12:07:39 <henne> #startmeeting
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12:07:44 <henne> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE Project Meeting!
12:07:47 <henne> Welcome to the openSUSE Project Meeting!
12:07:53 <henne> This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.
12:08:24 <henne> 1. Old Action Items
12:08:25 <henne> 2. Status Reports
12:08:25 <henne> 3. Question & Answers
12:08:39 <henne> these are the topics for this meeting
12:09:08 <henne> lets go. you can find old action items with this link: http://bit.ly/opensuse_action_items
12:09:14 <henne> #topic Old Action Items
12:09:19 <henne> #info you can find old action items with this link: http://bit.ly/opensuse_action_items
12:09:53 <henne> there is no progress because all of those pending right?
12:10:44 <henne> oh there was one i was supposed to add to bugzilla
12:10:47 <henne> AJaeger ask the strategy team about their plans for after the initial proposals
12:11:20 <AJaeger> henne: Still WIP
12:11:24 <henne> okay
12:11:37 <henne> let me put it into bugzilla
12:12:30 <AJaeger> henne: Thanks!
12:12:54 <henne> it is now
12:13:12 <henne> okay as we have no other progress
12:13:20 <henne> #topic Status Reports
12:13:42 <henne> people and teams send around various workreports/status updates
12:13:55 <henne> is there anything we need to discuss?
12:14:05 <henne> or does anyone want to give a status report now?
12:15:57 <henne> nothing?
12:15:59 <henne> no one?
12:16:11 <wstephenson> 11.3 status?
12:16:34 <michl> wstephenson: 11.what?
12:16:45 <wstephenson> coolo's mail to -factory last night indicated it was all fine...
12:16:58 <henne> well then its all fine right?
12:17:04 <wstephenson> seems too good to be true
12:18:40 <henne> why?
12:18:45 <henne> if he says so :)
12:18:50 <henne> don't you trust coolo?
12:19:41 <wstephenson> of course
12:19:42 <michl> you shouldn't trust anyone over 30
12:20:06 <wstephenson> but maybe he's reporting with a narrower focus than in earlier releases
12:21:29 <henne> anyway. as there are no other questions or reports lets continue
12:21:44 <henne> #topic Question & Answers
12:22:09 <henne> are there any other general things we need to discuss?
12:23:42 <henne> any general questions?
12:24:28 <henne> Okay that's it then. If you have more, don't hesitate to bring it up on the appropriate mailinglist.
12:24:31 <henne> #info The next project meeting will be in two weeks. Same channel but this time at 16:00 UTC.
12:24:34 <henne> Thank you all for participating. Good night and good luck!
12:24:38 <henne> #endmeeting