20:05:15 <yaloki> #startmeeting
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20:05:38 <yaloki> #chair mrdocs AlanClark FunkyPenguin _wstephenson
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20:05:51 <AlanClark> Howdy
20:06:00 <BManojlovic> hello
20:06:08 <yaloki> so, the agenda is here, as usual: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
20:06:21 <yaloki> #topic Forum infrastructure stability
20:06:50 <yaloki> jim in here?
20:06:57 <yaloki> apparently not
20:07:05 <yaloki> not sure why it's on the agenda tbh
20:07:12 <yaloki> we talked about it at the last meeting
20:07:23 <yaloki> not much to do at the moment, we're waiting to see how the situation evolves
20:07:31 <tigerfoot> yaloki: seems the agenda seems not up to date.
20:07:33 <yaloki> haven't heard nor been informed of anything since then
20:07:43 <yaloki> yeah I guess that one is a leftover
20:07:52 * tigerfoot would just add a notice about susehelp which start to have a lot of trouble
20:08:02 <tigerfoot> plugin sql / mysql
20:08:02 <victorhck> morning Yaloki?
20:08:12 <victorhck> it's time to dinner! :D
20:08:16 <yaloki> indeed
20:08:24 <yaloki> tigerfoot: only benJIman can fix that
20:08:41 <yaloki> #topic Documenting the New Branding and design guidelines. Wiki, or similar setup. (by art team)
20:08:49 <yaloki> "art team", the stage is yours
20:08:50 * tigerfoot would love benJIman open next years a google summer of code to support also other db
20:09:19 <yaloki> anyone?
20:09:22 <tigerfoot> with upstream choob ..
20:09:43 <yaloki> um, folks
20:09:55 <yaloki> for the record: don't put items on the agenda if you're not there to talk about it, please
20:10:00 <tigerfoot> yaloki: I don't know who put those on the meeting ... but 21st April seems long time ago
20:10:06 <benJIman> It's on my list to move it to opensu.se. It's server problem. Ironically was better when running fedora packaged mysql
20:10:11 <tigerfoot> suseROCKs: anditosan ^^^^
20:10:33 <tigerfoot> benJIman: you should try to move to mariadb then ...
20:10:43 <tigerfoot> should be the default next 12.2 anyway ...
20:10:47 <yaloki> tigerfoot: the agenda change is between last meeting and now
20:10:59 <yaloki> benJIman: ok let's get in touch about that :)
20:11:06 <yaloki> now, on topic please
20:11:07 <tigerfoot> yaloki: oki ...
20:11:10 <benJIman> openSUSE Mariadb is actually part of the problem. It keeps crashing.
20:11:17 <yaloki> 3
20:11:17 <yaloki> 2
20:11:19 <yaloki> 1
20:11:20 <AlanClark> doesn't look like we have the art team
20:11:28 <yaloki> #topic Revising and managing the artwork pages (by art team)
20:11:36 <yaloki> 3
20:11:37 <yaloki> 2
20:11:37 <yaloki> 1
20:11:41 <yaloki> #topic Brief mention of the possible new widget style for opensuse  (by art team)
20:11:42 <tigerfoot> just me, but have no idea about what they'v3 put
20:11:53 <yaloki> 3
20:11:53 <yaloki> 2
20:11:54 <yaloki> 1
20:11:56 <yaloki> #topic handling of SLE12 bugs (make them public?)
20:12:05 <tigerfoot> +1
20:12:23 <cboltz> I already proposed it on the mailinglist
20:12:24 <tigerfoot> until they content private data
20:12:32 <mrdocs> we definitely need a looser set of rules
20:12:35 <jospoortvliet> anditosan: did you put those artwork things on the agenda?
20:12:38 <cboltz> but only got some +1 from people who probably can't decide on it ;-)
20:12:52 <yaloki> no, it was "Etrounev" (on the wiki)
20:13:05 * mrdocs wonders who actually can say yes or no to bugzilla policy
20:13:09 <mrdocs> brb
20:13:10 <tigerfoot> it-s: you miss your agenda then
20:13:36 <yaloki> cboltz: um okay
20:13:41 <cboltz> mrdocs: I'd say someone with a @suse.de/.com address would be a good start ;-)
20:13:45 * tigerfoot knows it-s was sick last days ...
20:13:54 <yaloki> cboltz: so the hard part is finding out who to poke in the eye in the first place to get anything moving on that
20:14:08 <yaloki> jospoortvliet: do you have an idea?
20:14:13 <yaloki> gerald?
20:14:15 <AlanClark> cboltz:  what mailing list did you post on?
20:14:27 <cboltz> on project IIRC
20:14:34 <cboltz> under the "freight train" subject
20:14:43 <AlanClark> ok.
20:14:44 <it-s> huh
20:14:45 <it-s> why?
20:15:05 <it-s> tigerfoot: why do I miss it?
20:15:14 <tigerfoot> the 2 first topics of the meeting
20:15:22 <jospoortvliet> I never have ideas but this is something - I can try to ask around. henne might have a better idea on where to start, however, I have no clue :D
20:15:30 <yaloki> it-s: I'll pick them up right after this topic
20:15:31 <it-s> oh wait
20:15:39 <it-s> I got preoccupied :D
20:15:49 <yaloki> jospoortvliet: okay
20:15:50 <it-s> can I still go back and unmiss them?
20:15:58 <yaloki> I guess we need to poke someone who's.. in charge of SLE... lol
20:16:00 <jospoortvliet> it-s: if you have a time machine :D
20:16:13 <yaloki> it-s: yes, they're next
20:16:15 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: actually, AJ might have an idea
20:16:19 <jospoortvliet> let me ping him on this, OK?
20:16:38 <AlanClark> let's assign this to Jos and have him report back next meeting
20:16:44 <it-s> OK
20:16:44 * tigerfoot serve another p-max glass to yaloki, hope to undo the 3.2.1 on 2 first topics
20:16:51 <it-s> let me know when to start shouting
20:16:52 <yaloki> #action jospoortvliet prod AJ about some sort of statement/opinion/decision about changing the policy for SLE12 bugs, to make them public
20:17:03 <yaloki> #topic Documenting the New Branding and design guidelines. Wiki, or similar setup. (by art team)
20:17:07 <yaloki> it-s: nao please
20:17:16 <it-s> aha alright then
20:17:19 <it-s> hi everyone
20:17:26 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: I do have to know exactly what I'm asking for
20:17:30 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: and I have no idea atm
20:17:36 <yaloki> ah, a second
20:17:38 <it-s> you may know (or not know) but the art team has decided to become very active
20:17:46 <it-s> and even productive (sometimes)
20:17:53 <jospoortvliet> it-s: yes it's scary
20:18:02 <it-s> and so the forst thing we need to talk about is: Documenting the New Branding and design guidelines. Wiki, or similar setup. (by art team)
20:18:04 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: let's revisit that sle12 thing after it-s is done
20:18:10 <yaloki> jospoortvliet: about changing the default policy for SLE 12 related bugs in bugzilla, and make them public by default, rather than private by default (and having to jump through hoops to get them public)
20:18:32 <it-s> the thing is that we have a lot planned and wouldnm't want to miss anything
20:18:43 <yaloki> it-s: sounds very useful indeed
20:18:47 <it-s> so we are asking for a special place somehwere on the wiki to put all the stuff into
20:19:03 <it-s> without overwriting what is already there
20:19:15 <it-s> so to make it clear
20:19:19 <cboltz> it-s: what's your definition of "special place"?
20:19:34 <tigerfoot> it-s: we have already one portal for that http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Artwork
20:19:46 <yaloki> cboltz: a happy place :D
20:20:40 <it-s> aha
20:20:44 <it-s> ok this is fine
20:20:47 <tigerfoot> I think the place is good, now I wouldn't say perfect for its organization, or content ...
20:21:00 <tigerfoot> feel free to give love (a lot) to it
20:21:00 <it-s> so it's OK if we start changing/addig/removing things
20:21:02 <yaloki> anyone who's active on the wiki who could help out it-s ?
20:21:12 <it-s> I have an account
20:21:36 <tigerfoot> manu can help with wiki structure if needed ...
20:21:37 <it-s> so I technically could start using that section as long as everyone os alright with that
20:21:39 <yaloki> to answer any questions, how to organize the content ..
20:21:48 <it-s> that would be great
20:21:50 <tigerfoot> it-s: go go green do,
20:21:52 * it-s writes down
20:21:52 <yaloki> it-s: sure. you're in the artwork team, it's the artwork portal, just go ahead :)
20:22:00 <yaloki> oh sorry, to quote henne: "just do it" ;)
20:22:15 <it-s> right so then the next questio/topic is "Revising and managing the artwork pages (by art team)"
20:22:17 <tigerfoot> yaloki: the quote wasn't kick ass ?
20:22:21 <tigerfoot> :-)
20:22:30 <it-s> and this is just basically a request to start modifying the existing stuff
20:22:42 <it-s> may we have everyones permission?
20:22:44 <tigerfoot> it-s: go don't ask
20:23:00 <it-s> well that makes it easier
20:23:10 <AlanClark> The wiki has history - so go for it
20:23:11 <it-s> fine and finally a teh big one
20:23:17 <it-s> "Brief mention of the possible new widget style for opensuse (by art team)"
20:23:31 <tigerfoot> it-s: you can ask review for publishing if unsure at the beginning ...
20:23:40 <it-s> so me and Andy are looking inot creating a special "suse" widget style
20:23:55 <it-s> to make sure we have a stron brand out there
20:23:59 <it-s> strong
20:24:05 <jospoortvliet> it-s: basically, most of the stuff on those pages was either done by those still involved (and I bet they support improvements) or people who left (but they have no say anymore...) so I'd say just do what you think is right...
20:24:16 <jospoortvliet> it-s: and there's history so we can change things back :D
20:24:28 <jospoortvliet> it-s: +1 cool on the widget style :D
20:24:31 <jospoortvliet> but lots of work...
20:24:43 <it-s> so we are looking for any help we can get as neither of us is a dev
20:24:51 <tigerfoot> it-s: the idea is get it done for 12.3 ? right not before ?
20:24:55 <it-s> we know so we thought of taking an existing one
20:25:14 <it-s> tigerfoot: the idea is to get it done "Some day" ;P
20:25:36 <tigerfoot> better when it's done, than never :-)
20:26:02 <it-s> Andy has so far got in touch with the guy who did ""/me forgot the name
20:26:08 * it-s does facepalm
20:26:21 <it-s> anyway, it was a KDE3 style and quite a nice one
20:26:31 <it-s> we thought a few mods and it could do well for us
20:26:45 <it-s> but he says he's unsure if he is interested
20:27:07 <it-s> so - if you know anyone who could help - please ket us/him know
20:27:58 <tigerfoot> it-s: you talk about the domino style ?
20:28:30 <it-s> yes!
20:28:33 <it-s> tigerfoot: thanksw
20:28:35 <it-s> tigerfoot: thanks
20:28:47 <it-s> it was a nice style
20:29:05 <it-s> add a little gloss and it'll alright for starters
20:29:55 <tigerfoot> #info http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Domino?content=42804
20:30:13 <tigerfoot> it-s: this one right ?
20:31:51 <it-s> exactly
20:32:15 <it-s> the way it is there however it's a little pail
20:32:32 <it-s> so more contrast ++creative theming and we have a winner
20:32:46 <it-s> but if no one wants to take on it we will have to think of somethign else
20:33:31 <it-s> that is all I had to say
20:33:41 <it-s> carry on as usual :)
20:35:03 <tigerfoot> it-s: can I propose you setup an action list, what has to be done by Art team, what/where others can helps you, and report back next meeting
20:35:30 <tigerfoot> if everybody agree on the fact that getting a more sus'ish own style could be a good idea.
20:36:41 <tigerfoot> for me it's a big +1 especially if we integrate the oxygen-gtk and then get also gtk apps included and branded
20:37:07 <yaloki> shall we move on?
20:37:16 <AlanClark> I like the style idea.
20:37:27 <yaloki> oh it's the last item on the agenda so... ^^
20:37:48 <yaloki> there's a last item sorry
20:37:53 <yaloki> #topic Incomplete upgrade of mediawiki instance and problems related to it
20:38:03 <yaloki> I believe manu added it
20:38:08 <yaloki> but he isn't here
20:38:14 <yaloki> anyone knows anything about that?
20:38:26 <AlanClark> nope
20:38:57 <cboltz> the best way for wiki problems is to mail the opensuse-web mailinglist and CC matthew
20:39:06 <cboltz> (assuming that -web and -wiki finally get merged...)
20:39:25 <tigerfoot> I think he want to discuss about the problem of leading / like trying to go to wiki.opensuse.org/ redirect to en.opensuse.org//
20:40:09 <cboltz> tigerfoot: the only thing we need to "discuss" about that is
20:40:13 <cboltz> who can and will fix it
20:40:14 <cboltz> ;-)
20:40:22 <tigerfoot> cboltz: agree .
20:41:27 <tigerfoot> yaloki can we add one topic (more a comment/call) ?
20:41:32 <yaloki> sure
20:41:49 <tigerfoot> #topic Artwork in 12.2
20:42:07 <yaloki> #topic Artwork in 12.2
20:42:09 <yaloki> a chair has to do it
20:42:24 <tigerfoot> Finally the artwork has been merged in factory, except grub2 which will follow very soon.
20:42:38 <tigerfoot> yaloki: thx
20:43:07 <tigerfoot> but with the M4 delayed and now skipped, pretty much nothing has been deeply tested ...
20:43:47 <tigerfoot> so getting more test and bug to resolve is important during the Beta time starting next week .
20:43:54 <tigerfoot> end
20:47:08 <AlanClark> thanks for the heads up tigerfoot
20:51:34 <anditosan> are we on the artwork subject still?
20:52:21 <AlanClark> did we lose yaloki?
20:52:28 <anditosan> yalok, AlanClark ?
20:52:30 <anditosan> maybe
20:52:52 <tigerfoot> anditosan: it's not yet closed ,, so if you have something to shout it's now
20:53:03 <anditosan> ok, I don't have a lot of time so I will try to be quick
20:53:08 <anditosan> first artwork point
20:53:20 <anditosan> documenting the new branding and design guidelines
20:53:30 <anditosan> since there are some changes to artwork coming up
20:53:56 <anditosan> we would like to revise the wiki we have about artwork and possibly take down some of them for not applying to new upcoming guidelines
20:54:10 <AlanClark> anditosan:  I think it-s covered this
20:54:14 <anditosan> who do we talk to about taking down wikis that relate to artwork that might become obsolete?
20:54:17 <anditosan> oh ok
20:54:27 <anditosan> then I am really late lol, I thought he had not
20:54:36 <anditosan> :D
20:54:57 <anditosan> did he also mention the work for a new widget style for openSUSE?
20:55:03 <AlanClark> yes
20:55:06 <anditosan> sorry I am backtracking :D
20:55:12 <tigerfoot> anditosan: read the backlog ...
20:55:14 <tigerfoot> :d
20:55:17 <anditosan> ok, then no more to be said, thanks friends :D
20:55:33 <tigerfoot> yaloki: time to close ...
20:55:38 <AlanClark> anditosan: thanks for joining - check with it-s
20:55:40 <yaloki> #endmeeting