12:00:46 <henne> #startmeeting
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12:00:51 <henne> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE Project Meeting!
12:00:56 <henne> Welcome to the openSUSE Project Meeting!
12:01:00 <henne> This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.
12:01:07 <henne> The topics for this meeting are:
12:01:17 <henne> #  Old Action Items
12:01:17 <henne> # Status Reports
12:01:17 <henne> # Revising the Board Election Rules
12:01:18 <jospoortvliet> henne darn dude that is on the second...
12:01:20 <henne> # Questions & Answers
12:01:50 <henne> lets roll
12:02:01 <henne> #topic Old Action Items
12:02:22 <henne> you can find the old action items in bugzilla with this link: http://bit.ly/opensuse_action_items#
12:02:36 <henne> is there any significant progress on one?
12:03:27 <henne> michl, dragotin: what about the students?
12:03:31 <henne> was that announced?
12:03:41 <michl> no
12:03:53 <michl> we mentioned it in last project meeting
12:04:05 <henne> yes. thats where this AI comes from dude ;)
12:04:19 <henne> Bug #634456
12:04:19 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 634456 in openSUSE.org (Action Items) "[AI] Indian students working on openSUSE" [Normal,New] https://bugzilla.novell.com/634456
12:04:51 <henne> okay so no progress
12:05:00 <michl> right
12:05:01 <henne> next topic then
12:05:02 <henne> #
12:05:10 <henne> #topic Status Reports
12:05:20 <henne> Teams and individuals send various status reports around. Coolo sends one for the distribution, the OBS team publishes meeting minutes, the boosters their "What are the boosters up to" blogposts, the board has a public meeting and so on and so on. Are there any questions regarding those or do we need to discuss anything in detail?
12:07:11 * henne hears the wolves howling
12:07:23 <henne> nothing?
12:08:17 <henne> okay
12:08:26 <henne> #topic Revising the Board Election Rules
12:08:37 <henne> is that still a topic or is that a leftover from last time?
12:08:40 <henne> AJaeger?
12:09:10 <AJaeger> Leftover from last time - question whether anybody wants to discuss anything.  OTherwise, let's continue discussing via email.
12:09:22 * AJaeger is currently revising the rules with the massive feedback of vuntz ;)
12:09:51 <henne> okay
12:09:59 <henne> so then the last topic :)
12:10:08 <henne> #topic Questions & Answers
12:10:17 <henne> here are no questions on the wiki
12:10:27 <henne> are there any general questions you want to ask?
12:10:33 <henne> any other topic we need to discuss?
12:10:57 <vuntz> how come this meeting is already to Q&A after only 10 minutes? :-)
12:11:08 <AJaeger> vuntz: You did not ask enough ;)
12:11:10 <michl> maybe a short heads up on the conference
12:11:21 <jospoortvliet> when it comes to the conference
12:11:25 <AJaeger> vuntz: This time is not very convenient for many people ;-(
12:11:29 <michl> http://conference.opensuse.org/indico//conferenceDisplay.py?confId=0
12:11:38 <jospoortvliet> the schedule should be published soonish, but there are no links to abstracts yet
12:11:47 <jospoortvliet> they should go on the site but that's a lot of work
12:12:08 <jospoortvliet> dunno who in the program team will do that?!?
12:12:10 <henne> and we NEED to open registration ASAP
12:12:19 <jospoortvliet> it would be very useful/needed however for the articles about the conferences
12:12:44 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs tries to create a high-level list of topics so we can write articles abou tthem
12:12:45 <vuntz> jospoortvliet: we're planning it, iirc. I can do it, I guess
12:12:49 <jospoortvliet> but that needs those abstracts
12:12:50 <yaloki> henne: I'd also have another item I forgot to add to the wiki
12:12:55 <jospoortvliet> vuntz: any idea of a timetable there?
12:13:00 <henne> yaloki: noted
12:13:02 <jospoortvliet> I know it ain't the most fun or easy work...
12:13:16 <metalgod> suseROCKs is here!!
12:13:21 <vuntz> jospoortvliet: let's say today or tomorrow, assuming it's just copy&paste and nobody expects more than that
12:13:31 <jospoortvliet> vuntz: I don't expect more than that
12:13:37 <yaloki> heh
12:13:38 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs: would that be OK for you?
12:13:42 <metalgod> yaloki: off topic: please reply to the email i sent you about duplicity
12:13:48 * yaloki shuts up and doesn't want to scare vuntz
12:13:52 <vuntz> gnokii: did anybody start importing the abstract for the talks? Should I?
12:14:37 <gnokii> vuntz I would be happy u doing it, I can help
12:14:52 <jospoortvliet> gnokii: you rock dude
12:14:53 <jospoortvliet> tnx
12:15:02 <vuntz> gnokii: if it's not done before tomorrow evening, then I'll ask for help. You did already a lot of the not-fun work
12:15:12 <vuntz> gnokii: so my turn :-)
12:15:44 <gnokii> thx
12:15:50 <henne> jospoortvliet: do these articles include something about the registration?
12:15:50 <gnokii> have still not fun work to do
12:16:16 <henne> i have the feeling we loose track of time with all the programm stuff
12:16:34 <yaloki> henne: darix told us yesterday that the registration software would be up today
12:16:36 <henne> the programm is important but its mandatory that people come for it to be usefull :)
12:16:57 <yaloki> henne: but we didn't have any statement from dragotin regarding that, darix is "just" doing the technical/setup/maintenance part of things
12:17:00 <darix> yaloki: ask dragotin
12:17:06 <yaloki> yeah
12:17:08 <henne> i know all that
12:17:13 <yaloki> we've all been trying to
12:17:21 <gnokii> it looks it works llunak dit register some minutes ago
12:17:24 <yaloki> henne: then you know whom to ask
12:17:29 <gnokii> I got a mail about it
12:17:37 <darix> yaloki: good thing is ... henne  is pretty close to dragotin to ask him in person^^
12:17:54 <henne> but having the software will do nothing
12:18:08 <henne> so again. jospoortvliet what kind of articles are we talking about? :)
12:18:09 <darix> henne: well... klaas is driving it, so keep pushing him :)
12:18:20 <darix> <- goes back to work
12:18:45 * yaloki goes to grab a coffee
12:19:24 <henne> jospoortvliet?
12:19:29 <jospoortvliet> henne: sec
12:19:46 <jospoortvliet> henne: first an 'openSUSE conference is coming and is cool' will go online today
12:20:05 <jospoortvliet> henne: secondly, we want to do some articles the coming weeks on each of the important topics at the conference
12:20:19 <jospoortvliet> suseROCKs will push peeps on that
12:20:28 <jospoortvliet> he has a piratepad where he tries to group the talks in subjects
12:20:39 <jospoortvliet> each will then have to be written by one or more volunteers from -marketing
12:20:49 <henne> arent those tracks?
12:20:54 <jospoortvliet> they can use the abstracts and contact the authors for more info
12:21:00 <jospoortvliet> henne: guess so :D
12:21:09 <henne> http://conference.opensuse.org/indico//conferenceProgram.py?confId=0
12:21:56 <jospoortvliet> yeah
12:22:03 <henne> okay so the article from today contains information about registering right?
12:22:04 <jospoortvliet> so having an article on each track sounds like a good plan
12:22:17 <jospoortvliet> henne: well if registration is working then yes I will add it
12:22:30 <jospoortvliet> if not I will say 'stay tuned until next friday when the program is announced'
12:22:36 <henne> you have one chance to grab attention. this is it dude :)
12:22:53 <michl> btw do we have dragotin listening ?
12:22:56 <henne> no
12:23:05 <jospoortvliet> henne: I'd love to have more chances, eg each article, if they're good enough, might be picked up by other sites
12:23:10 <jospoortvliet> this one might be too generic for that
12:23:21 <jospoortvliet> henne: so the registration works, I see it on the site...
12:23:26 <henne> jospoortvliet: i'd love to have a pony...
12:23:38 <jospoortvliet> does it really work, can I put it in the article?
12:23:39 <henne> but that does not mean that i get one ;)
12:24:02 <_Marcus_> hmm, my maintenance talk seems to have not accepted I see
12:24:09 <jospoortvliet> henne: don't be negative you big bear
12:24:10 <henne> jospoortvliet: i would say: don't do the initial BANG article before everything is ready
12:24:27 <jospoortvliet> henne: so can the registration be used yes or no?
12:24:34 <henne> and we have answers to a lot of the standard questions
12:24:41 <henne> jospoortvliet: i don't know :)
12:24:54 <jospoortvliet> http://piratepad.net/wJ2WiNfp7X <- article
12:24:57 <jospoortvliet> it is rather basic
12:25:10 <yaloki> henne: could you please poke dragotin with a stick and find out ?
12:25:12 <jospoortvliet> and meant to generate a bit of interest. I can add that the program will be announced next friday
12:25:18 <jospoortvliet> and registration will open then as well
12:25:25 <yaloki> henne: this question has already been a blocker yesterday in the marketing meeting
12:25:34 <jospoortvliet> henne: please poke dragotin and tell him it's because yaloki said so.
12:25:35 <gnokii> michl: there are some decissions open what with them?
12:25:38 <jospoortvliet> make sure it hurts at least a bit
12:26:02 <henne> will do
12:26:07 <michl> jospoortvliet: I hope you mean this Friday, not next
12:26:16 <jospoortvliet> michl: yes
12:26:18 <michl> gnokii: don't understand
12:26:19 <jospoortvliet> upcoming
12:26:24 <jospoortvliet> we call that 'next' in NL :D
12:26:38 <henne> everybody does that...
12:26:44 <henne> it's just michl...
12:27:43 <henne> is this: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference_to_dos
12:27:57 <henne> all we have for a todo list?
12:28:13 <gnokii> last mail dragotin about keynotes
12:29:56 <jospoortvliet> henne: so you OK with publishing this article NOW and putting in "upcoming friday the conference program and registration will open"
12:29:56 <henne> hello?
12:30:00 <jospoortvliet> ?
12:30:03 <henne> jospoortvliet: nope :)
12:30:06 <jospoortvliet> hehe
12:30:16 <henne> i would say: don't do the initial BANG article before everything is ready and we have answers to a lot of the standard questions
12:30:29 <michl> +1
12:30:45 <henne> if you can't answer all the standard questions in the initial announcement people will never look at it again
12:31:26 <jospoortvliet> hmmmmm
12:31:34 <jospoortvliet> well it's not meant to be the announcement
12:31:46 <jospoortvliet> that would be the one announcing the program right?
12:31:58 <jospoortvliet> did you see the article?
12:32:25 <henne> read like an announcement for the conference to me
12:32:30 <henne> reads*
12:33:11 <jospoortvliet> hmmm
12:33:13 <henne> i mean the main content explains to me why i should come right?
12:33:17 <jospoortvliet> sure
12:33:18 <jospoortvliet> sure
12:33:29 <jospoortvliet> well we can turn it into the official announcement for the conference
12:33:37 <henne> okay so you better have everything ready if i want to :)
12:33:40 <jospoortvliet> (I didn't know when writing started on this that it would be 2 days after this article)
12:34:14 <gnokii> vuntz I make u operator
12:34:17 <jospoortvliet> Ok then I need gnokii to do as he promised and add a bit more 'meat' about the program to the article :D
12:34:20 <jospoortvliet> I will work on that too
12:34:26 <jospoortvliet> henne: so I will delay the article
12:34:33 <jospoortvliet> and it can be used as the announcement
12:35:07 <henne> we need to answer questions like: what, where, when, where to stay(how much is it, how do i get there), what else is going on(city, party, etc)
12:35:35 <michl> henne: most of the questions are answered
12:35:45 <henne> michl: not in the article
12:35:51 <michl> I'm just updating the public transport schedule
12:35:53 <jospoortvliet> henne: yeah it was meant as a teaser
12:36:02 <jospoortvliet> not an announcement...
12:36:32 <jospoortvliet> I still feel we can get this out today ... as teaser ... and say the announcement with details will be up at the end of the week...
12:36:39 <jospoortvliet> can we just fight about it some more?
12:36:41 <jospoortvliet> ;-)
12:37:08 * jospoortvliet hides from henne
12:37:42 <henne> i guess you have one chance for press coverage
12:37:47 <henne> and this is it
12:38:29 <henne> but okay. you write it. you decide :)
12:38:37 <henne> anything else on the conference?
12:38:46 <henne> yaloki: what was your topic?
12:40:08 * henne throws something at yaloki
12:41:10 <henne> okay he's out
12:41:15 <henne> lets wrap this up
12:41:29 <henne> If you have more, don't hesitate to bring it up on the appropriate mailinglist.
12:41:39 <henne> #info The next project meeting will be in two weeks. Same channel but this time at 16:00 UTC.
12:41:43 <henne> Thank you all for participating. Good night and good luck!
12:41:48 <henne> #endmeeting