15:00:06 <vuntz> #startmeeting openSUSE project
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15:00:31 <vuntz> so so so, who's here for the meeting?
15:00:32 * manugupt1 is right on time :)
15:00:38 <vuntz> hey manugupt1!
15:00:41 * warlordfff here too
15:00:44 * differentreality me
15:00:44 <manugupt1> hey vuntz :)
15:01:07 <vuntz> robjo, FunkyPenguin, tittiatcoke, wstephenson__, Ilmehtar: any of you here?
15:01:19 <robjo> mostly
15:01:30 <Ilmehtar> about 60% here
15:01:34 * victorhck listening...
15:01:36 <Ilmehtar> (at the computer, but the office is busy)
15:02:08 <vuntz> the agenda for today is available at https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
15:02:16 <vuntz> I can see the following topics:
15:02:19 <vuntz> 1) GSoC Status
15:02:25 <vuntz> 2) oSC13 progress/issues
15:02:31 <vuntz> 3) New Ideas & initiatives for the project?
15:02:38 <vuntz> 4) Questions
15:02:45 <vuntz> any other topic?
15:02:55 * zimba12 is here to represent owncloud for GSoC
15:03:30 <manugupt1> vuntz: zimba12 Could u give me 2 minutes please I will be afk
15:03:38 <vuntz> sure
15:03:54 <manugupt1> vuntz: till then you can discuss oSC13
15:04:09 <vuntz> usually, we start with action items but I don't see any in the list
15:04:21 <zimba12> manugupt1: sure
15:04:25 <vuntz> warlordfff, differentreality: want to start with oSC13?
15:04:35 <warlordfff> well no problem here
15:04:37 <zimba12> manugupt1: actually i need 5 mins :)
15:04:37 <vuntz> #topic oSC13 progress/issues
15:04:40 <warlordfff> now
15:04:48 <manugupt1> zimba12: great then :)
15:04:53 <warlordfff> a small report
15:05:14 <warlordfff> until now we are doing quite well but we need more help
15:05:31 <warlordfff> epsecially when it comes to press
15:05:36 <warlordfff> is jospoortvliet around?
15:05:41 <warlordfff> anyway
15:05:57 <warlordfff> we also need the board to be more supportive
15:05:58 <vuntz> to get the word out? Or to invite press people at the event?
15:06:04 <warlordfff> both
15:06:16 <warlordfff> we have the word out pretty well
15:06:26 <warlordfff> but we definattelly can do it better
15:06:39 <vuntz> #info organization is doing rather well
15:06:50 <vuntz> #info help is still needed, though
15:06:58 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: I had an issue trying to use the 'openSUSE' hotel booking code mentioned on http://conference.opensuse.org/#location for any hotel apart from Nea Metropolis
15:07:06 <warlordfff> so basically I have some questions for you vuntz
15:07:10 <vuntz> warlordfff: sure
15:07:23 <warlordfff> Ilmehtar:  can we talk about this later?
15:07:28 <warlordfff> so
15:07:32 <vuntz> #info one area for help: press (to get the word out, and to invite press people to the event)
15:07:34 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: sure
15:08:06 <warlordfff> we did not saw any posts or anything related to the oSC13 comming from the board side
15:08:12 <warlordfff> why is that
15:08:15 <warlordfff> ?
15:08:23 <warlordfff> I mean this is a communitty thing
15:08:39 <warlordfff> also no help came from there
15:08:55 <warlordfff> not even a single comment or a task taken in Trello
15:09:20 <warlordfff> don't get me wrong but I find this not good
15:09:21 <vuntz> is your expectation that the board actively contributes to the organization?
15:09:29 <warlordfff> of course
15:09:42 <wstephenson__> vuntz: here
15:09:52 <warlordfff> I thought that this was something that was expected
15:10:21 <warlordfff> but unfortunatelly nothing
15:10:36 <warlordfff> I mean not even a tweet from personal accounts
15:10:45 <vuntz> fwiw, we're talkign about https://trello.com/osc13
15:10:47 <warlordfff> how do you see this?
15:10:53 <warlordfff> yeap
15:11:14 <warlordfff> we would like your opinion on this
15:11:17 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: I think that's a little unfair. The role of the board is to facilitate communication within the community, facilitate decision making, help resolve contacts, etc. We're not able to involve ourselves in the day-to-day operation every single part of the project
15:11:32 <warlordfff> a day to day ok
15:11:39 <warlordfff> but not even once?
15:11:50 <warlordfff> I mean people look at the board
15:11:57 <warlordfff> right?
15:12:10 <warlordfff> the feedback I got from people is
15:12:18 <warlordfff> how come the board is not there
15:12:48 <vuntz> interesting, I think the expectations are not the same on the two sides
15:13:02 <warlordfff> that is why I sent an e-mail
15:13:18 <warlordfff> but not a single board member answered
15:13:28 <vuntz> warlordfff: robjo did reply
15:13:37 <warlordfff> ok
15:13:42 <vuntz> asking "What can we do?"
15:14:01 <differentreality> ok maybe "nothing" was a strong word
15:14:32 <differentreality> what Kostas means is that we would like a bit more help - that can be actually doing tasks, or coordinating them so that another member can do them properly or helping in decision making as Ilmehtar said
15:14:56 <warlordfff> anyway
15:15:05 <robjo> I have to apologize, have a customer issue I am chasing and cannot concentrate on the meeting. If there is anything needed from me please ping me
15:15:11 <warlordfff> I am not bringing this up to argue
15:15:15 <vuntz> sure
15:15:27 <vuntz> I think what might be missing is having someone from the board closely following this topic
15:15:32 <warlordfff> I just want to know if you can do something to help
15:15:37 <differentreality> vuntz: btw 99% of tasks are on trello, I am making sure of it
15:15:38 <warlordfff> yeap
15:15:56 <differentreality> and we could use the expertise and experience on some of them from people like board members
15:16:07 <differentreality> but if it helps we can send you some more specific tasks
15:16:10 <vuntz> differentreality: but 99% of the tasks don't require a board member, but anybody (and that could be a board member, I don't disagree)
15:16:43 <differentreality> that's true, but still we would like to see some more active support of the board :)
15:16:52 <vuntz> understood
15:17:07 <warlordfff> if the board comes, for sure othes will follow too
15:17:17 <warlordfff> others
15:17:34 <warlordfff> it would be inspirational and motivating to a lot of people
15:17:48 <zoumpis> +1 warlordfff
15:17:53 <warlordfff> also
15:17:58 <Ilmehtar> I think that opinion misrepresents the role of the board
15:18:11 <warlordfff> ok, why?
15:18:19 <warlordfff> I mean
15:18:34 <warlordfff> the board are people important for the community
15:18:39 <manugupt1> Can I say something?
15:18:49 <vuntz> manugupt1: no need to ask :-)
15:18:50 <warlordfff> that means that are people who can give a better motivation
15:19:03 <Ilmehtar> if we follow your opinion to your logical community, then it would require the board to be involved in every aspect of the projects work
15:19:06 <warlordfff> manugupt1: please
15:19:08 <manugupt1> I mean Board can give a public face to oSC and congratulate on news
15:19:08 <warlordfff> say
15:19:25 <manugupt1> That will mean Board is helping a bit and also people perceive the Board is interested
15:19:49 <warlordfff> well it is not congratulations that we need right now, but this is also an idea
15:19:52 <manugupt1> I think the problem is people do not perceive Board not being helpful but dont realise that they too have lifes and are busy in other things also
15:20:01 <Ilmehtar> I believe that's infeasible for a project this size with a board of 6, who already get a fair amount of work from the boards defined role as on the wiki http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Board
15:20:03 <manugupt1> Like invitation to oSC in news :) from the board
15:20:32 <vuntz> Ilmehtar: I think it's relatively fair to ask that the board at least more actively follows the conf organization, as it's an important event for the community
15:20:41 <manugupt1> Ilmehtar: A news article calling for everyone is not infeasible I believe but helping out in each and everything is surely
15:20:47 <differentreality> yeah... or board members could extend this invitation to oSC in their social media accounts (btw we have the messages ready in trello, people (any people) just need to copy paste them ;) )
15:21:00 <Ilmehtar> the Project have a team to provide news and marketing, we have a team to organise the conference, we have teams doing KDE, GNOME, what have you, I think its unfair to expect the Board the board to be an componant of all these activities of the project
15:21:01 <vuntz> Ilmehtar: but I agree it's hard to have the board be more involved in general
15:21:27 <warlordfff> Ilmehtar:  I thing you are a bit wrong here
15:21:52 <warlordfff> I mean making a tweet is not that time consuming
15:22:05 <manugupt1> Ilmehtar: not in general but once is ok :) and an official invite from the board is also good
15:22:24 <warlordfff> lets clear something here
15:22:33 <warlordfff> do you think we are wrong?
15:22:48 <manugupt1> warlordfff: Well I think we can strike a balance
15:22:55 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: if that's all you want is the odd tweet from a board member - I'd like to direct you to the one I made on the 4th of May inviting people to sign up for travel support ;-)
15:22:56 <warlordfff> my case exactly
15:23:08 <vuntz> warlordfff: I think it's wrong to expect the board to be heavily involved
15:23:12 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: I'm a little confused - I'm either doing what you're saying is expected of the board, or I think you're expecting too much from us
15:23:27 <vuntz> warlordfff: but I think it's right to expect the board to follow this more closely
15:23:45 <warlordfff> vuntz:  I expect exactly that
15:23:58 <warlordfff> and actually this is what we are asking here
15:24:18 <warlordfff> not necessary to take tasks and stuff
15:24:23 <vuntz> are there still conf team meetings? On irc or by phone?
15:24:32 <warlordfff> although it would be nice if you have some time
15:24:50 <warlordfff> well we resolve everything in trello
15:25:04 <warlordfff> so far its going well
15:25:10 <vuntz> well, trello is good for tracking tasks, but it's pretty bad for communication :-)
15:25:26 <warlordfff> I agree on that
15:25:42 <warlordfff> but so far it works better than expected
15:26:18 <warlordfff> anyway
15:26:26 <vuntz> would having some phone chat, or irc chat with a board member (or more) every week or every two weeks help?
15:26:30 <warlordfff> we have some specific things to ask
15:26:49 <vuntz> or would you prefer some other ways to have the board follow the work?
15:26:54 <vuntz> (like, just trello)
15:27:00 <warlordfff> we need some people to get contacted by you
15:27:17 <warlordfff> and we need some press releases on your side
15:27:52 <warlordfff> we will send you a precise mail with some tasks that you might be able to do it, how does that sound?
15:28:00 <vuntz> sure, a mail is fine
15:28:07 <warlordfff> ok
15:28:21 <vuntz> (fwiw, I would expect the marketing team to write press releases, but well, let's discuss that in the mail)
15:28:34 <warlordfff> well I expected that too
15:28:46 <warlordfff> and Jos made one or two to be honest
15:28:52 <warlordfff> a lot of people worked
15:28:55 <vuntz> warlordfff: I'll try to get all this discussed in the next board meeting (next monday)
15:29:05 <warlordfff> this would be perfect
15:29:08 <warlordfff> thank you
15:29:22 <vuntz> #info organization team would like to see more involvement from the board
15:29:26 <warlordfff> so lets go to the next one
15:29:42 <warlordfff> how do you see the organization of oSC13
15:29:55 <manugupt1> Excellent Awesome Fantabulous so far
15:29:55 <warlordfff> I mean if you have any feedback on what we are doing
15:30:00 <vuntz> #info there's a balance to be found about involvement from the board (board cannot be involved everywhere, but oSC is important)
15:30:15 <vuntz> #action warlordfff to send mail to board about concrete tasks board can help with
15:30:33 <vuntz> #action vuntz to make sure the whole topic is discussed in next board meeting
15:30:44 <warlordfff> We really value feedback but so far we don't feel we have enough
15:31:19 <Ilmehtar> no news is good news?
15:31:23 <warlordfff> please feel free to put ideas on trello or send an e-mail if you don't like or like something to be done
15:31:36 <warlordfff> well Ilmehtar it goes both ways
15:31:55 <warlordfff> either is good news or noone is giving a cent about it
15:31:57 <vuntz> I think what will help is to have the program out, but we have to wait for that :-)
15:32:31 <differentreality> we are very close on the program, however there is an issue (posted just today in conf ML) that needs to be resolved first and rather fast.
15:33:00 <vuntz> warlordfff: one question I got asked, and I don't know the answer, is when the core days will be (ie, days with talks)
15:33:02 <differentreality> that's how we communicate to people (speakers and attendees but first of all speakers) the fact that they will be photographed/video recorded and they will appear on live streaming
15:33:25 <warlordfff> I have to tell you that a lot of never seen ideas are landing on this conference
15:33:26 <differentreality> we have some nice and most important concrete ideas on how to do it, however that involves some changes in OSEM
15:33:38 <differentreality> and I have no idea who will do that. Matt is not around and I am not sure if Henne can take care of that on top of everything else
15:33:52 <warlordfff> friday-saturday and sunday
15:34:43 <warlordfff> monday is more communitty stuff
15:34:43 <warlordfff> meaning 'hard core' opensuse meetings and stuff
15:34:43 <CarlosRibeiro> maybe my question is quite late but the point is... the board had not involved more deeply in the previous conferences? I mean, more involvement and participation then now. I agree with kostas that more involvment of board could be quite better. But i will understand if i got not reply on this, specially because I'm late with my question
15:34:43 <differentreality> Friday - Monday that is, Thursday is preparations / decorations + volunteers training at the afternoon (which is mandatory for all volunteers) + pre-registration party
15:35:24 <vuntz> CarlosRibeiro: I don't think the board was heavily involved in previous years, but I can't tell for sure as I wasn't on the board
15:35:27 <warlordfff> BTW you will be surprised but the volunteer traning, it will be like nothing you ever saw :D
15:35:49 <CarlosRibeiro> vuntz: thanks for your reply
15:36:03 <tampakrap> last year the board was not involved at all, and the onsite presence was depressing, and it was even raised during the onsite project meeting
15:36:09 <vuntz> Ilmehtar: time to ask your first question again? ;-)
15:36:21 <warlordfff> ?
15:36:30 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: I had an issue trying to use the 'openSUSE' hotel booking code mentioned on http://conference.opensuse.org/#location for any hotel apart from Nea Metropolis
15:36:41 <warlordfff> differentreality: you?
15:37:01 <differentreality> Please offer me some details because so far no one ever told me about any problems and I can only assume everything works ok :/
15:37:30 <Ilmehtar> differentreality: basically, on the websites of all the other hotels I tried, i only got the discount when I went to the Nea Metropolis
15:37:54 <differentreality> Ilmehtar: that's because the discount does not work on the online system of the other hotels, you have to email them
15:38:28 <Ilmehtar> differentreality: the website might need to be a little clearer then, as it only states "use the code "openSUSE" when registering"
15:38:37 <Ilmehtar> thanks for clearing that up :)
15:38:59 <differentreality> yes that's true... we do give the emails but we don't explicitely say that you should contact them by email unless otherwise mentioned
15:39:06 <differentreality> henne: can we make that change asap plz ?
15:39:11 <vuntz> #info discount for hotels only work when reserving by mail (except for Nea Metropolis, where online system works too)
15:39:28 <warlordfff> oh Saint henne is around?
15:39:30 <warlordfff> :D
15:39:47 <vuntz> okay, unless there's a last comment/question, we should switch to the next topic
15:39:54 <differentreality> truth be told at least a couple said they will configure their online systems but that obviously hasn't happened (I check about that myself from time to time)
15:39:59 <vuntz> any last comment/question?
15:40:10 <warlordfff> well we have a lot to go
15:40:20 <warlordfff> but again please send us feedback
15:40:29 <warlordfff> nothing else on my side
15:40:53 <vuntz> moving on, then
15:40:56 <vuntz> thanks  warlordfff and differentreality!
15:40:59 <vuntz> #topic GSoC Status
15:41:09 <vuntz> manugupt1: here you go!
15:41:19 <manugupt1> vuntz: hey
15:41:23 <manugupt1> Ok.. Status is so far
15:41:30 <manugupt1> Everything is good so far
15:41:51 <vuntz> #info everything is good so far!
15:42:01 <tampakrap> i've got a bunch of questions
15:42:04 <manugupt1> I am disappointed with Google we got less spots we could have done with a few more
15:42:09 <manugupt1> tampakrap: yes please
15:42:25 <tampakrap> so, I noticed very little activity on voting
15:42:31 <vuntz> manugupt1: how many slots?
15:42:34 <manugupt1> vuntz: 12
15:42:39 <vuntz> #info we got 12 slots
15:42:43 <zimba12> manugupt1: did you try to trade for more?
15:42:44 <tampakrap> are we going to vote on the proposals? and how about the proposals that are not opensuse ones? (syslog-ng etc)
15:43:03 <tampakrap> or are we going to count only on an irc meeting to select the students
15:43:05 <manugupt1> zimba12: yes.. I am talking with KDE ( they denied) I have mailed Cat @Google
15:43:43 <manugupt1> tampakrap: that was something I wanted to discuss too..
15:44:07 <manugupt1> nemo: koda ping
15:44:11 <nemo> pong
15:44:13 <tampakrap> i raised the issue in the mailing list with no reply, did it even hit the mailing list?
15:44:18 <tampakrap> the opensuse mentors one
15:44:24 <manugupt1> tampakrap: is theo right
15:44:29 <nemo> sheepluva also ping
15:44:41 <tampakrap> yep
15:44:47 * sheepluva falls off his chair
15:44:49 <manugupt1> tampakrap: none I can see :/
15:44:53 <sheepluva> I'm here I'm here
15:45:14 <manugupt1> hey sheepluva
15:45:25 <jospoortvliet> sorry for being late, I managed to lock myself out of my house and had to travel to my wife's work to get the key. You can laugh now.
15:45:27 <vuntz> tampakrap: are you subscribed to the list?
15:45:29 <tampakrap> probably I was subscribed with my gmail account then instead of my opensuse one
15:45:36 * vuntz laughs at jospoortvliet
15:45:41 * vuntz gives a cookie to jospoortvliet
15:45:54 <manugupt1> hey jospoortvliet
15:46:03 <manugupt1> Ok.. I have a proposal ( and a problem at hand later)
15:46:06 <warlordfff> jospoortvliet:  did you call the firefighters?
15:46:16 * jospoortvliet reads up on the log
15:46:33 <manugupt1> I think all the orgs can decide their best proposals themselves since they are the ones who can judge them the best
15:46:56 <manugupt1> and then the next question is since we have less slots and I am hoping to get more before next week, how do we rank them
15:47:11 <manugupt1> One of the suggestions was use a round robin method between orgs
15:47:21 <sheepluva> ( manugupt1: I haven't gotten any mail from the mailing list since my Welcome mail actually )
15:47:51 <manugupt1> sheepluva: you joined  bit late I guess I did not mail after that .. also this was discussed earlier koda was on the ML I believe
15:48:15 <sheepluva> okidoki
15:48:54 <manugupt1> I am not sure if round robin could entirely be a great idea, I would like to know vuntz opinion on it
15:48:55 <zimba12> manugupt1: I agree with your proposal. I looked at other orgs proposals, but I feel confident only to score the owncloud ones
15:49:32 <tampakrap> my proposal would be to push mentors to vote on ALL the listed proposals, then we take the highest ranked ones, and we have an IRC meeting to clean up the duplicated ones if any
15:49:44 <zimba12> manugupt1: another easy thing would be: suborgs admin (yeah, i gave myself a title!) can ask for a number of spots
15:49:46 <tampakrap> that would need the less real time interaction between us
15:49:53 <zimba12> and see if that's compatible with everyone
15:50:37 <manugupt1> tampakrap: Actually many mentors have said they would be less comfortable with voting on all the ideas :/ thats why I am not sure
15:50:39 <vuntz> manugupt1: I'd go with zimba12's way first; if that just works, then it's the easiest way. If it doesn't, then you know how many slots are missing and can use another method
15:50:53 <manugupt1> nemo: and sheepluva what is your opinion
15:50:56 <tampakrap> what is the reason behind that?
15:51:06 <zimba12> manugupt1: vuntz: great. for instance, owncloud needs 2 spots, that's it
15:51:17 <zimba12> (ok, ideally 3, but we will be happy with 2)
15:51:33 <zimba12> how many suborgs do we have?
15:51:49 <manugupt1> zimba12: I think we have 4 orgs in all
15:52:10 <zimba12> manugupt1: btw, asking KDE for extraspots it's not the best ideas, i was with them last year and they have a lot of proposals
15:52:22 <zimba12> manugupt1: I wouldn't take spots from them
15:52:43 <manugupt1> zimba12: yes.. I mailed Cat and she asked me for the orgs which are umbrellaed under us so I guess Google forgot
15:52:51 <manugupt1> let me see what reply do I get from her
15:53:03 <zimba12> good, so there is hope
15:53:17 <manugupt1> yes I am really hoping that we get atleast 3
15:53:23 <zimba12> ok, owncloud wants 2 if opensuse has 12 or 3 if Cat gives more
15:53:40 <zimba12> how about syslog-ng?
15:53:40 <manugupt1> nemo: sheepluva ?
15:53:48 <manugupt1> sheepluva: they mailed me 4 I believe
15:53:55 <manugupt1> zimba12: they mailed me 4 I believe
15:54:17 <manugupt1> But I think we can ask them for 2
15:54:17 <zimba12> too many :)
15:54:25 * manugupt1 checks
15:54:39 <manugupt1> preference is 4
15:55:01 <manugupt1> zimba12: ideally if we have 12 now I think 2+2+2+6
15:55:07 <cboltz> for AppArmor, 1 slot would be nice
15:55:14 <manugupt1> cboltz: yes :)
15:55:21 <manugupt1> and if we get upto 15
15:55:24 <nemo> manugupt1: sorry. was answering hedgewars bugs :)
15:55:32 <nemo> manugupt1: I agree we should select the ones we'd like you guys to vote on
15:55:53 <zimba12> nemo: are you hedgewars?
15:56:01 <manugupt1> nemo: Question here is how many slots would hedgewars want
15:56:02 <nemo> manugupt1: I don't mind the idea of voting on slot allocation although obviously all orgs would request at least a couple of slots for theirs ;)
15:56:18 <zimba12> 2+2+2+6 sounds good
15:56:19 <nemo> manugupt1: I was trying to catch up on all channel discussion :-p  wasn't sure what you wanted an opinion on :)
15:56:22 <nemo> fine
15:56:28 <zimba12> unless opensuse doesn't know what to do with 6 :)
15:56:42 <nemo> manugupt1: um. last I checked, we had the AI task which looks good, and one of the campaign tasks, assuming the person submits a bit more code to prove themselves
15:56:47 <manugupt1> zimba12: openSUSE knows :) we could do more with a few more though :P
15:56:51 <nemo> manugupt1: and the UI integration which is ambitious but cool
15:57:00 <vuntz> manugupt1: just wondering, is there any other comment/question about gsoc?
15:57:03 <nemo> I have some misgivings about the UI task, so, koda and sheepluva, I'd be fine w/ 2 personally
15:57:09 <vuntz> if yes we should move on to them ;-)
15:57:14 <nemo> I dearly wish someone had applied for the GLES2/HTML5 task, but what can you do...
15:57:27 <vuntz> (just to not eat too much time of the project meeting)
15:57:29 <tampakrap> first of all, it's not even clear to me on how we're going to vote/select the best proposals
15:57:39 <nemo> so my personal vote would be 2 slots out of my concerns about the frontend stuff.  but we could handle 3 and might like to try it.
15:57:45 <nemo> if you can spare them
15:57:53 <vuntz> #info lots of discussion about how to select the best proposals and how to split the slots among suborgs
15:58:30 <manugupt1> tampakrap: Well if just give slots (that sounds good to me, and if everyone agrees) then openSUSE votes only on openSUSE ideas
15:58:39 <zimba12> and about who decides the students to assign to the slots, i think it's up to the suborgs first
15:58:47 <manugupt1> and hedgewars only on hedgewars and ownCloud on ownCloud and so on..
15:58:49 <zimba12> (we have already decided)
15:58:55 <tampakrap> ok but vote HOW? through the webapp? through some meeting?
15:59:06 <vuntz> guys, may I ask you to take a break on this topic and go on with it in 10 minutes?
15:59:14 <vuntz> just so that we wrap up the opensuse project meeting :-)
15:59:27 * manugupt1 thinks the meeting will wrap in 2 minutes so we can wait :P
15:59:33 <vuntz> heh
15:59:46 <vuntz> manugupt1: any other news about gsoc you want to share, or shall we move on?
16:00:00 <manugupt1> vuntz: I think I can only answer questions
16:00:01 <zimba12> last thing: let's create a spreadsheet where we make things clear
16:00:21 <manugupt1> zimba12: Ok.. I will put all the proposals there.. on a google drive
16:00:24 <vuntz> manugupt1: okay, I'll assume there's no question :-P
16:00:32 <manugupt1> vuntz: :P
16:00:37 <vuntz> I'll skip the " New Ideas & initiatives for the project?" topic since we're short in time
16:00:45 <vuntz> #topic Any other question?
16:01:07 <warlordfff> yeap
16:01:12 <vuntz> for the record, darix told me that the ticket system for the infrastructure is almost ready
16:01:12 <warlordfff> one more from me
16:01:23 <Ilmehtar> vuntz: nice!
16:01:24 <vuntz> (which means that many things will be unblocked)
16:01:35 <vuntz> warlordfff: fire!
16:01:37 <vuntz> (ahah)
16:01:44 <CarlosRibeiro> openSUSE Adovocate. Any news, updates?
16:01:51 <warlordfff> can we have an oSC13 meeting here next Thursday? At 23?
16:01:51 <vuntz> #info ticket system for the infrastructure is almost ready
16:02:06 <warlordfff> ping robjo
16:02:07 <warlordfff> henne:
16:02:07 <vuntz> warlordfff: you always can :-)
16:02:08 <warlordfff> joss
16:02:12 <warlordfff> jospoortvliet:
16:02:17 <vuntz> warlordfff: (as long as it works for people)
16:02:28 <vuntz> Ilmehtar: any answer for CarlosRibeiro?
16:02:50 <jospoortvliet> warlordfff: yeap
16:02:52 <warlordfff> yeap that is why I am asking
16:02:56 <Ilmehtar> CarlosRibeiro: yup! so, the change to the Ambassador Programme and its renaming to Advocates has been really well recieved.
16:02:58 <differentreality> and it would make sense to have a couple of people from artwork team during that meeting too
16:03:07 <warlordfff> but none seems to be around today
16:03:08 <Ilmehtar> all the feedback I've recieved has been positive
16:03:08 <CarlosRibeiro> differentreality: +1
16:03:14 <jospoortvliet> Ilmehtar: that is good news
16:03:18 <warlordfff> cool
16:03:19 <jospoortvliet> +1 on that note :D
16:03:23 <anditosan> differentreality: what meeting is this? I would love to participate
16:03:39 <Ilmehtar> there has been a few concerns about the changes to the event merch, but when its explained to them, the concensus seems to be that it's a 'good thing' (tm)
16:03:57 <differentreality> anditosan: warlordfff just asked if we can do an oSC13 meeting next Thursday (the 23rd)
16:03:57 <warlordfff> all around oSC13 anditosan
16:04:15 <jospoortvliet> Ilmehtar: I also received some slightly less positive stuff, mostly due to the fact that we simply don't cover some cases that the old merch program DID cover. Like somebody just handing out things to friends...
16:04:26 <warlordfff> and anditosan we would love if you do participate :D
16:04:26 <jospoortvliet> we'll hopefully find solutions for that in the future
16:04:29 <anditosan> thanks guys, I can participate :D
16:04:43 <Ilmehtar> jospoortvliet: that's true..but when I've explained the full story to people, they seem to accept the new changes
16:04:49 <anditosan> let's just set the time
16:05:23 <warlordfff> jospoortvliet:  Ilmehtar people don't like changes generally :D
16:05:33 <Ilmehtar> in terms of the Local Coordinators, I currently have 10 volunteers, including some really great candidates - a few of them are unlikely to become Local Coordinators right now as they're not established community people. I'm waiting to see over the next few days before deciding how many Local Coordinators and how big the various localities are going to be
16:05:51 <jospoortvliet> Ilmehtar: +1000 on that good to hear
16:05:54 <Ilmehtar> I'm a little concerned that, for example, I haven't recieved a volenteer for Greece yet, but I do realise most of them are probably busy with oSC 13 ;-)
16:05:55 <warlordfff> Ilmehtar:  should I apply?
16:06:04 <Ilmehtar> ^^
16:06:18 <warlordfff> really
16:06:19 <CarlosRibeiro> warlordfff: sure you must apply
16:06:19 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: probably :-p
16:06:35 <warlordfff> oh
16:06:35 <vuntz> any other question?
16:06:37 <warlordfff> BTW
16:06:50 <victorhck> there's something new about planet.o.o ??
16:06:59 <Ilmehtar> a few of our Local Coordinator volenteers have great experience with the project, but weren't openSUSE members, so I used that as an excuse to get them to apply for membership
16:06:59 <warlordfff> Ilmehtar:  I got a mail that I must forward to you related to local coordinators
16:07:10 <victorhck> is planet.o.o on-line again ??
16:07:32 <vuntz> victorhck: not yet, but the ticket system for infrastructure was blocking most infrastructure things, including this, I think
16:07:37 <Ilmehtar> which has also given me an excuse to poke the rest of my colleagues on the Membership approval team - we now have the queue down to only 4 down from 11 membership candidates
16:07:48 <warlordfff> anyway Ilmehtar consider me applied for thejob, can you?
16:07:49 <vuntz> victorhck: it is online here
16:08:02 <Ilmehtar> there..I think that's the story of Advocates/Local Coordinators/Event Merch. so far, pretty good all round
16:08:04 <vuntz> victorhck: doesn't work for you?
16:08:11 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: :) really happy to hear that man
16:08:14 <victorhck> yep, I mean if some new geekos can sindicate thirs blogs...
16:08:16 <warlordfff> :D
16:08:34 <vuntz> victorhck: yeah, that's blocking on the ticket system, I think
16:09:08 <vuntz> okay, I guess we're over-time, let's end the meeting here
16:09:12 <vuntz> but we can keep chatting
16:09:12 <warlordfff> BTW another one comming from me
16:09:22 <warlordfff> any candidates for oSC14?
16:09:24 <vuntz> (and I expect some gsoc noise starting again ;-))
16:09:36 <warlordfff> I read something about France
16:09:36 <Ilmehtar> warlordfff: last I heard, the French were considering..
16:09:44 <vuntz> warlordfff: not officially yet, people investigating
16:09:50 <warlordfff> ok
16:09:53 <vuntz> thanks all!
16:09:56 <vuntz> #endmeeting