14:02:47 <AJaeger> #startmeeting openSUSE Conference Orga Meeting
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14:02:51 <AJaeger> #chair henne
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14:02:58 <henne> others are here too. cwh, dragotin, tom
14:03:11 <AJaeger> Good!
14:03:14 * cartman is listening
14:03:25 <AJaeger> Let's start with Social Events.
14:03:30 <AJaeger> #topic Social Events
14:03:41 <AJaeger> First part is the party
14:03:44 <AJaeger> #topic Social Events - Party
14:03:50 <AJaeger> Henne, why don't you say something?
14:04:02 <henne> okay
14:04:16 <henne> we still need music
14:04:36 <henne> cwh is looking into that
14:05:02 <cwh> yo
14:05:13 <henne> he talks to some peepz from fat orange
14:05:21 <henne> the same guys that also might have a PA for us
14:05:35 <AJaeger> cwh: Thanks!
14:05:50 <henne> AJaeger: is the venue aware of this party?
14:06:30 <cwh> The PA guy promised to contact me early this week for  a meeting at Zentrifuge this week.
14:07:06 <AJaeger> henne: Yes, they are.
14:07:09 <henne> cwh: would that be the same guys who can answer questions about the band? :)
14:07:33 <henne> AJaeger: are there any limitations? other then "not loud"
14:07:42 <cwh> The musician will most likely also join
14:07:49 <AJaeger> henne: not loud wsa the only one.
14:08:03 <henne> cwh: okay cool
14:08:08 <AJaeger> not loud meaning: There are some neighbours, be friendly to them ;)
14:08:36 <henne> that was something that interests me generally
14:08:46 <henne> do we need to take care that people leave there?
14:08:52 <henne> are they closing up some time?
14:09:00 <AJaeger> no closing up time.
14:09:12 <AJaeger> Our responsibility.
14:09:16 <henne> okay
14:09:29 <henne> that means we need someone to take care fo that each day
14:09:33 <henne> phew
14:10:41 <AJaeger> henne: Yeah, add it as action item
14:10:42 <henne> ill add that as another task for the venu list okay?
14:10:49 <AJaeger> ok ;)
14:11:33 <henne> so what kind of support do we get from them?
14:11:41 <henne> or are we just getting keys and thats it? :)
14:12:19 <AJaeger> for handling the conference: YEs, just getting keys.
14:12:23 <henne> okay
14:12:39 <henne> so who is going to organize those open/closing volunteers?
14:13:36 <AJaeger> Add it to the general place holder "location team" - and we then need to write a long list calling for volunteers.
14:13:43 <henne> k
14:14:09 <henne> on with party
14:14:28 <henne> Olli and I will organize the food/grill/dishes
14:14:40 <henne> and I will organize additonal entertainment
14:14:55 <henne> my current plan is to rent a bull-riding machine :)
14:15:14 * AJaeger considers not to come ;)
14:15:31 <henne> it also fun, just to watch ;)
14:15:54 <AJaeger> are you suggesting I should come and take photos? ;)
14:16:01 <henne> yes
14:16:18 <henne> for that I need to check AC power options etc.
14:16:23 <AJaeger> henne: ok, understood.
14:16:48 <henne> other then that I think thats it for the party
14:17:05 <henne> oh no. I need to buy wine
14:17:39 <henne> thats it
14:18:04 <AJaeger> henne: The building has also some companies. Should we invite them to the party - and the event?
14:18:28 <henne> what companies?
14:18:44 <AJaeger> There are other companies in the Zentrifuge building on the floors we use.
14:18:55 <AJaeger> only a few...
14:19:06 <henne> k. we should definately warn them
14:19:14 <henne> and its best to invite them then yes ;)
14:19:19 <AJaeger> Add an AI for the location team to visit and invite them.
14:19:52 <henne> I can do that
14:19:58 <AJaeger> henne: Great!
14:20:37 <AJaeger> henne: REgarding wine: We can also rent the wine glasses - see the offer from Wolf
14:21:22 <henne> that costs way too much
14:21:33 <AJaeger> henne: Ok
14:22:00 <henne> we're going with some "hauswein" and normal glasses
14:23:01 <henne> next topic?
14:23:47 <AJaeger> #topic Social Events - Afternoon Program
14:24:13 <AJaeger> dragotin: Do you want to explain?
14:24:50 <henne> cwh is exploring options with "Fat Orange" here as well
14:24:56 <AJaeger> This is about "Side events"
14:25:17 <AJaeger> Let me cite from an email by dragotin on the opensuse-conference mailing list:
14:25:20 <henne> yes I think we need to find something we want to do now and try to make it happen
14:25:23 <AJaeger> there are a couple of ideas for side events at the conference, ie.
14:25:25 <AJaeger> stuff that is fun and not directly related to conferencing and
14:25:26 <AJaeger> party ;-) Examples are: A photo competition or a geocaching activity.
14:25:28 <AJaeger> We would need some people thinking about and organizing that otherwise
14:25:29 <AJaeger> that does not happen. Probably it would be beneficial if at least a
14:25:31 <AJaeger> few people are located in Nbg. but not all need to.
14:25:32 <AJaeger> Somebody interested, or, who should we force into? ;-)
14:25:36 <AJaeger> The wiki page http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_todo_list#Social_Events lists some examples
14:25:51 <henne> cwh: what would be the FO options for this?
14:25:52 <AJaeger> So, shall we do it? What and who?
14:26:32 <cwh> One side event would be the guy doing the "How to make music with your GameBoy" workshop
14:26:47 <henne> okay
14:26:59 <AJaeger> cwh: Then let's list that one as first items - and not as idea ;)
14:27:04 <cwh> Means a workshop in the afternoon and his performance in the evening
14:27:12 <AJaeger> good
14:27:24 <henne> for which day should we try this?
14:27:33 <cwh> yes, that is more than just an idea - it's quite sure
14:27:36 <AJaeger> whenever that guy has time ;)
14:27:36 <henne> tuesday?
14:28:14 <henne> we only have the option of sunday/tuesday/wednesday
14:28:24 <henne> and the question is if we want to do something on wednesday
14:28:41 <cwh> I think not
14:28:53 <AJaeger> I suggest to have on wednesday a "good bye" session instead
14:29:07 <henne> yeah that sounds about right
14:29:17 <cwh> I don't expect people staying longer than necessary
14:29:18 <AJaeger> better word it "conference closing" comments
14:29:19 <henne> so we only have to cover sunday/tuesday
14:29:39 <AJaeger> cwh: So ask him - if he responds quickly, he can choose ;)
14:29:48 <cwh> ok, I'll ask
14:29:59 <cwh> (I personally woul prefer tuesday)
14:30:09 <henne> and who is going to organize the closing session?
14:30:16 <henne> cwh: me too
14:30:47 <AJaeger> we should ask for a moderator.
14:30:57 <henne> okay
14:31:03 <henne> but who is we? :)
14:31:05 <AJaeger> henne: Assign it to Jos ;)
14:31:14 <AJaeger> he can do it or find somebody else
14:31:14 <henne> sounds about right
14:31:36 <henne> leaves one slot open
14:31:50 <AJaeger> Exactly. So, should we strive for some physical exercise?
14:32:14 <henne> my question would be: is any of the ideas tangible?
14:32:20 <AJaeger> Or ask for volunteers?
14:32:25 <henne> or are those just ideas?
14:32:42 <AJaeger> We have to check with ofecher - he mentioned a sportshall nearby, we can investigate that as an easy option.
14:32:44 <dragotin> doable ideas, such as a human kicker game
14:32:51 <dragotin> for example
14:32:59 * AJaeger welcomes dragotin
14:33:15 <dragotin> AJaeger: not needed, I nearly live here ;-)
14:33:33 <henne> dragotin: the question is: have we done more for any of the ideas then to come up with them?
14:33:44 * AJaeger had the impression it took quite long to wake up dragotin ;)
14:33:45 <dragotin> henne: no
14:33:50 <henne> like investigated options etc.
14:33:52 <henne> ok
14:34:20 <AJaeger> So, should we push for an idea - and find volunteers. Or ask for volunteers and let them figure out themselves what to do?
14:34:21 <dragotin> but still: If somebody (like a wednesday-eve-team) picks up, still easily doable
14:34:49 <henne> yes but then the question is who is going to organize the team
14:34:57 <henne> the work doesn't go away
14:35:18 <henne> does anyone want's to do anything here?
14:35:29 <henne> or do we need to find volunteers?
14:35:38 * dragotin don't
14:36:02 <henne> "do anything" means organizing it
14:36:30 <henne> okay so we need to find volunteers
14:36:35 <dragotin> wenn nix geht, geht halt nix
14:36:36 <henne> anyone up for this?
14:37:53 <henne> cool
14:38:02 <henne> i'll try to do this
14:38:11 <AJaeger> henne: Thanks!
14:38:37 <AJaeger> next topic?
14:38:44 <henne> yes
14:38:45 <AJaeger> #topic Hotels
14:39:09 <AJaeger> we have two hotels with special fees, the wiki is updated.
14:39:35 <dragotin> can we/do we track how  many people already booked there?
14:40:03 <AJaeger> dragotin: I could try to ask - I know that Jacqueline just booked 15+ Labs guys...
14:40:35 <AJaeger> dragotin: Let me ask on the 1st when the first continent is getting cancelled (Henne: An AI for me ;)
14:41:03 <henne> why do we want to know this?
14:41:26 <AJaeger> henne: For checking whether we need more rooms - or pushing folks more ;)
14:41:43 <henne> its nice to know i agree, but we have a shitload of important things to do right? :)
14:41:54 <henne> more rooms. okay thats a point
14:42:03 <AJaeger> Regarding "information about transport hotel-faculty-hotel and around the city"
14:42:32 <AJaeger> The wiki page contains some transport information, so nothing any more.
14:42:37 <henne> thats also already on the wiki
14:42:48 <AJaeger> yeah, so remove that line ;)=
14:43:02 <henne> already did in my editor
14:43:04 <AJaeger> Regarding "map with tips and info for the participants out of above results " - could anybody explain what was meant here?
14:43:11 <henne> the conference_map
14:43:15 <henne> also already in the wiki
14:43:18 * AJaeger likes to check sometimes henne's editor ;)
14:43:25 <AJaeger> henne: So, remove it?
14:43:29 <henne> the only thing left are the green ballons i think
14:43:49 <henne> reload
14:44:16 <AJaeger> We need in general some direction signs - from Hotel and Underground to the location.
14:44:43 <henne> is the hotel in walking distance?
14:44:48 <AJaeger> Let's add that to general venue - add signage to location
14:45:01 <digitltom> we still have the geeko signs from the company trip
14:45:05 <AJaeger> henne: Best Western is in walking distance.
14:45:10 <AJaeger> digitltom: Save them ;)
14:45:25 <digitltom> jw has them, i'll talk to him
14:46:03 <henne> okay
14:46:04 <digitltom> we also have this big opensuse banner
14:46:43 <AJaeger> digitltom: An outdoor one to place outside of Zentrifuge?
14:47:19 <digitltom> the one that was on ruine neideck
14:47:41 <AJaeger> Unfortunately I haven't seen it.
14:47:45 <henne> okay I'll put that up on the venue list
14:48:00 <digitltom> it's on some photo of the trip
14:48:48 * henne added
14:48:51 <henne> |Check the options to hang the huge openSUSE banner at the venue
14:48:52 <henne> |Tom
14:48:56 <henne> okay?
14:49:37 <dragotin> tom nods.
14:49:49 <AJaeger> next topic?
14:49:58 <henne> yes i think so
14:50:02 <AJaeger> #topic STatus
14:50:12 <AJaeger> First IMO: How to track status?
14:50:22 <AJaeger> Should we meet daily or weekly on IRC?
14:50:34 <dragotin> we should work rather than meet
14:50:47 <AJaeger> ;)
14:50:51 <henne> yes but we also should meet weekly for now
14:50:54 <henne> imho
14:50:57 <dragotin> sure
14:51:01 <dragotin> weekly
14:51:31 <henne> and then everybody just tells what he did
14:51:37 <AJaeger> What day & time works best?
14:51:40 <henne> and we can talk about problems etc.
14:51:58 <dragotin> monday 1600 ?
14:52:08 <AJaeger> Nuernberg time?
14:52:11 <henne> sounds good to me
14:52:24 <AJaeger> So, 14:00 UTC
14:52:34 <AJaeger> So= Therefore, 14:00 UTC
14:52:38 <dragotin> Mo, 14:00 UTC ;-)
14:52:43 <AJaeger> +1
14:52:47 <henne> works for me
14:53:00 <AJaeger> OK, I'll add it to the news.o.o calendar.
14:53:13 <AJaeger> (henne no need to give me an AI for that but if you like ;)
14:53:20 <henne> no
14:53:24 <henne> i don't like ;)
14:53:27 <henne> but I would also like to go over the status now
14:53:40 <AJaeger> henne: ok
14:54:29 <henne> I can go first
14:54:44 <henne> i have finished the wiki pages now
14:54:48 <AJaeger> I just wanted to suggest to go over by topic instead person - but we can change ;)
14:55:02 <AJaeger> good!
14:55:12 <henne> and I also have investigated button machines
14:55:28 <henne> a machine including 1.000 buttons costs 240€
14:55:36 <henne> A cutter for the paper costs 70€
14:55:42 <dragotin> I'd say: order.
14:55:46 <AJaeger> henne: Is it much physical exercise?
14:56:03 <AJaeger> Meaning: Can we do it in the numbers we need?
14:56:07 <AJaeger> Then order!
14:56:18 <dragotin> henne: did you say you worked on the website?
14:56:19 <henne> the pages says you get 250 buttons / hour done
14:56:21 <dragotin> conference.o.o?
14:56:29 <henne> dragotin: no. the wiki
14:56:42 <AJaeger> henne: Order!
14:56:49 <dragotin> yeah, that forwards to en.o.o/Portal:Conference
14:56:51 <henne> AJaeger: okay how do I pay?
14:57:10 <henne> dragotin: the page is something else. Im waiting for darix with that one
14:57:14 <AJaeger> We'll figure it out tomorrow together - I came down. OK?
14:57:18 <henne> okay
14:57:48 <AJaeger> henne: Let me just add it to the budget
14:58:22 <henne> another thing I have finished is the announcement of the travel sponsorship program
14:58:31 <AJaeger> henne: Thanks!
14:58:46 <henne> so far we have got 1 request. which worries me
14:58:49 <AJaeger> henne: What we need to remember is twittering such announcements also on @opensuseconf
14:58:52 <henne> i have posted this saturday
14:59:00 * AJaeger did the twitter today
14:59:03 <henne> k
14:59:15 <henne> i still need a co-tweet training from you
14:59:24 <AJaeger> henne: Noted down for tomorrow ;)
14:59:27 <henne> k
14:59:47 <henne> okay that what I have done
14:59:56 * AJaeger goes next
15:00:14 * AJaeger signed up henne for cotweet
15:00:44 <AJaeger> I investigated the twitter to identi.ca gateway - and it's the same way we post already blogs to twitter and identi.ca (via twitterfeed).
15:01:14 <AJaeger> Unfortunately the identi.ca interface that twitterfeed is using is broken since several months, so there's no way to use twitterfeed to publish to identi.ca
15:01:44 <AJaeger> I also checked some other service that offered the same but couldn't connect to identi.ca either ;-(
15:01:46 <AJaeger> So, I'
15:02:04 <AJaeger> I'll remove this AI as : Impossible to do for now due to broken identi.ca
15:02:11 <henne> k
15:02:31 <AJaeger> I invited alanclark to the linkedin group to make him manager but he did not join yet, so I'm waiting for him.
15:02:57 <AJaeger> ofecher published fotos of zentrigue (Thanks to whoever asked him!), so this AI will be removed
15:03:22 <henne> are they in the conference group yet?
15:03:27 <AJaeger> The budget is on google docs, I'll add the URL later to the wiki. If you need write access, contact me.
15:03:34 * dragotin asked ofecher to publish
15:03:39 <AJaeger> REad access should be: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av4RECzUQXqzdFM5WVRnUjU5dThQSExPaWxTTVVvQlE&hl=en_US
15:03:43 * AJaeger hugs dragotin
15:04:24 <AJaeger> I had some discussions with the hostel, everything is fine.
15:04:30 <AJaeger> and me had two days off.
15:04:37 <henne> hostel?
15:04:43 <AJaeger> A&O hotel
15:04:52 <henne> whats that?
15:05:08 <henne> another hotel?
15:05:12 <AJaeger> henne: We have two conference hotels on the wiki - a&O is the second one.
15:05:35 <AJaeger> Check: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_hotels
15:05:35 <henne> ah okay
15:05:38 <henne> sorry
15:05:51 <AJaeger> henne: np - we wanted to spread the knowledge ;)
15:05:59 <AJaeger> a&o is the Cheaper option.
15:06:36 <henne> AJaeger: I would need the venue plan very soon
15:06:44 <henne> can you put that online?
15:07:08 <AJaeger> henne: Tomorrow.
15:07:20 <AJaeger> kick me if I haven't done it when we meet ;)
15:07:27 <henne> ok
15:07:33 <AJaeger> next one?
15:07:51 <henne> please
15:07:54 <dragotin> me probably
15:08:02 <dragotin> I did some program committee work
15:08:23 <dragotin> like lining out how we do the voting on which talks to take etc.
15:08:27 <henne> is that part on track?
15:08:32 <dragotin> it is
15:08:45 <henne> also the tasks from the todo list?
15:08:55 <henne> I didn't see any changes there
15:09:00 <dragotin> I have to check.
15:09:13 <henne> please do
15:09:23 <dragotin> I talked to olli about the fotos
15:09:29 <dragotin> to vuntz about another keynote
15:09:38 <dragotin> to rob about the conference poster
15:09:44 <dragotin> to many other people...
15:10:07 <dragotin> what is open: I still have the contact to Philbi, the light- and sound provider
15:10:19 <dragotin> and we have to sync with cwh's guy somehow
15:10:24 <henne> there are also other printing jobs for robert...
15:10:27 <dragotin> might be that we want to use both
15:10:32 <dragotin> not sure how we proceed on that
15:10:47 <dragotin> I suggest that we visit Zentrifuge this week
15:10:55 <henne> yeah
15:11:06 <dragotin> henne: which todo list do you mean?
15:11:10 <henne> but i don't think its good to meet with both of them at once
15:11:25 <dragotin> henne: no, probably not
15:11:32 <dragotin> lets go for cwhs guy first
15:11:41 <henne> dragotin: there are two todo lists. General and Promo
15:11:43 <dragotin> and see if Philbi can help us with still missing things
15:11:49 <henne> dragotin: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_todo_list
15:12:10 <henne> dragotin: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_promotion_todo_list
15:12:25 <henne> every task should be on them...
15:12:42 <dragotin> ok
15:13:27 <henne> anything else we have done?
15:13:48 <dragotin> who organizes the meetup in zentrifuge?
15:13:57 <dragotin> we had a lot of meetings
15:14:49 <henne> dragotin: we need zentrifuge people to be in that meeting. so you?
15:15:04 <dragotin> hrm.
15:15:12 <dragotin> yes, ok, I will involve Oli
15:15:17 <henne> or cwh because he's talking the the FO people anyway
15:15:36 <dragotin> right, better
15:15:43 <henne> cwh: can you do that?
15:16:05 <cwh> Yes, I would like to join. And coordinate with the Music/PA people
15:16:16 <henne> not join. organize it :)
15:16:31 <henne> dragotin gives you the contact of the zentrifuge people
15:16:37 <henne> and you setup the meeting this week
15:16:48 <henne> whenever the music/pa people can make it
15:16:52 * AJaeger just created the news.o.o calendar entry
15:17:55 <henne> cwh?
15:18:19 <cwh> Ok
15:18:35 <henne> okay
15:19:01 <henne> anything else?
15:20:04 <AJaeger> cycling home before it rains ;)
15:20:06 <henne> so we can end this meeting?
15:20:27 <AJaeger> Thanks everybody, enjoy the rest of the day
15:20:28 <AJaeger> #endmeeting