15:09:10 <AJaeger> #startmeeting openSUSE Marketing Meeting
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15:09:22 <AJaeger> Welcome everybody to the openSUSE Marketing Meeting
15:09:50 <AJaeger> alexbariv: , bear454, bgerber, darix, FunkyPenguin, gnokii__, HeliosReds, javier_, paka, saigkill_, SJ, yaloki, michl: Welcome!
15:09:52 <michl> AJaeger wanna use the magic bot thingi?
15:09:57 <gnokii__> here
15:10:03 <FunkyPenguin> moin
15:10:05 <AJaeger> michl: I'm using it already ;)
15:10:12 <javier_> here
15:10:18 <michl> as said - magic
15:10:32 <AJaeger> michl: Yes, it's magic ;)
15:10:39 <AJaeger> So, what is on the agenda for today?
15:10:40 <AJaeger> I see
15:10:46 <AJaeger> * obs 2.0 launch
15:10:54 <AJaeger> * openSUSE 11.3 launch
15:11:04 <AJaeger> Anything else we should discuss today?
15:11:22 <AJaeger> suseROCKs is travelling right now and sends his regrets.
15:12:00 <gnokii__> would be a great meeting
15:12:25 <FunkyPenguin> AJaeger, what about the cfp?
15:12:51 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: What is the topic you like to add to the agenda?
15:13:05 <gnokii__> FunkyPenguin I am glad that noone had the idea to make a strategy for it
15:13:32 <gnokii__> AJaeger he means Call for Paper conference
15:13:36 <FunkyPenguin> AJaeger, how best to get the word out for the cfp, who to target etc
15:13:51 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: Ok, added to the agenda.
15:13:52 <FunkyPenguin> sorry, yes call for papers for oSC10
15:14:05 <AJaeger> Ok, let's start
15:14:12 <AJaeger> #topic openSUSE 2.0 launch
15:14:30 <AJaeger> saigkill_: could you give us an update?
15:14:32 <gnokii__> 2.0 ?
15:14:42 <javier_> gnokii__: Build Service
15:14:42 <AJaeger> #topic openSUSE BuildService 2.0 launch
15:14:50 <gnokii__> I thaught we launch 11.3
15:14:54 <javier_> yeah
15:15:05 <gnokii__> thats better :D
15:15:18 * AJaeger will work on the final announcement soon and will place it on the Novell PR blog as well.
15:15:40 <AJaeger> I'll try to get some quotes and contact folks to mention it.
15:15:55 <AJaeger> Is anybody working on the success stories based on the interviews that saigkill did?
15:16:13 <AJaeger> coolo and jw will do a video presentation showing the new features of obs 2.0
15:17:11 <AJaeger> anything I missed?  Questios, comments?
15:17:26 <gnokii__> lloks like no work done
15:17:30 <FunkyPenguin> sorry did saigkill_ post the interviews?
15:17:47 * FunkyPenguin has had his head up his backside for a while :/
15:18:10 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: He uploaded them to the wiki and linked from the wik page
15:18:28 <AJaeger> so, now we need to make success stories out of them
15:18:35 <michl> AJaeger which wiki page?
15:18:58 <AJaeger> http://en.opensuse.org/Marketing_Team/OBS
15:19:25 <AJaeger> Has two interviews linked
15:19:40 <FunkyPenguin> ah ok thanks - /me reads
15:20:08 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: If you like to help, contact me - I'm stepping in now with saigkill_ sleeping...
15:20:22 <AJaeger> #topic openSUSE 11.3 Release
15:20:37 <AJaeger> michl, do you want to lead this topic?
15:20:58 <michl> upps, me leading anything ? that's new
15:21:00 <michl> haha
15:21:37 <michl> to get the 11.3 release from a marketing perspect started
15:21:47 <michl> I'm about creating a launch plan
15:22:23 <michl> so listing the to do's, approaching people to take responsibility for topics and so on
15:22:51 <michl> the plan will/should be soon available on a wiki page I'll publish
15:23:11 <gnokii__> so I wrote all Ambassadors again to pepare launch parties, get deamons but nothing else
15:23:22 <michl> gnokii__: great
15:23:36 <gnokii__> no isnt great
15:23:48 <gnokii__> because is had no effect
15:24:18 <michl> gnokii__: oh gnokii__  doesn't want any praise
15:24:33 <michl> that's bad but your effort is good
15:25:03 <gnokii__> michl when a thing is functional thats praise enough ;)
15:25:19 <FunkyPenguin> gnokii__, out of interest, do you know how fedora/ubuntu handle their launch parties?
15:25:34 <gnokii__> yes a little bit
15:26:02 <FunkyPenguin> ok i'll try and catch up with you later about it then
15:26:11 <FunkyPenguin> i think that is part of the issue - at least for me
15:26:31 <FunkyPenguin> im not part of a lug, and im in a fairly remote part of the uk
15:26:48 <FunkyPenguin> so being able to get a group of people to play is kinda tough
15:27:58 <gnokii__> FunkyPenguin u can meet me next week in Berlin :D
15:29:04 <FunkyPenguin> gnokii__, haha - i'd love to, not sure my wife or emplyer would allow me to though
15:29:08 <AJaeger> ok, next topic?
15:29:30 <AJaeger> #topic openSUSE Conference
15:29:48 <AJaeger> FunkyPenguin: Do you want to lead this topic?
15:30:02 <FunkyPenguin> um ok i'll start ;)
15:30:55 <FunkyPenguin> As we know the theme for this year's conference is Collaboration Across Borders
15:31:29 * dragotin wonders what the question is
15:31:52 <FunkyPenguin> as part of that idea, we would like to get upstream and other distros and projects joining in and tasting the brilliant coolade that is the Geeko
15:32:16 <FunkyPenguin> my question is how do we best get their involvement
15:32:37 <FunkyPenguin> also how can we get companies that are involved in some of those projects involved
15:32:49 <gnokii__> FunkyPenguin thats really simple
15:33:14 <gnokii__> talk with them, invite them personally
15:34:05 <FunkyPenguin> gnokii__, nothing is ever *that* simple ;-)
15:34:45 <FunkyPenguin> i suppose it is a question more for the conf organisers
15:35:20 <FunkyPenguin> dragotin, are there any guidlines as to who we invite, and any "official" statement that goes along with it or anything?
15:35:23 * gnokii__ think lot of talking next week ;)
15:36:32 <michl> dragotin: ?
15:36:39 <dragotin> FunkyPenguin: no, how should it?
15:36:48 <dragotin> no, no guidelines
15:36:50 <gnokii__> FunkyPenguin as I said "invite" I mean not to say u get a talk ;)
15:37:04 <dragotin> except that we have the program committee that finally decides over the program
15:37:10 <dragotin> gnokii__: exactly
15:37:16 <michl> I'd say anyone or any company you see a good fit you should approach
15:37:54 <FunkyPenguin> ok that's fine for me then - i already have one distro lined up and have a few other projects in mind
15:38:18 <gnokii__> so which projects just say it
15:38:26 <dragotin> Yes, I'd say we should try to pick specific people and talk to them
15:38:39 <gnokii__> dragotin +1
15:38:50 <dragotin> because its also sad if one of us invites somebody and afterwards the PC declines the talk
15:39:06 <dragotin> we should try to look consistent to the outside ;-)
15:39:40 <FunkyPenguin> ok well i've already spoken to Jorge Castro from Ubuntu - couldnt get Jono at the time
15:39:44 <dragotin> we could for example discuss the ideas first here
15:39:54 <dragotin> FunkyPenguin: very cool
15:40:49 <FunkyPenguin> i also have Alfresco, Intel, Funambol, Android, GNOME A11y & KDE A11y in mind
15:41:14 <gnokii__> dragotin, we should one thing doe better first
15:42:18 * gnokii__ back to 11.3 marketing http://stick.gk2.sk/blog/2010/06/opensuse-counter-for-facebook/
15:43:23 <javier_> FunkyPenguin: I would add Nokia to that list ;)
15:43:37 <gnokii__> javier_ like alex :D
15:43:51 <dragotin> javier_: sure
15:44:06 <FunkyPenguin> yup good point
15:44:26 <gnokii__> maybe we should add texas instruments to push arm :D
15:44:44 <FunkyPenguin> i'd also like to see fedora, mandriva, gentoo & debian
15:45:30 <gnokii__> mandriva is a big problem, never seen on a german event since LinuxTag went from Karlsruhe
15:45:36 <javier_> gnokii__: perhaps any of you could talk with Nokia guys at LinuxTag Berlin
15:45:53 <dragotin> yes, and we convince them to use the bs
15:46:03 <javier_> :)
15:46:11 <gnokii__> novell buy  mandriva :D
15:46:22 <dragotin> AI michl: Talk to Nokia on linuxtag
15:46:38 <javier_> dragotin: they build their own rhel-based distro for internal usage
15:46:47 <javier_> I don't know how they build it
15:46:55 <javier_> I mean using which tools
15:46:56 <gnokii__> who?
15:47:00 <javier_> Nokia
15:47:15 <dragotin> javier_: might be
15:47:25 <dragotin> javier_: its never to late to switch
15:47:32 <javier_> hehe
15:48:06 <javier_> even if they keep using their RHEL-based OS, perhaps they could benefit from using the Build Service
15:48:21 * dragotin knows that they do already
15:48:31 <gnokii__> dragotin maybe we should only notive the interesting projects and talk about keynotes first
15:48:33 <javier_> nice :)
15:48:40 <AJaeger> javier_: As part of MeeGo, Nokia is using build service...
15:49:02 <dragotin> gnokii__: yes, keynotes should be handled quickly
15:49:05 <javier_> AJaeger: nice. I didn't know that. I was thinking about their servers
15:49:06 <dragotin> to get some good
15:49:24 <gnokii__> yes thats the point and keynotes we have to invite really personally
15:49:26 <AJaeger> Anybody having proposals on what kind of keynotes we want?
15:50:06 <gnokii__> dragotin, u had a idea M$ should we risk that?
15:50:18 <AJaeger> I guess the program comittee takes care of keynotes, correct?
15:50:41 <FunkyPenguin> well keynotes really need to epitomise the theme of the conference imho
15:51:00 <AJaeger> gnokii__: What would we want from them?
15:51:12 <FunkyPenguin> so getting something that covers working with multiple projects or distros or something would be great
15:52:19 <FunkyPenguin> AJaeger, i'd love to see MS there talking about collaboration with other OSes, how they find working in open source etc
15:53:16 <gnokii__> I looking with mixed feelings when I see the reactions about M$ sponsorship linuxtag
15:56:08 <AJaeger> any other proposals for keynote topics or speakers?
15:56:28 <AJaeger> do we want a keynote by Novell?  Which topic?
15:56:55 <gnokii__> AJaeger its a little bit speaking in own house
15:57:57 <AJaeger> gnokii__: And look at Brainshare, Intell developer conferences etc. - the organisator normally gives a keynote
15:58:18 <AJaeger> perhaps we should ask our chairperson or somebody from the board for a keynote?
15:58:55 <AJaeger> Note: I'm not pushing for having a keynote by a certain group  - I want great speakers and topics!
16:00:34 * AJaeger thinks that nobody likes his proposals
16:02:02 <gnokii__> mabye he adress
16:02:09 <javier_> yes, someone from the board
16:03:15 <AJaeger> or from the new community manager if we hired one by then as kind of introduction?
16:03:45 <michl> AJaeger: I doubt that a story just around openSUSE is the right fit
16:04:19 <michl> imo a key note either shows something outstanding new or a general vision where we or the industry is heating to
16:04:43 <javier_> AJaeger: do you have any candidates?
16:04:46 * FunkyPenguin needs to head out
16:05:15 <AJaeger> michl: let's look whether we have candidates in openSUSE for that  - and if there none, so be it.
16:05:37 <AJaeger> javier_: I have nobody specific in mind, just want to have us think outside of the box
16:05:52 <AJaeger> let's move on to the next topic, ok?
16:06:15 <AJaeger> #topic Q and A
16:06:27 <AJaeger> Any general questions or discussions?
16:07:25 <SJ> damn it , was these a meeting ?
16:07:31 <SJ> I guess yes . . . :(
16:07:40 <michl> SJ: no, it still is
16:07:41 <SJ> these=there*
16:07:50 <SJ> michl, ohk :-)
16:08:03 <SJ> about to end . Well I thought its on 3rd
16:08:08 <javier_> AJaeger: the openSUSE KDE team has started his own blog to have more visibility regarding openSUSE/KDE work
16:08:18 <javier_> AJaeger: perhaps other teams could do something similar
16:08:29 <AJaeger> javier_: is it part of planet openSUSE?
16:08:33 <AJaeger> javier_: Great!
16:08:48 <javier_> AJaeger: I am not sure. It's part of KDE planet
16:09:00 <AJaeger> javier_: it should be part of openSUSE IMO
16:09:36 <javier_> AJaeger: I don't see it in the list of feeds
16:09:44 <javier_> it's called KDE at openSUSE
16:09:53 <javier_> yepp
16:10:35 <SJ> Sorry to interrupt , did I miss some announcement or notification ?
16:10:54 <AJaeger> javier_: Please file a bug against opensuse.org/infrastructure and assign it to yaloki
16:11:10 <javier_> ok
16:11:12 <AJaeger> SJ: We missed to send the announcement out - but it was part of the openSUSE calendar
16:11:32 <AJaeger> javier_: And other teams should do the same.  Could you post something on -project to encourage others?
16:11:45 <AJaeger> SJ: Since yesterday only.  Sorry.
16:11:51 <SJ> AJaeger, ok no worries.I should start using the openSUSE calendar (than mine) .
16:11:53 <SJ> np :-)
16:13:18 <AJaeger> anything else or should we adjourn the meeting for today?
16:14:20 * AJaeger wishes everybody a nice evening/day/morning (depending where you are) and finishes the meeting now
16:14:22 <AJaeger> #endmeeting