15:22:46 <Bille> #startmeeting
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15:23:10 <Bille> so
15:23:15 <Bille> Welcome everybody :D
15:23:29 <Bille> For discussion this week:
15:23:30 * mrdocs waves
15:23:31 <krop> op bugbot ?
15:23:40 <mrdocs> and it glad to be back on CET
15:23:50 <Bille> krop: i'll leave it, its topic changes are useless
15:23:54 <Bille> * old action items
15:23:58 <Bille> * status report
15:24:03 <Bille> * announcement and marketing rally for 11.4 (remur_030)
15:24:14 <Bille> * Going forward with KDE:Unstable:SC (tittiatcoke)
15:24:26 * sebas is there now, got coffee :)
15:24:30 <Bille> * when to start 11.5 stuff (wstephenson,sebas)
15:24:34 <Bille> * Q&A, misc
15:24:48 <Bille> anything last minute?
15:25:10 <tittiatcoke> not from me
15:25:16 <Bille> ok
15:25:22 <Bille> #topic old action items
15:25:44 <Bille> wstephenson - to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides -  not done
15:25:53 <Bille> wstephenson, duncanmv fix packagekit-zypp some more - done
15:26:03 <Bille> anaumov - study packagekit-zypp
15:26:11 <Bille> cb400f - patch in icons from kupdateapplet
15:26:16 * Bille is multithreading :)
15:26:22 <Bille> all test phonon-gstreamer + pulseaudio combo
15:26:31 <Bille> remur_030 - bring up triage strategy on list - done
15:26:34 <remur_030> could have turned out better I guess
15:26:38 <Bille> discussion - on repo naming etc to deferred to next meeting
15:26:43 <remur_030> (phonon-gstreamer stuff)
15:26:53 <Bille> if you see your name mentioned, please report
15:26:55 <remur_030> or rather pulseaudio
15:27:23 <cb400f> I started a thread on the ML regarding kpk icons.. I think the decision is we stick with upstream icons ;-) .. so done
15:27:30 <Bille> cb400f: thanks
15:27:48 <remur_030> I talked with bwiedemann about using 'themed' queries for next bug hunts, he likes the idea
15:28:02 <Bille> remur_030: define 'themed'
15:28:43 <remur_030> instead of searching for open 11.4 bugs like last time search for kde or gnome I guess, the granularity isn't clear yet
15:29:00 <remur_030> problem is to cover all bug still =/
15:29:51 <remur_030> for our own bug team, well we are getting more reports after the release as usual and are not very fast in handling them
15:30:08 <remur_030> nothing major though
15:31:06 <Bille> ok
15:31:14 <Bille> i haven't been tracking the bugs yet i admit
15:31:38 <Bille> the connections in india were poor to awful
15:31:38 <javier> Bille: talking of bugs, I think kdebase4-openSUSE comes with the same background twice but doesn't use the one in the tarball but rather the one that Source points at
15:31:44 <Bille> javier: it's reported?
15:32:03 <javier> so kdebase4-openSUSE ships on 11.4 with the background for 11.3
15:32:23 <javier> it'll be fixed on an update (almost done)
15:32:24 <remur_030> hm yeah I am also lacking time besides commenting on the ones where I have an awnser right out of the head
15:32:38 <javier> Bille: I think it isn't
15:32:59 <javier> I suppose it should use the one in the tarball, to avoid confusion
15:33:06 <Bille> yes
15:33:20 <Bille> but if it's the same background it's not worth discussing here
15:33:39 <Bille> i'll be back in the office tomorrow
15:33:46 <Bille> and will start doing triage
15:33:52 <Bille> are any trends apparent?
15:34:26 <javier> sure. I just wanted to point out that there's going to be an update fixing it
15:34:52 <remur_030> pulseaudio with kmix doesn't seem to well off, I don't know if we lack anything here, it seems to work with kubuntu and kde4.5
15:35:09 <Bille> javier: update? maintenance update? i don't think i understand the problem.
15:35:30 <Bille> if it's the same bg, it doesn't matter whether it comes out of the Sources: or out of the tarball.
15:36:03 <Bille> remur_030: i saw one bug where people missed the kmix-pulse backport
15:36:15 <tittiatcoke> Bille: I guess that javier tries to indicate that we are shipping the 11.3 background in kdebase-openSUSE-11.4
15:36:29 <javier> Bille: yes, maintenance update
15:36:56 <javier> tittiatcoke: right. and besides that, there's something to be fixed in kdebase4-openSUSE
15:37:23 <javier> background from Source vs background from tarball
15:37:41 <javier> we have it twice
15:37:55 <javier> and if you don't update the Source one, you get the old background
15:38:14 <Bille> i see. bad packaging
15:38:21 <javier> whatever background is in Source I mean
15:38:22 <javier> ok
15:38:27 <Bille> yeah i see how it works now
15:38:36 <Bille> the tarball has distro specific branding too
15:38:44 <Bille> please report as a bug and cc me
15:38:53 <javier> will do
15:38:59 <Bille> ok, so we started status report too
15:39:21 <Bille> i'd like to personally congratulate everyone for his/her hard work
15:39:33 <Bille> the feedback on 11.4 in the press is almost all good
15:39:42 <javier> +1
15:39:46 <javier> me too
15:39:47 <dragotin> +1
15:39:51 <tittiatcoke> +1
15:40:00 <remur_030> +1, pretty impressive release over all
15:40:10 <Bille> so even if we as the team are aware of all the ugly spots, nobody else noticed - we can feel good :)
15:40:22 <cb400f> :-)
15:40:32 * tittiatcoke seems to be good at covering things up :-)
15:40:33 <dragotin> Bille adopted too much to german engineering ;-)
15:40:52 <remur_030> how did the nvidia bug turn out btw, nobody replying or is it really fixed?
15:40:58 <remur_030> or fixed for some?
15:41:13 <Bille> dragotin: well the british engineering way would be to fire the guy who knew about the ugly spots as soon as the work was done
15:41:22 <tittiatcoke> I guess the same goes for the ugly Intel driver
15:41:24 <Bille> afaics fixed by the newer driver only
15:41:26 <cb400f> plasma and amarok in default config didn't crash for me.. some report amarok still crashing... it's very muddy
15:41:39 <Bille> yeah, amarok is not good
15:41:40 <cb400f> but it seems fixed for everyone with >=270.29
15:41:52 <Bille> i've heard of amarok indexer problems too
15:41:59 <cb400f> so we just have to hope it'll be out soon.. and that sndirsch will package it
15:42:10 <remur_030> Bille: report? you mean that it crashes while indexing?
15:42:30 <Bille> remur_030: no, just that it doesn't see any files while indexing
15:42:31 <remur_030> and starts all over again all the time?
15:42:33 <Bille> was some irc chatter
15:43:01 <Bille> anyway that's not status either
15:43:04 <remur_030> hmm ok, because I remember strigi crashing on some mp3 file, maybe amarok uses libstrigi these days too
15:43:19 <Bille> there is a nice fix to strigi in the most recent commit digest
15:43:29 <remur_030> the dolphin fix by peter?
15:43:31 <Bille> out of process indexing so it can't crash dolphin etc
15:43:33 <Bille> yes
15:43:43 <Bille> 4.7 stuff
15:43:53 <Bille> what else
15:43:58 <remur_030> yeah we had that discussion because I wanted something like this for strigi too, tracker has it for quite some time
15:44:08 <Bille> so does amarok, even ;)
15:44:18 <Bille> it just still manages to crash, apparently
15:44:19 <cb400f> do we have an ETA on pnm update?
15:44:22 <remur_030> jos said it takes too much work and peter just fixed it quickly in dolphin =/
15:44:35 <tittiatcoke> cb400f: to resolve which issue ?
15:44:43 <remur_030> 3g connectivity
15:44:54 <cb400f> I understood the shipped version is outdated
15:45:02 <cb400f> also apparently dvd installs get knm.. not pnm
15:45:03 <tittiatcoke> The pnm in playground fixed that issue.
15:45:12 <Bille> cb400f: yes, not sure how to fix that in an update
15:45:19 <remur_030> tittiatcoke: that's why we were asking for an update
15:45:26 <cb400f> yep, but playground is used by ~1-2%
15:45:32 <Bille> #action wstephenson ask maintenance team how to replace knm with pnm
15:45:44 <remur_030> just push it into kdf at least to get some test coverage
15:45:50 <tittiatcoke> remur_030: I asked Bille if I should move it to KDF, but he wanted to double check if certain bugs were resolved
15:45:55 <cb400f> and kua
15:46:00 <remur_030> it's one of the bigger reports on bnc
15:46:11 <Bille> actually push to KDF now
15:46:20 <Bille> and i'll do the diligence before i pull to KDS
15:46:28 <remur_030> well kdf is our testbed, do we really want people to use kup?
15:46:29 <tittiatcoke> :-)
15:46:30 <remur_030> ah
15:46:43 <tittiatcoke> Bille: thanks
15:46:48 <Bille> * Bille moved 4.6.0 to KDS, tittiatcoke helped clean up the resulting mess
15:47:09 * tittiatcoke was glad he could help out in times of need :-)
15:47:34 <remur_030> i still have that annoying list open and 2 bug reports with known patches I wanted to submit
15:47:43 <remur_030> but not until the weekend I guess =/
15:47:55 <krop> * The akonadi-facebook resource is available in K:U:P
15:48:07 <Bille> krop: 4.6 dependent?
15:48:40 * tittiatcoke updated kdepim46 to the latest status
15:48:52 <krop> Bille: yes
15:49:08 <Bille> so is it in KUSC:kdepim46 or vanilla KUSC?
15:49:23 <krop> so, KDF and KR46 users can test it
15:49:40 <krop> (even the KDS ones)
15:49:43 <remur_030> does upstream have any plans for a kdepim release?
15:49:58 <tittiatcoke> Bille: the akonadi-facebook resource is in KUP
15:50:24 <Bille> sorry, konvi emoticons butchered krop's line
15:50:25 <Bille> ok
15:50:36 <Bille> remur_030: see dot today, apparently there will be a 4.6 kdepim
15:51:58 <sebas> I've heard rumours from the last meeting that 4.6.2 is the idea
15:52:08 <Bille> that's very close
15:52:08 <sebas> the dot story is more vague though, so not quite sure
15:52:15 <sebas> indeed
15:52:19 <Bille> krop: your take?
15:52:28 <krop> take what ?
15:52:38 <tittiatcoke> krop: kdepim 4.6 release with KDE 4.6.2 ?
15:52:39 <sebas> on the pim-akonadi release
15:52:46 <krop> ah no, I don't take
15:52:57 <Bille> krop: take == opinion, on when pim will be released?
15:52:59 <cb400f> btw, is it possible to build kdepim46 for plain 11.4?
15:53:09 <sebas> cb400f: should be, yes
15:53:16 <krop> Bille: not many bugfixes lately
15:53:21 <sebas> they both use up to date kdepimlibs
15:53:37 <sebas> krop: so no bugs left? ;-)
15:53:38 <Bille> ok
15:53:41 <krop> if something gets released with 4.6.2, it will most likely be a rc
15:53:51 <krop> sebas: if only..
15:53:53 <cb400f> then we should prolly do it.. so people can play with pim46 without having to use KDF
15:53:53 <sebas> good call I guess
15:54:02 <tittiatcoke> Should I active kdepim46 to build against plain 11.4 ?
15:54:15 <Bille> volker told me they found and fixed a lot of performance problems in the indexing
15:54:35 <krop> and migration bugs are almost all solved now
15:54:40 <sebas> why not, it's already quite usable and as long as we don't push it into stable automatically and only people who know what they're doing update ... ;)
15:55:19 <remur_030> please warn before putting it into kdf though
15:55:32 <Bille> yeah
15:55:55 <jospoortvliet> slightly related - are there or will be there KDE and (once it is stable) KDE PIM packages in Tumbleweed?
15:55:59 <remur_030> unless both versions can live happily on the same system, doubt it though
15:56:18 * tittiatcoke just activated kdepim46 build for plain 11.4 including an update to latest kdepim and kdepim-runtime
15:56:27 <remur_030> jospoortvliet: not yet, greg wanted to have the process settle first before tackling such big pulls
15:56:29 <cb400f> sweetness
15:56:36 <sebas> remur_030: kmail2 migrates kmail1's config once, and then doesn't touch it anymore, so setting-wise they can
15:56:42 <sebas> just replace packages, done
15:56:52 <jospoortvliet> remur_030: tnx!
15:57:26 <jospoortvliet> remur_030: yes, kdepim 4.4 and 4.6 live together on the system just fine, tested that
15:57:30 <jospoortvliet> including going back to 4.4
15:57:33 <jospoortvliet> no issues
15:57:35 <sebas> I'm building kdelibs and kde-runtime packages right now, btw. They're from titti's master packages and have the plasma declarative stuff merged
15:57:51 <jospoortvliet> other than a huge folder with 4.6 database stuff, painful on my 30GB drive  :D
15:57:53 <sebas> i.e. more QML fun, as base for the plasma team to work off
15:58:04 <remur_030> that's nice, so it wouldn't be worst case if kdepim2 fails at some important point for people
15:58:14 <sebas> remur_030: that's the idea
15:58:20 <sebas> being able to try it, and rollback
15:58:25 <krop> mmh we're still on the status reports ? :)
15:59:10 <Bille> krop: yes
15:59:24 <Bille> any more status?
15:59:32 <Bille> remur_030: you're on:
15:59:55 <Bille> #topic 11.4 marketing rally and announcement
16:00:15 <jospoortvliet> Bille: I would love to know who the clown was that set paste.ubuntu.com as default instead of paste.opensuse.org - seeing some comments about that here and there :d
16:00:18 <krop> * small cleanup in the KUP packages. Some were abandoned since ages. I'll update kdevelop, add the new plugins and also massif-visualizer this week end
16:01:01 <remur_030> Bille: it's a bit too late now =)
16:01:08 <jospoortvliet> Bille: counts as a easter egg I guess
16:01:15 <tittiatcoke> jospoortvliet: I believe that this was done upstream
16:01:17 <remur_030> but jos took care of that
16:01:17 <Bille> jospoortvliet: git blame?
16:01:29 <Bille> ok
16:01:32 <jospoortvliet> remur_030: Bille you want to work on marketing for the 11.4 release now? ;-)
16:01:41 <jospoortvliet> Bille: tittiatcoke ok... fun...
16:01:46 <Bille> #topic Going forward with KDE:Unstable:SC (tittiatcoke)
16:01:48 <cb400f> we missed a couple of meetings.. so.. ;-)
16:01:54 <remur_030> jospoortvliet: we skipped quite some meetings so the items weren't updated
16:02:00 <jospoortvliet> remur_030: ok ;-)
16:02:13 <Bille> i wonder if we can use the OBS status page to warn about outdated stuff in KUP?
16:02:24 <Bille> remur_030: ah, i see where it came from.
16:03:03 <tittiatcoke> Ok. My favorite topic: KDE:Unstable
16:03:42 <remur_030> Bille: I'd be also interested in outdated stuff in kdf, maybe a red light if the stuff is older then 1 month
16:04:33 <remur_030> so we would have cought pnm not beeing updated for example
16:05:00 <remur_030> in archlinux users can 'flag' packets as outdated, but that makes most sense because of their rolling release way
16:05:19 <Bille> remur_030: sounds useful for TW
16:06:00 <tittiatcoke> The main item with Unstable is that lately we haven't seen any weekly update there. afaik Unstable:SC was created by dirk to test his weekly tarballs, but we have noticed that a lot more people are using Unstable for testing purposes, etc. The question is now if we want to continue providing a weekly update there or that we leave this up to dirk to decide when to update.
16:06:31 <Bille> is that because dirk's scripts are stale since the git move?
16:06:32 <remur_030> would be helping if dirk were here I guess
16:07:03 <tittiatcoke> Bille: I don't know. After my changes he indicated that he would adjust the scripts, but that is already 1 month ago.
16:08:04 <sebas> well, he built 4.6.1 packages, which were done from git
16:08:20 <Bille> i'll try to talk to him about it tomorrow
16:08:21 <sebas> so the scripts have to be at least "kind of uptodate"
16:08:24 <sebas> cool
16:08:34 <Bille> #action wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC updating scripts
16:08:41 <tittiatcoke> the move to git introduced two issues. The first one is that some modules are being split out in separate packages. Question here would be if the KDE release team will follow that strategy or that they will follow the approach of 4.6.1 (creating new tarballs )
16:08:41 <Bille> unless he did it manually this time
16:08:50 <sebas> I'm building test packages for plasma-tablet, and for that we need regularly updated unstable packages as well
16:08:59 <tittiatcoke> I know with 4.6.1 he had a lot of issues to recreate the tarballs equal to the 4.6.0 (svn) ones
16:09:17 <cb400f> it's also cool to be able to say "we have a repo with weekly trunk builds"
16:09:19 <sebas> yeah, 4.6.1 was the disruptive kde release wrt tarball creation
16:09:24 <sebas> from here on, it's downhill ;)
16:09:33 <Bille> so Rohan from ubuntu talked to me about Project Neon
16:09:38 <Bille> they would like to move it to OBS
16:09:38 <sebas> ah
16:09:43 <tittiatcoke> As that I am building KDE trunk on a daily basis, I have scripts that can be used easily to keep Unstable:SC up-to-date, but I guess this depends on what strategy the release team will follow
16:10:18 <Bille> (Project Neon makes ubuntu packages from daily git snapshots)
16:10:35 <tittiatcoke> Bille: I guess we also have this :-)
16:10:40 <Bille> afaics the project keeps running out of gas so they reannounce it every few months
16:10:46 <Bille> tittiatcoke: in your home?
16:10:51 <tittiatcoke> Bille: Yup.
16:11:21 <Bille> it would be interesting technically
16:11:28 <Bille> to build snapshots for all distributions
16:11:39 <remur_030> ubuntu wants to move it to obs??
16:11:43 <tittiatcoke> I can easily push that to Unstable:SC and we have daily updated packages. The only question would be if we have enough buildpower :-)
16:11:50 <cb400f> is it just amarok? .. or entire SC?
16:12:03 <tittiatcoke> cb400f: In my home ?
16:12:05 <Bille> but i think that adrianS might come and beat me to death with a 1U rackmount if i started building daily KDE git for 10 distributions, for the load it would cause
16:12:08 <cb400f> neon
16:12:14 <sebas> tittiatcoke: entirely depends on how often you push
16:12:26 <remur_030> ah, so they are also interested in building the ubuntu packages
16:12:30 <adrianS> Bille: we would be able to handle that via prios ...
16:12:31 <tittiatcoke> sebas: That is why I want to keep Unstable:SC on a weekly basis :-)
16:12:38 <sebas> weekly should be fine IMO
16:12:45 <adrianS> as long the diskspace would not exceed our limits
16:13:00 <Bille> cb400f: everything now
16:13:16 <remur_030> maybe stuff like that would make sense on a seperate obs instance?
16:13:27 <tittiatcoke> Bille: We could have a look on expanding Unstable:SC and building it also for other distro's
16:13:40 <remur_030> could be sponsored/hosted by kde e.v.?
16:13:42 <Bille> they already do the separate prefix stuff lubos wanted to do for 11.4
16:13:50 <tittiatcoke> Bille: I see.
16:13:56 <cb400f> sounds a bit crazy imo :-) .. do developers really need this? or is it just for super-enthusiastic users?
16:14:21 <Bille> jospoortvliet: asked aaron, the default dataengine chosen is mostly random
16:15:07 <Bille> cb400f: it's for your worst nightmare kind of version whores
16:15:18 <cb400f> ah, thought so :-)
16:15:28 <Bille> the other thing that gives me cause for concern is that they don't want any patches
16:15:44 <Bille> which would remove the 'get our patches tested early' role of KUSC
16:16:24 <Bille> so i don't know about it yet
16:16:46 <Bille> i gave the OBS + studio (but studio's bandwidth requirements make it work very badly in india) talk
16:16:52 <Bille> and they were extremely enthusiastic
16:17:24 <Bille> i also gave Riddell a personal tutorial, he's packaging ubuntu-disk-creator or something for other distros in OBS
16:17:44 <Bille> so we can say that the future adoption of ubuntu is dependent on the OBS now :P
16:18:21 <jospoortvliet> lol
16:18:38 <Bille> tittiatcoke: so. the issues are frequency and package layout
16:19:00 <jospoortvliet> Bille: if you think it would be good for PR if we build KDE GIT for 10 distro's, talk to me about resources - marketing has $$ too you know ;-)
16:19:15 <jospoortvliet> if we can counter project neon that way - awesome...
16:19:42 <jospoortvliet> I might be able to convince my boss it is worth buying additional hardware for :D
16:19:50 <alin> I am in
16:19:51 <Bille> jospoortvliet: i don't think you have the $$ to give KDE a dedicated build server and the bandwidth it would require, do you?
16:20:03 <jospoortvliet> Bille: depends, how expensive is that?
16:20:13 <Bille> adrianS: ballpark figure?
16:20:21 <cartman> Bille: isn't OBS powerful enough for that though? /me wonders
16:20:49 <Bille> cartman: so a complete set of packages in KUSC is what, 150 packages?
16:21:03 <cartman> times 10
16:21:06 <Bille> so 10 distros x 2 arches is 3000 extra builds, every day
16:21:13 <cartman> right
16:21:43 <jospoortvliet> adrianS: can you give me a rough guestimate? that'd be really interesting...
16:21:49 <Bille> build.opensuse.org does have the power for it, but it would make itself noticed
16:21:54 <cartman> I see 250 active works atm. :) OBS is flooded!
16:22:19 <Bille> jospoortvliet: we could share it with the gnomies, after all gcc compiles C really fast, and JS doesn't need compiling, it would just eat IO bandwidth :)
16:22:44 <remur_030> build.opensuse.org does have more marketing value then build.kde.org though I guess ;-)
16:23:37 <Bille> cartman: yeah, we have 265 workers max atm
16:23:51 <Bille> anyway, this is titti's topic
16:23:53 <cb400f> and the neon dudes would maintain the packages for all those distros?
16:23:56 * Bille feels bad for stealing it
16:24:15 <cb400f> so what happens when they lose interest again next month
16:24:50 <Bille> i guess it would attract a lot of other upstream packagers
16:25:07 <krop> better promote KUSC than building ubuntu based packages which do the same thing imo
16:25:50 <alin> krop: agree
16:25:51 <jospoortvliet> Bille: interesting
16:26:09 <Bille> well, KUSC is kinda different
16:26:13 <Bille> tittiatcoke: still there?
16:26:19 <tittiatcoke> Bille: Yup. I am here.
16:26:33 <tittiatcoke> Bille: You got it correctly.
16:26:39 <krop> the target users are the same as the neon ones
16:26:53 <krop> bleeding edge stuff for developers and crazy users
16:27:04 <Bille> tittiatcoke: re frequency i'll talk to dirk and see how the scripts are at now
16:27:19 <Bille> #action wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC scripts
16:27:24 <tittiatcoke> Bille: Ok. I guess that dirk can also answer the tarball layout for 4.7
16:27:47 <Bille> i doubt he knows
16:27:58 <Bille> kde release team and the git transition team might have an idea
16:29:40 <tittiatcoke> isn't dirk part of the kde release team ?
16:30:10 <sebas> he is
16:30:46 <Bille> he is, but he's doing the work, not really discussing it
16:30:51 <tittiatcoke> I see.
16:30:55 <siddharths> is here anyone who compiles kde trunk and runs manually
16:30:57 <siddharths> ?
16:31:15 <alin> siddharths: meeting.. ask later...
16:31:15 <sebas> siddharths: yes, but we're in the middle of an irc meeting
16:31:27 * sebas high-fives alin :)
16:31:28 <siddharths> oh after :)
16:31:50 * Bille met siddharths in india, he is an artist and an experienced rpm packager :)
16:32:12 <remur_030> and has a fedora cloak! *cough*
16:32:17 <remur_030> ;-)
16:32:19 <alin> Bille stop showing off...
16:32:30 <Bille> remur_030: ssh, don't let it get out i'm poaching contributors
16:32:53 <Bille> sebas: you want to ask r-t about future tarball layouts?
16:32:57 <siddharths> Bille: i do little artist stuff but mainly do Plasma C++  contibutor
16:32:58 <siddharths> :)
16:32:58 <Bille> sebas: tittiatcoke can brief you
16:33:22 <Bille> * when to start 11.5 stuff (wstephenson,sebas)
16:33:26 <Bille> #topic when to start 11.5 stuff (wstephenson,sebas)
16:33:38 * siddharths met Bille and its was nice to meet him :) very kind of you
16:33:40 <Bille> IMO the right time was 2 weeks ago
16:33:41 <alin> thought it started already...
16:33:41 <remur_030> so, gotta run, see you later
16:33:44 <Bille> so we should start right now
16:33:58 <Bille> i want to organise another meeting for this
16:34:00 <tittiatcoke> Do we know what we want for 11.5 ?
16:34:02 <sebas> Bille: yeah, we can do that
16:34:03 <Bille> no
16:34:09 <Bille> this week good for everyone?
16:34:12 <tittiatcoke> :-)
16:34:28 <Bille> the old meeting time, Thu 1700UTC?
16:34:38 <sebas> that's tomorrow
16:34:41 <sebas> :)
16:34:43 <Bille> too soon?
16:34:47 <tittiatcoke> Bille: I might not be able to make it.
16:34:58 <Bille> i'm aware of that, do you really want to make it?
16:35:01 <sebas> I'm quite stuffed right now, and in high-production mode
16:35:16 <sebas> I'd prefer to delay it for two weeks actually
16:35:40 <sebas> or maybe ... won't make much difference
16:35:43 <sebas> don't listen to me :D
16:35:45 <siddharths> Bille: thnx man :) you opensuse usb worked fine for me thnx for the help
16:35:46 <Bille> i was about to say that
16:36:02 <sebas> :>
16:36:16 <Bille> so how about we do 30 minutes tomorrow at 17UTC and see what we come up with?
16:36:25 <sebas> sure
16:36:31 <Bille> i'll announce
16:36:38 <sebas> can you ping me? I tend to forget irc meetings
16:37:04 * krop installs korganizer on sebas' machine
16:37:29 <sebas> hehe, I could indeed just put it in my agenda :)
16:38:02 <sebas> Bille: earlier would suit me better, Kim usually comes back between 17:30 and 1800
16:38:11 <sebas> 1700 CET would be fine
16:38:39 <Bille> i just sent the mail
16:38:51 <sebas> heh, okay. No problem
16:38:55 <Bille> we can start talking earlier
16:39:01 <Bille> it will warm things up nicely
16:39:05 <Bille> if you have to shoot, fine
16:39:16 <Bille> /endtopic
16:39:26 <Bille> #topic Q&A, Misc
16:39:35 <Bille> siddharths: your turn
16:40:07 <tittiatcoke> Have to run guys. Thanks for the meeting
16:40:17 <javier> ciao tittiatcoke
16:40:18 <sebas> cheers tittiatcoke
16:40:29 <tittiatcoke> sebas: I will drop you an email regarding the unstable packaging issue :-)
16:40:51 * krop vanishes for 15 mn
16:41:00 <siddharths> okay let me introduce myself here first
16:41:29 <siddharths> i am Siddharth Sharma from India, I met Bille in Bangalore at KDE Conf In
16:41:35 <Bille> siddharths: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_developers_guide for a start
16:42:12 <siddharths> I am Plasma KDE C++ Contributor , ido some art for fun and i know rpm packaging :)
16:42:31 <Bille> siddharths: also zypper source-install -d kdebase4-workspace will install every dependency needed for building that package, and hence for plasma c++ work
16:42:32 <siddharths> thats it anything else some one wants to know about me
16:42:38 <Bille> siddharths: shoe size?
16:42:40 <Bille> :P
16:42:52 <siddharths> i know anaumov also :) he is my very good friend
16:42:56 <siddharths> Bille: 8 :P
16:43:36 <Bille> and siddharths offered to help us out
16:44:16 * Bille has to leave
16:44:21 <Bille> so i'm going to #endmeeting now
16:44:23 <Bille> #endmeeting