20:02:06 <mrdocs> #startmeeting Opensuse Project Meeting
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20:02:08 <yaloki> but then again, if no one is there to discuss it in detail …
20:02:29 <mrdocs> #chair yaloki FunkyPenguin _wstephenson henne
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20:02:48 <ivarun> The updated outage news states "The outage is to be discussed at today’s openSUSE Project Meeting."
20:03:13 <yaloki> ivarun: oh right, that's where
20:03:38 <yaloki> but it's not on the agenda, and I doubt there is much more to discuss (or is there)
20:03:57 <mrdocs> well status would be useful, if someone has news
20:04:09 <robjo> still appears to be flaky, I just had some failures that were triggered by network issues
20:04:14 <mrdocs> and perhaps discuss meeting time ?
20:04:20 <yaloki> henne: any progress on the ticketing system?
20:04:38 <mrdocs> malcolmlewis: can you address the forums infra ? I do not see Jim here
20:04:51 <robjo> darix and coolo were just in -buildservice channel
20:05:09 <mrdocs> ok let's start
20:05:20 <mrdocs> #topic Forums Infrastructure
20:05:40 <yaloki> well, not sure what we can discuss
20:05:57 <yaloki> there have been numerous issues with forums.o.o in the past months
20:06:08 <mrdocs> Well Jim has advised us some issues are resolved, but not clear what remains
20:06:10 <yaloki> (couldn't connect to the site, plain simply)
20:06:19 <mrdocs> I know some bits were changed/upgraded
20:06:24 <yaloki> right
20:06:33 <mrdocs> #chair Bille_
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20:06:39 <Bille_> hi
20:06:44 <yaloki> Bille_: moin :)
20:06:46 <robjo> There have been a number of issues with Access amanager that I have run into recently
20:07:01 <robjo> Bugzilla was also effected a few days back
20:07:28 <yaloki> apparently most of the IT infrastructure has been outsourced by novell to some external service provider in india a couple of years ago
20:07:36 <yaloki> and there are recurrent issues with the quality of service there
20:07:39 <yaloki> (surprise, surprise)
20:07:48 <robjo> The company is ACS
20:08:03 <yaloki> some of the infrastructure is still in provo, I've been told, and the few people who can get their hands on stuff over there do the best they can
20:08:19 <yaloki> but they often depend on ACS doing their part, and that sometimes takes months, or is even simply not done at all
20:08:22 <darix> yaloki: the applications team (which includes the forums) are moved back
20:08:22 <yaloki> (surprise, surprise)
20:08:26 <darix> jfyi
20:08:33 <yaloki> oh goodie
20:08:38 <yaloki> darix: to provo then?
20:08:41 <robjo> Infrastructure was not relocated as part of this deal, when it happened, only people
20:08:46 <darix> they always have been in provo
20:08:50 <darix> just different comapny
20:08:52 <darix> company
20:09:19 <yaloki> robjo: right, but that doesn't change much to the situation, unfortunately
20:09:41 <yaloki> so finally an important change was made on one of the proxies (so we've been told), which should now improve the situation considerably
20:09:46 <yaloki> but well
20:09:47 <darix> sadly matthew isnt on
20:09:53 <robjo> yaloki: correct, the result is the same, just need to be accurate with statements
20:10:02 <yaloki> robjo: indeed, thanks :)
20:10:21 <darix> yaloki: i didnt follow the forum  problems much.
20:10:23 <yaloki> the board has been approached with this
20:10:25 <darix> what was the problem exactly?
20:10:32 <yaloki> but IMHO there isn't all that much we can do with the current situation
20:10:49 <darix> and i didnt see many mails to admin about the forum either.
20:10:52 <yaloki> except moving the forums to another provider (either sponsor or rent)
20:10:59 <darix> except for the one nntp mail and the one with the login problem
20:11:09 <yaloki> darix: apparently, the site was simply not reachable at all very frequently in the past few months
20:11:32 <yaloki> "caused by proxy servers", we've been told
20:11:34 <darix> for that admin@ was pretty quiet
20:11:38 <yaloki> but the technical aspects don't really matter
20:11:44 <yaloki> darix: yeah indeed, that's odd
20:11:49 <Bille_> yaloki: is the forum problem the same as the wiki login problem? login slow, frequently redirect fails, broken socket etc?
20:12:12 <yaloki> either people don't know that they can contact support there, or they had jim or matthew jump in quickly (although they couldn't do much on their side of things anyway)
20:12:21 <darix> just wanted to mention ... the nntp outage was announced at the novell side ... but they forgot the opensuse part... which we already started complaining about
20:12:21 <yaloki> Bille_: I have no idea
20:12:21 <robjo> Bille_:  They should all be related, yes
20:12:43 <yaloki> the hosting infrastructure is still partly a mystery to me :)
20:13:02 <darix> the login part saw some major changes lately
20:13:04 <yaloki> so, as said, the situation should improve now, hopefully
20:13:22 <darix> and matthew did some work to tune all the things to work better last week
20:13:29 <robjo> Hey we wanted to get rid of iChain ;)
20:13:35 <mrdocs> cool :)
20:13:39 <robjo> now we have to deal with AccessManager
20:13:46 <darix> robjo: yeah
20:13:48 <yaloki> but if not, and if the situation cannot be improved by some measures inside of SUSE or Novell, there are only two options: 1) find a sponsor who'd host it, 2) rent hardware and host it ourselves (including trustworthy admins in our community)
20:13:52 <mrdocs> so since these changes are things indeed better ?
20:14:25 <yaloki> mrdocs: that's what jim said, iirc
20:14:37 <robjo> Well AccessManager is at least an actively developed product and bugs will get fixed
20:14:46 <mrdocs> yes, that's what I understood as well
20:15:03 <yaloki> anyway, there isn't all that much to discuss afaics
20:15:05 <robjo> But as yaloki pointed out we have little control over all of this and the only option would be to move
20:15:08 <yaloki> let's see how the situation evolves
20:15:15 <mrdocs> i agree
20:15:29 <Bille_> darix: so the correct approach in the short term is to report issues to matthew via admin@?
20:15:36 <yaloki> there's no point hunting for alternatives or funds right now, as there is a chance that the situation does indeed improve
20:15:45 <Bille_> so things like the misconfigured switch get fixed?
20:15:48 <darix> Bille_: *all* opensuse infrastructure problems should hit that ML
20:16:09 <darix> because in doubt adrian or someone from the ops team will see it and open tickets
20:16:16 <yaloki> darix: okay
20:16:28 <yaloki> we should prolly broadcast that information again and again :)
20:16:33 <Bille_> yeah
20:16:42 <darix> there is even a wiki page that explains it
20:16:48 <robjo> yes, even -project list, someone who can file a ticket will pick it up
20:17:03 <yaloki> darix: yes, I know, but still, those are things one has to repeat on a regular basis
20:17:30 <darix> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Services_help
20:17:44 <darix> robjo: please not -project ml
20:17:46 <darix> admin@o.o
20:17:59 <robjo> Of course that's not helpful when you cannot get to the wiki ;)
20:18:40 <yaloki> okay, anything else on the subject?
20:19:07 <mrdocs> Next topic ?
20:19:16 <yaloki> yup, seems so :)
20:20:23 <yaloki> mrdocs: hammer time
20:20:34 <yaloki> oh, there is no "next topic" :D
20:20:37 <robjo> outage report?
20:20:38 <darix> *holds hammer over yaloki's thumb*
20:20:59 <yaloki> afaics there isn't much more to say than what has already been blogged on news.o.o
20:21:00 <darix> robjo: not much to tell about
20:21:10 <darix> raid 5 lost 2 disks
20:21:13 <yaloki> darix: get some more hosts and hdfs already ;D
20:21:32 <Bille_> some people complained that we've had 2x 2 disk outages in a year
20:21:46 <yaloki> Bille_: myeah, well, murphy...
20:21:46 <darix> Bille_: the current array is quite new
20:21:54 <Bille_> i guess the response is that 9TB of 3-disk redundant storage doesn't come cheap?
20:21:54 <coolo> Bille_: yeah, for all the money they pay it's horrible support
20:21:56 <darix> so we were surprised it lost 2 disks
20:21:57 <yaloki> I don't see how anyone would be to blame about this
20:22:14 <yaloki> (except the vendor, maybe ^^)
20:22:15 <Bille_> coolo: ;)
20:22:17 <tacit> Maybe not for the outage, but for lack of HA?
20:22:33 <darix> tacit: we have enough hosts to do the HA stuff no problem
20:22:34 <yaloki> tacit: you mean monies
20:22:45 <darix> real fun starts with duplicating 4.5 TB of data
20:22:46 <yaloki> even more redundancy
20:22:50 <darix> and keeping that in sync
20:22:57 <yaloki> yeah
20:23:07 <tacit> Or commitment. It all depends should be achieved.
20:23:12 <yaloki> that can get quite horribly expensive
20:23:33 <yaloki> tbh, I'm personally more concerned about the QoS of build.o.o than download.o.o
20:23:36 <yaloki> but that's another story
20:23:37 <BManojlovic> ceph or like really should be looked into
20:23:46 <darix> tacit: we are discussing ways to improve the situation... but all comes down to get 5-6TB of FC storage
20:23:57 <darix> BManojlovic: we tried ocfs once
20:24:19 <yaloki> but ocfs isn't replication
20:24:19 <darix> BManojlovic: besides cluster FS also dont help to recover from storage problems like that
20:24:25 <darix> you couldnt mount it on 2 hosts
20:24:30 <darix> but the data is still only stored once
20:24:41 <darix> and we mostly had storage problems and not host problems
20:24:46 <BManojlovic> on ceph or like it isn't or depends how you set it up
20:24:48 <yaloki> no, some cluster storages duplicate files at least three times
20:24:56 <BManojlovic> or like yaloki said hdfs
20:24:56 <darix> yaloki: sure
20:24:59 <yaloki> but you need quite a few hosts and storage to implement that
20:25:02 <yaloki> anyway
20:25:19 <yaloki> they know what they're doing, I don't think we should get into a technical discussion here :)
20:25:38 <mrdocs> no agreed
20:25:39 <BManojlovic> not saying anyone is bad at tech :)
20:25:53 <Bille_> so, basically, shit happened, and no amount of armchair IT provisioning is going to help now?
20:26:01 <mrdocs> exactly :)
20:26:13 <mrdocs> anything else on the topic ?
20:26:36 <robjo> If we had a list of things that are needed maybe we could "shop" for sponsors?
20:26:58 <mrdocs> brb phone
20:26:59 <BManojlovic> for start what exactly is needed is question
20:27:22 <yaloki> robjo: sounds doable for the forums, but for big storage, it's quite a bit more complicated
20:27:32 <darix> yaloki: it isnt all that difficult
20:27:38 <darix> as i just said to Andrew
20:27:44 <darix> we are thinking of how to solve it
20:27:56 <yaloki> okay
20:27:58 <darix> and then i can also post a list of things that might help
20:28:10 <darix> but most of us came back from a long weekend today :)
20:28:40 <robjo> that was probably rudely interrupted
20:29:07 <darix> rudi was on duty on monday yes
20:29:17 <robjo> lol
20:29:19 <yaloki> okay, anything else?
20:29:20 <darix> i was flying helis and didnt hear of it until monday night
20:29:27 <yaloki> if not I believe we're done with the meeting
20:29:46 <mrdocs> anything else ? one..
20:29:48 <mrdocs> two...
20:29:50 <robjo> darix: good for you, sounds like fun
20:29:53 <mrdocs> three...
20:29:58 <darix> robjo: it is
20:29:59 <darix> ^^
20:30:00 <yaloki> #endmeeting