15:04:27 <mrdocs> #startmeeting
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15:04:57 <mrdocs> http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_meeting << discussion topics
15:05:20 <mrdocs> #meetingtopic Welcome to the openSUSE KDE community IRC meeting! Please wait with other discussion until the meeting is over. This meeting is logged.
15:05:47 <mrdocs> #topic old action items
15:06:24 <mrdocs> wstephenson - to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides
15:06:28 <mrdocs> any updates ?
15:06:35 <wstephenson> uh, no
15:06:41 <wstephenson> must do that finally
15:06:45 <mrdocs> ok
15:07:01 <mrdocs> anaumov - study packagekit-zypp - updates ?
15:07:17 <wstephenson> mrdocs: no longer relevant
15:07:21 <mrdocs> next
15:07:30 <wstephenson> that was a 11.4 item
15:07:32 <mrdocs> cb400f - patch in icons from kupdateapplet - updates ?
15:08:25 <mrdocs> brb
15:12:10 <mrdocs> back
15:12:13 <mrdocs> ok next
15:14:00 <wstephenson> any more old action items?
15:14:27 <mrdocs> all - test phonon-gstreamer + pulseaudio combo
15:14:39 <mrdocs> i do remember how that was resolved
15:14:43 <mrdocs> +not
15:15:09 <mrdocs> #topic status reports
15:15:19 <krop> you missed the real action items
15:15:23 <krop> at the bottom
15:15:44 <mrdocs> wstephenson ask maintenance team how to replace knm with pnm
15:15:56 <mrdocs> krop: thanks for the pointer
15:16:04 <mrdocs> #topic old action items
15:16:11 <mrdocs> wstephenson ask maintenance team how to replace knm with pnm
15:16:13 <wstephenson> not done...
15:16:25 <mrdocs> wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC updating scripts
15:16:29 <wstephenson> i need to spend a week on this and 4.6.2 for 11.4
15:16:36 <mrdocs> ok
15:16:44 <wstephenson> done, we are using titti's snapshots as feed for KUSC
15:16:46 <mrdocs> wstephenson: i have a test machine
15:16:53 <mrdocs> for pnm
15:17:12 <mrdocs> wstephenson: you can even have an account on it if you want
15:17:32 <mrdocs> wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC scripts
15:17:54 <wstephenson> mrdocs: thats kind but it needs ppl actively using it in a dynamic envt - 3g, different wifi, hidden etc
15:17:59 <wstephenson> mrdocs: dupe
15:18:10 <terietor> hello
15:18:16 <terietor> the meeting is in 12 hours?
15:18:23 <ankso> terietor: no, know
15:18:27 <krop> it's now
15:18:33 <terietor> thanks
15:19:04 <wstephenson> terietor: the link here should always be helpful http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_meeting
15:19:34 <mrdocs> ok  next
15:20:35 <terietor> wstephenson: thanks
15:20:47 <mrdocs> #topic Remove SLE11, 11.2 and 11.3 from KDE:Unstable:Playground (krop)
15:20:59 <krop> you missed the status report now :)
15:21:03 <mrdocs> doh
15:21:08 <mrdocs> going too fast
15:21:25 <mrdocs> #topic status reports
15:21:50 <mrdocs> who wants to go first ?
15:22:07 * wstephenson has been clearing the enterprise stuff that built up during 11.4
15:22:26 * wstephenson helping cartman by testing the KDE promo DVD
15:22:36 * wstephenson has been getting Plasma Active bootstrapped in the OBS
15:22:36 <mrdocs> i can report, we are close to scribus 1.4
15:23:11 <wstephenson> krop: pim status?
15:23:23 <mrdocs> was it decided to move knemo from Contrib > Extras ?
15:23:40 <krop> nothing to declare. some 4.6 blocking bugs have been closed already
15:23:56 <mrdocs> brb.. sorry ive got people doing work on the house
15:25:09 <mrdocs> back
15:25:18 <mrdocs> krop: did i read rc5 is out ?
15:25:31 <krop> you misread, only beta5
15:25:36 <mrdocs> ah
15:25:45 <mrdocs> too many things going in my life nwo :)
15:25:53 <mrdocs> anything else ?
15:26:05 <wstephenson> there will be a pim 4.4.11 imminently
15:26:24 <wstephenson> that will be an online update too
15:26:29 <mrdocs> wstephenson: any large fixes ? like the ones I have BT's for ?
15:27:06 <wstephenson> mrdocs: several small fixes for wallet failures, kontact problems
15:27:13 <mrdocs> ok
15:27:17 <wstephenson> not sure about any crashers but they all improve the experiences
15:27:31 <wstephenson> and a crash in kcalcore that crashed plasma has been fixed.
15:27:34 <mrdocs> noted.. im sure my crashes are related to timing and my crappy DSL speed here
15:27:36 <siddvicious> wstephenson: any thing where you want me to work on ?
15:27:47 <mrdocs> never had crashes at work with the same IMAP
15:28:08 <wstephenson> siddvicious: wait till we get through the agenda
15:28:23 <siddvicious> ok
15:28:27 <wstephenson> plasma active is in KDE:Active in OBS
15:28:34 * mrdocs welcoms siddvicious from our fedora friends
15:28:39 <wstephenson> anyone with a tablet or who likes tablet UIs on laptops is welcome to try it
15:28:51 <wstephenson> it is based on KUSC
15:28:58 <mrdocs> wstephenson: usable without touch ?
15:29:03 <wstephenson> mrdocs: sure
15:29:16 <mrdocs> cool i can play with it this weekend on my netbook
15:29:45 <mrdocs> too bad titti is not here
15:29:52 <wstephenson> he'll be here any minute
15:29:53 <mrdocs> any other status reports ?
15:29:57 <mrdocs> ahh good
15:30:05 <mrdocs> then i will stand by a min
15:30:06 <wstephenson> well NM 0.9 is going to give us a headache
15:30:17 <wstephenson> in factory and on 11.4 where gnome3 mandates it
15:30:19 <mrdocs> wstephenson: yes, i ve seen its going to land soon
15:30:29 <wstephenson> titti is working on testing patches to fix KNM for it
15:30:47 <mrdocs> wstephenson: where are the problems generally and what can people do to help ?
15:30:59 <siddvicious> mrdocs: thnx :)
15:31:00 <wstephenson> mrdocs: it changes the API and we need to adapt KNM
15:31:13 <wstephenson> other status: i've been teaching myself QML so i have a clue about maintaining/supporting plasmoids that use it
15:31:15 <wstephenson> it's a mind bender
15:31:25 <mrdocs> heh
15:31:39 <mrdocs> wstephenson: at least you are now getting normal sleep :P
15:32:38 <wstephenson> mrdocs: let's get on with it
15:33:24 * tittiatcoke is reporting for the meeting. Apologies for being late
15:34:46 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: You there ?
15:35:15 <wstephenson> yes
15:35:32 <tittiatcoke> Ok. It is very silent for a meeting :-)
15:35:33 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: any status from you?
15:35:47 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: got baby on knee. mrdocs chairing
15:36:22 <tittiatcoke> Ok. Nothing special. Have been working on PNM for NM 0.9
15:36:25 <mrdocs> tittiatcoke: waiting for you to arrive ^^   $topic
15:36:53 <mrdocs> next ?
15:37:10 <wstephenson> mrdocs: regular agenda items
15:37:14 <wstephenson> krop's sle11 topic
15:37:16 <mrdocs> #topic Remove SLE11, 11.2 and 11.3 from KDE:Unstable:Playground (krop)
15:37:54 <wstephenson> no objection re: SLE
15:37:56 <krop> topic says all, the kup builds are currently disabled for SLE11, 11.2, 11.3 and the KR45 repos
15:37:57 <wstephenson> 11.2 and 11.3 too?
15:38:10 <krop> mostly due to kdelibs being too old
15:38:20 <wstephenson> ah vanilla 11.2 and 11.3
15:38:25 <wstephenson> fine by me
15:38:28 <krop> yes
15:38:31 <mrdocs> same
15:38:32 <wstephenson> any objections?
15:38:36 <tittiatcoke> I disabled those build already since the last team meeting :-)
15:38:57 <alin> +1
15:39:02 <mrdocs> aha son consider done ?
15:39:03 <wstephenson> ok, removing the repos now
15:39:26 <mrdocs> #topic Status Plasmoid-networkmanagement (PNM) with regards to NetworkManager 0.9 (which will be knocking on Factory's door soon). (tittiatcoke)
15:40:05 <tittiatcoke> This is purely to update everybody on the status of PNM regarding compatibility of NM 0.9
15:41:03 <cartman> Does it work? :)
15:41:04 <tittiatcoke> Up to this morning it was quite hopeless, but after talking to jkrimes of Fedora, things got a lot better :-)  It seems that there is a hidden compatibility mode that let us run PNM with only some small changes
15:41:21 <mrdocs> sweet
15:41:40 <tittiatcoke> Now it works fine. I still have to test a couple of things, but it seems that it functions normally. So moving NM 0.9 to Factory wouldn't be an issue.
15:41:48 <mrdocs> lovely
15:41:54 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: Any update from your side regarding the plans to fully support NM 0.9 ?
15:42:33 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: nope
15:43:01 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: how is the compat mode enabled?
15:44:07 <tittiatcoke> There is a patch for NM 0.9, which the Gnome team already has enabled. From that point we have a patch for kdebase4-workspace and a patch for PNM. It seems just to talk to a specific DBus Compat function
15:44:43 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: You can check both patches out in home:rwooninck:special
15:44:49 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: ok
15:45:23 <tittiatcoke> I understood from vuntz that NM 0.9 will first go to GNOME:Factory and from there it will be submitted to Factory. This might still take 1 or 2 weeks
15:45:42 <wstephenson> godo
15:45:44 <wstephenson> good
15:46:12 <mrdocs> tittiatcoke: anything else to add ?
15:46:22 <tittiatcoke> Nope.
15:46:40 <mrdocs> ok
15:46:41 <mrdocs> next
15:46:55 <mrdocs> #topic Time of the meeting. (tittiatcoke)
15:47:53 <tittiatcoke> I just raised this one as that with the Summertime, the meeting is now at 5pm CET. Which might not be the real best time for the meeting. Initially it was set for 4pm. Question is if we should leave it at this time or push it back one hour to 4pm or maybe push it to 6pm ?
15:48:11 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: a no brainer
15:48:22 <tittiatcoke> :-) Tell me :-)
15:48:24 <wstephenson> 4pm suits me
15:48:30 <wstephenson> just do the DST adjustment
15:48:31 <mrdocs> same mostly
15:48:42 <wstephenson> 6pm is really bad for me with the little one
15:48:46 <tittiatcoke> Sounds good for me.
15:48:48 <mrdocs> same
15:49:00 <tittiatcoke> Can imagine. 5pm is normally the time that I leave the office :-)
15:49:02 <mrdocs> any one else objecting ?
15:50:01 <mrdocs> #info next meeting will be pushed back to 16:00 CET owing to DST
15:50:42 <mrdocs> next
15:50:54 <mrdocs> #topic Q+A/ misc
15:51:12 <wstephenson> anyone got any graphics jobs for siddvicious?
15:51:25 <mrdocs> what kind ?
15:51:38 <wstephenson> he did a great job doing the dvd sleeve and media ring for the upstream dvd (including the prepress work)
15:51:49 <coming> gr
15:51:50 <wstephenson> and is apparently keen to help more
15:52:09 <mrdocs> siddvicious: coming to LGM ?
15:52:10 <wstephenson> siddvicious: mrdocs is one of the guys behind scribus
15:52:14 <siddvicious> wstephenson: any packing included :)
15:52:34 <siddvicious> mrdocs: oh gr8 :)
15:52:51 <siddvicious> wstephenson: i havent got hands on suse packaging
15:53:06 <siddvicious> and yeah graphics is also good :)
15:53:13 <siddvicious> LGM ?
15:53:27 <mrdocs> siddvicious: im not much of a coder, but i help start scribus and i herd the kittens :)
15:54:40 <siddvicious> mrdocs: thats what community needs initially >> The Initiative
15:54:49 <wstephenson> siddvicious: have you seen anything that needs fixing in our skrooge packages?
15:55:09 <siddvicious> oh yeah
15:55:19 <siddvicious> webkit not needed
15:55:54 <siddvicious> skrooge requires are qca2-devel libofx-devel qt-devel kde4-devel
15:56:49 <wstephenson> siddvicious: wanna make a submitrequest? learn our tools?
15:57:02 <siddvicious> yeah sure
15:57:07 <wstephenson> ok
15:57:11 <wstephenson> any more Q&A?
15:57:27 <wstephenson> krop: it turns out your branches in home: block removal...
15:57:48 <krop> deleting
15:57:57 <siddvicious> mrdocs: and i am developer behind plasma dashboard for skrooge
15:58:03 <alin> krop: you a big supporter and a stopper in the same time
15:58:08 <siddvicious> soon i get in stable release :)
15:58:10 <krop> wstephenson: retry
15:58:13 <alin> krop: quantum nature of things
15:59:07 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: If you see dirk by any change, maybe you can ask him how we move on with KUSC ?
15:59:45 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: will do
15:59:50 <tittiatcoke> thanks.
16:00:12 <wstephenson> unfortunately my new office location is no longer between dirk and the bathroom so i don't get free chances to interrupt him...
16:01:10 <wstephenson> hm
16:01:20 <wstephenson> chair failure.
16:01:39 <wstephenson> anything else?
16:01:55 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: No problem :-) No hurry
16:01:58 <wstephenson> mrdocs_: please wind it up
16:02:02 <tittiatcoke> Nothing else from me
16:03:03 <mrdocs_> Thanks everyone for coming.. next meeting in 2 weeks
16:03:08 <mrdocs_> #endmeeting
16:03:16 <mrdocs_> gah i lost op
16:03:25 <krop> change your nick ?
16:03:29 <alin> wstephenson: stole them
16:03:40 <mrdocs_> net disconnect
16:03:55 <tittiatcoke> #endmeeting
16:04:02 <mrdocs> thanks
16:04:05 <alin> tittiatcoke: i think i know why the plasmoid fails
16:04:11 <mrdocs> bbiab
16:04:14 <alin> tittiatcoke: is the curl command that fails...
16:04:16 <tittiatcoke> mrdocs: Doesn't work
16:04:24 <tittiatcoke> I guess you have to end it
16:04:26 <mrdocs> wait 1
16:04:45 <tittiatcoke> alin: The plasmoid doesn't use curl to send the file
16:04:53 <mrdocs> #endmeeting