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16:00:25 <dragotin> hellooo
16:00:38 <izabelvalverde> henne hello
16:00:41 <henne> #meetingtopic openSUSE Conference Meeting
16:00:56 <henne> This meeting is meant to discuss organization of the openSUSE Conference
16:01:01 <henne> agenda so far is:
16:01:10 <henne> Status promotion
16:01:10 <henne> Status venue
16:01:10 <henne> Status of the program
16:01:52 <henne> lets roll
16:02:04 <henne> #topic Status Promotion
16:02:23 <henne> how is the facebook event page doing?
16:02:53 <suseROCKs> whenever we have news items I try to post it there
16:03:11 <suseROCKs> bu tthere's not that much traffic there, so I post to all openSUSE-related FB sites
16:03:17 <henne> cool :)
16:03:28 <henne> twitter is being updated too
16:03:35 <henne> what about that linked in page?
16:04:04 <henne> AlanClark?
16:04:06 <suseROCKs> I don't check linkedin much as I find the site unreadable for me.   AJaeger, any comments?
16:04:21 <henne> jospoortvliet?
16:04:43 <suseROCKs> I *think* we auto-publish there though
16:04:50 <henne> can someone check?
16:04:54 <jospoortvliet> henne: will try to respond but I'm in a call :(
16:04:58 * henne isn't linked in
16:05:03 <AJaeger> There's an event on Linkedin and it's at a spotlight, so basic promotion.
16:05:10 <henne> jospoortvliet: what call can possibly be more important thant this one?
16:05:17 <henne> :)
16:05:18 <AJaeger> henne: So, done once but not regularly.
16:05:25 <henne> k
16:06:04 <henne> then we can get rid of that block
16:06:10 <suseROCKs> p.s.  "During-Conference" promotion is also important and we're looking for writers to cover diferent events during the conference.   If any of you are interested let the news team know
16:06:24 <yaloki> who's the news team
16:06:32 <suseROCKs> news@opensuse.org
16:06:34 <yaloki> ok
16:06:45 <dragotin> btw - I work with the Vera Scheider from marketing on a german Media Alert
16:06:47 <dragotin> since one week
16:07:06 <henne> how is that coming along?
16:07:09 <dragotin> haven't heard back from her -> just send another reminder
16:07:13 <AJaeger> dragotin: Not yet out? Sorry to hear.
16:07:27 <dragotin> well...
16:07:43 <henne> we also need to work on something for the zentrifuge list
16:08:03 <jospoortvliet> henne: ppl to interview?
16:08:13 <henne> can we use what you are doing dragotin?
16:08:14 <dragotin> I will send a german flyer that I wrote last week to local  press if I dont hear back by wednesday
16:08:19 <AJaeger> henne: Not out either? The zentrifuge guy is on vacation now AFAIK.
16:08:19 <henne> jospoortvliet: sorry?
16:08:26 <jospoortvliet> henne: never mind
16:09:08 <suseROCKs> I was thinking about reserving a room to do video interviews with speakers.   (not exactly promotion here, but more like post-promotion)   Any thoughts?
16:09:27 <yaloki> sounds good
16:09:37 <yaloki> in the people-of-opensuse-dept
16:09:37 <henne> sure. go for it
16:09:46 <henne> there are plenty of rooms in the labyrinth
16:09:53 <henne> or you use the speakers office
16:10:07 <dragotin> henne: we need something to get the room booking organized
16:10:18 <henne> we bring a whiteboard
16:10:24 <henne> isn't that enough?
16:10:25 <yaloki> whiteboard++
16:10:48 <yaloki> there was a funny idea at froscon, a map of europe, and pins, and "where are you from?"
16:11:03 <AJaeger> yaloki: worldwide map, please
16:11:07 <yaloki> AJaeger: yup
16:11:09 <henne> yaloki: and then? :)
16:11:29 <yaloki> nothin, nothin, just sayin :)
16:11:31 <henne> k
16:11:33 <suseROCKs> well we'd have a lot of pins from Afghanistan according to our registration records  :-)
16:11:49 <yaloki> suseROCKs: visa hoarders?
16:11:53 <henne> those are the same 6 twitter spammers
16:12:02 <henne> i keep removing them :)
16:12:10 <henne> anyway
16:12:19 <henne> anyone wants to organize that map etc?
16:12:40 <henne> it basically means telling AJaeger 2 amazon url's...
16:12:57 <henne> or ebay
16:13:00 <AJaeger> henne: Thanks for volunteering me ;)
16:13:06 <henne> or mapshop24-online.cn
16:13:27 <suseROCKs> just hand-draw a map
16:13:30 <henne> AJaeger: you're the moneys man
16:13:33 <henne> :)
16:13:39 <henne> okay no takers, nothing happens
16:13:41 <yaloki> ok, topic++ ?
16:13:46 <henne> lets continue
16:13:56 <henne> do we need any other news postings?
16:14:14 <henne> except the ones during and afterwards?
16:14:20 <henne> s/?//
16:14:39 <henne> i take that as a no
16:14:47 <henne> what about the youtube videos?
16:14:57 <henne> i guess nothing happened there because greek is on fire right?
16:14:58 <suseROCKs> henne,   a side-note.  Can we get some kind of Android app icon on c.o.o now that we've announced its availability?
16:15:00 <AJaeger> AFAIK jos will write one about the "drones" as prizes
16:15:08 <henne> suseROCKs: on my todo
16:15:42 <henne> nothing on youtube?
16:16:08 <henne> okay droppped
16:16:12 <yaloki> what's supposed to be on youtube?
16:16:15 <suseROCKs> henne,   hopefully someone this week will create posters to plaster Zentrifuge with all the hashtags and other social media stuff people should upload to during Conf week
16:16:27 <suseROCKs> including flickr and youtube
16:16:29 <henne> suseROCKs: already done :)
16:16:41 <henne> suseROCKs: it will be one the decorative posters
16:16:45 <henne> on*
16:16:54 <henne> yaloki: promotional videos
16:17:06 <henne> okay thats it for the social media block then
16:17:40 <henne> on to Media Relations i think
16:17:49 <henne> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_promotion_todo_list#Media_Relations
16:17:59 <henne> the status of LWN is clarified
16:18:09 <henne> what about the press room?
16:18:11 <henne> jospoortvliet?
16:18:31 <jospoortvliet> henne: sec
16:19:05 <suseROCKs> henne,   clarified to whom?  :-)  Don't even know wht was murky
16:19:17 <henne> suseROCKs: if they are media partners and stuff
16:19:49 <henne> jospoortvliet: that's already 30 secs :P
16:20:03 <jospoortvliet> ok so we need a room where the press can do interviews
16:20:06 <jospoortvliet> just a quiet room...
16:20:13 <henne> how quiet?
16:20:20 <jospoortvliet> quiet enough for audio recordings
16:20:29 <jospoortvliet> but they are just for transcribing, I suppose
16:20:40 <henne> i fear there is no such place
16:20:47 <yaloki> the hotel bar? :)
16:20:51 <jospoortvliet> hehe
16:20:57 <henne> except one of the BoF rooms in the labyrinth
16:20:59 <jospoortvliet> henne: ok, if we don't have it, so be it
16:21:02 <henne> but we keep stuffing them with stuff
16:21:03 <AJaeger> jospoortvliet, henne: part of the labyrinth
16:21:14 <jospoortvliet> and the room ideally should be lockable so the press can leave personal belongings... but it's not really crucial, just a nice-to-have
16:21:14 <henne> i fear we overbook them
16:21:21 <jospoortvliet> henne: ok skip the press room then
16:21:29 <jospoortvliet> not a huge deal
16:21:32 <henne> jospoortvliet: there is the nice cafee near by
16:21:37 <suseROCKs> jospoortvliet,   the quiet room fo rspeaker interviews I suggested earlier can certainly be merged with press room
16:21:39 <henne> they have a side ropom
16:21:44 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: true
16:21:48 <suseROCKs> as members of our news team are considered "press"  :-D
16:21:52 <jospoortvliet> henne: that sounds fine.
16:22:04 <henne> okay then we merge the speakers/press offices
16:22:06 <henne> wonderbra
16:22:17 <henne> next thang
16:22:18 <henne> Arrange meeting with SUSE management & press
16:22:19 <suseROCKs> do I have to pack one of those too?
16:22:38 <henne> jospoortvliet are you on this?
16:22:39 <izabelvalverde> for interview we should considerer another room cause usually the press need to use loud phone :-D
16:22:45 <jospoortvliet> henne: I need to talk to Vera about that... will do asap.
16:22:55 <henne> jospoortvliet: ok
16:23:06 <henne> the press-kit is in the making too
16:23:14 <jospoortvliet> yup
16:23:15 <henne> any ETA on that one?
16:23:45 <jospoortvliet> henne: tomorrow early enough?
16:23:51 <jospoortvliet> trying to get some more input :D
16:23:56 <henne> yes. tomorrow morning preferably :)
16:24:24 <henne> okay next thing
16:24:29 <henne> Invite journalists
16:24:36 <henne> and Arrange press conference at oSC
16:25:16 <AJaeger> henne: Vera is on it, consider it done.
16:25:22 <henne> okay
16:25:55 <henne> thats it for promotion
16:25:59 <AJaeger> the SUSE Management & press meeting is organized by Vera as well - looked fine last I checked
16:26:01 <henne> on to the general list
16:26:24 <henne> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_todo_list
16:26:42 <henne> what about the speaker communication?
16:26:49 <henne> we talked about that on cfp@
16:27:06 <suseROCKs> well I brought that up last week but the main gist of that thread was sideswiped
16:27:34 <suseROCKs> which is that we need to get speaker waivers or some such  in order to get them to upload their presentations and other materials
16:27:45 <henne> i still think this is one of the most hight priotity tasks
16:27:51 <henne> i know our speakers...
16:28:04 <yaloki> have nays been sent to the rejected cfps ?
16:28:15 <yaloki> don't think they have
16:28:15 <suseROCKs> yaloki,  yes
16:28:18 <yaloki> hmm..
16:28:27 <suseROCKs> albeit exceedingly late in the gaame
16:28:52 <henne> so everybody knows their status now?
16:28:52 <yaloki> sankar was prodding about his submission yesterday
16:28:55 <yaloki> err, today
16:29:03 <henne> yeah he slipped through the cracks
16:29:10 <AJaeger> yaloki: sankar's talk was not in indico, he slipped through
16:29:11 <henne> micha wrote him
16:29:12 <yaloki> ah okay
16:29:23 <yaloki> good then :)
16:29:40 <henne> so who is going to send that speakers preparation mail now? :)
16:29:47 <henne> volunteers?
16:29:49 <suseROCKs> we do need to send out an email to all speakers with preparation stuff
16:30:08 <henne> and we need to finish the speakers guidelines and code of conduct
16:30:08 <suseROCKs> well henne  if we can get people to respond to the communciation email I brought up already we can move forth
16:30:21 <AJaeger> isn't the code of conduct finished?
16:30:32 <henne> not really no
16:30:37 <AJaeger> jospoortvliet: ?
16:30:44 <henne> it talks about special t-shirts for the staff
16:30:45 <henne> etc
16:31:03 <jospoortvliet> henne: I can update it if needed...
16:31:09 <AJaeger> henne: Ok, those are trivial stuff to change - but needs t obe done for sure.
16:31:16 <jospoortvliet> but what changes do we need?
16:31:20 <henne> it needs to be finished
16:31:27 <jospoortvliet> if you say it's trivial I'll figure it out when I go through it then :D
16:31:37 <jospoortvliet> henne: ok will just go over it then.
16:31:37 <henne> there is no way (planed) to identify organizers
16:31:43 <jospoortvliet> henne: ok
16:31:50 <henne> there is missing contact info
16:31:53 <yaloki> staff must be identifyable
16:31:58 <jospoortvliet> henne: will work around that and add contact info.
16:32:02 <henne> ok
16:32:04 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: we need green hats ;-)
16:32:09 <yaloki> no seriously
16:32:11 <henne> we don't even have staff :)
16:32:15 <henne> we have us
16:32:23 <jospoortvliet> henne: that IS staff ;-)
16:32:25 <yaloki> in case of a harassment
16:32:30 <jospoortvliet> a team of ppl who does work on the organization...
16:32:33 <yaloki> people need to know whom to talk to
16:32:37 <henne> but who is us and who is them isn't really fixed
16:32:41 <jospoortvliet> I do think it would be good if we'd be recognizable
16:32:50 <henne> we don't even know who we are :)
16:32:54 <henne> seriously
16:32:57 <suseROCKs> jospoortvliet isn't hard to recognize
16:33:04 <yaloki> pointless to make an anti-harassment policy for the event if people don't even know whom to talk to when it happens
16:33:27 <henne> we will have nametags as buttons
16:33:31 <henne> are special buttons enough?
16:33:37 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: we can add a contact number but yes, I think we should somehow assemble who is part of the organization and make them visible. Somehow...
16:33:37 <yaloki> not really no
16:33:40 <jospoortvliet> henne: sure
16:33:43 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: hehe
16:33:44 <yaloki> of course not
16:33:46 <izabelvalverde> yaloki I can help
16:33:46 <jospoortvliet> ok we disagree...
16:33:50 <jospoortvliet> aaaha!
16:33:52 <yaloki> you think people will check out every badge to find out?
16:33:56 <suseROCKs> for purposes of staff identification buttons are not sufficient unless they are uniquely different from everyone else's buttons
16:34:00 <yaloki> don't expect that everyone knows everyone in the project :)
16:34:00 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: different color badge?
16:34:15 <yaloki> I'm taling effin sharp yellow t-shirts or something
16:34:22 <yaloki> "talking", even
16:34:31 <henne> green you mean
16:34:32 <henne> :P
16:34:43 <yaloki> green is likely to be quite present already :)))
16:34:46 <izabelvalverde> For first day I can stay in registration desk and present myself :-D
16:34:49 <cartman> pink :P
16:34:51 <suseROCKs> make sure the staffers have lots of bling necklaces  :-)
16:34:55 <yaloki> henne: yellow is flashy and ugly enough that no one else will wear it :)
16:35:11 <henne> okay so how are we going to identify staffers?
16:35:15 <henne> not on the even
16:35:15 <suseROCKs> well I guess I better not pack my yellow shirts then
16:35:17 <henne> i mean now
16:35:20 <izabelvalverde> orange!
16:35:26 <yaloki> but indeed, as henne said, first there needs to be a team of people who take that task up during the conference
16:35:41 <suseROCKs> and we only have 13 days left to figure that out
16:35:47 <yaloki> give information (e.g. taxi), be a place where people can complain etc
16:36:02 <henne> yaloki: that is part of the job description of the registration desk
16:36:10 <yaloki> well really, flashy t-shirts with "staff" on it
16:36:19 <henne> yes yes we al agree
16:36:25 <henne> you get your flashy t-shirt :P
16:36:27 <yaloki> henne: just need to make sure it's clear to everyone
16:36:34 <yaloki> no, I'm not an organizer :)
16:36:44 * AJaeger needs to leave
16:36:45 <henne> okay if youre not an organizer who is?
16:36:59 <yaloki> how the hell do I know, I'm not an organizer :)
16:37:00 <henne> thats what I meant...
16:37:05 <AJaeger> give me a flashy t-shirt and I volunteer wearing it ;)
16:37:07 <suseROCKs> lol
16:37:22 <henne> how many people do we need?
16:37:28 <henne> is 10 enough?
16:37:32 <yaloki> oh sure
16:37:36 <henne> okay
16:37:43 <henne> I just organize 10 flashy t-shirts
16:37:44 <yaloki> given that the location isn't that large and that there aren't that many people, 10 would do fine methinks
16:38:08 <yaloki> it's for all sorts of things, including calling 112, etc...
16:38:17 <suseROCKs> 112?
16:38:32 <yaloki> suseROCKs: international number for ambulance, firefighters, …
16:38:40 <izabelvalverde> so far we already have 23 volunteers at our http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_volunteers
16:38:48 <suseROCKs> wut?  no 911?
16:38:50 <cartman> 112 is firefighters here
16:38:53 <henne> okay next topic
16:38:56 <yaloki> suseROCKs: no, it's 112 :)
16:39:02 <henne> we deviated
16:39:05 <yaloki> suseROCKs: 911 is US only, 112 works everywhere
16:39:14 <henne> who is going to send that preparation mail to all speakers?
16:39:28 <henne> i have assigned that staff stuff to me
16:39:49 <suseROCKs> henne,   I'll restart the discussion again on the CFP if again the main gists get ignored then I'll work through it with bits missing
16:39:59 <henne> ok
16:40:42 <henne> next thing then
16:40:51 * suseROCKs makes a note...  get krankenwagen via 112
16:40:56 <henne> are the lightning talks on track? suseROCKs?
16:41:13 <suseROCKs> henne,  we have 5 so far, and I'm poking more people around to get 5 more
16:41:25 <henne> ok
16:41:25 <suseROCKs> and if anyone here wants to do a cool 5 min lightning talk on Sun night, let me know  :-)
16:41:45 <henne> and some other ball we dropped:
16:41:53 <suseROCKs> hint folks:   yaloki's talk is going to be pretty cool
16:41:57 <henne> is a whiteboard enough for unconf scheduling?
16:42:18 <suseROCKs> whiteboard or posterpaper like we did in the past should be fine
16:42:28 <henne> alright
16:42:41 <suseROCKs> whiteboard runs the risk of someone walking by and accidentally wiping the schedule off with their shoulder  :-)
16:43:00 <henne> okay next topic
16:43:04 <henne> main hall recordings
16:43:16 <henne> whats the status here?
16:43:33 <henne> suseROCKs?
16:43:44 <suseROCKs> by main hall recordings are you referring to the main general sessions or for every session?
16:44:05 <henne> whatever you wanted to record
16:44:13 <suseROCKs> I have my camera  :-)
16:44:18 <suseROCKs> and tripod
16:44:50 <henne> okay but you wanted to organize volunteers
16:44:52 <suseROCKs> and at this time I intend to only record general keynote sessions etc.   Not every presentation session in every room.
16:45:13 <suseROCKs> henne,   yes  but the more I thought about it the more I realized its the post-conference stuff of organizing thtat material that's going to be a nightmare
16:45:39 <henne> sure :)
16:45:44 <henne> like every year
16:45:56 <suseROCKs> well last year it basically didn't happen
16:45:57 <henne> alright lets drop it then
16:46:05 <izabelvalverde> like every conference in the world!
16:46:21 <henne> then everyone can do it individually
16:46:32 <suseROCKs> yes
16:46:51 <henne> AJaeger: still there?
16:46:57 <suseROCKs> he left
16:47:02 <henne> k
16:47:52 <henne> next open thing is
16:48:07 <henne> Organize openSUSE/Sponsor goodies
16:48:11 <henne> do we have something?
16:48:16 <henne> jospoortvliet?
16:48:19 <henne> izabelvalverde?
16:48:25 <jospoortvliet> henne: not as far as I know...
16:48:27 <jospoortvliet> (no)
16:48:40 <henne> what about those geekos?
16:48:57 <henne> so we have bags but nothing to put in? ;)
16:49:05 <izabelvalverde> henne I will be there to help whatever is ready
16:49:23 <henne> sure
16:49:41 <henne> the question is if you will have something to do or not ;)
16:49:59 <henne> okay, this stays open then
16:50:30 <izabelvalverde> henne I don't have but AJaeger and jospoortvliet will tell us something soon ;-)
16:51:02 <henne> i hope so
16:51:13 <izabelvalverde> they will :-)
16:51:22 <henne> another big task is making each room liveable
16:51:55 <yaloki_> explain
16:52:05 <izabelvalverde> liveable means?
16:52:07 <suseROCKs> livable?   people aren't supposed to live there  :-)
16:52:22 <henne> then venue is an abandoned office building
16:52:42 <suseROCKs> meaning chairs and tables?
16:52:47 <henne> we have planed 500€ for each room to make it enjoyable
16:53:03 <henne> chairs and tables will be setup by the chairs and tables company
16:53:10 <henne> but those are really old offices
16:53:11 <jospoortvliet> henne: plants/flowers, stuff on the walls you mean?
16:53:13 <jospoortvliet> stuffed geeko's?
16:53:15 <henne> like 50 years
16:53:16 <jospoortvliet> paint?
16:53:19 <henne> and 10 of them abandoned
16:53:29 <suseROCKs> we get to paint the rooms?
16:53:31 <henne> yes i mean decoration
16:53:48 <jospoortvliet> henne: so, echoing suseROCKs - can we paint the rooms?
16:53:51 <henne> i would like to have one person/room that is responsible for this
16:53:54 <jospoortvliet> I think that's too much work, but...
16:54:06 <henne> no we can't
16:54:22 <jospoortvliet> ok
16:54:23 <suseROCKs> darn,  was going to suggest a paint-fest for Saturday then  :-)
16:54:59 <jospoortvliet> henne: it's something I suck at AND you kind'a need to be there 'on the spot'. we could ask on -project for ppl who are there on saturday, if anyone wants to adopt a room and spend 500 euro to make it pretty?
16:55:00 <suseROCKs> will rooms be stocked with beverages like previous conferences?  Or we go to the bar area for that?
16:55:08 <jospoortvliet> some ppl might come forward and do cool stuff
16:55:15 <jospoortvliet> we can even give the coolest room a prize...
16:55:33 <henne> jospoortvliet: the problem is that we don't have cash. you need to upfront the money
16:55:39 <henne> i doubt people will just do that
16:55:52 <suseROCKs> especially with the limited time frame  (next week Saturday)
16:55:53 <izabelvalverde> isn't saturday too late for it?
16:56:05 <henne> yeah that might also be a problem
16:56:09 <jospoortvliet> henne: we could go to a big store all together, saturday morning, and let everyone buy stuff. Let them send the bill to suse, worst case I use my credit card...
16:56:15 <jospoortvliet> and yes, saturday is late
16:56:22 <jospoortvliet> but not impossible provided we have a van or so ...
16:56:24 <henne> better late then never
16:56:31 <henne> we do have a van
16:56:48 <suseROCKs> each room has a session chair, right?
16:56:53 <henne> so how are we going to organize this?
16:56:55 <suseROCKs> Why not ping them directly for ideas?
16:56:56 <henne> and especially who
16:57:22 <henne> so far we have 3 people volunteering as session chair
16:57:49 <henne> and that job description didn't include decorating ;)
16:57:59 <suseROCKs> so ask them if they want to include it
16:58:07 <henne> sure
16:58:13 <henne> like ive said
16:58:19 <suseROCKs> at the very least they can handle the poking of volunteers to help them
16:58:31 <henne> how are we going to organize this and who is organizing it?
16:58:53 <suseROCKs> henne,  I think more importantly is how important is this?
16:58:55 <henne> things don't happen on their own
16:58:55 <yaloki> really needs to be handled by people on-location :\
16:59:29 <henne> suseROCKs: the rooms are 50 year old offices abandoned since 10 years
16:59:40 <henne> this means you comit suicide as soon as you go in there now
16:59:51 <suseROCKs> henne,   that isn't clear as to just how bad it is now
17:00:01 <henne> it is that bad :)
17:00:04 <jospoortvliet> ok so how about we ask on -project who arrives before saturday morning and ask them to help make it pretty?
17:00:21 <jospoortvliet> then trow whoever shows up in a van, go get stuff (I take care of the $$ somehow) and we are up and running...
17:00:23 <jospoortvliet> idea?
17:00:25 * yaloki arrives on saturday evening
17:00:29 <izabelvalverde> we can ask for all that is sponsored as well
17:00:30 <suseROCKs> we can't paint, and umm...  what's currently wrong with the walls now?   Mice coming out of holes?
17:00:33 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: you're out :D
17:00:38 <yaloki> yup :)
17:00:41 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: just hang up stuff
17:00:54 <yaloki> I can paint it green on saturday night though
17:00:59 <yaloki> gonna cost a lot in beer though
17:01:06 <jospoortvliet> hehe
17:01:08 <suseROCKs> why not just create a bunch of bnners then?
17:01:12 <henne> the typical room looks like this:
17:01:14 <henne> http://www.flickr.com/photos/hennevogel/6011293373/in/pool-1691008@N25/
17:01:15 <suseROCKs> that'll be less thatn 500 Euros per room for sure
17:01:17 <jospoortvliet> ok so how about asking on -project? we can do something that way
17:01:34 <yaloki> awesome
17:01:34 <henne> jospoortvliet: are you asking? :)
17:01:45 <suseROCKs> are the rooms dark like in that photo?
17:01:47 <izabelvalverde> with table and chairs will look better for sure
17:01:50 <yaloki> 500€ worth of old couches in each room, done
17:01:50 <yaloki> ;)
17:01:57 <jospoortvliet> henne: I can send a mail, surely... and tell ppl to let us know and show up etc :D
17:02:02 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: yup that'd be awesome
17:02:04 <jospoortvliet> or bean bags
17:02:05 <jospoortvliet> hehe
17:02:11 <yaloki> or hash bags
17:02:15 * yaloki assigns to jospoortvliet
17:02:20 <suseROCKs> seriously, are the rooms really this dark?
17:02:24 <henne> suseROCKs: yes
17:02:31 <suseROCKs> what lighting plans do we have?
17:02:32 <izabelvalverde> btw we need to be sure about curtain
17:02:38 <izabelvalverde> is it right word?!?
17:02:44 <suseROCKs> yes
17:02:45 <yaloki> there are lights
17:02:52 <yaloki> aren't there
17:03:03 <henne> I'm not sure ;)
17:03:05 <suseROCKs> yaloki,  well henne's response indicates to me the rooms have poor lighting
17:03:10 <yaloki> oh aw uh
17:03:22 * henne puts this on the checklist
17:03:25 <yaloki> poor lighting is fine as long as there is proper lighting in the main room
17:03:35 <yaloki> you don't want too much light when you have a presentation anyway
17:03:37 <suseROCKs> and if that's the case there's a bit of an accessibility problem.      And we'll need some kind of lamp available in every room so I can see my interpreters
17:03:41 <yaloki> we'll just do light with our androids ;)
17:03:44 <henne> yeah especially with the projectors we have
17:03:53 <yaloki> henne: oh aw uh
17:04:11 <henne> i'm telling you boys
17:04:20 <henne> and girls
17:04:26 <henne> this is a conference where we have to do nearly everything ourselves
17:04:32 <henne> a real DIY conference
17:04:40 <jospoortvliet> henne: so how about:
17:04:45 <jospoortvliet> Hey all,
17:04:46 <jospoortvliet> So the Zentrifuge location is a dark and dank place and we are supposed to lighten up the place with our energetic presence :D
17:04:48 <jospoortvliet> To help with that, we need EVERYONE who is available on saturday to help make it pretty. We've got a bunch of $$$ and a van - and empty, depressive rooms. Who wants us to help carry beanbags, hang up posters, put down potted plants and more things like that to make it work for oSC?!?
17:04:48 <suseROCKs> henne,   please note what I said above about lighting
17:04:49 <jospoortvliet> We really need some help with that, so anyone... please?
17:04:51 <jospoortvliet> /The conf team
17:05:01 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: part of the making-it-pretty will be lightning... ok?
17:05:16 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: just be sure to be there to help out, I'm sure you can help sitting in bean bags :D
17:05:38 <suseROCKs> jospoortvliet,   good practice for me before the brainsshare conf  :-)
17:05:46 <henne> jospoortvliet: s/help/drive to organize/
17:05:52 <suseROCKs> but if we want me to sit in bean bgs, please also rent a forklift
17:06:06 <yaloki> henne is the forklift
17:06:15 <henne> jospoortvliet: like I've said, we need to get people organizing this
17:06:17 <suseROCKs> I fear for my life then  :-)
17:06:29 <henne> otherwise 20 people will ask you on saturday morning what they should buy ;)
17:06:29 <jospoortvliet> henne: that doesn'
17:06:32 <jospoortvliet> t work
17:06:34 <yaloki> suseROCKs: don't, corpses are heavier than living beings
17:06:51 <suseROCKs> lol
17:07:04 <jospoortvliet> Hey all,
17:07:05 <yaloki> jospoortvliet: go to ikea, order, have it brought there ? and spend 4 days putting it together :D
17:07:05 <jospoortvliet> So the Zentrifuge location is a dark and dank place and we are supposed to lighten up the place with our energetic presence :D
17:07:07 <jospoortvliet> To help with that, we need EVERYONE who is available on saturday to help make it pretty. We've got a bunch of $$$ and a van - and empty, depressive rooms.
17:07:08 <jospoortvliet> Who helps us buy stuff, bring it to the conference, then help carry beanbags, hang up posters, put down potted plants and more things like that to make it work for oSC?!?
17:07:10 <jospoortvliet> We really need some help with that, so anyone... please?
17:07:11 <jospoortvliet> It'd be nice if you let us know if you can help, but even if you don't - just show up saturday as early as possible (not before 10, of course) and help us cary stuff around :D
17:07:13 <jospoortvliet> /The conf team
17:07:14 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: hehehe
17:07:31 <henne> jospoortvliet: sure. go for it
17:07:39 <suseROCKs> jospoortvliet,   starting the message with "darnk and dank" doesn't sound like a conference someone would want to go to      Try something more uplifting
17:07:39 <jospoortvliet> done
17:07:45 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: ok
17:08:01 <yaloki> "conference in a kit"
17:08:07 <suseROCKs> heh
17:08:15 * yaloki creates the conferencekit project on code.google.com
17:08:21 <suseROCKs> uhh  if its dank, are we airing out the place before the start of conference?
17:08:35 <henne> i surely hope so
17:08:45 <jospoortvliet> ok'
17:08:45 <henne> most of the rooms where smokers offices ;)
17:08:48 <yaloki> add room deodorant to the list :)
17:08:50 <jospoortvliet> I have to go now, need to get food etc etc
17:08:52 <suseROCKs> cuz seriously   "abandoned and dank" sounds like a mold problem
17:08:53 <jospoortvliet> yaloki: hehehe
17:08:59 <jospoortvliet> bye all, ttyl!
17:09:14 <yaloki> suseROCKs: you heard? we'll be allowed to smoke in the rooms!
17:09:33 <suseROCKs> yaloki,   smoke what?  :-)
17:09:41 <henne> you won't
17:09:54 <henne> okay I hope people show up...
17:09:56 <yaloki> henne: well I guess lighting would really be the priority then, for practical reasons
17:10:00 <yaloki> don't count on it :\
17:10:09 <henne> i dont :-/
17:10:17 <henne> yeah I check all the lighting
17:10:17 <yaloki> we already have so few visitors because we're so widely dispersed around the globe
17:10:26 <henne> already noted down
17:10:27 <AlanClark> henne add extension cords, and plugstrips to the list
17:10:51 <AlanClark> with tape
17:10:54 <yaloki> ooooooh yeah
17:11:23 <izabelvalverde> henne 8th afternoon I'll be able to help on whatever is needed then I can help figure what else would be needed
17:11:26 <suseROCKs> uhh    I guess the next important question regarding this "abandoned building"    Is the electricity turned on?
17:11:26 <yaloki> never enough ducktape and chords
17:11:27 <suseROCKs> :-)
17:11:29 <henne> done
17:11:49 <yaloki> a map of surroundings can be useful too
17:12:00 <henne> surroundings?
17:12:12 <yaloki> e.g. where one can find smokes, stuff to eat, bars, restaurants, ATMs, …
17:12:32 <henne> a physical map?
17:12:38 <yaloki> henne: on paper :)
17:12:48 <henne> hm okay
17:12:57 <suseROCKs> are there such places in walking distance?
17:12:59 <yaloki> henne: would need someone to hike an hour around the location and mark some spots, then put a map together that we can print
17:13:04 <henne> any takwers?
17:13:04 <yaloki> suseROCKs: that's what I meant :)
17:13:17 <henne> yaloki: like http://conference.opensuse.org/map ;)
17:13:43 <yaloki> henne: yes, but check whether there are useful things around there, in walking distance
17:13:45 <suseROCKs> ok what specifically is our topic now?
17:14:05 <izabelvalverde> henne yaloki I can do on thursday... walk look
17:14:14 <yaloki> henne: coz we'll end up with ppl at the infodesk asking where to buy cigs, or restaurants nearby, or an ATM machine, or...
17:14:18 <izabelvalverde> I will need anyway
17:14:28 <henne> okay noted down
17:14:36 <henne> suseROCKs: stuff that comes into your mind
17:14:42 <henne> not on the todo list
17:14:47 <suseROCKs> ok
17:15:02 <henne> because everything else is on track i guess
17:15:03 <suseROCKs> is the cafeteria luncheon provided or do attendees pay for it?
17:15:13 <AlanClark> things around - add parking
17:15:14 <henne> even if that track leads down the cliff....
17:15:25 <henne> suseROCKs: you have to pay
17:15:31 <izabelvalverde> henne where is noted?
17:15:34 <yaloki> can ppl park at the venue?
17:15:42 <henne> izabelvalverde: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_todo_list#Venue
17:15:46 <yaloki> but that svg map is a good thing to start with
17:15:49 <suseROCKs> we should indicate what the meal plan is then and cost clearly
17:15:52 <henne> yes there is a big parking place near by
17:16:04 <suseROCKs> OK I have a couple of things
17:16:24 <suseROCKs> the paid ticket holder.    There's some benefits that they get.   I can't remember what I read a while ago
17:16:35 <izabelvalverde> henne thanks I was there but lost!
17:16:37 <suseROCKs> but one is a meet the speakers kind of thing?   Do I remember correctly?
17:16:37 <yaloki> suseROCKs: "paid ticket holder" = ?
17:16:51 <suseROCKs> yaloki,   umm  the professional ticket
17:16:52 <yaloki> suseROCKs: ah, the "business ticket" ? it's meeting suse management
17:17:01 <henne> suseROCKs: http://conference.opensuse.org/tickets
17:17:19 <henne> * An invitation to a dinner with the keynote speakers and conference organizers on tuesday
17:17:21 <suseROCKs> thank you  (/me takes a quick look again)
17:17:26 <henne> * Access to feedback session with SUSE executive management team
17:17:52 <suseROCKs> yes that one (speaker dinner)    Have we informed our keynoters that they have a dinner to attend?
17:18:07 <henne> AJaeger is organizing both imho
17:18:22 <henne> i don't know about the status though :-/
17:18:27 <suseROCKs> how many professional tickets have we sold so far?
17:19:04 <AlanClark> suseROCKS; I'm going through that list today.
17:19:09 <AlanClark> The number is small
17:19:13 <suseROCKs> ok
17:19:24 <suseROCKs> lucky ticket holders.  They'll feel very exclusive  :-)
17:19:32 <suseROCKs> ok  second thing I wanted to mention here...
17:20:02 <suseROCKs> dragotin, and I had a chat the other day and we're going to put up a sign-up sheet (poster?) at the conference for anyone who is interested to go to the openSUSE Monastery Wed after the conference
17:20:03 <henne> there are 9 professional ticket registratrions
17:20:15 <yaloki> the what?
17:20:28 <suseROCKs> the monastery where they make the openSUSE Beer
17:20:43 <suseROCKs> they have this dinner thing there and it some kind of baked pork and dumplings
17:20:44 <yaloki> ah okay
17:20:47 <henne> yaloki: didn't you hear? you're a monk now...
17:21:02 <yaloki> bring the nuns
17:21:19 <henne> AlanClark: so you take care of the dinner and stuff?
17:21:26 <suseROCKs> so anyone who signs up by I guess Tuesday we can make reservations for everyone there at the monastery for Wed dinner  (which is a 1 hour public transit ride away)
17:21:27 <henne> yaloki: you misunderstood something there ;)
17:21:28 <AlanClark> no - AJ is doin that
17:21:35 <henne> ok
17:22:02 <AlanClark> I'm working on the billing
17:22:17 <henne> ok
17:22:24 <suseROCKs> and we will probably need to bring protective clothing for yaloki  so he doesn't get struck by lightning entering a relighious establishment
17:22:51 <yaloki> I'd lit it on fire just being there
17:23:14 <yaloki> suseROCKs: is registration needed or sumfink?
17:23:22 <henne> okay so what the question you have?= :)
17:24:05 <yaloki> henne: side question: so the rooms are w/o chairs too atm?
17:24:17 <suseROCKs> yaloki,    they suggest reservations for the wed dinner
17:24:21 <suseROCKs> http://www.das-wirtshaus-klosterbrauerei-weissenohe.de/ is the venue
17:24:32 <henne> yaloki: yes. we ordered 390 chairs and 40 tables
17:24:36 <yaloki> henne: ah okay
17:24:39 <yaloki> good :)
17:24:42 <henne> yaloki: the company we rented it from will set them up
17:24:45 <suseROCKs> henne,   390 chairs per room? :-)
17:24:47 <yaloki> awesome
17:25:02 <henne> suseROCKs: your ass needs 290 right? ;)
17:25:10 <suseROCKs> no  294
17:25:14 <izabelvalverde> henne I must to leave please add me if I can help anything else...
17:25:27 <izabelvalverde> bye guys
17:25:30 <henne> izabelvalverde: i count on you rescueing all of us on thursday :)
17:25:32 <suseROCKs> later!
17:25:34 <henne> izabelvalverde: have fun
17:25:45 <izabelvalverde> be sure :-D
17:25:46 <henne> okay so anything else we need to discuss?
17:25:47 <izabelvalverde> bye
17:26:01 <henne> please make sure to think hard in the next 10 days if we miss something
17:26:05 <yaloki> hmmm
17:26:17 <yaloki> henne: I guess there won't be red cross there, for that amount of ppl
17:26:29 <henne> nope
17:26:30 <yaloki> henne: but it would be useful to have a list of people who know what do to
17:26:40 <yaloki> I mean ppl who had a training
17:26:55 <suseROCKs> you mean like cpr and whom to contact for emergency?
17:26:57 <henne> shouldn't that be indentical with the list of organizers?
17:27:04 <yaloki> you never know what can happen, it's good that at least staff have a list of ppl
17:27:09 <yaloki> suseROCKs: I meant cpr, yes
17:27:25 <yaloki> in case of emergency → someone with a flashy t-shirt
17:27:31 <suseROCKs> people will likely let me die rather than touch their lips to me cpr-ically
17:27:34 <yaloki> but a list of ppl with cpr skillz
17:27:34 <henne> every german that has a drivers licens is supposed to know it
17:27:41 <yaloki> henne: "supposed"
17:27:48 <yaloki> well, just a suggestion
17:27:51 <henne> sure
17:27:57 <henne> we have some spare time firefighters
17:28:05 <yaloki> awesome
17:28:06 <suseROCKs> portable defibrillator on hand?
17:28:09 <henne> i see if i can get something together
17:28:20 <yaloki> henne: but it's very helpful to have their phone # or something, to get ahold of them quick when something happens
17:28:21 <suseROCKs> true we should designate Kostas to organize health planning I guess
17:28:31 <henne> yaloki: yes
17:28:34 <yaloki> had two emergencies at fosdem this year, it just shows that every preperation helps
17:29:06 <yaloki> and even though we had red cross staff on-site, for the next one, all staff will get a training
17:29:29 <yaloki> (lots more ppl of course, but still, a short list of whom to poke when a few seconds make a difference doesn't harm)
17:29:45 <henne> will do
17:29:54 <yaloki> great
17:30:09 <henne> anything else or are we finished?
17:30:10 <yaloki> hmmm what else
17:30:13 <yaloki> vestiaire
17:30:28 <suseROCKs> what's vestiaire?
17:30:35 <yaloki> well, jacket/bag deposit
17:30:40 <henne> we have one
17:30:40 <yaloki> suseROCKs: coatroom
17:30:51 <yaloki> henne: manned ?
17:30:56 <yaloki> (just asking :))
17:31:07 <yaloki> have to be careful with responsibility :)
17:31:23 <henne> nope
17:31:25 <henne> not manned
17:31:36 <henne> we just have to put up signs
17:31:38 <suseROCKs> so not a place to deposit bags then  just coats
17:31:39 <polifasio> henne: what is the expected number of participants?
17:31:42 <yaloki> might need a rotation with volunteers then
17:31:49 <henne> polifasio: 200-300
17:31:56 <yaloki> henne: please add to the shopping list: tickets for the coatroom
17:32:05 <henne> there is no coatroom
17:32:12 <henne> there is just something to hang your coat
17:32:13 <suseROCKs> you just said there is
17:32:14 <henne> un-watched
17:32:18 <yaloki> okay
17:32:30 <yaloki> not sure that works with legalize though but okay
17:32:48 <henne> it does as long as you put up signs :)
17:32:59 <suseROCKs> legalize?
17:33:07 <yaloki> suseROCKs: sorry, meant "legalese"
17:33:19 <suseROCKs> oh   the "we're not responsible for lost items" thing
17:33:26 <yaloki> suseROCKs: in terms of responsibility of the organizers if sth gets lost or stolen
17:33:29 <yaloki> yes
17:33:44 <suseROCKs> here in the US  the courts ruled some years ago that those signs aren't applicable  :-)
17:33:53 <yaloki> suseROCKs: I think it's the same here too
17:34:00 <henne> not in germany :)
17:34:08 <henne> okay anything else?
17:34:21 <suseROCKs> does registration open on Sat or Sunday?
17:34:23 <yaloki> hmm.. no
17:34:28 <henne> suseROCKs: sunday of course
17:34:30 <henne> if you can think of anything else either:
17:34:31 <suseROCKs> aka  do people get to do early badge pickup?
17:34:44 <henne> A) put it onto the todo lists if you do it
17:34:56 <henne> or B) send a suggestion to opensuse-conference@opensuse.org
17:35:14 <suseROCKs> it was a question not a "we need to do this"  :-P
17:35:20 <henne> suseROCKs: we open the registration at 9 and the first talks is at 10
17:35:57 <henne> and registration consists of taking your badge and bag
17:36:49 <henne> okay lets close this meeting
17:36:50 <yaloki> okay, let's wrap up the meeting
17:36:58 <suseROCKs> ok lets shut down this meeting
17:36:58 <henne> thanks for showing up people
17:37:08 <henne> we really need more brain power on this one
17:37:17 <henne> as this is really a DIY conf this year
17:37:33 <suseROCKs> well the extent of the DIY part was quite news to me today
17:37:37 <yaloki> henne: yeah, but the problem is that you actually need more people on site :\
17:37:56 <yaloki> there is only so much one can do off site
17:38:00 <henne> well the stuff before we can manage
17:38:05 <suseROCKs> and to get more people on site we have to sponsor more hotel rooms, etc. etc.
17:38:12 <henne> what worries me is the staffing during the conference
17:38:51 <yaloki> needs a call for volunteers, a list of positions to take, a timetable, and one person to coordinate
17:39:00 <henne> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_volunteers
17:39:05 <henne> we already did that...
17:39:06 <yaloki> that works for ~100 volunteers at fosdem
17:39:20 <henne> 23 is the number we have
17:39:46 <yaloki> I sure can help for a few hours here and there, but it's always the same problem, you also want to see talks and chat with ppl, etc..
17:40:00 <henne> figure it out :)
17:40:06 <henne> we still need good bar-tenders for instance
17:40:21 <henne> I'm sure you're capable of handing out one beer (while drinking the other)#
17:40:39 <suseROCKs> with so many volunteers  would we have time to actually attend sessions?  :-)
17:40:41 <yaloki> henne: bottles? :)
17:40:42 <henne> or closing the venue up in the evening :)
17:40:46 <henne> yaloki: sure bottles
17:40:49 <yaloki> oh yeah, I sure can throw ppl out
17:40:56 <yaloki> yeah, I can do bar tender
17:41:13 <yaloki> though I'm not tender
17:41:14 <henne> so please talk to your peers and see that they get their names up there
17:41:27 <tigerfoot> yaloki: you will have me as assistant (for the bottle, not throwing people out)
17:41:27 <yaloki> henne: dude, you got to get your name up there
17:41:33 <yaloki> hehe
17:41:50 <yaloki> I'll just smuggle water in between the beers, no one will notice
17:42:04 <henne> yaloki: i'll add the organizers part to this list soon :)
17:42:07 <tigerfoot> henne: we will be two available to help from friday ~ 6pm
17:42:17 <henne> tigerfoot: get your name up on the wiki :)
17:42:28 <henne> okay lets wrap up
17:42:31 <henne> i'm hungery
17:42:40 <tigerfoot> henne: now that's sure when I will be there ... I'll do
17:42:41 <suseROCKs> henne,   Thought you were Germany
17:42:44 <henne> thank you all
17:42:50 <henne> #endmeeting