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19:00:46 <einar77> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE KDE community IRC meeting! Please wait with other discussion until the meeting is over. This meeting is logged.
19:01:26 <einar77> #topic old action items
19:01:36 <einar77> Do we have any left over from previous meetings?
19:02:19 <einar77> And for reference, this is the topic list for today (assuming people are alive ;)
19:02:43 <einar77> Planning a review of openSUSE patches
19:02:45 <einar77> Adjustment (enforcing) of patch policy
19:02:46 <einar77> Summary of the 12.3 development cycle: what was good, what wasn't, ideas for improvement
19:02:48 <einar77> Initial plans for 13.1
19:02:49 <einar77> Review of KDE Repositories, especially : (tittiatcoke)
19:02:55 <einar77> How to proceed with KUSC ? (bnc#706813 and the work done by shumski)
19:02:56 <einar77> - KDE:Unstable:Playground:Telepathy
19:05:04 <einar77> going through old stuff to see if
19:05:07 <einar77> there's something worht reporting
19:05:47 <einar77> alin: did you get through legal for Simon?
19:06:06 <alin> einar77: yes... I have put the srs but of course only silence came from them
19:06:24 <einar77> Do you mean, you have SRs made already?
19:06:30 <einar77> alin: worth perhaps poking them again?
19:06:33 <alin> einar77: sr 156732 , 734 and 735
19:06:56 <alin> einar77: I really do not like to piss off people who do not write code...
19:07:15 <einar77> alin: Well, but I guess some were "forgotten" due to 12.3 having priority
19:07:38 <einar77> WHat about menioning it in a generic mail to factory ML?
19:07:51 <alin> einar77: ok I will
19:08:07 <einar77> #action alin write to factory ML regarding Simon's status
19:08:39 <einar77> cb400f: shumski tittiatcoke was 11.4 dropped from KUA?
19:08:50 <cb400f> yep
19:08:59 <cb400f> not sure who/what did it.. but it's gone :-)
19:09:00 <einar77> Good, so that's done
19:09:12 <CygniX> Maybe someone else can guide me, I would like to file a bug but dont know if I should do it with KDe or with suse
19:09:26 <alin> cb400f: ok... so we donot know whom to congratulate... such a pity
19:09:32 <cb400f> CygniX: wait until after the meeting :-)
19:09:32 <einar77> CygniX: can you wait a few minutes? there's the KDE meeting going on at the moment
19:09:50 <CygniX> Oh OK, no problem guys
19:10:17 <einar77> cb400f: you had also "start a wiki page for apper", did you get around to it, or did you not have time?
19:10:26 <einar77> (just trying to "spring clean" the old items)
19:11:05 <cb400f> it's very near the top of my list.. I have already made the screenshots... but I had to wait until I had 12.3 installed
19:11:23 <einar77> I'll just add to the actions again then ,so that's not forgotten
19:11:47 <einar77> #action cb400f Make a start with a wiki page for apper
19:12:25 <einar77> tittiatcoke: do whe have the fix for https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-18934 ?
19:12:36 <einar77> since it caused issues w/nepomukindexer
19:12:43 <shumski> einar77: yes, submitted it to KDE:Qt
19:12:51 <einar77> ok, so that's solved
19:13:17 <alin> tittiatcoke:
19:13:22 <einar77> tittiatcoke: last one for you, what about bug 69153?
19:13:22 <shumski> i don't know did it ended up in 12.3
19:13:27 <NicoK> KDF & Co probably need some silent-time (i.e. no sr's / changes until fully built) though...
19:13:27 <einar77> er
19:13:42 <einar77> bug 659153
19:13:42 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 659153 in openSUSE 12.2 (KDE4 Workspace) "Ejecting Optical Drives Causes Immediate Re-Close of Tray and KNotify Crash" [Critical,Reopened] https://bugzilla.novell.com/659153
19:14:35 <einar77> The old action item was "check with cartman about that bug"
19:14:52 <einar77> shumski: NicoK do we have nepomuk fileindexer off by default in 12.3?
19:14:53 <tittiatcoke> einar77: I know. Didn't do that one. But the last comment indicate that the bug is gone
19:15:06 <shumski> einar77: fileindexer is of
19:15:14 <einar77> ok, both done
19:15:33 <einar77> I'll defer the discussion on ksuseinstall et al to 13.1 discussion in a moment
19:15:59 <einar77> #topic status report
19:16:28 <einar77> Any special non-agenda status report?
19:16:36 <einar77> Otherwise let's just move to the next topic
19:16:37 <NicoK> einar77: (nepomuk fileindexer) don't know :(
19:17:09 <shumski> nepomuk and akonadi feeder - ON, fileindexer OFF
19:17:20 <einar77> shumski: great, as planned
19:17:25 <shumski> yes
19:17:28 <einar77> Let's move on with the meat of this meeting
19:17:33 <shumski> ok
19:17:37 <einar77> #topic Planning a review of openSUSE patches
19:17:55 <einar77> As you all know, we do ship quite a lot of patches in our KDE packages
19:18:07 <einar77> my idea would be to start a (progressive) review
19:18:15 <einar77> to check:
19:18:24 <einar77> - whether the bugs they fix are relevant or not;
19:18:30 <einar77> - whether they are openSUSE specific
19:18:38 <einar77> - whether they can be pushed upstream instead
19:18:46 <einar77> - whether they can just be dropped
19:19:09 <einar77> I don't tihnk this should fall on one person alone, I believe this needs to be done collaboratively
19:19:34 <einar77> shumski: do you know how many patches for kdelibs, for example?
19:19:37 <shumski> agreed. maybe it would be a good idea to open a wiki page, and people can write what do they think about specific patches?
19:19:46 <shumski> einar77: one sec
19:19:57 <NicoK> shumski: probably a good idea
19:19:58 <einar77> shumski: good idea about the wiki page
19:20:22 <einar77> Probably divided by package, and I say we focus on the core ones only at the moment
19:20:49 <einar77> IOW, kdelibs, kdebase-workspace, baseapps, runtime
19:20:55 <shumski> patch list is here: http://paste.opensuse.org/55518437
19:20:59 <shumski> (for kdelibs)
19:21:01 <einar77> once these are clean, we can move to check others
19:21:17 <shumski> yeah, kdelibs and workspace have the most
19:21:46 <einar77> shumski: some can probably be pushed upstream, just by reading them
19:22:28 <einar77> I can create a skeleton, but then I'll need everyone to help ;)
19:23:11 <shumski> some can, some not i guess
19:23:12 <einar77> Afterwards we should announce it to the ML
19:23:18 <shumski> agreed
19:24:14 <einar77> #action einar77 Create a skeleton page for patch review
19:24:24 <einar77> #action einar77 Announce wiki page for patch review on ML
19:24:50 <einar77> Personally (speak up if you disagree)
19:24:52 <shumski> ~80% of workspace ones are for KDM, afaik
19:25:09 <einar77> I think we should strive to keep only opensuse specific things in patches
19:25:16 <einar77> with a good deal of pragmatism
19:25:48 <einar77> any other comments on this topic?
19:26:15 <einar77> I'll take this as a no ;)
19:26:28 <NicoK> the rest of the patches fix bugs that are not fixed in the latest release, right?
19:26:33 <einar77> NicoK: yes
19:26:39 <einar77> the idea is
19:26:49 <einar77> keep upstream patches for stuff that's solved in the next release
19:27:07 <einar77> and for the rest, upstream what's upstreamable, and keep the openSUSE specific things
19:27:16 <NicoK> ok - just wanted to make that sure as these are not really opensuse-specific...
19:27:39 <NicoK> sounds good
19:27:43 <einar77> NicoK: in that case we can try (not sure if we *always can*) to put them in KDE proper
19:27:45 <NicoK> upstream as much as possible
19:28:15 <einar77> Any other comment? Otherwise we move to the next item in the agenda
19:28:42 <einar77> Next it is, then
19:28:52 <einar77> #topic Adjustment (enforcing) of patch policy
19:29:19 <einar77> The recent "incident" with the giflib patches showed that so far we were inconsistent with the patch policy
19:29:45 <einar77> I would propose to enforce the patch policy from now on
19:29:55 <einar77> to keep consistency
19:29:58 <shumski> in what way?
19:30:00 <einar77> i.e. have them annotated
19:30:05 <shumski> ok, +1
19:30:12 <einar77> shumski: I like the openSUSE KDE style, to be honest
19:30:24 <einar77> it's much more informative
19:30:56 <NicoK> +1@patch annotations
19:30:58 <einar77> albeit not used often outside KDE
19:31:08 <NicoK> einar77: what do you mean by openSUSE KDE style?
19:31:20 <einar77> sec
19:32:06 <einar77> NicoK: this one https://en.opensuse.org/KDE/Patch_Annotation_Policy
19:32:10 <mrdocs> do we have a github or someplace these patches are stashed outside of OBS ?
19:32:30 <einar77> mrdocs: not at the moment
19:32:49 <einar77> mrdocs: I'm not too familiar with the OBS' source control mechanism
19:33:29 <einar77> My naive question
19:33:38 <einar77> does it make sense to have patches under version control?
19:33:45 <mrdocs> possibly
19:33:50 <einar77> (my instinct says yes)
19:34:07 <mrdocs> and a place where upstream can pull from too
19:34:41 <einar77> could be possible
19:35:04 <NicoK> @KDE annotation policy: seems similar to patches created by git - and reasonable
19:35:21 <einar77> mrdocs: you mean storing just the diff, or the whole patched checkout? (I'm thinking the former)
19:35:36 <einar77> NicoK: in fact we could almost use git-format-patch ;)
19:35:57 <mrdocs> git-format patch is cool
19:36:08 <mrdocs> just the diffs imo
19:36:13 <einar77> ok, I agree
19:36:25 <NicoK> OBS uses some sort of version control
19:36:51 <einar77> NicoK: it's not easy to extract history though, it's often hand in hand with the checkins
19:37:17 <NicoK> yes - another VCS would increase complexity and may reduce partiticipation though
19:37:18 <einar77> tittiatcoke: what do you think? Does it make sense to have a github repo with our patches?
19:37:42 <einar77> NicoK: fedora has a git repo for their patches (granted, they don't have OBS, though)
19:37:44 <NicoK> or maybe we could put only those patches there that we want to get upstream
19:37:58 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Might be indeed good, but then we should not only look for patches, but also tools (e.g. my scripts to update KDF, etc)
19:38:04 <NicoK> as some kind of "incubation" project
19:38:07 <einar77> tittiatcoke: that's an excellent idea
19:38:26 <einar77> we should keep scripts etc all open to the public
19:38:33 <NicoK> +1
19:39:05 <NicoK> ideally OBS would expose its history in a better way though...
19:39:16 <NicoK> e.g. as a git repo
19:39:20 <einar77> Agreed, but while it doesn't
19:39:28 <einar77> most of the KDE team is familiar with git
19:39:38 <einar77> (despite it being black magic at times)
19:39:41 <NicoK> maybe it's worth adding a FATE entry (if there is none yet)
19:39:46 <NicoK> :)
19:39:49 <einar77> good idea
19:40:14 <einar77> Who can talk with whoever's in charge of teh opensuse github repo to have this "incubation" repo created?
19:40:28 <einar77> Same for the FATE entry
19:40:51 <einar77> NicoK: since you roposed the FATE entry, would you be able to do it? ;) *hint, hint*
19:41:14 <shumski> it is not that bad with history, just that is hard to check it if people don't commit with messages
19:41:20 <einar77> yes
19:41:24 <einar77> with git you can't
19:41:24 <NicoK> I'm pretty stuffed with work atm - but I can probably search & add a simple request there, I guess
19:41:48 <einar77> NicoK: not wanting to push you, just to ensure that stuff gets recorded and we know who's doing what
19:41:58 <NicoK> you can omit messages (or write useless messages) in git as well, can't you?
19:42:07 <einar77> NicoK: yes, of course
19:42:32 <einar77> "Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain", so it'll always happen
19:43:00 <einar77> shumski: alin tittiatcoke any of you can look for this git repo creation?
19:43:18 <tittiatcoke> einar77: you can assign this one to me
19:43:24 <einar77> ok, thanks
19:43:48 <einar77> #action tittiatcoke investigate the creation of a github repo for patches and other KDE team tools
19:44:20 <einar77> #action all Enforce annotated patch policy for future SRs
19:44:33 <einar77> Any takers for the FATE entry?
19:45:15 <NicoK> I'm not quite sure whether they'd accept it...
19:45:26 <NicoK> after all they have some sort of history tracking...
19:45:30 <einar77> OK, let this pass for now
19:45:40 <NicoK> I'll check though
19:45:46 <NicoK> so assign to me for now
19:45:46 <einar77> we'll see after the result of the github repo creation
19:45:48 <einar77> ok
19:46:10 <einar77> #action NicoK open a FATE ticket for improved history in OBS
19:46:19 <tittiatcoke> einar77: do you have an action that somebody will communicate the new patch policy ? (ml, wiki, etc ?)
19:46:31 <NicoK> except a git repo representation, what would you improve?
19:46:37 <einar77> tittiatcoke: not yet
19:46:41 <einar77> I would say ML first
19:46:45 <einar77> then wiki
19:46:59 <einar77> I can do the ML part
19:47:09 <einar77> Since I already have things to report via ML anyway
19:47:19 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Ok. :-) Also we need to inform the factory-maintainers that this is the new policy and that they are allowed to reject submissions to factory if the policy is not followed
19:47:43 <einar77> tittiatcoke: specific mail address, or the factory-ml?
19:48:04 <tittiatcoke> einar77: I am not sure, but we could communicate this through Andreas Jaeger
19:48:20 <einar77> I would go in 3 stages: 1. tell KDE ML, 2. tell AJaeger, 3. wikify
19:49:04 <einar77> likely, write to ML, if no big objections make it policy by writing to the factory-maintainers and then wikify it
19:49:44 <einar77> if you agree, I'll do the ML part first
19:49:50 <einar77> today or tomorrow I hope
19:49:53 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Ok
19:50:06 <einar77> #action einar77 write to opensuse-kde ML for the new patch policy
19:50:10 <shumski> ok, i'll try to annotate the existing ones in the next days (if agreed)
19:50:11 <shumski> ?
19:50:20 <einar77> good
19:50:27 <einar77> shumski: I'll put that as action item so we know
19:50:33 <shumski> oki
19:50:41 <einar77> #action shumski annotate existing patches if the new patch policy proceeds
19:50:56 <einar77> GUys, can some of you take my place for ~10 min?
19:51:04 <einar77> I need to make a phone call
19:51:18 <einar77> but before that, any other questions?
19:52:12 <einar77> Next topic coming up, unless you have more questions
19:52:16 <einar77> (or proposals)
19:52:39 <einar77> #topic Summary of the 12.3 development cycle: what was good, what wasn't, ideas for improvement
19:53:10 <einar77> What are your thoughts overall on this?
19:53:37 <einar77> How was 12.3 cycle?
19:53:43 <einar77> what was good?
19:53:44 <einar77> what wasn't?
19:53:54 * einar77 withdraws for 10 min
19:54:05 <einar77> Sorry for this, I'll be back ASAP
19:54:42 <krop> ← is finally there and scrolls
20:00:13 <mrdocs> IMO 12.3 is one of the nicest KDE's in a long time
20:00:37 <mrdocs> artwork gets special mention coz i really never bother, but its well done
20:00:57 <cb400f> we still screwed up on a few things.. e.g. no video thumbnails in a default install
20:01:32 <cb400f> also I wonder if kde-gtk-config shouldn't have replaced kcm_gtk as default?
20:01:39 <ryrych> hi
20:01:42 <shumski> didn't it?
20:01:45 <cb400f> and we didn't get rid of ksuseinstall in time
20:02:02 <cb400f> I have kcm_gtk by default on my 12.3 fresh live install
20:02:35 <shumski> ok. didn't checked that one. thought it already replaced it
20:02:57 <ryrych> when I try to open mov video file in vlc I get a black screen; also Kaffeine says this: Cannot find demux plugin for MRL; I installed vlc from pacman but it didn't help
20:04:06 <shumski> cb400f: also seems ffmpegthumbs disappeared from Packman?
20:04:10 <tittiatcoke> ryrych: Please see topic. Meeting is ongoing, please wait with your question till after the meeting
20:04:24 <ryrych> ok sorry :)
20:04:36 <tittiatcoke> ryrych: np :-)
20:04:55 <cb400f> shumski: maybe.. I'm using mplayerthumbs
20:05:00 <einar77> back and srorry
20:05:14 * einar77 reads
20:05:23 <shumski> ok. got a qustion today about it, and looked, didn't found it
20:05:53 <einar77> on the good things
20:06:00 <einar77> we have strengthened a lot the upstream links, IMO
20:06:09 <einar77> the aforementioned theme
20:06:23 <einar77> agreed with cb400f on the ksuseinstall
20:06:31 <einar77> IMO it should be torched, but that's just me
20:06:55 <cb400f> interesting that you should strengthen relations with upstream by ditching _their_ artwork ;-)
20:07:08 <cb400f> me too :-)
20:07:08 <einar77> well that's branding and all that jazz ;)
20:07:24 <einar77> cb400f: but we did a lot of our work upstream or in collaboration with upstream
20:07:28 <einar77> and even with other distros
20:07:40 <einar77> (udisks2 backend for solid - upstream / fedora / opensuse stuff)
20:08:22 <einar77> I think this should be a good marketing point, even
20:08:34 <einar77> as for stuff that could be improved...
20:09:04 <einar77> the aforementioned ksuseinstall mostly, from my POV
20:09:32 <einar77> and some defaults (kcm_gtk2 vs kcm-gtk-config)
20:10:18 <einar77> alin: krop anything to add on this?
20:10:32 <alin> einar77: sorry on the phone
20:10:53 <krop> no, as a factory user, I didn't test the 12.3 CD
20:10:58 <alin> einar77: aaa about 12.3 12.3 is history
20:11:07 <cb400f> kio_mtp is not in the default install either is it? ... I don't have android.. but that stuff seems to come up rather often
20:11:27 <einar77> cb400f: good point, these things will need to get into the default pattern
20:11:36 <shumski> should be on default pattern
20:11:59 <einar77> looks like I'm out of the loop
20:12:11 <NicoK> including android-tools (iirc it is only a soft requirement in kio_mtp)
20:12:22 <NicoK> i.e. a "suggests"
20:12:25 <einar77> To summarize, however, I think that this dev cycle is largely positive
20:12:38 <NicoK> but this is not KDE-specific :)
20:12:42 <einar77> and that we're on the good track
20:12:43 <cb400f> right.. I have it installed actually.. sorry
20:13:00 <einar77> probably we should improve more stuff like:
20:13:08 <einar77> - defaults (already good enough IMO)
20:13:11 <einar77> - default applications
20:13:16 <mrdocs> +1 mtp-tools
20:13:39 <einar77> the next topic deals with 13.1, that's why these two are close together
20:13:47 <krop> note: there's a thread upstream talking about kio-mtp and releasing it with 4.11
20:14:00 <einar77> krop: got a link?
20:14:20 <krop> a kde-devel thread from saturday
20:14:28 <einar77> ok, will check later
20:14:42 <einar77> Moving on the next topic, if you don't object
20:14:54 <krop> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=136347311903866&w=2
20:15:15 <einar77> I'll swap topics on the agenda
20:15:35 <einar77> because since we started late, I'd rathr discuss the most definite scope first
20:16:13 <einar77> #topic Review of KDE Repositories
20:16:38 <einar77> #topic *  How to proceed with KUSC ? (bnc#706813 and the work done by shumski)
20:17:05 <einar77> As you know, shumski has been working on creating an out-of-prefix KUSC packaging
20:17:36 <einar77> I think it may be useful to evaluate whether it may good enough for KUSC
20:17:40 <einar77> shumski: what's the current status?
20:18:08 <shumski> einar77: have some core packages there, but didn't continued until decided how to proceed
20:18:19 <einar77> rationale for this, for the others
20:18:38 <einar77> it may be worth providing non-prefix packages to ensure they don't destroy the default KDE install
20:18:51 <shumski> it is working correctly. even the branding stuff (except e.g. kdelibs)
20:18:53 <einar77> this will be useful for people who do development only on small bits of KDE; or to test
20:18:59 <einar77> without risks
20:19:15 <einar77> Now the 1 eurocent question is
20:19:26 <einar77> - is it worth pursuing?
20:19:28 <einar77> and
20:19:44 <einar77> - Do you agree that KUSC would (*potentially*) be better used like that?
20:20:04 <einar77> there's however a non small issue with repos tied to KUSC (are there any)?
20:20:58 <mrdocs> the other shoe which will drop is qt5
20:20:59 <shumski> obviously both answers from my end are - yes. but it is to others to say what they think
20:21:11 <einar77> krop: your opinion?
20:21:15 <mrdocs> which atm is not parallel installable
20:21:24 <einar77> mrdocs: yes, that's to keep in mind too
20:21:29 <tittiatcoke> einar77: I guess that if we change the usage of KUSC to a different prefix, then the question is if we should still build KDE:EXtra and KUP for KUSC ?
20:21:38 <einar77> tittiatcoke: that was my question
20:21:46 <einar77> I would be inclined to "No"
20:21:54 <einar77> KUSC is not for regular users IMO
20:21:54 <tittiatcoke> :-) I would say the same.
20:21:55 <shumski> IMO, no
20:21:57 <mrdocs> but remerges might be ugly
20:22:08 <einar77> mrdocs: can you elaborate?
20:22:11 <mrdocs> i said *might*
20:22:39 <mrdocs> building kde-foo from extras against a much newer kdelibs or other core lib
20:23:00 <mrdocs> just trying to think ahead :-)
20:23:03 <krop> so,  I have technical questions: how are XDG paths handled ? specially XDG_CONFIG_HOME, XDG_DATA_HOME ?
20:23:17 <krop> how are polkit permissions files handled ?
20:23:18 <shumski> they are exported
20:23:21 <mrdocs> .kde-new ?
20:23:30 <shumski> .kde-unstable for now
20:24:09 <shumski> krop: everything is installed in /opt/kde-unstable
20:24:32 <krop> then polkit won't work (kdm settings, clock settings, apper...)
20:24:38 <einar77> shumski: IIRC the polkit files will not work out of prefix
20:25:21 <shumski> ok, then i need to take a look at that
20:26:11 <krop> about :Extra, :Playground* I don't really see the reason to not build them anymore ?
20:26:45 <einar77> I would start small first (assuming it works)
20:27:07 <shumski> krop: i am not sure how would that work. i use different macros
20:28:15 <krop> as long as kde4-filesystem knows the /opt paths, we just have to review each package to make sure it uses the KDE path definitions
20:28:48 <shumski> macros are ~same only s/_kde4/_kde_unstable
20:30:15 <shumski> also, specs in extra would need a revisit, for dir ownership
20:30:41 <einar77> Folks, I just realized I need to leave, didn't expect the meeting to run this long
20:31:04 <einar77> shumski: so a general review of specs would be required before any other adjustments?
20:31:23 <shumski> that is for sure :-)
20:31:26 <einar77> Can someone "take the helm" for the meeting in my stead?
20:31:40 <tittiatcoke> einar77: I would propose that we move this discussion to the next meeting. This gives shumski the time to investigate some stuff and the rest to think about it
20:32:00 <einar77> #action shumski further investigate out-of-prefix KUSC
20:32:11 <einar77> tittiatcoke: as expressed in the action above
20:32:16 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Oki :-)
20:32:28 <tittiatcoke> einar77: Thanks for moderating. I will take over for the last agenda item :-)
20:32:38 <einar77> thanks, sorry for this (And if I messed up tell me!)
20:32:40 <einar77> later people!
20:32:54 <tittiatcoke> #topic Q&A
20:33:15 <krop> already ? didn't you want to discuss kupt ?
20:33:35 <tittiatcoke> krop: Ok :-)
20:34:15 <tittiatcoke> I brought up the point with regards to the separate repo for Telepathy (KUPT). The reason for this is if we still needs this one or that we should merge it into KUP itself
20:35:00 <tittiatcoke> anybody ?
20:35:42 <krop> me ! me !
20:36:10 <krop> I see several things:
20:36:29 <tittiatcoke> :-)
20:36:47 <krop> - they break their repo, move their code every months and break everything very often
20:37:59 <krop> - the dependencies are also evolving quickly (do we really want to ship a recent telepathy-glib or telepathy-whatever in KUP for 12.2 ?)
20:38:34 <krop> - we have a local patch that removes the dependency on gnome-keyring (because, well, we don't care about it)
20:39:31 <tittiatcoke> Ok. So a lot speaks for keeping it really separate :-)
20:39:32 <krop> - whatever decision, I'd rather keep them in a separate repo due to the amount of packages and provide an _aggregate instead
20:40:06 <krop> (the last point is because kup itself has quite some packages already)
20:40:12 <tittiatcoke> true
20:40:29 <tittiatcoke> Does anybody has a different opinion ?
20:41:09 <krop> (I'm also thinking about moving the kdevelop plugins in a subproject and add an _aggregate for the same reason)
20:41:25 <tittiatcoke> ok
20:43:03 <tittiatcoke> Hmm, anybody still in the meeting ?
20:43:23 <shumski> yeah, sorry
20:43:31 <cb400f> guess not too many use ktp from kupt ;-)
20:43:44 <shumski> no, strong opiniion on KUPT, but seems it is better to leave it separate
20:44:24 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Then we leave it as it is :-)
20:45:05 <tittiatcoke> #chair
20:45:11 <tittiatcoke> #topic Q&A
20:45:27 <tittiatcoke> Hmm, somehow bugbot doesn't react on me :-(
20:45:36 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Last topic. Q&A :-)
20:45:40 <tittiatcoke> Any questions or comments ?
20:45:48 <mrdocs> none here
20:46:33 <shumski> have one, is it worth to add sysinfo in extra? seen some users that would want it back (i know it's a step backward)
20:46:45 <shumski> but, just asking :-)
20:47:01 <tittiatcoke> If we have a maintainer for it :-)
20:47:12 <krop> which we didn't have for years
20:47:27 <shumski> oki
20:48:09 <tittiatcoke> krop: I was more talking about somebody taking care of the packaging :-)
20:48:20 <krop> ah:)
20:48:34 <tittiatcoke> a maintainer for the source would be impossible :-) I don't think that anybody cares for it
20:48:51 <shumski> i have packaged it today, just wanted to see is it worth it
20:49:39 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Ok :-) I am fine to put it in KDE:Extra :-)
20:50:03 <shumski> ok, cool. will submit it soon then.
20:50:06 <krop> speaking of abandoned things, I'd like to make the KR48 users unhappy and remove akonadi-googledata + libgcal from KDE:Extra
20:50:11 <tittiatcoke> Maybe it would be worth to mention in the description somewhere that it is unsupported :-)
20:50:18 <tittiatcoke> krop: Go for it :-)
20:50:19 <shumski> tittiatcoke: agreed
20:50:30 <krop> both were abandoned ~3 years ago and are really unusable
20:50:40 <tittiatcoke> krop: Drop them :-)
20:50:46 <shumski> +1
20:51:02 <tittiatcoke> #action shumski submit sysinfo to KDE:Extra with the indication that it is unsupported
20:51:23 <tittiatcoke> #action krop drop akonadi-googledata and libgcal from KDE:Extra for KDE:Release:48
20:51:48 <tittiatcoke> anything else ?
20:52:00 <shumski> nothing from me
20:52:08 <NicoK> yes...
20:52:19 <tittiatcoke> NicoK: Go ahead :)
20:52:26 <NicoK> from what I've seen in KDF & Co. the repo is in constant rebuild now
20:52:33 <NicoK> we should probably let it settle first
20:52:39 <NicoK> and then continue adding patches etc
20:53:00 <NicoK> at least for the core packages
20:53:19 <tittiatcoke> NicoK: The issue is that as soon as somebody changes something at a low level (e.g. kdelibs4, soprano, etc) the full repo gets rebuild
20:53:33 <tittiatcoke> But I agree that we should let is finish building before accepting new packages
20:54:32 <NicoK> maybe we could collect sr's for core packages (like in the past) and accept them once/twice a week only...
20:54:43 <shumski> yeah, but somehow you indication that KR410 is leading didn't get 100% through, so i wonder how will this work
20:55:03 <tittiatcoke> shumski: :-) Well, KR410 is no longer leading :-) KDF is the leading one again
20:55:05 <NicoK> ?
20:55:23 <shumski> tittiatcoke: i know, but the same could be applied for this "rule"
20:55:48 <tittiatcoke> :-) True. But we should have less people accepting requests than those that are submitting
20:56:09 <shumski> i mean, i agree, just not 100% convinced it will work in practice
20:56:19 <shumski> ok
20:56:40 <tittiatcoke> shumski: Well, that means that we start kicking those that are not following the rules :-)
20:56:43 <shumski> as said, i agree to accept at least core one more rarely
20:56:58 <shumski> :-)
20:57:09 <NicoK> this way we collect them and avoid unnecessary rebuilds
20:57:13 <krop> (*cough* don't forget to tell that to former maintainers as well *cough*)
20:57:34 <tittiatcoke> krop: Those are mainly the ones that are causing the issues :-)
20:58:17 <tittiatcoke> #action everyone SR's to core packages in KDF will be accepted once or maximum twice a week to minimize the KDF rebuilds
20:58:49 <NicoK> we should agree on specific week days :)
20:59:33 <NicoK> like Monday, Thursday or so...
20:59:53 <tittiatcoke> Monday and Thursday sounds good to me
21:00:18 <shumski> ok, have also a related question. would it make sense to utilize local flag for KR410, at least after a point release gets fully rebuilt?
21:00:46 <shumski> that would also save some power
21:01:22 <tittiatcoke> shumski: I guess it would make sense as that we are more pushing small bug fixes to KR410 and no big changes. As you said with a new point release we can delete that flag again
21:01:52 <shumski> tittiatcoke: yes. no need for a full rebuild IMO
21:02:03 <tittiatcoke> true
21:02:06 <shumski> with fixes in between releases
21:03:31 <tittiatcoke> yup
21:05:02 <NicoK> +1
21:05:16 <tittiatcoke> Ok. I will set the flags
21:05:31 <tittiatcoke> #action tittiatcoke Set the local flags for KR410 to prevent unnecessary rebuilds
21:06:15 <tittiatcoke> anything else ?
21:07:13 <NicoK> nope
21:07:40 <shumski> nothing here
21:08:03 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Now I guess we need einar77 to tell bugbot that the meeting is over :(
21:08:53 <tittiatcoke> #endmeeting
21:09:13 <tittiatcoke> :-( Well, guys. Thanks for the meeting. I hope that einar77 is back soon :-)
21:09:51 <alin> tittiatcoke: sorry I vanished was on the phone
21:09:58 <tittiatcoke> alin: np
21:10:05 <alin> tittiatcoke: or the postmodern equivalent
21:10:28 <alin> I see nothing was given to me to do
21:10:32 <alin> tittiatcoke: which is good
21:11:32 <tittiatcoke> #chair tittiatcoke
21:12:32 <tittiatcoke> #listmeetings
21:19:11 <tittiatcoke> !tell einar77  When you are back, please issue an #endmeeting so that we end the meeting and the logs are created. Unfortunately I can't do this
21:19:11 <SUSEhelp> tittiatcoke: Okay, will tell upon next speaking. (Sent to 1 person.)
21:22:54 <rdmitry> i am wrong or mariadb memory consumption is higher then myslq?
21:34:33 <alin> rdmitry: krop knows about that
21:34:52 <krop> if you ask, you probably already know the answer :)
21:38:43 <alin> rdmitry: krop said something on that line...
21:38:55 <alin> rdmitry: he said something about a memory leak
21:40:17 <rdmitry> oh, it seems i need new computer too soon...
21:49:22 <shumski> krop: do you have a  suggestion in regards to polkit?
21:50:16 <krop> no, sorry, I tried many things already for my local build. everything failed
21:51:09 <shumski> ok :-)  that is due to polkit rules, or?
21:51:38 <krop> yes, it can just load files from one location
21:52:27 <shumski> hm, ok :-(
22:31:30 <shumski> krop: yeah, works only if there is no actions in $kde-unstable/share/polkit-1/actions (and equivalent is installed in system prefix)
22:40:36 <einar77> #endmeeting