log in...
15:36:39 <robjo> And the ticket system for admin is done I think, hurray a long standing item complete :)
15:37:07 <coolo> it's done
15:37:19 <coolo> https://progress.opensuse.org/projects/opensuse-admin
15:37:39 <coolo> (not sure what you can see there without a login, but hey :)
15:37:45 <robjo> alexandros_: same thing, login problems need to go to admin
15:37:54 <alexandros_> ok
15:38:09 <robjo> Sometimes you have to clean out your cache and some cookies :(
15:38:16 <robjo> it's annoying I know
15:39:02 <CygniX> Oh, and of course, my openSUSE membership :P
15:39:11 <CygniX> no better time to bring it up :)
15:39:32 <CygniX> https://progress.opensuse.org/issues/1123
15:40:04 <robjo> CygniX: that's up to the membership commitee, before the elections they generally get a lot of requests, thus things take a bit longer
15:40:37 <CygniX> I see
15:41:01 <robjo> Speaking about the elections..
15:41:20 <robjo> #info Please read the candidate platforms and vote when the time comes
15:42:29 <vuntz> okay
15:42:31 <robjo> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Board_election
15:42:40 <vuntz> CygniX: I guess that answers your questions?
15:42:57 <CygniX> vuntz: with regards to paste.opensuse.org, yes
15:42:58 <vuntz> btw, really don't hesitate to contact the services team -- they're nice people!
15:43:09 <CygniX> I will send an email in a little bit
15:44:19 <vuntz> cool
15:44:30 <vuntz> #topic Any other topic?
15:44:36 <vuntz> anything else people would like to discuss?
15:44:58 <robjo> #info do not forget the oSC14 kickoff meeting on Friday
15:45:02 <manugupt1> yes
15:45:20 <manugupt1> sorry for not putting it up earlier
15:46:31 <manugupt1> we are looking for a new gsoc admin
15:46:41 <manugupt1> as a backup for b0th gci and gsoc next year
15:46:44 <Ilmehtar> sorry I missed the meeting - had a conflicting meeting at the office
15:47:05 <robjo> we're still going ;)
15:47:26 <Ilmehtar> great! I'm happy I didn't miss the meeting - thanks vuntz for covering the topic that included my name :)
15:47:30 <vuntz> manugupt1: have you asked among the current mentors?
15:47:36 <CygniX> vuntz: how do I contact the service team?
15:48:19 <vuntz> CygniX: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Services_team
15:48:41 <Ilmehtar> CygniX: I cant see your ticket you linked to - is your request about an openSUSE.org email or an IRC cloak?
15:49:01 <CygniX> vuntz: thanks
15:49:38 <CygniX> Ilmehtar: that ticket was about opensuse membership+IRC cloak
15:49:59 <manugupt1_> 21:15] <robjo> #info do not forget the oSC14 kickoff meeting on Friday [21:16] <manugupt1> we are looking for a new gsoc admin [21:16] <manugupt1> as a backup for b0th gci and gsoc next year [21:16] <Ilmehtar> sorry I missed the meeting - had a conflicting meeting at the office [21:17] <robjo> we're still going ;) [21:17] <manugupt1> \also... me and saurabh will be thnere [21:17] <manugupt1> but we are facikng tim e issues in the co
15:50:14 <Ilmehtar> CygniX: I can handle the IRC cloaks - I've got a bit of a backlog which I hope to clear this week
15:50:27 <vuntz> manugupt1_: ah, there you are :-)
15:50:39 <vuntz> 16:47 < vuntz> manugupt1: have you asked among the current mentors?
15:50:57 <manugupt1_> vuntz: I have not asked anyone yet
15:51:07 <CygniX> Ilmehtar: that would be great
15:51:13 <manugupt1_> But I think someone new would be good
15:51:15 * manugupt1_ waits
15:52:00 <vuntz> manugupt1_: I would suggest to ask if there's any mentor who'd like to be more involved, as the mentors are generally already people who care (which is a requirement)
15:52:16 <robjo> I think a mail to -project will reach the wides audience or a post to openSUSE on g+
15:52:28 <vuntz> manugupt1_: also an option might be to ask people from other projects that we generally work with for GSoC
15:52:49 <manugupt1_> That includes the mentors list or should I contact them
15:54:49 <vuntz> manugupt1_: yes, ask on the mentors list. And then what robjo suggests :-)
15:54:50 <Ilmehtar> #info Recently approved openSUSE members who have not received their IRC cloaks should get them in the next few days, assuming their Cloak & Freenode Nick details in connect.opensuse.org are present and correct - contact rbrownccb@opensuse.org for help.
15:54:51 <manugupt1_> What should I do?
15:55:05 <manugupt1_> Ok.. I will do that
15:56:27 <vuntz> cool
15:56:30 <vuntz> anything else?
15:57:54 <vuntz> so I think we're done
15:57:57 <vuntz> thanks everyone!
15:58:00 <vuntz> #endmeeting