18:30:28 <tittiatcoke> #startmeeting
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18:30:35 <shumski> here also
18:30:53 <tittiatcoke> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE KDE community IRC meeting! Please wait with other discussion until the meeting is over. This meeting is logged.
18:30:59 <tittiatcoke> agenda:
18:31:06 <JennieL> I've disabled the "Plugins" in the activities system.  No go either.
18:31:27 <tittiatcoke> 1) KDE 4.11 in openSUSE 13.1 (What was pushed to Factory, What can or needs to be improved)
18:31:34 <einar77> JennieL: sorry for the inconvenience, can you waitt till the meeting is over?
18:32:00 <tittiatcoke> 2) Clean-up of disabled packages in KDE:Distro:Factory
18:32:08 <tittiatcoke> 3) Action Items
18:32:12 <tittiatcoke> 4) Status reports
18:32:19 <tittiatcoke> 5) Q&A, Misc
18:32:24 <tittiatcoke> any other topics ?
18:32:44 <shumski> not from me
18:32:50 <einar77> given that 13.1 is around the corner, I think not
18:33:02 <tittiatcoke> Ok. I guess it is going to be a short one :)
18:33:08 <tittiatcoke> #meetingtopic KDE 4.11 in openSUSE 13.1
18:33:21 <tittiatcoke> Ok. What was pushed to Factory.
18:34:01 <tittiatcoke> I know that we pushed libNetworkManagerQt, libModemManagerQt and plasma-nm. upstream changes seems to indicate that the current networkmanagement will be replaced by this new plasma-nm
18:34:15 <einar77> it is going to, yes
18:34:23 <einar77> we still ahve the issue with modemmanager though
18:34:34 <einar77> the new branch isn't in a workable state it seems
18:35:21 <einar77> tittiatcoke: am I still correct in saying that libmm-qt only supports MM 0.6?
18:35:56 <tittiatcoke> I am not sure if it is workable or not, but we have a mm08 branch in libmm-qt, which should be merged soon into master. libnm-qt is adjusted for this mm08 branch, but at this moment plasma-nm is not yet adjusted to this situation
18:36:09 <shumski> question is do we want to follow up upstream for 13.1 already, and make it default ?
18:36:14 <einar77> hm
18:36:26 <einar77> the APPLET per se is  quite stable
18:36:49 <einar77> but this MM issue would hit us even with the old PNM
18:36:53 <shumski> as the old one is already deprecated
18:37:00 <shumski> yeah
18:37:18 <einar77> shumski: any BRs filed against PNM will go to /dev/null upstream
18:37:32 <einar77> so it's IMO in also our interest to avoid shipping the old applet
18:37:34 <shumski> einar77: exactly
18:37:46 <tittiatcoke> The current networkmanagement in 13.1 does not use libmm-qt/libnm-qt and therefore doesn't have issues with the new MM 1.0
18:38:14 <einar77> tittiatcoke: however atm it's pretty much a given that no new bugs will be fixed there
18:38:20 <shumski> i'm not againt shipping the old one, but maybe we should switch to new one by default
18:38:43 <shumski> just asking/suggesting knowing that's "not supported" upstream
18:38:53 <tittiatcoke> Ok. but we have to be aware that we are shipping a "half functioning" plasmoid
18:39:04 <einar77> risk benefit assessment
18:39:09 <einar77> pros:
18:39:16 <tittiatcoke> People might complain about missing statistics for modems
18:39:20 <einar77> - fully supported (and with a larger dev base)
18:39:33 <einar77> - already quite stable
18:39:51 <einar77> - less of a maintenance burden (see first point)
18:39:55 <einar77> cons:
18:40:01 <einar77> - half functionality wrt MM
18:40:14 <einar77> now, a 1 eurocent question
18:40:36 <tittiatcoke> einar77: It does function with MM, but statistics are missing. That is actually the only con
18:41:04 <einar77> tittiatcoke: I would then say it's a minor issue when viewed in comparison of maintenance
18:41:37 <tittiatcoke> Ok. I hope that we are still allowed to make this change
18:41:46 <einar77> if not, we keep the old one
18:41:46 <tittiatcoke> But should be no issue.
18:41:49 <tittiatcoke> :-)
18:41:50 <shumski> we can push maintenance updates for plasma-nm/libnm, etc, but not for the old one
18:42:00 <einar77> yes, that was my quqestion
18:42:11 <einar77> if we could push a maint update for that
18:42:12 <tittiatcoke> Ok. So we want to have plasma-nm as default KDE networkmanager ?
18:42:27 <einar77> tittiatcoke: I would say yes, BUT
18:42:34 <einar77> did we actually test a transition?
18:42:39 * shumski votes - yes. but /me doesn't uses modems...
18:42:54 <einar77> people will have to redo their connections, or perhaps I'm totally out of reason?
18:43:10 <einar77> (having wired 99% of the time makes it a non issue with me)
18:43:12 <shumski> i don't think so
18:43:35 <shumski> only issue could be with passwords, not connections themselves
18:43:41 <tittiatcoke> correct.
18:44:28 <tittiatcoke> I am only wondering if we should take some upstream commits to get the latest functionality (corrected widget, notifications, etc)
18:44:59 <shumski> sure, but i'm not tracking plasma-nm development that closely
18:45:09 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Are you using plasma-nm ?
18:45:17 <shumski> tittiatcoke: yes
18:45:27 <tittiatcoke> Then you should have noticed some changes today :)
18:45:43 * shumski upgrades
18:45:46 <tittiatcoke> since today we have notifications
18:46:02 <tittiatcoke> that report changes in the connections (e.g. connected, disconnected, etc)
18:46:07 <shumski> cool
18:46:34 <tittiatcoke> #agreed Plasma-nm will be proposed to be the new default KDE NetworkManager plasmoid for 13.1
18:46:45 <shumski> since it's sorta a leaf package, i guess we should be able to push new stuff before 13.1
18:47:00 <einar77> emphasis on sorta ;)
18:47:06 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke update the current plasma-nm with some upstream commits regarding notifications and widget layout
18:47:10 <shumski> yeah :-=
18:47:36 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke update the KDE patterns to remove networkmanagement-plasmoid and replace with plasma-nm
18:47:51 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke check with coolo if we still are allowed to perform this change
18:48:33 <tittiatcoke> Ok. That would conclude plasma-nm.  Next one would be KTP, but that one seems to be going into factory in the next few days. I am not sure if coolo will accept it still in 13.1
18:49:17 <einar77> tittiatcoke: there's always that gstreamer issue
18:49:27 <einar77> (call-ui etc)
18:49:36 <shumski> einar77: call-ui is excluded
18:49:42 <shumski> for now at least
18:49:46 <tittiatcoke> einar77: True :-) But that one wasn't commit yet and also I am not sure if that one is out of playground yet
18:49:55 <einar77> I would try to push for KTP
18:50:04 <tittiatcoke> :-) Ok
18:50:04 <einar77> even if it won't happen
18:50:15 <tittiatcoke> To get it in 13.1 ?
18:50:19 <einar77> yes
18:50:32 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke check with coolo if we can still have KDE:Telepathy in 13.1
18:50:52 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Next one would be Bluez 5 support.
18:51:18 <einar77> this is a painful issue as far as I can see
18:51:33 <einar77> I haven't seen much on that front in bluedevil
18:51:39 <tittiatcoke> At this moment afiestas is working on getting bluedevil working with bluez5. Wizard is working now, but he is working on monolithic client and other components.
18:51:40 <einar77> (although I don't follow closely)
18:52:03 <einar77> tittiatcoke: the issue is more like a time frame
18:52:06 <tittiatcoke> einar77: True. But we have to remember that Fedora is also heavily pushing for this.
18:52:10 <einar77> if it0s relatively recent
18:52:12 <einar77> er
18:52:20 <einar77> if it's not too far in time
18:52:26 <einar77> we put a note in the errata
18:52:32 <einar77> and push a maintenance update ASAP
18:53:16 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Correct. The agreement is to strive for bluez 5 support. Otherwise we could go for a bluez4-compat package and that bluedevil pulls the bluez4-compat package in. However that also means that the user looses bluez5 at that moment.
18:53:49 <einar77> tittiatcoke: I would hope for the first case unless it's clearly evident that it cannot happen reasonably soon
18:53:56 <tittiatcoke> me too :-)
18:54:49 <shumski> should we then start pushing bluedevil bluez5 branch ?
18:55:00 <tittiatcoke> shumski: not yet. I want to wait as long as possible with it
18:55:05 <shumski> ok
18:55:10 <tittiatcoke> coolo is aware of the situation
18:55:18 <shumski> ok, good then
18:55:37 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Do you know what happened with Qt 5.1 ?
18:56:03 <shumski> tittiatcoke: i saw coolo's mail, and interpreted that there's still hope to get it in
18:56:13 <tittiatcoke> :-)
18:56:15 <shumski> but not what's the current state
18:56:20 <tittiatcoke> Ok.
18:56:28 <shumski> seems some packages are reviewed, some yet wait
18:57:14 <shumski> but since we can only wait... nothing we can do on that front
18:57:39 <tittiatcoke> Ok. I will check with legal and coolo about it
18:58:17 <shumski> for this agenda there are also two things i'd mention. phonon and konverstaion
18:58:33 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke check with legal and coolo if we can still get Qt 5.1 in 13.1
18:58:43 <tittiatcoke> what about phonon and koversation ?
18:58:47 <shumski> for phonon there's that bug, so we should decide how to proceed
18:58:56 <tittiatcoke> Which bug ?
18:59:09 <shumski> for konverstaion it seems 1.5 is tagged, but not yet released
18:59:17 <shumski> tittiatcoke: the notification bug
18:59:55 <tittiatcoke> as soon as konversation is released we can also check if we can push it to 13.1. It is definitely a leaf-package
19:00:12 <shumski> i would like to avoid reverts, and proceed either with current kde-runtime patch, or the canberra one
19:00:18 <shumski> ok
19:00:21 <tittiatcoke> with regards to phonon, I would go with the current patches from KDE:Unstable:SC.
19:00:41 <tittiatcoke> works fine on my system.
19:00:48 <tittiatcoke> einar77 anything on this one ^^ ?
19:00:54 <einar77> current patch
19:01:02 <einar77> I would argue more testing w/canberra
19:01:06 <shumski> ok, i'll check it once more, and create sr for kdf
19:01:12 <einar77> sorry guys, I've been called
19:01:17 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Ok. Thanks.
19:01:20 <einar77> (I took time... but it was the wrong time ;)
19:01:41 <tittiatcoke> #action shumski prepare phonon-patch regarding notification volume and push to KDF.
19:01:45 <einar77> I'll be back in a few, hopefully this bouncer will record everything
19:01:53 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Oki :)
19:02:34 <tittiatcoke> shumski: I guess those were it wrt to KDE in 13.1 ?
19:02:56 <shumski> tittiatcoke: i think so, nothing else what i could think of
19:03:02 <tittiatcoke> Ok.
19:03:06 <shumski> tittiatcoke: aha, which version would go to 13.1?
19:03:18 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Which version of what ?
19:03:19 <shumski> 4.11.2 allowed i guess?
19:03:25 * krop is back
19:03:27 <krop> scrolling
19:04:08 <tittiatcoke> I guess it depends when it gets released. And then we can check with coolo if he is willing to accept. Otherwise we can push 4.11.3 as maintenance update :)
19:04:43 <shumski> oki. current state is anyway good enough for final imho
19:05:00 <tittiatcoke> Yup. Let's keep krop sometime to scroll and read :)
19:05:43 <krop> (done)
19:06:05 <tittiatcoke> krop: anything to add or to comment ?
19:06:33 <krop> no, I don't use bluez nor nm, I can't comment
19:06:40 <tittiatcoke> Ok.
19:06:47 <tittiatcoke> Then we have the last agenda point :-)
19:06:59 <krop> for ktp, I'm still unable to log onto kdetalk however :)
19:07:10 <tittiatcoke> #meetingtopic Clean-up of packages in KDE:Distro:Factory
19:07:40 <tittiatcoke> krop: :) using svn snapshot or the official packages ?
19:08:01 <krop> using git
19:08:15 <tittiatcoke> Ok.
19:08:21 * SFaulken gives oxygen-icon-theme the finger
19:09:14 <tittiatcoke> ok. the last agenda point is just to indicate that we might want to clean up some packages in KDF which are disabled anyway. This due to the cleanup of the 12.2, 12.1 repo's. I assume that there are no objections against that ?
19:09:18 <shumski> tittiatcoke: wrt current topic, which packages? and when will 12.3 will be swapped for 13.1 ? :-)
19:10:01 <shumski> tittiatcoke: no objections here
19:10:43 <krop> same
19:10:56 <krop> how many packages are concerned ?
19:11:00 <tittiatcoke> shumski: As that the 13.1 repo has been created, I guess we should enable 13.1 for KR411 and KDF. We can kick 12.3 out of KDF as soon as 13.1 is officially released
19:11:05 <shumski> as it really bleeds my eyes to see we need to build e.g. NM and tp-logger
19:11:17 <shumski> ok
19:11:41 <SFaulken> ew.  NM.
19:11:48 <tittiatcoke> We have 37 to 40 packages in disabled state for 12.3, so I assume those we can clean up definitely.
19:11:54 <CygniX> good news, well sort of, going to openSUSE 13.1 beta i resolved the brightness slider issue
19:12:09 <krop> ok, killing stuff is always a good idea :)
19:12:11 <CygniX> must be something iffy with 12.3
19:12:29 <shumski> tittiatcoke: i've disabled NM from building, but it should be left as long as there's 12.3
19:12:33 <tittiatcoke> krop: That was my idea too :-)
19:12:37 <tittiatcoke> shumski: I noticed :-)
19:12:59 <shumski> as there was a new version, so didn't want to risk potential breakage
19:13:00 <tittiatcoke> CygniX: Meeting :-)
19:13:10 <CygniX> oh sorry
19:13:11 <tittiatcoke> shumski: That was a good move :)
19:13:14 <tittiatcoke> CygniX: no problem
19:13:40 <tittiatcoke> anybody knows for what we need this package :  python-distribute  ?
19:13:48 <shumski> no idea
19:13:58 <shumski> for killing it
19:13:59 * SFaulken looks for inopportune moments in the agenda to make tittiatcoke's life more interesting.
19:14:26 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Let's check with einar77 as he knows python the best :-)
19:14:44 <tittiatcoke> #agreed disabled packages for both distro's in KDF will be removed
19:14:55 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke remove disabled packages in KDF
19:14:57 <krop> I know why I need it but that's not related to KDE :)
19:15:06 <shumski> tittiatcoke: qt-script can also be removed
19:15:11 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Oki.
19:15:26 <shumski> tittiatcoke: i've added it to Qt agreggate
19:15:33 <tittiatcoke> shumski: alrgith
19:15:35 <tittiatcoke> alright
19:16:10 <tittiatcoke> #meetingtopic Action Items, Status reports, Q&A, Misc
19:16:23 <tittiatcoke> Last topic :-)   Any other things to discuss, report, etc ?
19:17:00 <shumski> not from my end
19:17:24 <SFaulken> not related to KDF I don't.
19:17:27 <tittiatcoke> ok. Anybody else ?
19:18:26 <krop> tittiatcoke: synaptics requires python-distribute
19:18:40 <tittiatcoke> krop: Ah :-) Ok, then we still need it. :-)
19:18:44 <krop> so does kdev-python (no idea why)
19:19:20 <tittiatcoke> :-)
19:19:37 <tittiatcoke> Ok, then I will leave that package alive although it is broken :)
19:19:51 <krop> the kup package doesn't require it and everything seems to work
19:19:57 <krop> let's check with einar77
19:19:57 <shumski> is the package renamed? as i don't see it in factory
19:20:39 <tittiatcoke> :-) I will also check with einar77 about it. It somehow gets some files from the devel:python repo.
19:21:00 <tittiatcoke> Maybe it was created for an older distro version
19:21:13 <shumski> could be
19:21:29 <tittiatcoke> it is only enabled for 12.3
19:22:10 <tittiatcoke> Thank you all for the meeting.
19:22:15 <tittiatcoke> #endmeeting