15:10:56 <wstephenson> #startmeeting
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15:11:02 <sebas> tittiatcoke: buienradar suggests so :)
15:11:17 <wstephenson> so whatta we got?
15:11:22 <wstephenson> Agenda:
15:11:29 <wstephenson> * old action items
15:11:33 <wstephenson> * status report
15:11:37 <wstephenson> * 11.4 stabilisations
15:11:41 <wstephenson> * Q&A, Misc
15:12:05 <wstephenson> remur_030: are you ok to do minutes again?
15:12:34 <remur_030> sure
15:13:04 <wstephenson> #topic Team meeting - old action items
15:13:11 <wstephenson> * wstephenson to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides.
15:13:13 <wstephenson> not done
15:13:21 <wstephenson> * javier to further explore the live cd listings on kde-apps
15:13:28 <wstephenson> done, Beineri gave him the listing account
15:13:30 <sebas> seems German guides are underway and due 23rd
15:13:38 <wstephenson> * all Check kde packagekit frontend http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_11.4_packagekit
15:14:08 <sebas> pkgkit works fine on two 11.4 systems here
15:14:12 <sebas> 3 actually
15:14:17 <sebas> different archs
15:14:44 <wstephenson> sebas: did you test online updates, app installation, distro upgrade, ...?
15:14:51 <rabauke> I think it misses notifications.
15:15:09 <sebas> I didn't test distro upgrades, the others work fine
15:15:11 <wstephenson> i didn't test it myself, too busy
15:15:12 <rabauke> it's not meant for dup AFAIK
15:15:34 <sebas> rabauke: not sure notifications are really needed, the icon being visible or not is enough distraction imo
15:15:35 <tittiatcoke> Does it follow vendor settings from zypper, etc ?
15:16:00 <rabauke> and it lacks the option to actually add an online repo
15:16:02 <sebas> seems so, but I didn't make sure
15:16:06 <rabauke> or at least start the yast module
15:16:26 <sebas> it's an update notification and installer, not a package manager
15:16:35 <sebas> so it should be kept small and focused on just that
15:16:42 <wstephenson> rabauke: i added that patch, should be in RC1
15:16:51 <remur_030> sebas: the button is already there
15:17:04 <wstephenson> the main problem is the zypp backend
15:17:11 <sebas> which button?
15:17:12 <wstephenson> as cb400f has been saying, it's been hacked
15:17:22 <remur_030> at least that is how I understand the developer who wanted to know how to access yast inst_source
15:17:26 <sebas> ok, then I'm not having the update running maybe, I only have configure
15:17:39 <sebas> and review, and hide
15:18:12 <wstephenson> duncanmv gave me some pointers how to fix it, but i haven't got my hands dirty yet
15:18:14 <rabauke> if there is no icon in the systray if there are no updates available because there is not update repo how does the user find that button?
15:18:31 <remur_030> rabauke: why should there be no update repo?
15:18:52 <wstephenson> since it's a mixture of C, boost C++ and libzypp data structures that scare a namby-pamby Qt developer like me.
15:19:07 <rabauke> remur_030: who knows. but kupdateapplet did have it for a reason.
15:20:01 <wstephenson> there should be an update repo after a 11.4 GM install/upgrade
15:20:22 <wstephenson> anyone else should be able to use yast to configure an update repo
15:20:50 <remur_030> +1, low profile updater should be enough to keep the system uptodate
15:21:49 <remur_030> do you get a notification after a kernel update to reboot?
15:22:19 <anaumov> wstephenson, I have a little bit free time now. We can work together with that (and with duncanmv)
15:22:20 <wstephenson> for everyones information, there is an 11.4 test update repo with all the usual classes of updates
15:22:28 <wstephenson> anaumov: it's too hard for you.
15:23:20 <wstephenson> remur_030, rabauke: did you test it?
15:23:27 <sebas> I know what happened to me when mum or dad told me "it's too hard for you" :)
15:23:30 <rabauke> IMHO the notifications "you should reboot" etc should not autohide
15:23:44 <anaumov> sebas, :)
15:23:53 <remur_030> no I didn't yet, waiting for 11.4 rc1 to be honest
15:24:01 <rabauke> the "affects package manager" works correctly. same for "reboot needed", i.e. the notification is shown
15:24:31 <wstephenson> good. which notifications are missing then? generally 'update available'?
15:25:21 * sebas still thinks that no notification is just fine in this case
15:25:27 <sebas> it doesn't need direct action
15:25:37 <sebas> more of a "upgrade when you get some time" thing
15:25:48 <rabauke> wstephenson: first of all the version in 11.4 does not distinguish between security and other updates. and the notification that updates are available is missing as well.
15:25:59 <cb400f> how distinctive is the icon?
15:26:10 <wstephenson> it's a greenish smear. not monochrome.
15:26:12 <sebas> easily recognizable, I find
15:26:31 <rabauke> I do think that notifications must be there because the icon might appear while the user is away and security updates should definitely get the attention and acknowledgement of the user.
15:26:36 * cb400f tends to agree that the icon popping out is enough
15:26:36 <wstephenson> sebas: i think security updates should be notified
15:26:48 <rabauke> even more so if the icon is hidden after a while. not sure though if that happens.
15:27:10 <sebas> wstephenson: I think they should be installed automatically
15:27:17 <sebas> http://i.imgur.com/G9Dcq.png << icon
15:27:28 <rabauke> oh and I just noticed that there is another icon added to the systray in case a reboot is needed so there is kind of a permanent notification for that case.
15:27:51 <rabauke> cb400f: the icon does not tell you anything regarding the importance of the updates
15:27:58 <wstephenson> hm, the icon is passive there?
15:28:09 <sebas> right yes ... that seems a bug
15:28:42 <sebas> I'm having a similar bug in lion mail, maybe that's why I didn't notice
15:29:20 <wstephenson> #action report bug: update icon is passive when updates are available
15:29:43 <wstephenson> would anyone else find a monochrome icon more pleasing?
15:30:07 <cb400f> for reboot? or in general?
15:30:15 <remur_030> wstephenson: whose AI is that?
15:30:20 <rabauke> http://wstaw.org/m/2011/02/10/plasma-desktopYZ2111.jpg shows the second icon
15:30:51 <rabauke> wstephenson: do you mena the icons apper i.e. the next kpackagekit version uses?
15:31:17 <wstephenson> rabauke: no, since we're not shipping apper in 11.4
15:31:29 <wstephenson> maybe we can steal them from it though, are they nice?
15:31:29 <rabauke> those do distinguish between the different kind of updates but the "security" one is a joke regarding its signal.
15:32:54 <remur_030> colored systray icons are for 'active' processes and monochrome ones for background stuff right?
15:33:21 <cb400f> monochrome for "workspace", colour for "applications"
15:33:30 <rabauke> it depends on whether you want something standing our or not. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=264051
15:33:33 <bugbot> KDE bug 264051 in Oxygen (icons) "kpackagekit/apper needs "alarm" icon" [Normal,Unconfirmed]
15:33:38 <wstephenson> remur_030: active icons are the ones in the tray at all times, passive ones are in the extender
15:33:52 <rabauke> ^^there you can see the icons
15:34:14 <remur_030> wstephenson: hm right poor choice of words, I meant it in the spirit of cb400f
15:34:16 <rabauke> https://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=56380
15:34:24 <rabauke> direct link to the picture
15:35:07 <rabauke> IMHO security updates need to shout at the user and wait for acknowledgement of their notification.
15:35:20 <wstephenson> and what is the gear for?
15:36:11 <remur_030> wstephenson: propably supposed to hint at 'inner workings' of the system
15:36:19 <wstephenson> is there a chance we will get something fixed for 11.4 for this?
15:36:46 <rabauke> wstephenson: do you mean new icons?
15:36:55 <wstephenson> new icons, changed notifications, etc
15:37:11 <remur_030> I think rabauke is right, persistent notification for security updates (if we can distinguish that), the icons are too tiny to really catch attention anyway
15:37:13 <rabauke> dantii is away since weeks, so I guess not
15:37:45 <wstephenson> anyone want to try to patch that into kpackagekit?
15:37:53 <cb400f> guess the kupdateapplet icons could easily be "ported" if we wanted
15:37:55 <tittiatcoke> and I wonder if he will make changes to kpackagekit or that he will implement it in Apper
15:37:56 <rabauke> apper does already have the code
15:37:59 <rabauke> and it works
15:38:06 <rabauke> yet it is not released yet.
15:38:15 <wstephenson> i think sebas might have a point but it's too late to rework the update notification UX for 11.4 now
15:38:24 <cb400f> is apper much more than a name change? .. is it fundamentally different?
15:38:30 <remur_030> sorry for my dumb question, but what is apper now?
15:38:45 <wstephenson> so i suggest we make it similar to kupdateapplet for now
15:38:48 <cb400f> it's the successor of kpk
15:38:50 <wstephenson> ie patch in a notitification
15:38:57 <wstephenson> i think it is the next version of kpk + new name
15:39:18 <tittiatcoke> remur_030: Apper is the successor of kpk.
15:39:23 <rabauke> cb400f: the UI is different and it does distinguish bettween the categories of updates. other than that there is not much that can change in such an app. :)
15:39:39 <remur_030> ah ok, so it's mainly rework and rebranding instead of a whole new approach
15:39:48 <rabauke> yes
15:40:12 <remur_030> I feared apper might relate to apt
15:40:16 <wstephenson> och no
15:40:28 <wstephenson> moving away from packagekit would be a lot of work
15:40:34 <rabauke> I think it does actually since apparently that pk-backend is "the best"
15:40:55 <cb400f> better than yum? .. that would be a laugh :-)
15:41:00 <wstephenson> does anyone want to try adding a notification to the 0.6.11 kpackagekit we are shipping?
15:41:48 <wstephenson> ok, then let's move on, i'll work on the backend.
15:41:59 <wstephenson> #action wstephenson, duncanmv fix packagekit-zypp some more
15:42:12 <wstephenson> * all test phonon-gstreamer + pulseaudio combo
15:42:14 <cb400f> I could have a look at the icons from kupdateapplet and see if they could/should replace the kpk ones
15:42:18 <anaumov> #action anaumov study packagekit-zypp
15:42:24 <anaumov> :)
15:42:33 <rabauke> maybe we should put an explanation of the icon into the "hello user" message when starting kde since there is no way the user might guess what the icon stands for
15:42:44 <rabauke> even less so without notifications
15:42:46 <wstephenson> cb400f: good suggestion
15:42:52 <wstephenson> give it some continuity
15:43:02 <wstephenson> #action cb400f patch in icons from kupdateapplet
15:43:16 <rabauke> that would help indeed
15:43:36 <wstephenson> so, PA + gstreamer
15:44:27 <rabauke> installing streamer plugins via kpk seems to work on 11.4 but fails on 11.3.
15:44:51 <rabauke> the shortages regarding fading and euqalizer have been mentioned already
15:45:17 <wstephenson> i have some bugs: 668757, and i can't find the other one atm
15:45:21 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 668757 in openSUSE 11.4 (KDE4 Applications) "invalid sound card (HDMI output) selected by default by Kmix" [Major,Needinfo] https://bugzilla.novell.com/668757
15:45:28 <wstephenson> reporter claimed that amarok and firefox together blocked sound
15:46:22 <cb400f> there were some complaints on -factory ml too about borked sound.. do we know the week points of PA? .. Flash? skype? other stuff?
15:46:23 <wstephenson> i have no problems, but then i have boring intel systems
15:46:34 <remur_030> wstephenson: you sure that's the right report?
15:46:48 <tittiatcoke> I guess I fall into the same category :-) Boring lenovo lappie
15:47:17 <wstephenson> flash and skype should be ok
15:47:21 <cb400f> actually I think they said most problems were with intel hda... but it seems to work for me too
15:47:40 <wstephenson> remur_030: no, but i can't find actual BRs for the other ones
15:47:50 <remur_030> cb400f: flash and skype always were the problem for me with pulseaudio, once firefox flash took alsa nothing else could use sound anymore
15:47:52 <wstephenson> "[opensuse-factory] 11.4 M6" from De Donn Washburn etc
15:48:21 <cb400f> but washburn has problems with _everything_ ... _always_
15:48:33 <remur_030> if something else had sound before they worked, but I am unsure who was to blame here
15:48:33 <wstephenson> yes
15:48:47 <wstephenson> i need to talk to saschpe about it too, he has problems, is sane, and down the hall.
15:50:14 <wstephenson> ok, nothing much else to discuss
15:50:24 <wstephenson> * wstephenson make phonon 4.4.4 pkgs
15:50:26 <wstephenson> done
15:50:41 <wstephenson> * discussion on repo naming etc to deferred to next meeting
15:50:49 <wstephenson> rabauke: this was yours from last meeting
15:51:06 <wstephenson> did you mean rename the actual repos or just improve their descriptions and wiki help?
15:51:20 <wstephenson> please let it be the latter, renaming causes mass indigestion
15:51:38 <saschpe> wstephenson: sorry, I've been really busy and haven't yet found the time to look into it
15:51:45 <wstephenson> saschpe: same here
15:52:03 <wstephenson> (for "your problem" == it)
15:52:58 <saschpe> wstephenson: btw. maybe it's not entirely pulse's (or kde's pulse integration) fault, I've had issues with only alsa. However. they went away after a reboot. rather strange it is
15:53:27 <wstephenson> ok, we're not going into it in detail now either
15:53:44 * wstephenson shakes rabauke
15:54:08 <remur_030> wstephenson: we can keep it as discussion point for later and move on for now I guess
15:54:14 <wstephenson> ok
15:54:17 <wstephenson> remur_030: you have the floor
15:54:24 <remur_030> Huh?
15:54:27 <wstephenson> #topic Team meeting - 11.4 stabilization
15:54:36 <remur_030> ah, not status before?
15:54:46 <wstephenson> bah :)
15:54:50 <wstephenson> #topic Team meeting - status
15:55:40 * wstephenson 's status: Fosdem, cleaned up UI jargon strings upstream, started looking at gross memory leaks too.
15:55:50 <remur_030> 11.4rc1 wwith kde4.6.0 going out right?
15:56:00 <cb400f> it's out
15:56:27 <wstephenson> last week: 11.4RC1 submissions, sometime several times over because the factory reviewers have become militant about changelog entries
15:56:40 * tittiatcoke status:  Updates Unstable based on the KDE packages that moved to GIT
15:57:31 <wstephenson> also: obexd updated, bluedevil obsoletes kbluetooth correctly now, packaged kamoso and qt-gstreamer for fun, fixed akonadi autostart when clock events are not shown.
15:57:39 <wstephenson> anyone tested that in RC1 yet?
15:58:08 * cb400f just dupped during the meeting
15:58:09 <rabauke> wstephenson: sorry, was away.
15:58:30 <wstephenson> rabauke: ok, we're coming back to that after status and 11.4 stabilisation efforts
15:58:33 <rabauke> I'm constantly dupping.
15:58:37 * wstephenson tested it now
15:58:37 <cb400f> hmm.. obexd not in default install :-(
15:59:11 <cb400f> did dup fail or did the patterns? .. not 100% sure the snapshot repo is up to date though.. only updated ~300 packages
15:59:15 <cb400f> or the deps
15:59:15 <wstephenson> maybe we should call Apper Duppy if we don't get the backend fixed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duppy
15:59:58 <cb400f> :-)
15:59:58 <wstephenson> "malevolent ghost or spirit that zypper dup's your system without being asked to"
16:00:06 <rabauke> cb400f: I had the same suspission but my release files states RC1
16:00:31 <cb400f> bluedevil 10.2-1.1 doesn't seem to have requires obexd
16:00:37 <cb400f> 1.0.2
16:00:54 <wstephenson> cb400f: yeah that's on my todo
16:01:22 <cb400f> gah.. and obexd still wants evolution-data-server
16:01:39 <wstephenson> cb400f: ah but look what's in the obexd package :)
16:01:55 <wstephenson> nothing important.
16:02:10 <wstephenson> so bluedevil will pull in obex-client and obex-data server
16:02:20 <cb400f> ah :-)
16:02:20 <wstephenson> and the gnomes will udpate obexd and get those too
16:02:32 * cb400f tells zypper to abort
16:02:48 <wstephenson> i actually spent time testing 11.3 gnome update, during fosdem.
16:02:54 <remur_030> "OK OK! Exiting immediately..." ;-)
16:03:18 <remur_030> wstephenson: do they do a good job at it?
16:03:26 <rabauke> cb400f: could you add an impa account to your 11.4 and test?
16:03:38 <wstephenson> remur_030: well the obexd bit works
16:04:18 <rabauke> cb400f: regarding that kontact crash
16:04:32 <remur_030> rabauke: hm? I use imap on 11.3 kdf, should this be any different?
16:04:38 <cb400f> rabauke: already have.. also already rebooted.. no crash
16:04:53 <rabauke> then why can I reproduce with a livecd?
16:05:01 <cb400f> build 1034, which I believe you tested with is old anyway
16:05:05 <cb400f> rc1 is 1056 afaik
16:05:16 <rabauke> cb400f: I disabled planner and special dates
16:05:45 <rabauke> and I took the live cd the download section gave me.
16:06:02 <cb400f> hrm.. obexd-client want to pull obexd ... which pulls half of gnome
16:06:42 <rabauke> I'll download the 1056 and try again
16:06:47 <cb400f> rabauke: you can't trust the download section, use: http://download.opensuse.org/factory/iso/
16:06:57 <cb400f> download section pushes ms6
16:07:04 <rabauke> but since I can reproduce it with kdf on 11.3 it should still be valid
16:07:09 <cb400f> not the daily rebuilds
16:07:30 <rabauke> remur_030: should be the same
16:07:40 <remur_030> rabauke: bugid?
16:08:06 <wstephenson> cb400f: grumble, ok, i should have tested kde upgrade too
16:08:33 <wstephenson> any more status?
16:08:52 <tittiatcoke> nope
16:09:00 <cb400f> can you poke dirk with https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=656144
16:09:04 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 656144 in openSUSE 11.4 (X11 Applications) "Root user Qt4 applications not using Oxygen-style by default" [Minor,Reopened]
16:09:13 <cb400f> or can/should someone else handle it?
16:09:44 <wstephenson> http://software.opensuse.org/developer/en now pushes RC1 btw
16:09:54 <cb400f> one guy even thought he was getting yast-gtk because of the sad qt widget style on yast :-)
16:09:56 <tittiatcoke> cb400f: dirk is on holiday this week.
16:11:37 <tittiatcoke> cb400f: Is it properly fixed when setting the correct style with qtconfig ?
16:11:41 <wstephenson> we configured qt to use !oxygen a while back because oxygen was doing some stupid stuff over dbus that caused apps to block
16:11:56 <cb400f> tittiatcoke: using "desktop settings" in qtconfig should work, but it doesn't
16:12:10 <cb400f> setting "oxygen" in qtconfig works, but that's not correct.. that's a hack
16:12:31 <tittiatcoke> cb400f: Maybe it is the issue that wstephenson is indicating.
16:12:40 <remur_030> why became window deco that powerful?
16:12:48 <wstephenson> https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=514056
16:12:52 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 514056 in openSUSE 11.2 (KDE4 Applications) "dbus hangs when kfmclient is run by root" [Normal,Closed: upstream]
16:13:07 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: I guess it is a patch to Qt ?
16:13:08 <wstephenson> remur_030: you mean widget style
16:13:29 <remur_030> wstephenson: right
16:14:53 <wstephenson> ok, that looks unfixed
16:15:13 <wstephenson> cb400f: and we have to live with 656144 until it is
16:16:08 <cb400f> :-( .. too bad.. that'll be an FAQ in #suse
16:16:37 <cb400f> hmm.. my imap test account subscribed to opensuse@ tells me that a guy from the lug is posting there :-)
16:16:47 <wstephenson> #topic Team meeting - 11.4 stabilization
16:16:57 <wstephenson> since this is what we've been discussing anyway
16:17:31 <remur_030> yeah, rabauke pointed out the nvidia bug yesterday and I was kinda shocked how many user are affected and how many dupes there were
16:18:20 <cb400f> oh, yeah.. we should try to verify on 11.4... and force sndirsch to make 256.x.x.x for 11.4 if it happens there too
16:18:24 <wstephenson> so i hoped earlier in the release cycle that we would get 4.6.1 out in time for 11.4 but it's scheduled for feb 28th, which is just too risky for 11.4 GM on March 11
16:18:34 <remur_030> meanwhile cb400f pointed out that we have alot of users not running bare opensuse anymore but spiced up with other repos, add tumbleweed and evergreen to the mix we lack people running plain opensuse
16:19:13 <wstephenson> remur_030: conclusion, not enough plain 11.4 testing from those able to do good testing?
16:19:18 <remur_030> cb400f: someone already said it happens on M6 as well =/
16:19:50 <remur_030> wstephenson: yeah, I know I failed at that too
16:20:00 <cb400f> I plan to try over the weekend... if I can get the crap blob to compile... often a problem on the milestones etc.
16:20:04 <rabauke> at least with kr46 kde gets a lot of testers
16:20:22 <remur_030> also testing alone isn't enough, on the nvidia bug we had a lot of people reporting this
16:20:44 <remur_030> well admittedly at least to me it looked like the usual nvidia vs plasma case
16:21:07 <remur_030> most people in here running 64bit propably doesn't help either =/
16:21:13 <wstephenson> yep.  what i'd like to do is establish if it's unique to opensuse
16:21:20 <wstephenson> anyone know?
16:21:32 <remur_030> wstephenson: the kde bug report is long and there was not a single non-suse report
16:21:39 <rabauke> +1
16:21:57 <cb400f> we should find out what nvidia version is pushed by kubutno
16:22:11 <cb400f> wouldn't surprise me one bit if all of those suckers are using oooold nvidia
16:22:35 <rabauke> there will surely be people building their nvidia drivers so they would have got it as well even if the official kubuntu driver was older
16:22:35 <remur_030> cb400f: i know similar stuff happened before, but atleast arch or fedora users should have chipped in on it
16:22:52 <remur_030> plus kubuntu users propably have nvidia repos as well
16:23:07 <rabauke> yep, not a single non-opensuse user in >100 comments
16:23:19 <cb400f> but how can it be suse specific and happen on 11.3 and 11.4 with various different kernels etc.
16:23:22 <cb400f> :-(
16:23:38 <rabauke> if it walsk like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, chances are it is a duck.
16:23:59 <rabauke> s/duck/lizard
16:24:02 <remur_030> cb400f: i guess it's some patch somewhere to a shared library that has a rarely used codepatch before 4.5
16:24:10 <wstephenson> and how to tell which part of the duck is sick? our xorg, our gcc?
16:24:13 <remur_030> sadly people didn't check the vanilla kernel...
16:24:29 <remur_030> s/codepatch/codepath
16:24:35 <wstephenson> this is one of those times when i wished i had llunak around
16:24:39 <rabauke> wstephenson: that's the hard part, but it's still an opensuse issue.
16:25:56 <cb400f> how good is nouveau on 11.4? ;-)
16:26:18 <remur_030> cb400f: propably still not good enough power managment for mobile chips =(
16:26:29 <wstephenson> however good it is, people will still use nvidia.
16:27:00 <rabauke> yep, if only because they have a newer card and do not use tumbleweed to get an updated vouveau
16:27:37 <remur_030> wstephenson: would there be someone around at suse who might be better assigned this task?
16:27:41 <cb400f> on tumbleweed they'd have to (re)build the driver constantly
16:27:58 <cb400f> so they'll prolly just use nouveau
16:27:59 <wstephenson> llunak: ping
16:28:01 <remur_030> as you said it could be anywhere
16:28:23 <rabauke> they would always get the latest nouveau and thus not need nvidia (if nouveau would be any good)
16:28:24 <llunak> wstephenson: what is the bugno?
16:28:30 <wstephenson> sndirsch is the obvious guy but he's so loaded he's flinging anything with "kde" in the subject at me, irrespective of severity
16:28:46 <remur_030> https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=648718
16:28:51 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 648718 in openSUSE 11.3 (KDE4 Workspace) "plasma-desktop crashes with lastes nvidia driver 260.19.12" [Critical,Assigned]
16:28:54 <remur_030> llunak ^
16:29:37 <wstephenson> llunak: the problem is it's only kde, and only opensuse
16:29:51 <wstephenson> so upstream and xorg both say it's someone else's fault
16:29:58 <cb400f> it happens with vbox too
16:30:02 <remur_030> and only 32bit systems
16:30:19 <wstephenson> cb400f: vbox + nvidia + virtual 3d hardware?
16:30:20 <cb400f> vbox, amarok, and plasma (digital clock)
16:30:22 <rabauke> but you can avoid it by running the app with strace …
16:30:24 <wstephenson> or any vbox?
16:30:29 <remur_030> wstephenson: no the vbox gui
16:30:37 <wstephenson> ah right
16:30:37 <cb400f> I think it's related to the qt ui
16:30:58 <remur_030> rabauke: propably strace resets some bogus flags
16:31:38 <cb400f> as I understand it people get that "floating point exception" error when just trying to launch the vbox qt ui
16:33:15 <wstephenson> what else is a hot 11.4 problem right now?
16:33:19 <cb400f> rabauke: second reboot.. still don't get the kontact crash... instead it's fscking up with kwallet access
16:33:22 <wstephenson> i think pim and akonadi and nepomuk are ok
16:33:41 <rabauke> cb400f: did you logout with kmail "open"
16:33:42 <wstephenson> although i've seen kwallet access warnings that cb400f mentions
16:33:42 <cb400f> .. and akonadi self test
16:33:53 <wstephenson> i opened a bug for akonadi self test
16:34:06 <wstephenson> cb400f: that's the "bug in old log" self test warning?
16:34:11 <rabauke> wstephenson: powermanagmeent on desktops
16:34:15 <cb400f> rabauke: yep.. same system, and same setup as before when I had the problem.. only a dup is the difference
16:34:31 <cb400f> wstephenson: yup, looks like it
16:34:42 <cb400f> we should prolly just have stuck with pim4.4.9 :-)
16:34:59 <rabauke> and there is still that bug that "performance" on notebooks does not set brightness to 100%
16:35:12 <cb400f> 4.4.10 seems to be a trick to force people to move to pim4.6 faster >:-)
16:35:32 <wstephenson> rabauke: what about PM on desktops? suspending after 99 minutes?
16:35:35 <rabauke> "recently installed apps" missing from kmenu
16:35:59 <rabauke> wstephenson: suspending the display after 10 minutes. fixed for 4.6.1
16:36:29 <tittiatcoke> rabauke: Maybe that can be backported to 4.6.0 ? If we find the correct patch
16:36:39 <rabauke> the digi clock still shows no shadow for the date although sebas supposedly fixed that upstream
16:37:12 <sebas> rabauke: Hm, maybe I forgot that ... I'll check and seek to get it into 4.6.1
16:37:33 <rabauke> tittiatcoke: I have the bugnumer on my other computer so I can "add" it to the meeting minutes on the ml
16:37:49 <tittiatcoke> rabauke: Yes, please. Then I will check and see if I can get it into the packages
16:38:23 <rabauke> it also seems that opensuse patches the battery plasmoid and shows unreadable fonts for the percentage which is displayed on the battery icon. according to sebas that percentage does not exist in upstream kde
16:38:29 <rabauke> tittiatcoke: will do
16:38:46 * sebas checks again :)
16:39:14 <sebas> rabauke: it does exist, but works fine here
16:39:28 <sebas> it's an upstream bug though, and it's not 100% fixable
16:39:51 <rabauke> http://wstaw.org/m/2011/02/10/plasma-desktopCs2111.jpg
16:39:55 <sebas> we're bound by smallest readable font setting on one hand and size of the battery one the other, both we have no control over
16:40:03 <rabauke> sebas: ^^ try to find the percentag on the battery icon :)
16:40:12 <wstephenson> huh, never noticed that overlay on the battery icon
16:40:13 <rabauke> it's a matter of colour
16:40:33 <cb400f> grr.. getting phonon errors now too.. "blah blah not working, falling back to default"
16:40:46 <sebas> oow, that one ... that's a problem with an upstream patch
16:40:51 <rabauke> cb400f: I get that with any but the xine backend as soon as I start amarok
16:41:05 * cb400f 's kneejerk reaction is to blame fdo and gstreamer
16:41:10 <sebas> it's not there in my trunk build, and it shouldn't since it duplicates already shown information
16:41:13 <rabauke> ok, so it's upstream and I have to reopen those bugs?
16:41:19 <cb400f> I got it now on login for a fresh user on rc1
16:41:27 <rabauke> oh, not upstream
16:41:36 <sebas> rabauke: only the digiclock shadow
16:41:51 <sebas> but it's on my kanban list now, so more likely to get picked up than just bugzilla :)
16:41:55 <rabauke> whereever it comes from it should either be removed or fixed to show the "normal" text colour
16:42:07 <cb400f> and some error about saving bookmarks to user-places.xbel
16:42:20 <sebas> the battery is bugfree (tm), the patch should probably just be dropped
16:42:37 <sebas> rabauke: removed, it's completely unnecessary
16:42:39 <rabauke> does the upstream battery feature the "time remaining"?
16:42:44 <sebas> percentage is readable right next to it
16:42:54 <sebas> yes, but only after fiddling with the config
16:43:05 <sebas> no ui for that
16:43:06 <rabauke> ok
16:43:25 <rabauke> so opensuse enables that by default and IMHO that should stay
16:43:47 <sebas> fine with me
16:43:55 * sebas has it on as well
16:43:58 <remur_030> hmm sorry if I interrupt, but this is adressing single bugs, not even pretty big ones, could we do something to get better testing with opensuse 11.4?
16:44:31 <wstephenson> remur_030: please
16:44:35 <wstephenson> remur_030: what do you suggest?
16:44:37 <remur_030> in general that is? I know we used to do bug squashing sessions, they seem to be out of fashion now, no idea if for a good reason or not
16:45:17 <cb400f> they should be after the release or at some other time.. not 3 weeks before GM is declared
16:45:22 <remur_030> it's obvious there are people reporting bugs on bnc, but most just fix on their single bug and don't help on other ones
16:46:04 <rabauke> I think it will be hard to get more 11.4 testers but kde does get a fair amount of testers via kdf and kr46.
16:46:19 <wstephenson> how about divide and conquer? we start handling incoming bugs according to area (pim, mobile, workspace, ...)
16:46:31 <cb400f> a shitload of people will install rc1... whether they can be considered testers or not is a different matter
16:46:38 <wstephenson> and by handle i mean good triage, and checking branch for fixes
16:46:43 <llunak> wstephenson: the bug looks like a toolchain problem ... or at least they are the ones to have a look at it and figure something out
16:47:32 <wstephenson> llunak: ok, so if i can get matz or richi to look at an nvidia machine exhibiting the bug you think they'll have enough to go on?
16:48:24 <wstephenson> others: thoughts?
16:48:51 <wstephenson> right now i feel like i'm the little dutch boy running round putting his finger in whichever leak shouts loudest atm
16:49:01 <remur_030> wstephenson: the single teams won't have more people all of a sudden, but I guess grouping by certain expertise is a good idea
16:49:33 <remur_030> wstephenson: =/ we can't fix most stuff ourself
16:49:41 * tittiatcoke lends his fingers to wstephenson in order to close more holes
16:50:32 <wstephenson> remur_030: even if we can get timely triage on incoming bugs, that saves me some time that i can spend on fixing them
16:50:53 <remur_030> wstephenson: the more I think about your idea the more I like it, the usual bugsquashing method was going through all the kde bugs without any certain grouping, so you parctically had to find new information any time
16:50:58 <rabauke> what about a kde bug mailinglist?
16:51:01 <tittiatcoke> I don't know if this would help, but I could validate bugs if they have been solved upstream
16:51:03 <cb400f> there are indeed many holes :-( ... too many late changes.. pim.. phonon.. pulse.. bluedevil... etc.
16:51:08 * cb400f has to leave
16:51:23 <remur_030> chances are if you do 20 strigi bugs in a row you might have an idea where to look at it
16:51:59 <remur_030> rabauke: I don't think we'd scare people off using opensuse-kde for bugs as well
16:52:03 <wstephenson> and i don't think it would be that hard, we don't have 20 strigi bugs yet
16:52:15 <llunak> wstephenson: I have commented in the bugreport and yes, I think the best chance (and possibly only one) is to walk up personally to somebody who knows the dynamic loader and annoy them until they have a look
16:52:27 <remur_030> people randomly dump there bugreports at -kde already
16:52:30 <wstephenson> llunak: ok, thanks for looking
16:52:54 <rabauke> remur_030: not sure but if I would get new bugs as email it would be easier to check for things I can try out.
16:53:33 <remur_030> rabauke: ? that is already possible, watch kde-maintainers@suse.de
16:53:36 <wstephenson> or just having a stored bugzilla query to run every day
16:54:17 <rabauke> remur_030: ok, then I'll try that one.
16:54:36 <wstephenson> ok, i have to leave at 1800 too
16:54:39 <remur_030> there was actually a good wiki for that written by llunak for the bugsqash events I think
16:54:53 <wstephenson> what else?
16:55:31 <remur_030> rabauke: I'll look for it later
16:55:40 <remur_030> nothing I guess for now =/
16:55:41 <rabauke> my issue with the community repos can wait
16:55:44 <wstephenson> remur_030: do you want to take the AI to identify areas to assign to people for timely triage?
16:55:46 <tittiatcoke> wstephenson: I guess nothing for now
16:56:02 <remur_030> wstephenson: yes I'll make a mail to discuss it further on the ml
16:56:22 <wstephenson> OTOMH i would say pim, workspace, defaults, random-apps
16:56:55 <remur_030> sounds good
16:57:47 <tittiatcoke> remur_030: You can count on me for upstream validation. I guess I am qualified enough for it :-)
16:58:05 <wstephenson> then it just needs one of us per area to run a query once a day on new kde-maintainers bugs, tag new bugs of that area, then run another query that shows all 11.4 bugs with the tag and keep triaging them
16:58:13 <remur_030> tittiatcoke: upstream validation as in happens on bare kde sc trunk?
16:58:31 <amonthoth> choqok 1.0 is always crashing since M6 to RC1
16:58:39 <tittiatcoke> remur_030: Daily KDE updates :-) with all the patches from openSUSE
17:00:10 <remur_030> ok
17:00:41 <wstephenson> amonthoth: we're in a meeting, please wait
17:00:55 <wstephenson> #action remur_030 bring up triage strategy on list.
17:00:57 <remur_030> rabauke: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Bug_Screening_KDE#Bugreport_organization_in_bugzilla
17:00:59 <amonthoth> sorry
17:01:00 <wstephenson> * Q&A misc
17:01:39 <wstephenson> going, going, ...
17:01:43 <tittiatcoke> gone
17:01:48 <remur_030> meeting time ok for the future?
17:01:58 <wstephenson> ok by me, as long as it doesn't go over 2 hours
17:01:59 <remur_030> that is thursday 15 UTC?
17:02:09 <remur_030> agreed, we should limit that
17:02:20 <wstephenson> tittiatcoke: you prefer Wednesdays, don't you?
17:02:23 <tittiatcoke> As long that sometimes it can be done on Wednesday :-)
17:02:38 <remur_030> was there any opposition to wednesdays?
17:02:51 * remur_030 can't remember any
17:03:01 <tittiatcoke> I don't think there was any opposition.
17:03:26 <tittiatcoke> For me the Wednesday is easier due to travel arrangements (most of the time travelling on Thursday afternoon/evening)
17:03:51 <wstephenson> ok, so we keep wednesdays, but at 1500UTC
17:03:57 <tittiatcoke> Ok
17:04:31 <wstephenson> #endmeeting