12:03:35 <AJaeger> #startmeeting Welcome to the openSUSE Project Meeting | http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Project_meeting
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12:03:52 <AJaeger> Welcome everybody to the bi-weekly openSUSE Project Meeting.
12:04:07 <AJaeger> I have so far the following agenda:
12:04:14 <AJaeger> 1.  Old Action Items
12:04:15 <AJaeger> 2. Status Reports
12:04:17 <AJaeger> 3. Questions & Answers
12:04:18 <AJaeger> 1. From Wiki
12:04:20 <AJaeger> 2. From Channel
12:04:21 <AJaeger> Anything else I should add?
12:05:38 <AJaeger> OK, then let's start:
12:05:43 <AJaeger> #topic Old Action Items
12:06:08 <AJaeger> michl, any update on bnc#634456
12:06:22 <AJaeger> yaloki: any update on bnc#509567
12:06:23 <michl> is that the one with the word students in it ?
12:06:29 <AJaeger> michl: Yes
12:07:14 <michl> I updated a bit the "Junior Job" page
12:07:36 <michl> to address needs for people with some knowlegde and the willingness to contribute
12:08:01 <michl> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Junior_jobs
12:08:59 <AJaeger> #info Please help improving http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Junior_jobs so that new people easily find jobs for participation
12:09:38 <AJaeger> Any questions?
12:10:23 <AJaeger> ok, next topic
12:10:28 <AJaeger> #topic status reports
12:10:54 <AJaeger> A couple of teams send status reports including distribution and build service
12:10:59 <AJaeger> Any question on these?
12:11:38 <FunkyPenguin> AJaeger, i'd like to add something
12:11:49 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: Go ahead
12:12:28 <FunkyPenguin> in a few minutes the official announcement will go out about Smeegol - openSUSE's interpretation of MeeGo
12:12:48 <AJaeger> congrats, FunkyPenguin - and all that helped him with it!
12:13:08 <FunkyPenguin> just to keep in mind, and that people are more than welcome to test/file bugs/and join in to make openSUSE better on more devices ;)
12:13:15 <FunkyPenguin> thanks
12:13:50 <AJaeger> #info SmeeGol will be announced in a few minutes
12:14:03 <AJaeger> So, I ask everybody to help with marketing Smeegol
12:14:17 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: I look forward to have Smeego in openSUSE 11.4 ;)
12:15:00 <FunkyPenguin> AJaeger, um ok - lets see how much hacking can be done before/during the conference then :)
12:15:20 <yaloki> FunkyPenguin: I'd say gwdg.de or uni-erlangen.de
12:16:38 <AJaeger> anything else?
12:16:45 <AJaeger> Then let's move on to the next topic...
12:16:47 <yaloki> AJaeger: are you kidding me? (wrt bnc#509567)
12:17:06 <AJaeger> yaloki: Why kidding? IT's an open AI and assigned to you...
12:17:11 * AJaeger didn't check the contents ;)
12:17:13 <yaloki> lol
12:17:15 <yaloki> you should :)
12:17:26 <yaloki> https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=509567
12:17:29 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 509567 in openSUSE.org (Action Items) "[AI] Community Infrastructure" [Normal,New]
12:17:53 <yaloki> I could close it with "nevermind, forget about it, wontfix, no one interested"
12:18:06 <AJaeger> yaloki: If that is the realitiy, then do it.
12:18:49 <yaloki> I'll have to refrain writing certain realities in it then
12:18:53 <BManojlovic> what is it about really?
12:19:32 <yaloki> BManojlovic: the idea was to have a proper, integrated, comfy development infrastructure for the community
12:20:15 <BManojlovic> looking into old wikipage
12:20:44 <dragotin> the bug is so high level that it never will come to live
12:20:58 <dragotin> we're working constantly on that
12:21:10 <BManojlovic> P5 - None  :)
12:21:30 <yaloki> dragotin: orly
12:21:38 <AJaeger> oh, that reminds me on my email on -project recently - goes into the same direction...
12:21:48 <dragotin> AJaeger: yes
12:21:53 <dragotin> yaloki: orly?
12:21:57 <yaloki> dragotin: whatever happens behind close doors...
12:22:05 <yaloki> orly = "oh, really ?"
12:22:18 <dragotin> yaloki: not really closed doors
12:22:40 <yaloki> dragotin: but not really in public either
12:22:52 <yaloki> and not really looking for support, I mean, not _really_
12:23:16 <dragotin> yaloki: new OBS web interface, http://features.opensuse.org/preview/ and such
12:23:18 <yaloki> but anyway
12:23:27 <dragotin> yaloki: connect etc.
12:23:34 <yaloki> hah, don't mention connect
12:23:35 * AJaeger just updated the news.o.o event calendar with the project meeting
12:23:46 <dragotin> yaloki: ACK, never public enough
12:23:52 <dragotin> yaloki: why not?
12:24:10 <dragotin> yaloki: why not joining #opensuse-boosters and discuss that?
12:24:13 <yaloki> I'll rant about that around a beer at the conf, not sure my language about that is for public consumption
12:24:19 <dragotin> hehe
12:24:40 <dragotin> yaloki: ok
12:25:09 <yaloki> anyway, unlike some people who are paid for attending these meetings, I don't work for novell and, hence, I have to work right now
12:25:17 <yaloki> bbl
12:26:39 <AJaeger> Ok, then move on to the next topic
12:26:46 <AJaeger> #topic Q & A
12:27:05 <AJaeger> There are no questions on the wiki, are there any questions here?
12:28:56 <AJaeger> No questions?
12:29:15 <AJaeger> 3
12:29:18 <AJaeger> 2
12:29:22 <Chani> AJaeger: what.. is your favourite colour? ;)
12:29:24 <BManojlovic> I had comments about old packages (Junior Jobs)
12:29:29 <BManojlovic> no questions really
12:29:35 <gnokii> Chani simple its green
12:29:44 <AJaeger> BManojlovic: Go ahead with your comments
12:30:15 <BManojlovic> i have fixed package and it is still not gone into factory so should I (not a maintainer) push it into factory
12:30:21 <BManojlovic> long time ago
12:31:16 <AJaeger> BManojlovic: Yes, it should be done.
12:31:27 <AJaeger> BManojlovic: Let'S look together at the specific example after the meeting, ok?
12:31:52 <BManojlovic> ok
12:33:29 <AJaeger> Ok, so let'S conclude the meeting.
12:33:40 <AJaeger> Our next meeting is in two weeks at 16:00 UTC.
12:34:14 <AJaeger> #endmeeting