17:01:03 <vuntz> #startmeeting openSUSE Project Meeting
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17:01:21 <vuntz> so, who's here for the meeting?
17:01:35 <vuntz> hey hendersj
17:01:59 <hendersj> Hey, vuntz
17:02:40 * |miska| is here to watch what is going on, but no particular topic to discuss from him
17:03:04 <robjo> here
17:03:09 <vuntz> looks like we're not that many here :/
17:03:17 * DimStar is quiet observer today
17:03:20 * malcolmlewis is lurking
17:03:40 <vuntz> agenda we have so far is:
17:03:42 * aplanas is reading the channel
17:03:44 <vuntz> Quick review of action items from last meeting (current chair)
17:03:46 <vuntz> Attendance of project meetings from board members (Warlordfff)
17:03:50 <vuntz> and that's about it
17:03:53 * izabelvalverde just watching
17:04:21 <vuntz> anything people would like to add to the agenda?
17:04:38 <manugupt1> I have a thing to discuss regarding gsoc preps can we add it still
17:04:38 <hendersj> Not from me at this time
17:04:44 <vuntz> manugupt1: sure!
17:04:47 <robjo> Well, this was also supposed to be the board transition meeting
17:04:56 <robjo> whatever that means
17:05:03 <manugupt1> Next meeting is also fine
17:05:06 <vuntz> robjo: hrm, was it? project meeting != board meeting
17:05:53 <robjo> In the last meeting we said something about Jan 9 being a board transition meeting, but maybe I am not remembering this correctly
17:06:13 <robjo> tittiatcoke: ping
17:06:19 <robjo> FunkyPenguin: ping
17:06:21 <vuntz> robjo: http://community.opensuse.org/meetings/opensuse-project/2012/opensuse-project.2012-12-12-17.00.log.html
17:06:22 <tittiatcoke> Am here :-)
17:06:27 <robjo> yaloki: ping
17:07:30 <vuntz> robjo: we'll start with the other topics, if that's fine with you, and figure that out afterwards?
17:07:46 <robjo> Yes, lets go
17:07:47 <vuntz> (I guess the other topics shouldn't take an hour anyway ;-))
17:07:49 <vuntz> ok
17:08:02 <vuntz> #topic Attendance of project meetings from board members
17:08:08 <vuntz> err
17:08:17 <vuntz> forgot the review of action items
17:08:20 <vuntz> #topic Quick review of action items from last meeting
17:08:33 <vuntz> darix to ask henne about getting someone else to help with administrating the mailing lists
17:08:50 <vuntz> I don't think we got any news on this, I'll ping darix after the meeting
17:08:57 <vuntz> (unless he's here right now)
17:09:06 <vuntz> #action darix to ask henne about getting someone else to help with administrating the mailing lists
17:09:13 <vuntz> cboltz to ask scott about status of wiki update
17:09:21 <cboltz> I finally found some time to ask for the wiki upgrade status (mail sent some minutes ago to -web)
17:09:39 <cboltz> so we should know more in some days
17:09:55 <vuntz> http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-web/2013-01/msg00000.html
17:10:23 <vuntz> cboltz: that's cool, thanks. May I keep an action item on you to monitor progress on this?
17:10:27 <robjo> OK, thus cboltz should report in the next meeting
17:10:47 <vuntz> #info cboltz sent a query about the status of wiki upgrade: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-web/2013-01/msg00000.html
17:10:51 <cboltz> vuntz: yes
17:10:55 <vuntz> sweet
17:11:20 <vuntz> #action cboltz to monitor status of wiki upgrade and report any news on this
17:11:30 <vuntz> vuntz to talk to toscalix about a paid designer for openSUSE
17:11:59 <vuntz> I think I did it before leaving for the holidays
17:12:37 <vuntz> but that was a bad timing, I guess
17:12:46 <vuntz> I'll get an answer for the next meeting
17:12:54 <vuntz> #action vuntz to talk to toscalix about a paid designer for openSUSE
17:13:00 <vuntz> vuntz to summarize discussion to the board
17:13:04 <vuntz> that was about the summit discussion
17:13:19 <vuntz> so this was done
17:13:24 <vuntz> there was some talk inside the board
17:13:35 <vuntz> and we asked SUSE to book the venue for the week-end
17:13:58 <vuntz> we also asked if we could share some sessions with SUSECon, to make openSUSE a bit more visible
17:14:20 <robjo> So we need to send out a call for volunteers.
17:14:35 <vuntz> I pinged inside SUSE earlier this week to get an update on this, so no news yet, but I guess we'll have to start moving soon
17:14:39 <vuntz> robjo: yep
17:14:46 <robjo> I'll do that, will send something to -project today
17:15:34 <vuntz> #info board discussed the Summit topic after last meeting, and asked SUSE to book the venue for the week-end
17:16:05 <vuntz> #info board also asked SUSE about sharing sessions with SUSECon, to make openSUSE a bit more visible
17:16:21 <vuntz> #action robjo to send a call for volunteers for openSUSE Summit
17:16:36 <vuntz> robjo: do you have a rough idea of the areas for which we need volunteers?
17:17:02 <robjo> Everything, we'll need an organization team similar to oSC team
17:17:21 <vuntz> right :-)
17:18:02 <vuntz> I guess we can discuss summit and conference afterwards too, actually
17:18:08 <vuntz> let's move to the next topic first
17:18:18 <vuntz> #topic Attendance of project meetings from board members
17:18:31 <vuntz> so Warlordfff is not here, unfortunately
17:18:41 <vuntz> but iirc, that's a topic that was of interest to other people
17:19:10 <vuntz> anyone willing to start the discussion? :-)
17:19:23 <robjo> Well it's not really hard to figure out, only 3 of us are here and I have to agree that is not sufficient.
17:19:29 <hendersj> +1
17:20:10 <robjo> The community has every right to expect that board members are present, for the most part, at the regularly scheduled project meetings.
17:20:17 <vuntz> do you think all board members should be here? Half of them?
17:20:53 <robjo> IMHO all board members should be here most of the time.
17:21:00 <hendersj> I think that these meetings should be seen as important enough to make the effort for the board to attend - if they're not important enough for the board to attend, then why hold them?
17:21:11 <hendersj> It seems that this should be one of the primary venues for discussion with the board
17:21:52 <robjo> +1
17:22:02 <vuntz> so, assuming the meeting time is bad for board members, should we change the time to accomodate board members (even if it'd make it worse for others)?
17:22:22 <|miska|> Well, you can't make everybody happy
17:22:49 <|miska|> And the rest of attendees is changing
17:22:52 <vuntz> #info project meetings are seen as one of the primary venues for discussion with the board
17:23:00 <hendersj> I think finding a time that the majority of the board can be here would be good, but I also think there needs to be some commitment on the part of the board to attend the meetings regardless of the time.
17:23:20 <hendersj> The way I see it, these meetings are a sort of "project steering" meeting, but if the board is supposed to be involved in that, they need to be here.
17:25:01 <manugupt1> Well Board has people from europe and us.. and both of them are here.. I think an hour +- is good otherwise it gets either too late or too early for South Asia regions atleast
17:25:03 <vuntz> for the record, based on past discussion with a few board members, this time was pretty bad for some of them
17:25:14 <robjo> Except for me the rest of the current board is located in Europe. I realize that the time of the meeting is potentially after work or around diner. However, moving one's schedule around every two weeks by an hour or so should not be too much to ask.
17:25:17 <vuntz> (travelling back from work, for instance)
17:25:34 <hendersj> I agree, robjo
17:25:36 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: +1
17:25:52 <vuntz> I'll take this feedback to the board
17:26:27 <vuntz> #action vuntz to push board members to be more present at project meetings
17:26:42 <hendersj> I mean, yes, this is a volunteer effort, so a standard similar to a paid position maybe isn't 100% appropriate.  The time isn't always convenient for me (I do contract work myself), but I make the time to be here.  But it /is/ 10 AM here.
17:26:53 * victorhck a littler later ;)
17:26:59 <vuntz> if people are fine, I'll check with them if moving the meeting one hour earlier/later would work better for them
17:27:10 <hendersj> :)
17:27:24 <cboltz> vuntz: what about some type of "penality" for board members who don't show up? ;-)
17:27:30 <vuntz> #action vuntz to investigate if one hour earlier/later would work better for both the board and other community members
17:27:44 <cboltz> maybe something like "you have to deliver coffee at the conference"? ;-)
17:28:03 <vuntz> heh
17:28:11 <robjo> cboltz: funny
17:28:20 <vuntz> anything else on this topic?
17:28:59 * vuntz assumes no
17:29:11 <robjo> next topic then
17:29:17 <vuntz> #topic GSoC preparation
17:29:20 <robjo> manugupt1: ?
17:29:22 <manugupt1> Hi
17:29:45 <manugupt1> I had a discussion, I wanted to send some posters to local LUGs as soon as GSoC is announced
17:30:19 <manugupt1> And also want to do things a bit earlier so that we do not miss it like GCI. This would have us better and more students
17:30:21 <victorhck> manugupt1: what poster do you finally choose?
17:30:35 <manugupt1> victorhck: Both we can send 2 posters I believe
17:30:50 <vuntz> manugupt1: do we have a group of admin ready? :-)
17:30:54 <manugupt1> So this a call for volunteers those who can help
17:31:17 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1 victorhck: one of my friends has also come up with a poster. I will soon post it onto the mailing list
17:31:17 <manugupt1> vuntz: Well I mailed and asked for help for people..
17:31:41 <robjo> manugupt1: sorry I am out this time
17:31:45 <manugupt1> vuntz: this time I can admin
17:31:52 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: vuntz ?
17:32:09 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: ?
17:32:28 <manugupt1> Be the admins.. Matt can be ready I believe
17:32:34 <vuntz> manugupt1: hrm, did you mail me? If yes, I haven't received it
17:32:36 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: count me in ;)
17:32:46 <vuntz> (if no, no issue, I probably can't do it this year)
17:32:48 <robjo> manugupt1: did you send a message to -project I do not recall seeing it
17:33:11 <manugupt1> robjo: No.. I did not as of now.. since I was just calling it off casually as of now
17:33:17 <manugupt1> and asking aroudn people
17:33:18 <vuntz> #info manugupt1 is working on getting a team of admins
17:33:45 <robjo> looks like we have 3, manugupt1 saurabhsood91 and matt, is that not sufficient?
17:33:56 <vuntz> that should be good enough, yes
17:34:22 <vuntz> #info the team of admins will likely be manugupt1 saurabhsood91 and matt
17:34:42 <vuntz> manugupt1: are you also starting to gather project ideas and mentors?
17:34:47 <robjo> Thus I think you should set up the project wiki page now and send out a message to -project and -factory
17:34:56 <robjo> The sooner the better
17:34:58 <manugupt1> vuntz: Will work on the wiki page this weekend already on my todo
17:35:13 <robjo> manugupt1: great, thankyou
17:35:36 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: we can add some projects that didnt make it last year to this years page
17:35:52 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: We will have to ask the mentors but lets discuss it on -project ML
17:36:11 <robjo> Anything else for GSoC?
17:36:12 <vuntz> #action manugupt1 and admin team to work on wiki pages for GSoC to gather project ideas
17:36:14 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: ok. we will keep them tentative
17:36:28 <manugupt1> Nothing else for me now..
17:36:34 <vuntz> manugupt1: re the posters to local LUGs: do you need help for this?
17:36:43 <manugupt1> vuntz: that will be great
17:36:44 <vuntz> or is this all ready?
17:36:57 <manugupt1> I am collecting a list of LUGs, posters are ready.. sending is a problem
17:37:17 <vuntz> do you intend to send printed posters, or pdf that LUGs can print?
17:37:31 <manugupt1> I think printed is better what do you think
17:38:09 <vuntz> it's better, but that means some budget
17:38:13 <robjo> We should also make certain that all ambassadors that present openSUSE at an event have material advertising GSoC and openSUSE
17:38:17 <vuntz> we'd need to have a rought estimation of the costs
17:38:32 <vuntz> robjo: good point
17:38:42 <manugupt1> vuntz: Depends on where we send from
17:38:55 <robjo> SCALx is probably the first event coming up in February, I think
17:39:01 <manugupt1> robjo: Will post on Mailing lists (-project and -ambassadors) ;
17:39:14 <manugupt1> robjo: by that time GSoC is not announced, Google does not appreciate it
17:39:26 <manugupt1> we can off course be ready as soon as Google announces it
17:39:39 <robjo> manugupt1: OK, lets just be ready
17:40:03 <vuntz> manugupt1: we send them from where someone can send them, I'd say :-)
17:40:29 <manugupt1> yeah.. vuntz can SUSE Coordinate them if I can get a list of addresses
17:40:30 <vuntz> it might make sense to delegate that task to ambassadors
17:40:36 <manugupt1> and or ambassadors too
17:40:57 <vuntz> manugupt1: not sure; I can ask the openSUSE team, but I guess they have some hot topics to deal with
17:40:58 <manugupt1> Good point.. I have not seen activity on ambasssador list for a long time
17:41:14 <manugupt1> vuntz: openSUSE team is here :)
17:41:26 <robjo> Can we not send them from the Nuermberg office and ask someone on Agustine's team to handle this?
17:41:28 <|miska|> :-D
17:42:08 <|miska|> I also think that it might make sesne to use ambasadors
17:42:53 <|miska|> As they probably already knows the LUG and what to do and stuff
17:42:58 <manugupt1> I can sponsor for Indian LUGs
17:43:01 <saurabhsood91> how about some people taking responsibility for some regions, and for the remaining regions, contact the ambassadors?
17:43:05 <|miska|> But not sure once the money is involved
17:43:10 <robjo> Another option might be to have them printed at a local printer and just handle the cost via purchase order
17:43:10 <vuntz> ok
17:43:10 <manugupt1> and send
17:43:35 <vuntz> can someone chat to ambassadors to see to which extent they could handle that?
17:43:45 <vuntz> (and how much money they would need for that)
17:45:01 <manugupt1> vuntz: Can the board help us decide with the money thing
17:45:02 <robjo> who is sending a mail to ambassadors to get the ball rolling?
17:45:32 <robjo> Lets first see whether we actually have to do shipping or if we can do local printing.
17:45:40 <manugupt1> Ok.. can we summarize the contents of the mail ( not to miss out anything so that I can send it )
17:45:42 <vuntz> manugupt1: the board  can help once there's estimation of how much it costs
17:45:51 <manugupt1> vuntz: Ok..
17:45:54 <robjo> For example, a local printer in Brazil is probably cheaper than sending posters from Germany to Brazil
17:46:15 <izabelvalverde> robjo good point
17:46:35 <manugupt1> That is why I said I will handle India :)
17:46:51 <izabelvalverde> print and mail is cheaper but in a Country like Brazil with many LUG's we usually send a pdf for them
17:47:09 <manugupt1> izabelvalverde: If I can send the posters can you handle it :)
17:47:12 <vuntz> so, who'll send the mail to ambassadors?
17:47:35 <|miska|> Maybe would be a good idea to ask amabasadors whether they actually need it printed or whether they can do it by themselves
17:47:36 <vuntz> (someone other than manugupt1 would be best, since he already has other action items)
17:47:41 <robjo> I thought manugupt1 would
17:47:42 <izabelvalverde> manugupt1 sorry, I would prefer pdf since works better here
17:47:45 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: ?
17:47:53 <manugupt1> izabelvalverde: I will sed the pdf across to you
17:47:59 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: didnt get u
17:48:14 <manugupt1> saurabhsood91: can you mail to ambassadors?
17:48:26 <toscalix> there is a bigger constrain than price or logistics......it is the administrative work and the payment process. This is why it is so difficult to solve the problem for companies
17:48:31 <saurabhsood91> manugupt1: sure. will send it
17:48:32 <saurabhsood91> ;)
17:48:50 <vuntz> cool
17:49:05 <vuntz> #action saurabhsood91 to mail ambassadors to see how to best handle sending posters for GSoC to LUGs
17:49:08 <vuntz> okay, next topic
17:49:12 <robjo> Looks like we need more help. Can you just send a message to -ambassadors asking for help in handling this.
17:49:43 <robjo> I ran across something today that I'd like to discuss briefly.
17:49:49 <vuntz> sure
17:50:01 <vuntz> go ahead
17:50:05 <robjo> #topic donations
17:50:09 <vuntz> #topic Donations
17:50:32 <robjo> SUSE has a new web store, that went live earlier this week.
17:51:07 <robjo> I would like to see us have a permanent "donate to the openSUSE project" button in the store
17:51:25 <manugupt1> +1
17:51:27 <hendersj> +1, we occasionally get questions about this in the forums
17:51:37 <robjo> do people think that we need to have an openSUSE instance of the store or that we can piggy back on the SUSE store?
17:51:37 <vuntz> robjo: want to work on that? :-)
17:51:53 <robjo> vuntz: actually I am already pushing that topic
17:51:56 <vuntz> cool
17:52:15 * vuntz doesn't think it's worth having a separate openSUSE instance
17:52:21 <robjo> I am not certain that an openSUSE instance of the store is possible
17:52:33 <manugupt1> robjo: Maybe openSUSE Goodies too
17:52:59 <robjo> and I agree with vuntz, I also do not see the need for a separate instance
17:53:17 <|miska|> Is it actually worth it having it in SUSE? I'm just wondering, as a big company, how much money does SUSE have to spend to process 5EUR payment
17:53:37 <robjo> manugupt1: THe store does not yet support "retail items" such as shirts, but will in the future, when it does, then yes we want openSUSE stuff as well
17:54:09 <|miska|> And I also see another issue that people might want to know what the money were used for when they donate...
17:54:31 <Sleep_Walker> good point
17:54:38 <robjo> |miska|: We do not have to worry about "worth" it. The store infrastructure is there, and we can ask if we can get what we want
17:54:41 <|miska|> But I'm actually more concern with costs of money handling on SUSE side
17:54:42 <izabelvalverde> the donate button seems great also might be easier for SUSE to forward to openSUSE when is needed
17:55:05 <vuntz> |miska|: a requirement to implement this would be that the money goes to the funds that the board controls
17:55:18 <manugupt1> +!
17:55:20 <manugupt1> +1
17:55:44 <|miska|> robjo: Well, so far they are selling SLE that cost quite a lot so if it takes 50 Eur to process order...
17:55:54 <vuntz> and then the transparency "problem" is in the board's hands (it needs to be resolved anyway ;-))
17:56:28 <vuntz> #info new SUSE shop went live and the suggestion to have a "Donate to openSUSE" button there is back
17:56:35 <|miska|> vuntz: Ok, if these money are going to be controled by board, I say great!
17:56:40 <robjo> |miska|: again that is not our concern, if SUSE is willing to have a "Donate to openSUSE" button than that should be good enough for us
17:57:16 <vuntz> robjo: do you agree that we should make sure the money that comes out of that (minus 5% or 10% for the shop service, I guess) should be controlled by the board?
17:57:28 <|miska|> Well, you'll see what will they tell you on that
17:57:37 <vuntz> (asking before putting that in the minutes ;-))
17:57:58 <robjo> vuntz: yes, but that is the "financial transperancy" discussion that is a board issue and OT for the current topic.
17:58:09 <vuntz> robjo: it's not the same discussion, no
17:58:25 <vuntz> I'm not talking about transparency
17:58:38 <vuntz> I'm talking about making sure that the money stays with openSUSE. Transparency comes later :-)
17:58:58 <vuntz> where "stays with openSUSE" is "comes under control of the board"
17:59:01 <tittiatcoke> vuntz:: I guess that everybody agrees on that one :-)
17:59:23 <robjo> There are a number of points to consider here. A number of them are implementation details. The key point is "Do we want a buttton in the SUSE store?" yes or no
17:59:31 <robjo> Everything else is tangential
18:00:01 <vuntz> tittiatcoke: well, given what I've seen in some other projects, I'm not 100% sure everybody agrees ;-)
18:00:26 <robjo> For now we do not need to worry about processing fees, and how we show how much money is donated and where it is used.
18:00:41 <vuntz> robjo: I'm sorry, but it's not tangential for me
18:00:56 <robjo> Yes, the money has to stay with openSUSE of course, it says after all "Donate to openSUSE",
18:01:04 <tittiatcoke> robjo: I guess that another question, what kind of audience does the SUSE shop attract and is the audience willing to donate money.
18:01:17 <izabelvalverde> I don't think SUSE needs to "save" % besides the transfers costs
18:01:25 <vuntz> robjo: the money could be used by SUSE to pay for an openSUSE developer, for instance
18:01:37 <robjo> Well, we can link from various openSUSE places to the SUSE shop
18:02:18 <|miska|> yes if money goes to openSUSE -  "comes under control of the board"
18:02:33 <vuntz> robjo: while it's still good for openSUSE, I'm not sure I'd agree with that way of handling the money
18:02:49 <vuntz> robjo: so knowing how the money is handled is a prerequisite for having the button
18:03:35 <robjo> vuntz: OK, then my question was pre-mature and this becomes a board issue and not a project meeting issue
18:04:23 <tittiatcoke> robjo: I don't think your question was pre-mature. It alerted us for an opportunity, but we need to know the conditions around it before we can take the decision whether or not to go for it
18:05:34 <vuntz> robjo: do you want to have this topic discussed inside the board, and come back with more details at next meeting?
18:05:40 <robjo> tittiatcoke: In the end I see it that we would define the parameters what happens to the money.
18:05:49 <robjo> we as in board
18:05:55 <vuntz> (if yes, I'll just give you an action item for this)
18:06:18 <robjo> but the community has to decide whether we (community) is OK with having such a button in the SUSE store
18:06:31 <Sleep_Walker> if there could be button, could that be just link to some opensuse.org site?
18:06:49 <Sleep_Walker> where the donation actually can happen?
18:07:17 <Sleep_Walker> I'm a bit concerned about mixing opensuse and suse again
18:07:21 <robjo> Sleep_Walker: opensuse.org would link to suse.com/store/donate or whatever the address might be.
18:07:30 <izabelvalverde> few lines ago the "mail costs" was relevant and now with an opportunity to have some different income became "discusseble" :D
18:07:32 <Sleep_Walker> why not the other way?
18:08:12 <izabelvalverde> as community member the donation button seems to me a great way to help small things happen in the project, like hardware, goods and so on
18:08:18 <robjo> Sleep_Walker: that would possibly require a spearate instance of the store, which I am not certain we will get.
18:08:37 <Sleep_Walker> donation means store?
18:08:47 <vuntz> izabelvalverde: I think we all agree it's fine if we control the money :-)
18:08:52 <robjo> The store will be SUSE branded and not openSUSE branded. We can possibly ask to get an openSUSE link that changes the branding.
18:09:06 <izabelvalverde> vuntz not sure!
18:09:08 <vuntz> robjo: if you don't mind, I'll just give you an action item to discuss this topic further (with SUSE, the board, and on opensuse-project if you think it's okay)
18:09:17 <vuntz> since we're going out of time
18:09:22 <Sleep_Walker> +1
18:09:34 <robjo> vuntz: fine with me
18:10:00 <vuntz> #action robjo to investigate the "Donate to openSUSE" button in SUSE shop and discuss the topic with different parties
18:10:07 <vuntz> ok
18:10:24 <vuntz> let's quickly see if there are quick questionhs
18:10:26 <vuntz> #topic AOB
18:10:55 <vuntz> anyone?
18:11:25 <tittiatcoke> not from me
18:11:36 <hendersj> AOB?
18:11:42 <vuntz> any other business
18:11:42 <hendersj> Oh, got it.
18:11:57 <vuntz> sorry, I should avoid that :-)
18:12:00 <hendersj> One quick question - I've not heard back from ircops@ or admin@ about my cloak for IRC....
18:12:21 <saurabhsood91> hendersj: same here...i should have got that a year ago
18:12:43 <hendersj> I've asked a couple of times now - can someone nudge? :)
18:13:39 <vuntz> I'm actually wondering if it's not up to the membership officials to deal with that
18:13:44 <vuntz> see end of https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Membership_officials
18:13:49 * vuntz isn't sure
18:13:54 <manugupt1> vuntz: darix handled it for me
18:14:11 <manugupt1> vuntz: We should have a less busier sysadmin
18:14:21 <victorhck> and I mail to admin and asked to yaloki about planet openSUSE-es
18:14:27 <manugupt1> vuntz: that will offload his and henne;s work too
18:14:34 <victorhck> about a petition from spanish blogger
18:14:47 <|miska|> vuntz: AFAIK, cloaks are set in connect and exported for admins to set up, but apart from setting it in connect I don't know what happens next...
18:15:02 <cboltz> IIRC the typical answer is "we depend on freenode staff" - maybe someone can convince freenode to give one or two openSUSE persons the permissions to create the cloaks?
18:15:19 <vuntz> anyone willing to help hendersj investigate this?
18:16:11 <vuntz> ah well, I'll chat with darix then
18:16:19 <hendersj> k, thanks, vuntz. :)
18:16:36 <vuntz> #action vuntz to chat with darix about status of setting up irc cloaks
18:17:03 <vuntz> anyone to help victorhck for planet openSUSE-es? :-)
18:17:28 <vuntz> victorhck: when did you ping for this, btw?
18:17:43 <victorhck> you mean the mail?
18:17:53 <vuntz> yep
18:18:13 <victorhck> mail 1 one week ago (more or less)
18:18:30 <victorhck> and I ping yaloki here before chritsmas
18:18:44 <victorhck> and the user send petition in November
18:18:51 <vuntz> ah, well, I guess the holidays can explain things
18:19:00 <victorhck> maybe
18:19:13 <victorhck> well I will wait
18:19:14 <victorhck> ;)
18:19:31 <vuntz> maybe ping again at the beginning of next week, since things accumulated during the holidays will have settled
18:19:43 <vuntz> (best to ping by mail, btw)
18:19:44 <vuntz> ok
18:19:53 <vuntz> #topic Next meeting date & chair
18:20:06 <vuntz> #info next meeting on January 23rd
18:20:16 <vuntz> I'm not 100% I'll be able to make it
18:20:21 <vuntz> as I won't be hime
18:20:22 <vuntz> home
18:20:34 <vuntz> anyone who'd be available to chair the meeting if I'm not there?
18:20:48 * vuntz looks at robjo and hendersj ;-)
18:21:03 <vuntz> for the record, there's doc on chairing at the end of https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
18:21:14 <hendersj> :)  I'm not 100% sure at this moment either, I may be on a new gig that week and don't yet know the schedule.
18:21:32 <robjo> I can do it, not certain if I have the correct permissions
18:22:00 <vuntz> robjo: I'll give you op on that day
18:22:26 <vuntz> #info next chair is robjo (or vuntz if he manages to join)
18:22:31 <vuntz> cool, thanks all!
18:22:36 <vuntz> #endmeeting