18:05:34 <wstephenson> #startmeeting
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18:05:44 <wstephenson> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE KDE community IRC meeting! Please wait with other discussion until the meeting is over. This meeting is logged.
18:06:19 <wstephenson> hello everybody and welcome to the second instance of our team meeting this week
18:06:30 <wstephenson> we thought we hadn't had one for so long that we should have 2 at the same tmie
18:06:39 <wstephenson> bit like buses in england
18:07:08 <toothpik> we going to have double-decker mtgs next?
18:07:08 <wstephenson> today's agenda
18:07:24 <wstephenson> toothpik: yeah, half of us have to write in superscript, the other in subscript
18:07:32 <wstephenson> this week's agenda
18:07:37 <wstephenson> * Rebooting the team
18:07:43 <wstephenson> * 12.2 Focus and features
18:07:51 <mrdocs> /me waves
18:08:00 <wstephenson> * Ensure that patches to KDF, KR48 are delivered to the user within 24 hours
18:08:08 <wstephenson> * Rename Repo KDE 3 in trinity
18:08:12 <wstephenson> * status report
18:08:16 <wstephenson> * Q&A, misc
18:08:40 <wstephenson> anything else?
18:09:07 <alin> wstephenson: Rename maybe shall be delete....
18:09:22 <rabauke> alin: why?
18:09:26 <cartman> s/Rename/Move it is actually, well. Lets wait for its turn.
18:09:26 <wstephenson> alin: miaow!
18:09:31 <javier> http://home.kde.org/~kdelive/ needs to be overhauled
18:09:55 <javier> KDE-* Live CDs aren't based on 11.3 :-P
18:10:10 <wstephenson> yeah yeah :)
18:10:17 <rabauke> that would be misc
18:10:21 <wstephenson> it's cause all our good people get hired away :P
18:10:27 <wstephenson> so
18:10:33 <wstephenson> #topic status report
18:10:47 <wstephenson> i'll start
18:11:05 * wstephenson has been literally beating the shit out of akonadi to make it tolerably good
18:11:34 <rabauke> bravo!
18:11:37 <wstephenson> this enables 12.2 to not suck and enables us to update 12.1 pim to 4.8.2 or so.
18:11:42 <Linuxsusefan> hehe
18:12:14 <wstephenson> i haven't been doing that much coding yet, just repeatedly testing and rubbing upstream's nose in it until they fix things.
18:12:20 <wstephenson> (which works quite well)
18:12:42 <cartman> krop confirmed its much better, so good job ;)
18:13:07 <wstephenson> anyway. am doing less of that now, so i can contribute to the next boosters' sprint, which is appstore support for 12.2 (on Apper)
18:13:13 <wstephenson> EOT, who's next? cartman?
18:13:40 <cartman> Helped with delivering 4.8.1 in KDF, submitting to O:F and taking care of some dependencies in KDF
18:13:51 <cartman> blocked by Boosters sprint & SLE/openSUSE bugs atm.
18:14:01 <cartman> if your Xorg crashes I might be the one to blame :P
18:14:22 <wstephenson> cartman: thanks for carrying the maintenance burden for us for a bit
18:14:28 <cartman> my pleasure
18:14:43 <cartman> s/pleasure/job actually =)
18:15:00 <cartman> anyhow I don't see any urgent tasks for 12.2
18:15:23 <wstephenson> cartman: let's change that shall we?
18:15:26 <cartman> sure
18:15:37 <wstephenson> maxlin: what have you been up to?
18:16:01 <maxlin> help packages update in KDF
18:16:17 <maxlin> survey what we can do for next Boosters sprint
18:16:31 <maxlin> SLE/openSUSE bugs atm
18:16:42 <wstephenson> cool
18:17:12 <wstephenson> who wants to be next?
18:17:28 <wstephenson> javier: what's happening at open-slx, anything relevant for the mothership?
18:19:03 <wstephenson> krop: status?
18:19:15 <wstephenson> cb400f: status?
18:19:18 <wstephenson> rabauke: status?
18:19:20 <krop> calligra submitted to OF
18:19:24 <cartman> krop: awesome!
18:19:30 <wstephenson> that was quick!
18:19:34 <cartman> I disabled build of koffice2 in KDF
18:19:45 <cartman> it was failing to build anyway
18:19:49 <krop> (submitted, not accepted)
18:19:49 <rabauke> announcing 4.8.1 packages, trying to get feedback on kdepim data loss bugs
18:20:16 <wstephenson> rabauke: thanks for doing the announce there
18:20:17 <cartman> krop: we'll make them accept it :P
18:20:24 <cb400f> keeping linkrevs in kua current
18:20:44 <wstephenson> ctrippe: got status for us?
18:20:56 <ctrippe> I went through roughly 100 old KDE bugs on 11.3 and checked/asked if they are still valid or moved/closed them if I knew the answer but still ~50 to go. Not speaking about the other 550 open bugs.
18:21:03 <krop> cartman: saschpe seems to want a dozen more packages from the same tarball
18:21:08 <cartman> ctrippe: uh oh very nice
18:21:19 <cartman> krop: I don't agree with that, those shared libs are not really shared
18:21:36 <cartman> shouldn't block for M^3
18:22:00 <javier> wstephenson: open-slx? no idea
18:22:17 <wstephenson> javier: just doing basyskom stuff atm?
18:22:32 <javier> I think you meant open-pc
18:22:46 <javier> I've never worked (yet) for open-slx
18:22:46 <wstephenson> oh i thought you had joined the merry bunch in darmstadt...
18:22:55 <wstephenson> maybe i'm psychic
18:23:04 <cartman> :D
18:23:11 <wstephenson> so you're back doing studies, or working for frank?
18:23:17 <cartman> wstephenson senses upcoming job offers ;P
18:23:21 <wstephenson> tell me to stop being nosy if you like
18:23:25 <javier> hehe
18:23:30 <javier> no, it's perfectly fine
18:23:38 <javier> I'm working for basyskom atm
18:23:55 <wstephenson> ah bingo, i was nearly right
18:24:00 <javier> yeah
18:24:23 <wstephenson> ok, no more status?
18:24:56 <javier> not really
18:25:17 <javier> I did some work on the kde live cds but they need to do some exercise, as always
18:25:18 <wstephenson> thanks everyone for your contributions!
18:25:33 <wstephenson> #topic Rebooting the team
18:26:07 <wstephenson> so since we have been doing as the proverb says, good work, quietly
18:26:13 <wstephenson> people started to worry if we were dead.
18:26:30 * cartman nods
18:26:36 * wstephenson thinks we should all go hack on fvwm2 for 3 months and then see what people think happened to us....
18:27:19 <cartman> We need more status reports to mailing list I guess.
18:27:33 <wstephenson> the status at suse is, we have 2.5 full time resources in the boosters team
18:27:38 <wstephenson> me, cartman and maxlin
18:27:45 <wstephenson> "in the boosters team"
18:28:11 <wstephenson> is a bit of a slippery definition since we have boosters sprints that are supposed to find time besides our topic (KDE) work
18:28:46 <wstephenson> however i think we have been punching below our weight for 2.5 people
18:29:14 <wstephenson> some of that is unavoidable money-earning BS like fixing KDE 4.3 stuff for SLE11SP2
18:29:15 <javier> less people than before?
18:29:24 <wstephenson> depends how you define before
18:29:33 <javier> right :)
18:29:41 <wstephenson> if before == 2004, we have .5 more
18:29:50 <wstephenson> if 2006, we have 3 less
18:30:09 <javier> it goes like a W
18:30:10 <wstephenson> anyway not really useful to compare because we do a lot more things at once than we used to do, and the tools are better
18:30:12 <rabauke> isn't KDe-hours all that matters?
18:30:29 <rabauke> to KDE
18:30:44 <wstephenson> rabauke: not really, SLE stuff on 4.3 doesn't help opensuse much
18:31:21 <wstephenson> so me, cartman and maxlin have to get our shit more together IMO and spend less time on My Little Pony Online
18:31:49 <Linuxsusefan> wow, I never complain again *seufz*
18:32:11 <cartman> Wherever there is VPN access there is KDE work possible for me :P
18:32:11 <javier> what about the facebook farm, no more crops?
18:32:12 <wstephenson> generally decide what we have to do and execute it
18:32:26 <wstephenson> javier: we have to burn the fields and sow them with salt.
18:32:32 <javier> ;D
18:33:03 <wstephenson> part of that is being disciplined into not jumping on people's pet issues to help them when i've got other things going on
18:33:32 <wstephenson> and other parts are recognising what problems the non-employed parts of the team can solve and making them clearly available for action
18:34:02 <wstephenson> and, as was said yesterday, more status reports so ppl do know about all the things we are doing
18:34:03 <rabauke> yep. a jobs list would help people who want to contribute in a way they can
18:34:13 <cartman> agreed.
18:34:14 <javier> tweeting?
18:34:22 <javier> :P
18:35:03 <wstephenson> also not just noddy jobs, but the difficult things too, that are not currently on our compilers, you never know, perhaps someone from upstream comes and helps or someone else fancies improving his Qt/c++/packaging skills.
18:35:41 <wstephenson> so that's my view of the suse side. cartman, maxlin, your thoughts?
18:35:46 <rabauke> keeping track of tasks is either way a good idea.
18:36:10 <wstephenson> oh 1 more thing, i'm back fulltime as of September
18:36:27 <cartman> Well surely a clear list of tasks would help
18:36:29 <cb400f> sweet
18:36:34 <javier> +1
18:36:42 <Linuxsusefan> this would be for others to read the prubliziert and to help consider
18:37:27 <javier> you mean the mailing list?
18:37:32 <Linuxsusefan> it's not bad to look helpers to public .....
18:37:47 <Linuxsusefan> yes
18:37:55 <rabauke> a list where people can see how they can help
18:38:08 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: +1
18:38:33 <wstephenson> are we trying to do too much?
18:38:39 <javier> they can help in so many ways... the response is in themselves
18:38:42 <rabauke> from editing the wiki before new kde releases to packaging, patching and bug triages. maybe also forum watching as they get more popular
18:38:51 <wstephenson> i sometimes wonder that KR48 eats more of my time than I expected it to.
18:39:02 <cartman> KRXX is important
18:39:29 <wstephenson> i think it's a success
18:39:41 <cartman> yeah especially 4.8.1 was a good release timing wise
18:39:45 <cartman> we delivered in time
18:39:50 <javier> what could we do about little packages not being up-to-date on KR48?
18:40:24 <cartman> javier: good question :/
18:40:28 <wstephenson> javier: script a diff of all packages to KDF ?
18:40:50 <javier> I was thinking about diff'ing and if it's not an alpha/beta, update it
18:41:11 <cartman> makes sense for me
18:41:38 <wstephenson> but updating linkrevs takes more time than i expected it to
18:41:57 <cartman> osc setlinkrev <-- updates to latest revision
18:42:08 <wstephenson> eg you update something in KDF (say 3-4 packages belonging together)
18:42:39 <rabauke> can't you just issue setlinkrev for a whole repo?
18:42:40 <wstephenson> then you need to wait until they all built cleanly before you can setlinkrev in KR48, otherwise you publish multiple times
18:42:56 <javier> we could have a script that diff's the whole thing, and update KR48 packages if necessary
18:43:09 <cartman> can be easily scripted I think.
18:43:56 <javier> rabauke: martin (obs guy) told me once that you can link a whole repo but I think it doesn't make sense in this case
18:45:09 <wstephenson> ok, probably enough on KR48
18:45:27 <wstephenson> summary: we need it but need scripts to enable us to concentrate on the work work
18:45:43 <javier> I also think it doesn't make sense to build a new live cd every time we update some little package in KR48
18:45:48 <wstephenson> sure
18:46:08 <javier> but when it's good to build one, that's another question
18:46:12 <wstephenson> one thing that costs me a lot of time is finding out why something is build-disabled or publish-disabled
18:46:34 <wstephenson> especially if the question can only be answered by someone who is not very responsive
18:46:43 <cartman> OBS needs notes.
18:47:07 <javier> and a publish enable-disable history perhaps?
18:47:07 <cartman> but an unresponsive guy won't fill that out ;)
18:47:21 <javier> yep ;(
18:47:37 <cb400f> unless a comment is required for certain operations
18:47:40 <rabauke> javier: I thought that e.g. osc setlinkrev openSUSE:Tumbleweed would update all links
18:48:29 <javier> hmm, I don't know
18:48:48 <javier> I work on updating specific packages
18:48:52 <cb400f> but then kr4x would have almost as many full rebuilds as kdf
18:49:08 <cartman> which is evil
18:49:08 <javier> tweeting your obs changes, to tell the people you disabled publish
18:49:45 <wstephenson> javier: too lossy
18:49:54 <rabauke> javier: man osc states so [PACKAGE] is optional. so it should be an easy way to make kr48 links update to their latest source revision
18:50:43 <javier> j/k
18:50:49 <wstephenson> our scripts should also take care of disabling publish in all dependent repos before updating versions/links
18:50:53 <wstephenson> javier: haha
18:51:10 <cartman> maybe auto-poke on Facebook
18:51:11 <cartman> :P
18:51:15 <javier> :D
18:51:18 <wstephenson> that would save the problem of publishing eg KUP built vs unpublished version in KDF
18:52:29 * cartman dreams of a graph visualization of inter-repo dependencies
18:53:54 <wstephenson> cartman: suggest a sprint
18:53:56 <wstephenson> or a gsoc
18:54:06 <maxlin> cartman: your topic for nex hackweek?
18:54:08 <rabauke> put this on the mailinglist for discussion, maybe others have an idea where to place the notes.
18:54:23 <cartman> heheh
18:55:00 <wstephenson> ok, anything else on rebooting the team?
18:55:07 <cartman> We are alive!!!111!
18:55:51 <Linuxsusefan> it lives, it lives ....
18:56:00 <alin> who?
18:56:09 <rabauke> yesterday status reports to the mailinglist were mentioned. so nothing to add regarding that.
18:56:40 <cartman> rabauke: yup.
18:57:19 <wstephenson> ok
18:57:26 <wstephenson> #topic 12.2 focus
18:58:31 <wstephenson> so basically i think the last time we discussed this we were all agreed on stability and polish being the main focus?
18:59:02 <wstephenson> and yesterday we talked about getting Calligra and KDE-Telepathy into 12.2, right?
18:59:13 <rabauke> yes
18:59:19 <cartman> yes
18:59:22 <Linuxsusefan> yes
19:00:17 <rabauke> and kdepim having the highest priority of everything done for 12.2.
19:00:29 <wstephenson> i think that's very important
19:00:44 <wstephenson> but not the only thing, because not everyone using kde uses kdepim
19:01:01 <rabauke> sure, but even less calligra or tlepathy
19:01:02 <wstephenson> i particularly do not want kdepim to have any impact on people who do not use it
19:01:21 <wstephenson> right
19:01:43 <wstephenson> so i'd like to try and work out what stability and polish actually means as priority #1
19:01:58 <rabauke> no data loss.
19:01:59 <wstephenson> there are a lot of areas outside pim that need it
19:02:01 <wstephenson> eg
19:02:10 <wstephenson> Activities make-it-cool effort
19:02:42 <cartman> Plasma crashes discussed in kde-devel looks ugly too.
19:02:46 <wstephenson> (in case you don't know, back in the day when we needed to fix somethign we made a branch in svn called eg kmail-make-it-cool
19:03:03 <wstephenson> )
19:03:18 <wstephenson> Apper bugs
19:03:35 <wstephenson> kickoff app menu hierarchy
19:03:47 <wstephenson> default package selections (part of the above)
19:03:55 <cb400f> touchpad tapping :-|
19:04:18 <rabauke> regarding activities: activities lack a useful switcher for the panel.
19:04:20 <wstephenson> splitting plasma-addons so not so much useless playground-level cruft is installed by default with it
19:04:20 <cb400f> kmix/pulseaudio stuff
19:04:49 <wstephenson> multimedia keys - eg launching kamoso from the webcam key
19:04:54 * cb400f thinks stuff running in the default session should automatically have highest priority
19:05:46 <rabauke> would it not make sense to check what people complained about in order to set priorities?
19:06:06 <wstephenson> fixing kwallet to setup automatically without a password in a default login
19:06:06 <rabauke> kdepim + migration was a big complaint
19:06:25 <rabauke> not being able to change user permissions to one needs was another.
19:06:33 <wstephenson> in fact default OOTB experience, ktip popups, default window sizes, etc
19:06:49 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: not a bad idea
19:06:56 <cb400f> loud minority
19:06:59 <wstephenson> rabauke: it's worth looking at, but shouldnt' be the only thing, people complain about everything at some point
19:07:05 <rabauke> cb400f: says who?
19:07:15 <wstephenson> our common sense and experience is just as important
19:07:26 * tigerfoot sorry a bit late, picking backlog
19:08:12 <cb400f> also we should consider the cost/benefit
19:08:25 <wstephenson> yes, eg fixing kdepim migration would probably take me until 12.3
19:08:33 <cartman> if we could list/prioritize this, people could give it a helping hand.
19:08:45 <cb400f> making a noticable difference with kdepim quality is a huge job
19:08:47 <rabauke> wstephenson: sure, but a documentations placed on the desktop and a link in the release notes not
19:09:06 <cb400f> fixing touchpad tapping disabledness is prolly a 5 minute job
19:09:21 <cartman> cb400f: indeed :(
19:09:30 <wstephenson> so what do we review to see what ppl complained about?
19:09:35 <wstephenson> 12.1 reviews
19:09:38 <wstephenson> mailing list
19:09:40 <wstephenson> bugs
19:09:42 <wstephenson> forums
19:09:51 <wstephenson> javier can do twitter
19:09:57 <cb400f> ;-)
19:10:03 <javier> ;-)
19:10:08 <cartman> :D
19:10:10 <cartman> hahaha
19:10:15 <javier> hehe
19:10:25 <rabauke> I think people still remember what caused trouble.
19:10:37 <wstephenson> your memory may be in better shape than mine
19:10:45 <rabauke> but reading a few reviews might help as well. some read forums and remember those issues etc.
19:10:47 <wstephenson> i have a noise filter to keep me sane
19:11:01 * cartman has his delete key handy
19:11:11 <wstephenson> einar77_work should have an idea what gave the forums indigestion
19:12:14 <tigerfoot> for me the lack of smooth upgrade for nepomuk/akonadi/search capabilities ruins somewhat the promise of semantic desktop
19:12:26 <cb400f> I read #suse and #kde a lot
19:12:46 <rabauke> tigerfoot: what do you mean by upgrade?
19:12:49 <tigerfoot> for example until a few days I've virtuozo-t eating 4 cores / 8 at 100% just trying to get files and mail indexed ...
19:13:01 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: that's in hand
19:13:13 * rabauke fingers crossed
19:13:15 <tigerfoot> the solution was kill every akonadi cash db/table and all nepomuk stuff. and restart from blank
19:13:46 <wstephenson> i don't want to discuss that one now, since i know enough about it
19:14:01 <rabauke> indeed there are things in akonadi which have to be removed manually because akonadictl fsck etc. can't handle them.
19:14:21 <tigerfoot> but the bad side, was surprised to not see a backup of nepomuk available, the last 10 have only a few kb ... compared to a db that was someting like 3.6GB
19:14:29 <wstephenson> anyone want to volunteer to scan our list and opensuse@ since 12.1 came out for red flag issues for 12.2? needs to be done quick, in a week.
19:14:45 <rabauke> I think that data loss has to have highest priority, no matter what app.
19:15:05 <rabauke> I can try that. Linuxsusefan reads forums as well, so he can contribute too.
19:15:40 <wstephenson> what about bugs? ctrippe?
19:15:45 <wstephenson> maxlin? ^
19:15:45 <rabauke> who of the KDE devs at openSUSE uses kdepim?
19:16:10 <krop> dfaure :)
19:16:14 <wstephenson> me...
19:16:27 <cb400f> dfaure is @opensuse ? ;-)
19:16:39 <krop> ah
19:16:46 <krop> I missed the "at opensuse"
19:16:52 <krop> anyway, dinner, bbl
19:17:09 * tigerfoot send sandwiches to krop so he can stay :D
19:17:32 <rabauke> that's .5 of the team. so you are on your own regarding kdepim, which seems bad.
19:17:44 <wstephenson> rabauke: otoh its something i know relatively well
19:17:49 <rabauke> I guess it'S the same for nepomuk.
19:17:55 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: krop do a very excellent job on bug triage in kde
19:17:56 <wstephenson> and i'm putting a lot of free time into it atm
19:18:13 <wstephenson> krop: you want to summarize issues seen in bnc?
19:18:38 <tigerfoot> rabauke: I'm not kde dev, just a user of kdepim now (after living 17 years in Mozilla)
19:18:58 <wstephenson> i'll go through kdepim-users@
19:19:26 <rabauke> wstephenson: sure, but more people is better and maybe you are needeed on other bits a well.
19:19:55 <maxlin> wstephenson: I have no my working machine around atm, so cannot remember any important bugs
19:20:02 <rabauke> and if kde devs don't use it…maybe we should use thunderbird as default mail client ;)
19:20:34 <wstephenson> maxlin: not tonight, just in the next week
19:20:43 <wstephenson> rabauke: noo!
19:20:47 <wstephenson> we've come too far
19:20:50 <maxlin> wstephenson: l
19:20:53 <maxlin> k
19:21:00 <rabauke> ok, so we should get a summary of issues.
19:21:09 * wstephenson realized he's been using kmail for ~12 years now
19:21:10 <ctrippe> wstephenson: I will also try to collect important bugs
19:21:14 * tigerfoot now have 303913 files for6.4GB in the same folder .local/share/akonadi/file_db_data ( not the most recommended arch in filesystem)
19:21:32 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: known issue, on my pester list
19:21:35 <tigerfoot> ls -l doesn't work anymore ...
19:21:40 <wstephenson> they should not be cached so long there
19:21:52 <cartman> sorry, dsl rebooted itself.
19:21:54 <rabauke> tigerfoot: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=282160
19:21:56 <bugbot> KDE bug 282160 in Akonadi (Maildir Resource) "akoandi does not delete mails from .local/share/akonadi/file_db_data" [Normal,New: ]
19:21:57 * cartman reads backlog
19:22:21 <rabauke> and we should create a list of "nice to have" polish
19:22:23 <wstephenson> #action wstephenson ping data collectors for important issues on Monday next week, to report by wednesday
19:22:26 <cb400f> tigerfoot: you chose an interesting time to move to kdepim ;-)
19:22:33 <wstephenson> rabauke: yes, like kubuntu's paperkuts
19:22:44 <rabauke> should I ask for people's input on a blog and forum?
19:23:04 <wstephenson> rabauke: asking for new input will just generate a lot of noise and loud minorities
19:23:06 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: I can go to Randa in september with a big whip ...
19:23:12 <wstephenson> hehe
19:23:13 <rabauke> wstephenson: ok
19:23:15 <tigerfoot> cb400f: I've wait 4.8.1
19:23:23 <wstephenson> so other things for 12.2
19:23:27 <tigerfoot> but get kdepim 4.8.0 :-(
19:23:30 <wstephenson> make activities not suck
19:23:42 <wstephenson> ie make activities sortable in the switcher
19:23:49 <tigerfoot> cause we miss some flags in our build ... < maxlin
19:23:55 <wstephenson> some kind of OSD when activating an activity
19:24:04 <wstephenson> hotkeys for next/prev activity
19:24:07 <rabauke> make the switcher as space efficient as the virtual desktop one
19:24:25 <wstephenson> basically nearly the same features as virtual desktops so the similarities exploit people's experience
19:24:40 * tigerfoot has tried activities and not convinced about them actually ... compared to sticked windows on a 8 virtuals desktop ...
19:24:49 <rabauke> we could create default activities that start applications
19:25:02 <cb400f> if apper can reliably install updates and local rpms, and kmix doesn't behave weird with pulseaudio running, and touchpad tapping is enabled by default 12.2 would have a good chance to shine
19:25:05 <wstephenson> a Contribute to openSUSE activity for example
19:25:05 <tigerfoot> rabauke: doesn't work that well
19:25:17 <wstephenson> cb400f: you're a loud minority :P
19:25:25 <cb400f> making people not complain about kdepim and nepomuk doesn't seem a realistic goal imo
19:25:31 <tigerfoot> rabauke: you need rekonq and all software able to restore a kind of context linked to the activity to be usefull
19:26:04 <tigerfoot> cb400f: if pulseaudio work, we can for pim stack
19:26:23 <wstephenson> kdm: make the userlist part of the theme
19:26:24 * tigerfoot not sure about *kit things :-)
19:26:34 <wstephenson> or make a version of the theme with a userlist
19:26:45 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: normally that should be already handle by EugeneA
19:27:18 <tigerfoot> its_pc is his nickname ...
19:27:23 <wstephenson> i would love a kxrandr that remembers settings for each external monitor we use
19:27:34 <rabauke> would installing and using beclock by default makes us cool?
19:27:46 <cb400f> great idea.. and prolly realistic too
19:28:10 * tigerfoot have a request can we osc dr kde3* in oss ?
19:28:13 <wstephenson> rabauke: i would like a showoff set of branding packages that show what kde is really capable of
19:28:16 <rabauke> wstephenson: what about switching back to normal when unplugging the external monitor first. :)
19:28:28 <wstephenson> rabauke: that's a setting to remember too :)
19:28:33 <rabauke> ok
19:28:35 <tigerfoot> or should we deliver a package that automatically zypper lock out those crap
19:28:56 <wstephenson> rabauke: eg that use beclock, non upstream default colours/fonts/icons, radical layout
19:29:07 <wstephenson> takeoff widget
19:29:20 <rabauke> oh, and for the task list, nice screenshots and screencast tutorials. everybody can do that and it helps to mediate features etc.
19:29:23 <wstephenson> the appmenu external menubar...
19:29:31 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: how hard is it ( tech & time consuming to create that?)
19:29:48 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: not hard, you work out a well designed desktop
19:29:52 <wstephenson> then codify it as -branding packages
19:30:28 <rabauke> there is a package with lots of panel defaults, mimicking unity etc.
19:30:28 <wstephenson> it basically comes down to copying the relevant bits of -rc files into the default desktop's config
19:30:35 <wstephenson> rabauke: where?
19:30:37 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: sound easy, but I believe there's a lot of design and important details to create/fix/package
19:30:45 <rabauke> wstephenson: I'll have to look it up
19:30:57 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: there is work there
19:31:25 <wstephenson> but other kde distros manage it (pardus/arch/chakra for example)
19:31:26 * tigerfoot saw also that the default ksplash with qml is great for theming (already talk with eugene about it too)
19:31:37 <wstephenson> i think it's mostly down to having the balls to try it
19:31:47 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: +1
19:32:03 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: I'm looking for a good excuse to go to akademy :-) even if it's short
19:32:16 <rabauke> wstephenson: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Plasma+Panels+Collection+?content=147589
19:32:23 <tigerfoot> we should create crappy package, place them in factory, then send updates :D
19:32:29 <wstephenson> if we do this, we need to make sure that whoever takes the task can take criticism
19:32:37 <javier> it seems to me that there's a trend to convert kde apps from qt/c++ to qml
19:32:49 <wstephenson> because if i see a gold text on black background + celtic font david c rankin masterpiece I will kill it with fire.
19:33:19 <wstephenson> javier: stated goal for KDE 5, this is just the beginning
19:33:19 * tigerfoot knows (like any artist) he can't do it wrong :-)
19:33:30 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: well, i like your car
19:33:42 <wstephenson> it's a bit like the aesthetic of Portal
19:33:56 <rabauke> wstephenson: what about removing stuff, is that polishing as well? grouping desktop/panel creates lots of crashes and the maintainer is unresponsive, so maybe we should also collect htings to remove.
19:33:58 <wstephenson> classic science fiction
19:34:08 <javier> meaning qml as much as possible?
19:34:11 <wstephenson> rabauke: i mentioned that above about plasma-addons crap
19:34:16 * tigerfoot dream about a really funcky white/green tuning design ... but well it's a lot of work and need time (money) to realize that
19:34:25 <wstephenson> javier: where practical
19:34:30 <rabauke> wstephenson: I did not know it was an addon
19:34:32 <javier> ok
19:34:58 <wstephenson> javier: i don't think kmail will be rewritten in qml, but lots of other applets will be
19:35:02 <wstephenson> err apps
19:35:10 <wstephenson> javier: eg KTP
19:35:14 <cartman> kmail in qmail with new regressions :D
19:35:16 <cartman> qml*
19:35:19 <cb400f> no more rewrites, please ;-)
19:35:20 <wstephenson> rabauke: you get my drift though
19:35:21 <javier> ;)
19:35:25 <rabauke> yes
19:35:39 <wstephenson> speaking of removing stuff
19:35:52 <javier> qml seems to be fancy but I'm not sure about its security
19:36:03 <wstephenson> does anyone with a hardon for taking the shears to packages feel like doing a usable minimal-kde pattern?
19:36:10 <wstephenson> javier: OT
19:36:23 <wstephenson> i have a fantasy of something called KLyDE
19:36:25 <javier> indeed
19:36:30 <wstephenson> K Lightweight Desktop Environment
19:36:31 <tigerfoot> :d
19:36:33 <javier> oops 0:-)
19:36:39 <wstephenson> to Kompete with xfce etc
19:36:41 <cb400f> with razor-qt as the desktop?
19:36:43 <wstephenson> nah
19:36:47 <wstephenson> not that radical
19:37:00 <javier> I think there was some kind of light kde project
19:37:15 <javier> kde 3.x based perhaps?
19:37:15 <wstephenson> just take our basic components and reduce them to a minimum, make it easily installable
19:37:24 <tigerfoot> javier: I take a plane and come to kick your ass :-)
19:37:38 <javier> hehe
19:37:40 <wstephenson> disabled akonadi and nepomuk, bare minimum set of applets, styles, windecos, wallpapers installed
19:37:59 <cb400f> disable oxygen animations? and effects?
19:38:01 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: so you forbid usage of pim stack then
19:38:01 <wstephenson> so it feels like when you get into a fast car
19:38:10 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: by default yes.
19:38:25 <tigerfoot> nepomuk alone is not that bad ...
19:38:35 <wstephenson> cb400f: not sure, possibly don't even use oxygen
19:38:46 <tigerfoot> and deeply integrated in dolphin etc ... and crash all when not running ...
19:39:15 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: it's not, but some people are allergic
19:39:28 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: oh that called kde Klassik like the gnome classic
19:40:04 * tigerfoot send medecine to allergic
19:40:08 <wstephenson> cb400f: the idea is not to make something radically new (we have Kor and razor-qt for that) but something that feels as stripped down for speed as possible
19:40:20 <wstephenson> without sacrificing the ability to add the features back that people need
19:40:39 <wstephenson> THAT is the distinction between KDE and these lightweight toy DEs
19:40:43 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: what would be a plan for that ?
19:41:17 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: what i said already is all i have so far
19:41:24 <tigerfoot> inventory lightweight component? (kwin/decoration/plasmoid/theme)
19:41:36 <cb400f> but it's also about feel and appearance/perception.. so every darn tooltip and pop-up etc. should be turned off too then
19:41:41 <wstephenson> cb400f: sure
19:41:45 <tigerfoot> make them as default in kde4-desktop pattern ?
19:41:47 <wstephenson> cb400f: a lot of it is about feel
19:42:17 <toothpik> you could leave activities out of it too as far as i'm concerned
19:42:18 <wstephenson> cb400f: like when you sit in a stock car and someone removed the inner door handles and replaced them with loops of tape.
19:42:32 <wstephenson> toothpik: yeah
19:42:33 * tigerfoot just hope a polishing systemsettings ... with all settings there and not spread around
19:42:54 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: also a good place to start tossing stuff over the side
19:43:09 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: also split packages so you can then...
19:43:18 <wstephenson> make a kde-minimal pattern that only includes the base packages
19:43:32 <wstephenson> for kde-desktop pattern we then pull in the base + the splits
19:44:11 <wstephenson> the reality check is, is this really a strategy that would win us users/recognition/contributors
19:44:15 * tigerfoot not that well experienced as packager ... (especially the kde stack which look like a babylon tower)
19:44:17 <wstephenson> or is it just chasing after the grumpy old men
19:44:44 <cartman> a slim desktop makes sense
19:44:49 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: if you identify the stuff to split out, we can do the work
19:44:51 <toothpik> aren't we the important ones?
19:44:54 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: I think if we can make kde4 faster than ever on openSUSE (the fastest distribution around)  it make sense everywhere
19:45:22 <tigerfoot> then Linus will not have the choice to quit :D
19:45:52 <tigerfoot> and will remove old unmaintained DE ...
19:45:55 <wstephenson> toothpik: depends if we are bigger and better after we make you happy
19:46:05 <tigerfoot> 12.2 feel the speed should be our moto
19:47:04 <wstephenson> toothpik: there are too many grumpy old men who do nothing but complain and never say thanks when things work, nor bring new people to opensuse, nor contribute themselves. so i'm swearing off helping them any more :P
19:47:18 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: there's just one trouble about 12.2 objective, actually factory is really in a bad state ... and will not be quite cool before some time it seems
19:47:52 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: if this reduction helps speed so be it, but i think feeling minimal and light is as important as being faster on the clock
19:47:59 <tigerfoot> so will be hard to work with it to find the issues.
19:48:04 <toothpik> from all the noise on the mailing list i can imagine KLyDE will have a big following
19:48:22 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: they will get the two for the same price ...
19:48:28 <wstephenson> of course not starting nepomuk and akonadi on login will help speed up the rest. as will not having to setup structures and instances for plugins that are no longer installed
19:48:51 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: i think you could do all the work with 12.1 already and then forward port it
19:49:10 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: I've not a cloud at home :-)
19:49:29 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: with kdf or kusc
19:49:33 <wstephenson> toothpik: i think so, i think it's light is not just in fashion with the grumpy guys
19:49:39 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: you mean to build it?
19:50:04 <wstephenson> s/it's light/light/
19:50:38 * wstephenson would like to hear from the rest of the team about this harebrained scheme, not just tigerfoot cb400f and toothpik
19:51:17 * toothpik sits on his hands
19:51:18 <cartman> I agree that a lightweight setup makes sense.
19:51:26 <maxlin> +1
19:51:30 <cartman> And my stomach is burning, sorry.
19:51:32 <wstephenson> cartman: you don't think it's just chasing the long tail of our userbase?
19:51:46 <wstephenson> cartman: rennies
19:51:46 <cartman> actually no, people seem to switch to XFCE en masse
19:51:49 <rabauke_> I noticed that starting apps on other desktops is a lot faster, so anything improving speed is good.
19:51:53 <cartman> because its lightweight
19:52:13 <cartman> if we can trim the fat I would welcome it
19:52:30 <wstephenson> rabauke_: starting xfce apps on xfce, or starting firefox/chromium/oo.o on xfce?
19:52:48 <rabauke> wstephenson: firefox in icewm for example
19:52:59 <tigerfoot> all gtk crap start quicker on xfce/gnome that on kde ... true ...
19:53:13 <wstephenson> then we should check why that is, must be the kde integration
19:53:26 <cartman> Might be oxygen-gtk
19:53:36 <cb400f> cold-starting firefox on suse is definitely dog slow
19:53:43 <wstephenson> or gconf, gnome-settings-daemon and other gnome runtime stuff
19:53:51 * cb400f will test in icewm if it's really faster there one of these days
19:53:57 <cartman> cb400f: chromium is preferred :)
19:53:58 <wstephenson> anyway, fringe issue
19:55:53 * tigerfoot look to  gconf, gnome-settings-daemon and other gnome runtime stuff
19:56:43 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: re not a cloud at home
19:56:46 <wstephenson> you mean to build stuff?
19:57:50 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: if I've to test of to slick down kde package, and pattern I need another computer, the spare is already fully dedicated to factory/plymouth/grub2 tasks :D
19:58:14 <tigerfoot> but well I should find a bit of place and run a vm
19:59:05 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: ah ic
20:01:35 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: you make a recapitulation about important point of the meeting ?
20:01:48 <tigerfoot> we need to switch to project:-)
20:01:52 <tigerfoot> -project
20:03:12 <wstephenson> #action wstephenson summarize 12.2 feature discussion on list, then blog
20:03:21 <wstephenson> #topic Q&A, misc
20:03:57 <cartman> no q. from my side.
20:04:43 * tigerfoot one ... wstephenson if you can put back snafu on in the topic and add the link to the article :-)
20:05:19 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: i don't understand
20:05:59 <cb400f> hm.. wrong channel I guess
20:06:07 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: normally on this channel topic there was SNAFU SNAPU ? didn't remember, your article about how to contribute with obs ...
20:06:20 <wstephenson> cb400f: thanks...
20:07:18 <rabauke> wstephenson: what about a blog about "adopt a kde package"? e.g. for extra packages
20:08:03 <cb400f> or maybe we should just have a bi-yearly cleanup of kde:extra and kup
20:08:31 <cb400f> e.g. icontasks plasmoid was still in kde:extra for kde 4.8 repos... leading to mucho trouble
20:08:38 <wstephenson> cb400f: not a bad idea
20:08:40 <cb400f> not sure if it's still there
20:09:19 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: BURP
20:10:02 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: !!!! yes ... !!!!!
20:10:07 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: "De faire un rot" no?
20:10:13 <tigerfoot> brup
20:10:19 <tigerfoot> for the rooo :D
20:10:38 <tigerfoot> should depend if you drink wine or beer :D
20:11:16 <krop> that will be part of the meeting log ?
20:13:06 <wstephenson> i'll add the link back to that article
20:14:16 * krop reads the backlog
20:14:31 <tigerfoot> wstephenson: thx ..
20:14:32 <cartman> wstephenson: #endmeeting? :)
20:14:39 <krop> wstephenson: I don't use bnc. it gives me headaches each time I try to find something there
20:14:50 <wstephenson> cartman: yes
20:14:54 <wstephenson> thanks everyone for coming
20:15:02 <wstephenson> #endmeeting