12:01:39 <henne> #startmeeting
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12:01:49 <henne> #meetingtopic openSUSE Project Meeting
12:02:12 <henne> in light of the 11.3 launch i would like to skip this meeting
12:02:31 <henne> or is there anything very pressing we need to discuss?
12:02:42 <yaloki> don't think so
12:02:43 <FunkyPenguin> the fact that spideroak in uninstallable
12:03:34 <FunkyPenguin> im getting nothing "nothing provides python-zope-interface needed by python-transaction!
12:03:57 <henne> FunkyPenguin: update is already underway
12:04:06 <henne> Bug #621581
12:04:09 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 621581 in openSUSE 11.3 (Commercial) "Final SpiderOak update" [Major,New] https://bugzilla.novell.com/621581
12:04:47 <FunkyPenguin> ah in that case break out the beer :)
12:05:46 <michl> and a big thank you to the wiki guys
12:05:56 <henne> okay then lets continue to make tomorrow a big success :)
12:05:59 <michl> impressive how smooth the change went on Tuesday
12:06:19 <michl> and a short reminder for tomorrow
12:06:48 <michl> we should hang all around in this channel to fix things which needed to be fixed for the release tomorrow
12:06:57 <michl> its scheduled for 1200UTC
12:07:52 <henne> 12utc? dang thats early!
12:07:54 <michl> if there are no other topics I'm more then fine to shorten the meeting  ;-)
12:08:14 <michl> its 2pm in your office
12:08:43 <henne> i thought i had a couple of more hours for the wiki ;)
12:08:50 <michl> 23h 52mins from now
12:08:52 <henne> anyway. lets continue
12:08:59 <henne> thanks peepz
12:09:00 <henne> #endmeeting