17:17:38 <AlanClark> #startmeeting
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17:17:55 <AlanClark> #topic warlordfff report on Summer Camp
17:18:02 <warlordfff> ok
17:18:06 <warlordfff> let me start
17:18:28 <warlordfff> We gathered around 30 people from various projects
17:18:55 <warlordfff> like Gentoo/Mozilla/Fedora/Gnome/KDE
17:19:16 <warlordfff> we had some very ineteresting presentation during those 3 days
17:19:36 <warlordfff> the Greek openSUSE Community exclusivelly organized the whole thing
17:19:53 <warlordfff> we had everything a big meeting could
17:19:56 <warlordfff> have
17:20:18 <warlordfff> from DVD's to T-shirts (thanks AJ)
17:20:35 <warlordfff> we also had Michal from Prague
17:20:45 <warlordfff> All the talks were in English
17:20:59 <warlordfff> and we had a lot of Fun
17:21:05 <warlordfff> that's it I think
17:21:47 <warlordfff> oh soon we will also have a github with all the talks
17:21:55 <warlordfff> the end
17:22:02 <warlordfff> https://picasaweb.google.com/104738679296987729958/OpenSUSECollaborationSummerCamp2012 https://picasaweb.google.com/105770476640273513358/OpenSUSECollaborationCamp2012 https://plus.google.com/photos/113898425601074911439/albums/5768743233887852865
17:23:04 <AlanClark> warlordfff:  I'd heard good things. about this Summer camp.  Thanks for sharing.
17:23:58 <AlanClark> any other topics for today?
17:24:29 <izabelvalverde> just oSC if is needed
17:24:31 <warlordfff> the oSC wiki to do?
17:24:39 <warlordfff> :D
17:24:54 <izabelvalverde> from me nothing for today :)
17:25:27 <warlordfff> I could help but I need you to tell me where
17:25:42 <warlordfff> I hope I will be in Prague on 19th
17:26:12 <AlanClark> yes - much todo for osc
17:26:30 <warlordfff> Forget "I could help". I want to help
17:26:39 <warlordfff> :D
17:26:54 <AlanClark> Plans for the Summit are coming together nicely.  It's going to be a lot of fun!  Everyone remember to register and come join us in Florida
17:27:13 <warlordfff> AlanClark:  will you be at the oSC12?
17:28:10 <AlanClark> planning on it.
17:28:24 <AlanClark> I'm looking forward to osc12 :-)
17:31:00 <AlanClark> ok if no more topics let's close the project meeting for today
17:31:34 <AlanClark> #endmeeting