14:10:05 <cartman> #startmeeting
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14:10:12 <cartman> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE KDE community IRC meeting! Please wait with other discussion until the meeting is over. This meeting is logged.
14:10:26 <cartman> Lets start with the current agenda
14:10:44 <cartman> - Rebooting the team
14:10:48 <cartman> - 12.2 Focus and features
14:10:56 <cartman> - KDF & KR48 update latency
14:11:03 <cartman> - Renaming KDE3 trinity repository
14:11:20 <cartman> Since the last meeting was in 2011 I assume we don't have any old agenda items?
14:11:24 <cartman> Agree?
14:11:31 <rabauke> yes
14:11:34 <Linuxsusefan> +1
14:11:37 <krop> that's all after 6 months ? :)
14:11:54 <cartman> Lets try to gather more ideas for tomorrow's meeting too :)
14:11:59 <cartman> but first
14:12:03 <cartman> #topic status report
14:12:17 <cartman> We delivered KDE 4.8.1 in KDF & KR48
14:12:22 <cartman> it was rather smooth
14:12:34 <cartman> I think we are in a rather good shape release wise.
14:12:46 <cartman> What do you think about the current status, any problems?
14:13:00 <krop> kusc lacks updates
14:13:07 <krop> we're faar behind
14:13:14 <rabauke> repos were not disabled before the tarballs were updated. that should not happen . neither for extra etc.
14:13:27 <cartman> for KUSC agreed, we need more manpower for that
14:13:33 <cartman> titti seems to be rather busy
14:13:52 <cartman> about the repo screw-up it was due to kde4-filesystem not being linked correctly
14:13:56 <cartman> shouldn't happen again
14:14:03 <cartman> what can we do about KUSC?
14:14:11 <cartman> Maybe automate the whole process via scripts?
14:14:12 <rabauke> cartman: how can that make a repo publish 4.8.1 packages before release date?
14:14:41 <cartman> rabauke: some were forced-to-publish before, also fixed now :)
14:15:11 <cartman> shall we discuss KUSC first?
14:15:56 <cartman> rabauke, krop, Linuxsusefan ?
14:16:09 <Linuxsusefan> yes
14:16:28 <rabauke> I think that KUSC's priority is lowest, so as long as there are "better" things to be done regarding KDE, e.g. kdepim fixing etc. it has to stay the way it is.
14:16:53 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: +1
14:17:04 <cartman> OK thats a valid argument, kdepim should be in a little bit better shape now
14:17:10 <cartman> with the latest indexing fixes
14:17:28 <cartman> focusing on user experience is indeed the first priority
14:17:30 <krop> no no, it's *a lot* better
14:17:39 <cartman> thats good news :-)
14:17:49 <cartman> We should make sure this is also in KR48
14:17:57 <cartman> I will check that.
14:18:10 <rabauke> did all post 4.8.1 fixes get included in the opensuse repos?
14:18:17 <cartman> #action cartman make sure kdepim fixes are in KR48 repo.
14:18:24 <krop> there's a critical fix in kdebase-runtime that must be in kr48/kdf
14:18:34 <cartman> krop: what was that?
14:18:38 <krop> s/kdebase-runtime/kdelibs
14:18:59 <krop> the one that fixes the threading issue
14:19:07 <cartman> Ok I will assign it to myself generally
14:19:18 <cartman> #action cartman Cherry pick fixes from KDF into KR48 again.
14:19:28 <krop> I'll give you the commit in a minute
14:19:32 <cartman> thanks!
14:19:52 <cartman> Lets start with the first item in the agenda
14:19:58 <cartman> #topic Rebooting the team
14:20:11 <cartman> We had our last meeting in 2011.09 which is not quite good
14:20:25 <cartman> Although we did nice packaging work and did the releases in time
14:20:45 <cartman> But I think we are missing some more community involvement in the whole process
14:20:59 <cartman> I wonder what are the obvious ways to improve the current situation
14:22:07 <cartman> Linuxsusefan, krop , rabauke speak up guys! :)
14:22:17 <Linuxsusefan> Bessere kommunitkation des Teams with community
14:22:29 <tittiatcoke> cartman: Sorry for being late, but a patch in my repo caused a PNM issue
14:22:32 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: explain little bit more.
14:22:37 <Linuxsusefan> better communication
14:22:38 <cartman> tittiatcoke: ah welcome!
14:22:55 <cartman> I think
14:22:59 <cartman> we should first of all
14:23:05 <cartman> notify before we update the whole repo.
14:23:10 <cartman> give progress reports to mailing lists.
14:23:17 <cartman> like I did when _wstephenson was gone.
14:23:19 <Linuxsusefan> monthly meetings for the user to see the beginning of the the team lives
14:23:43 <cartman> So, more email communication first of all.
14:23:52 <cartman> tittiatcoke, rabauke, krop, Linuxsusefan agree?
14:24:03 <Linuxsusefan> share more of what the team does
14:24:07 <tittiatcoke> cartman: +1
14:24:12 <cartman> ok, more inside news :)
14:24:20 <krop> yes
14:24:21 <rabauke> irc meetings stopped because people had no time
14:24:39 <cartman> can we at least do once in a month?
14:24:43 <cartman> would that work out?
14:24:44 <Linuxsusefan> the last time you had the suspicion was the team dead
14:24:48 <rabauke> hence putting bi-weekly "meetings" on the mailinglist might work, i.e. status report tc
14:24:50 <rabauke> etc
14:25:09 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: The team is not dead but does its work silently
14:25:15 <Linuxsusefan> hehe
14:25:17 <cartman> we did 4.8.1 update very fast :)
14:25:22 <cartman> but we failed to communicate
14:25:24 <cartman> again
14:25:35 <Linuxsusefan> now understand
14:25:36 <cartman> Thats worrying
14:25:58 <cartman> I will personally note to send more status reports to the mailing list.
14:26:23 <rabauke> I read that maxlin did  wor k reports on some opensuse mailinglist, so the kde team could do that as well
14:26:31 <cartman> tittiatcoke: anything you want to add?
14:26:40 <cartman> rabauke: indeed
14:26:41 <tittiatcoke> cartman: not really :-)
14:26:45 <cartman> ok
14:26:46 <Linuxsusefan> can perhaps see more information about the current actions was reported to be posted to user, blogger, etc on the mailing list, wiki, etc., can what is happening
14:27:02 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: we can do mails and then copy it to the wiki
14:27:05 <cartman> makes sense
14:27:10 <rabauke> http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-boosters/2011-08/msg00007.html something like that
14:27:29 <cartman> rabauke: thats the Boosters report format, yes.
14:27:34 <cartman> ok next time
14:27:34 <tittiatcoke> rabauke: You want that per team member ?
14:27:37 <cartman> item*
14:27:48 <cartman> tittiatcoke: we decided in a summary for the whole team.
14:27:54 <maxlin> rabauke: err..that because I was not join the boosters standup meeting that time ;p
14:27:55 <tittiatcoke> Ok
14:28:02 <cartman> welcome maxlin :)
14:28:10 <rabauke> tittiatcoke: if that makes it easier, i.e. if coordinating all that into one email hinders the process
14:28:15 <maxlin> cartman: sorry for late :)
14:28:18 <cartman> maxlin: np
14:28:36 <cartman> I will try to coordinate status reports, by checking commits
14:28:41 <cartman> should help.
14:28:43 <tittiatcoke> rabauke: I would keep it just for the whole team
14:28:53 <cartman> I don't want to bug each of you :)
14:29:08 <rabauke> it shows what people are working on and is easier to respond than on IRC, because you can do any time you want to. forums might be an alternative.
14:29:32 <cartman> I think mailing lists + wiki should be good for now.
14:30:11 <cartman> If we are done we can skip to the next topic.
14:30:31 <cartman> #topic 12.2 Release Focus
14:30:37 <cartman> now thats a hot topic ;)
14:31:20 <cartman> The most important problem was kdepim's slowness with indexing, _wstephenson with the help of PIM team managed to fix those and krop confirmed.
14:31:21 <rabauke> kdepim, kdepim, kdepim
14:31:24 <cartman> Thats good news :)
14:31:33 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: +1
14:31:56 <cartman> rabauke: you reported some mail losses afaik
14:32:01 <cartman> any update on those?
14:32:13 <rabauke> no, none fixed.
14:32:20 <tittiatcoke> cartman: We have another area that needs to be fix. KDE integration with systemd
14:32:39 <cartman> rabauke: can you please give us some bug # , so _wstephenson can bug the people directly or better yet fix it :)
14:32:50 <cartman> tittiatcoke: Do we have any concrete problems with that?
14:32:58 <cartman> Overall my daily system looks OK with systemd
14:33:13 <rabauke> for kdepim providing a working migration tool is unfortunatley out of scope. so we should at least provide a howto, e.g. as part of the greeter
14:33:16 <tittiatcoke> cartman: Yes, You cannot initiate a reboot, shutdown or a new session from with KDE
14:33:31 <cartman> tittiatcoke: thats why it just logs me out? :)
14:33:32 <rabauke> and mention it in the release notes
14:33:39 <tittiatcoke> cartman: Yup.
14:33:57 <cartman> rabauke: would you write a small howto to get us started? We could expand it.
14:34:08 <cartman> tittiatcoke: I see.
14:34:12 <rabauke> http://kdeatopensuse.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/help-on-kde-pim-data-loss-bugs/ includes all I know of.
14:34:16 <cartman> Anyone wants to debug systemd with kdm ?
14:34:26 <tittiatcoke> cartman: I already have patches for it and am testing them in my repo. They are coming from Fedora, but somehow this bans out the usage of ConsoleKit
14:34:42 <cartman> #action wstephenson Have a look at mail loss bugs in http://kdeatopensuse.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/help-on-kde-pim-data-loss-bugs/ and let PIM team know/fix.
14:34:48 <tittiatcoke> e.g. plasmoid-networkmanagement doesn't see NetworkManager anymore
14:34:55 <cartman> tittiatcoke: oh
14:35:13 <cartman> tittiatcoke: Let me assign an action item to you but I'll give a hand too, ok?
14:35:13 <tittiatcoke> cartman: :-)
14:35:17 <tittiatcoke> ok
14:35:31 <cartman> #action tittiatcoke debug kdm & systemd integration problems with cartman.
14:35:41 <cartman> We can bug ossi (kdm's author/maintainer)
14:36:28 <cartman> We also have bko# 295810, bko# 287317 for Policykit-GUI problems
14:36:46 <cartman> in essence modifying policykit files doesn't work.
14:37:09 * cartman is looking for a brave soul
14:38:00 <rabauke> a working policykit gui would have avoided all that trouble about networkmanager profiles, linus daughter's printer administration in school etc. :p
14:38:38 <rabauke> wstephenson already worked witht the gui author, i.e. it's the same as for apper
14:39:01 <tittiatcoke> rabauke: The issue with PNM is that in the new situation it ignores ConsoleKit, so PolicyKit is not giving access to the DBUS
14:39:06 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: wow, what a word can cause the heads of all ;-)
14:39:25 <tigerfoot> Linus'daughter isn't subscribe to GOSC2012? :-)
14:39:31 <tittiatcoke> Strangely enough Fedora seems to have dumped ConsoleKit support from KDE (at least workspace is no longer build with ConsoleKit-devel)
14:40:01 <cartman> maybe we can drop CK support too
14:40:14 <cartman> might me that systemd seat support obsoletes it.
14:40:16 <cartman> not sure.
14:40:20 <cartman> multi-seat*
14:40:29 <rabauke> tittiatcoke: I think rdieter on #kde-devel might know. AFAIK he is the KDE maintainer for fedora
14:40:34 <cartman> yeah he is.
14:40:46 <tittiatcoke> cartman: :-) Could be. I guess I will find out as soon as I resolved the PNM issue :-)
14:40:53 <cartman> anyone want to debug PolicyKit-GUI problems? :)
14:41:12 <cartman> ok I'll take that one.
14:41:17 <tittiatcoke> :-)
14:41:23 <cartman> #action cartman Have a look at bko# 295810 and bko# 287317
14:41:33 <cartman> any other 12.2 blockers?
14:41:47 * tigerfoot not related to kde
14:41:55 <cartman> tittiatcoke: we need KDE ones ;)
14:42:13 <tittiatcoke> cartman: What about ksecretsservice ?
14:42:24 <krop> not a blocker
14:42:24 <cartman> Well, I packaged it but thats it
14:42:29 <cartman> integration is MIA
14:42:36 <cartman> and I can't really think its useful or tested.
14:42:37 <cartman> at all.
14:43:15 <cartman> shouldn't be a blocker for 12.1
14:43:17 <cartman> 12.2*
14:43:50 <cartman> any more blocker ideas?
14:43:57 <rabauke> none I know of.
14:44:03 <cartman> ok, next topic then.
14:44:08 <krop> wait
14:44:08 <cartman> #topic Ensure that patches to KDF, KR48 are delivered to the user within 24 hours, i.e. get higher build priority for those repos on patch-commit-days
14:44:12 <cartman> whooops
14:44:15 <cartman> krop: please do tell
14:44:27 <rabauke> I added that.
14:44:31 <krop> nm, It can fit in the misc section
14:44:37 <cartman> ok
14:44:44 <cartman> update latency for KDF & KR48
14:44:59 <rabauke> the kmail crash fix was submitted on thursday and packages for 12.1 were published on monday.
14:45:04 <cartman> we can make KR48 update fast because its only done on release days.
14:45:10 <cartman> KDF is much harder.
14:45:20 <cartman> We couldn't agree on a common commit date
14:45:30 <cartman> dirk didn't agree on such fixed dates.
14:45:32 <rabauke> there is already, isn't there?
14:45:45 <cartman> There is but dirk said he didn't want to work like that
14:45:49 <rabauke> tuesday and friday
14:46:12 <cartman> What we can do is.
14:46:13 <rabauke> well, then he has to make sure that build priority is increased if he commits
14:46:27 <cartman> When there is a critical fix we can ask adrianS to increase the priority.
14:46:34 <rabauke> it cannot be that he disrupts the building of crtical patches
14:46:56 <cartman> So this is more about someone tracking important fixes
14:47:00 <cartman> and letting OBS team know
14:47:17 <cartman> I can do this since I monitor KDF & KR48 commits.
14:47:22 <rabauke> the person commiting the patch can also request a higher build priority.
14:47:32 <tittiatcoke> cartman: But shouldn't the common commit dates be a team decision and not based on the feedback of one man ?
14:47:36 <cartman> True but depending on everyone to do it might fail.
14:48:01 <cartman> tittiatcoke: true but at least KDE:Qt is maintained by dirk only.
14:48:08 <cartman> and it in turn affects us.
14:48:46 <cartman> one idea is to disable qt _aggregate until there is an important fix
14:48:50 <cartman> so changes there don't affect us.
14:48:59 <rabauke> whatever he does, as long as he makes sure that repos are published within 24 hours after a commit, I'm fine with it.
14:49:27 <cartman> except the release times, yes :)
14:49:31 <rabauke> if he does not care about disrupting the kde repos the aggregate should be disabled
14:49:41 <cartman> thats the idea
14:49:45 <cartman> we enable it when we want.
14:50:06 <rabauke> only opssible solution given the experiecnes from the past I guess
14:50:14 <tittiatcoke> yup
14:50:20 <cartman> ok, not much of a technical problem :-)
14:51:28 <rabauke> is it possible to get a higher build priority e.g. every tuesday automatically. if there are no commits this does not harm others. if there are we need it.
14:51:49 <cartman> rabauke: I don't think so but I'll talk to adrianS
14:51:58 <cartman> otherwise I'll setup a reminder for those days
14:52:04 <cartman> and check if important commits happened
14:52:13 <rabauke> that way they could even manage the big repos like kde, gnome, openoffice tc.
14:52:31 <rabauke> etc
14:52:31 <rabauke> one each day
14:52:38 <cartman> #action cartman Talk to OBS team about automatically adjusting repo priority based on the day
14:52:41 <cartman> there we go
14:53:02 <cartman> so in summary
14:53:09 <cartman> Tuesday-Friday checkins are go.
14:53:25 <cartman> we might disable qt aggregates if we found them to trigger rebuilds too much
14:53:51 <cartman> good enough? :)
14:53:56 <rabauke> yes
14:54:12 <cartman> next topic unless someone has something to say about this
14:54:37 <cartman> #topic Rename Repo KDE 3 in trinity (projects more clearly delineate)? --Linuxsusefan 05:15, 20 March 2012 (MDT)
14:54:43 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: please explain this one :)
14:54:55 <Linuxsusefan> Will KDE 3 is still supported by the KDE team? I think not, because that was replaced by KDE 4. But it is in many minds the user has not firmly anchored to the KDE 3 can be revived. Is also encouraged because the repos are settled at the KDE project will continue with KDE third It would certainly be better the repos in the project name "Trinity" to rename. This would make a better separation of the "KDE team" to the "Team
14:54:55 <Linuxsusefan> Trinity" visible and makes it clear that the two independent projects. The same was done with the project and Evergreen. Maybe you can orient it?
14:55:19 <cartman> so there is some confusion with the KDE3 packages being supported "officially"
14:55:29 <Linuxsusefan> sorry, everything belongs together
14:55:33 <cartman> I remember wstephenson saying something similar
14:55:35 <rabauke> the problem is, opensuse's kde3 is not trinity
14:55:43 <cartman> yeah indeed
14:55:54 <cartman> but the KDE team has no interest in KDE3 or Trinity
14:56:01 <cartman> openSUSE's KDE team that is
14:56:09 <Linuxsusefan> this is exactly the problem that no one is different
14:56:28 <Linuxsusefan> trinity → kde3 ? or others?
14:56:30 <rabauke> opensuse's is the last kde3 release + some patches. trinity is a lot more
14:56:46 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: what shall we do? as an action item?
14:57:20 <rabauke> the name kde3 is accurate, so it will be hard to argue to rename it to something it is not, i.e. trinity.
14:57:31 <cartman> indeed
14:57:31 <rabauke> you could move it out of KDE:
14:57:39 <Linuxsusefan> better define
14:57:39 <cartman> ok thats an idea
14:57:48 <cartman> since its not officialy maintained by us.
14:57:52 <Linuxsusefan> rabauke: +1
14:57:57 <rabauke> it was officially part of 12.1
14:58:09 <cartman> but not maintained by the KDE team
14:58:19 <Linuxsusefan> cartman: +1
14:58:21 <krop> not maintained by anyone
14:58:28 <Linuxsusefan> hehe
14:58:34 <cartman> its there and it manages to build
14:58:39 <cartman> maybe gcc 4.7 will fix that ;)
14:58:46 <rabauke> ilya would disagree on the maintaining bit.
14:58:46 <krop> the packages are maintained, the code is not
14:58:58 <cartman> #action cartman KDE3 should be out of KDE: to avoid confusion
14:59:05 <Linuxsusefan> cartman: thanks
14:59:10 <cartman> ok I understand the problem :)
14:59:19 <Linuxsusefan> my english is not so good
14:59:26 <cartman> Linuxsusefan: better than my German
14:59:31 <Linuxsusefan> ja
14:59:32 <cartman> keine ahnung forever
14:59:41 <Linuxsusefan> hehe
14:59:45 <Linuxsusefan> dane
14:59:49 <Linuxsusefan> danke
15:00:14 <cartman> Since we have a meeting for tomorrow too, I suggest we skip to Q&A and then misc?
15:00:48 <rabauke> if everybody who would have a question is also present tommorrow
15:00:59 <Linuxsusefan> ok, skipped
15:01:08 <cartman> we'll see how big we'll be tomorrow :)
15:01:20 <cartman> #topic Q&A
15:01:37 <cartman> any questions before we go to the misc. topics?
15:02:02 <rabauke> no
15:02:04 <Linuxsusefan> no
15:02:38 <krop> well, yes
15:02:45 <krop> Q&A and misc are the same to me
15:02:54 <krop> :)
15:02:56 <cartman> sure then, go ahead :)
15:03:14 <krop> I have two concerns
15:03:36 <wstephenson> hi
15:03:37 <krop> Calligra is not in O:F yet since noone (including me) submitted it
15:03:41 <cartman> wstephenson: welcome.
15:03:46 <Linuxsusefan> wstephenson: hi
15:03:51 <wstephenson> sorry for being late.
15:03:54 <cartman> krop: I am dying to drop koffice2 any second.
15:03:58 <wstephenson> +1
15:04:06 <krop> So, do we want it for 12.2 ? and can we drop koffice ?
15:04:07 <cartman> I didn't fix its build failures on purpose.
15:04:23 <cartman> We surely want Calligra in 12.2 and drop Koffice imho
15:04:54 <rabauke> make sure to make the calligra rpms replace koffice2.
15:04:54 <wstephenson> krop: yes
15:05:23 <krop> ok, then I'll look at the rpmlint warnings and submit
15:05:27 <cartman> awesome
15:05:39 <cartman> #action krop Check Calligra rpmlint logs and submit to O:F
15:05:54 <krop> (good luck to the legal team)
15:06:09 <cartman> hahah ;)
15:06:26 <krop> I have another concern about kup.
15:06:35 * tittiatcoke hides
15:06:35 <wstephenson> where are we at in the agenda btw?
15:06:44 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: Misc/Q&A
15:06:44 <rabauke> wstephenson: misc
15:07:03 <wstephenson> thought so
15:07:22 <krop> telepathy is moving faster than opensuse and starts to require some glib versions that are not in opensuse < 12.2
15:07:29 <cartman> uh :/
15:07:48 <krop> I'd like to create subprojects in KUP for the telepathy-kde stuff
15:08:16 <krop> and link the missing packages for 11.4/12.1
15:08:17 <wstephenson> that add the newer glib, for those brave enough to test it with 12.1?
15:08:18 <tittiatcoke> krop: Shouldn't we bring version 0.3 to KDF ? That version can compete with kopete
15:08:46 <wstephenson> the tp team say that 0.4 will be out by april
15:08:56 <wstephenson> so i'd just put the git 0.3.60 we have in KUP into KDF now
15:09:00 <tittiatcoke> Ok. They are definitely working hard on it :-)
15:09:13 <krop> my main concern is this commit: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-qt4/commit/?id=1276ee717742ffba3e13b2750c5c4b05d0e12e4b
15:09:14 <wstephenson> it could really use wider testing though
15:09:23 <tittiatcoke> I am using it on a daily basis and everything seems fine
15:09:29 * cartman has no idea about Telepathy stuff
15:09:36 <wstephenson> we have a lot of little polish issues that make it not able to replace kopete yet
15:09:50 <wstephenson> things like the appname of the text ui being "Telepathy Text Ui" in the UI itself
15:10:02 <wstephenson> things that our broader circle of users can help spot
15:10:23 <wstephenson> also the groupwise haze plugin doesn't work yet </internal>
15:10:46 <wstephenson> so i would urge all of us to use it, it's moved past the early adopter case now (alin)
15:11:04 <wstephenson> i should also write a kopete log converter
15:11:05 <krop> tittiatcoke: bringing 0.3 to kdf means adding ~10 new packages
15:11:13 <wstephenson> seeing as i am the Link To The Past in this context
15:11:17 <cartman> I can test jabber/msn
15:11:58 <tittiatcoke> krop: Ok. As wstephenson already indicated lets bring 0.3.60 to KDF
15:12:17 <wstephenson> fyi there are pkg dependency problems atm
15:12:41 <wstephenson> eg the auth handler and the kcm are not required by the contactlist and the text chat UI
15:12:56 <wstephenson> and they don't fail informatively if those are missing.
15:13:15 <wstephenson> brb
15:13:31 <cartman> We can discuss details after the meeting :)
15:14:07 <cartman> any other Q&A/misc ?
15:14:20 <krop> I didn't get an answer I think
15:14:22 <krop> :)
15:14:25 <cartman> heheh
15:14:32 <cartman> we submit Calligra. that was item #1
15:14:44 <cartman> we submit new Telepathy to KUP
15:14:47 <krop> [16:07] <krop> I'd like to create subprojects in KUP for the telepathy-kde stuff
15:14:48 <cartman> that was item #2
15:15:08 <cartman> I think we agree its the way to go, but even KDF might be an option I guess.
15:15:13 <krop> telepathy is in kup but I'm starting to get stuck with some dependencies
15:15:21 <rabauke> are there tasks people looking for "contributions" can do? e.g. things realted to bringing KDS to the official update channels
15:15:39 <krop> rabauke: yes, provide updates to KUA
15:15:50 <cartman> rabauke: we miss such a list of taks :(
15:15:55 <wstephenson> back
15:16:14 <rabauke> krop: so we are looking for people maintaining apps in kua?
15:16:15 <wstephenson> oh btw, are we agreed that tP should not replace a dropped kopete for 12.2?
15:16:26 <wstephenson> i don't think we can force another kataclysm on our users
15:16:39 <cartman> is it really as stable as kopete?
15:16:49 <wstephenson> i doubt it
15:17:03 <krop> from an ui pov, I find telepathy-kde way too unpleasant
15:17:14 <wstephenson> krop: that's details :)
15:17:24 <krop> that's what users see
15:17:31 <wstephenson> plus, you can write your own interchangeable component now! ;)
15:17:37 <cartman> ha :)
15:17:43 <einar77_work> cartman: for being stable, it is stable, not as featureful yet as kopete, though
15:18:04 <cartman> einar77_work: because as ugly as it is, kopete is stable & works.
15:18:20 <wstephenson> howdy llunak
15:18:33 <llunak> lo
15:18:42 <cartman> ok we need a decision on where we put Telepathy stuff
15:18:45 <wstephenson> look, we're having a meeting again!
15:18:52 <cartman> heheh :)
15:19:00 <tittiatcoke> To come back to systemd support. Does anybody has issues with reboot/shutdown/new session on the new Factory M2 ?
15:19:10 * wstephenson hasn't tried yet
15:19:17 <cartman> tittiatcoke: Factory just logs me out
15:19:27 <cartman> that was ~2 days ago or so
15:19:36 <maxlin> tittiatcoke, cartman: me too
15:20:04 <cartman> krop, wstephenson do we agree KUP is the place for TP for now?
15:20:34 <maxlin> tittiatcoke: and it log me out when I close konsole ;/
15:20:49 <wstephenson> cartman: TP subproject with newer glib for released distros, KDF for Factory
15:21:01 <cartman> ok that answers krop's question :)
15:21:11 <cartman> any other Q&A?
15:21:14 <krop> ok :)
15:21:29 <tittiatcoke> Ok. as indicated Fedora has been working on getting systemd support into KDE. The patches resolves those issues, however it causes a different issue as that ConsoleKit support is dropped. This requires a NetworkManager that has systemd support.
15:21:43 <tittiatcoke> However that can not be build until we can drop sysvinit support in 12.2
15:21:52 <wstephenson> ah great
15:22:00 <cartman> tittiatcoke: we just enable it for 12.2 then?
15:22:43 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: AFAIR the consolekit support in kdm is fairly trivial, and should be easy to readd to the fedora patched versions
15:22:47 <wstephenson> right, llunak? ^
15:23:19 * wstephenson is like a clingy ex-girlfriend to llunak who won't let the past go
15:23:31 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: The downside that I quickly noticed is that PNM is no longer able to connect to the NM dbus
15:23:38 <cartman> wstephenson: LOL
15:23:48 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: Changes by Fedora are not done in KDM. They are attacking kde-workspace itself.
15:24:21 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: https://build.opensuse.org/package/view_file?file=workspace_systemd_initial_support.patch&package=kdebase4-workspace&project=home%3Arwooninck%3AUNSTABLE_KDE4&rev=6b215bb957965967d1e36708839af18d
15:24:29 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: got a reference to what they do? (fedora wiki) or do i have to read the pat...
15:24:36 <wstephenson> :)
15:24:45 <llunak> wstephenson: I think the consolekit patch was quite small, but I don't quite remember
15:25:50 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: There is a bug report on which the patch is based. The patch is to have workspace talking to the systemd-logind service directly.
15:26:09 <wstephenson> ok
15:27:09 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: I can resolve the reboot/shutdown stuff easily without hurting consolekit. But the initiate new session will not work with that
15:27:38 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: we can probably sacrifice that for the ck-only users
15:28:03 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: Ok. will submit that patch to KDF
15:28:20 <cartman> #action tittiatcoke submit kdeworkspace-systemd patch to KDF
15:28:42 <tittiatcoke> cartman: Please make that into kdm-systemd.patch :-)
15:29:04 <cartman> I am not sure I can edit actions ;)
15:29:25 <wstephenson> make the revision another action
15:29:42 <cartman> #action tittiatcoke Instead, submit kdm-systemd.patch to KDF
15:29:44 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: this is the related bugreport: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=788171
15:29:49 <bugbot> bugzilla.redhat.com bug 788171 in Fedora (kde-workspace) "Port shutdown/restart code from ConsoleKit to systemd" [Low,On_qa]
15:30:11 <wstephenson> ok gotta watch anna
15:30:27 <cartman> ok, so
15:30:33 <cartman> any more Q&A or we are concluding :)
15:31:53 <cartman> Thanks a lot for taking your time and attending, see you tomorrow for more team action! :)
15:31:59 <cartman> The meeting is over.
15:32:01 <Linuxsusefan> closed
15:32:02 <cartman> #endmeeting