16:09:47 <wstephenson> #startmeeting
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16:09:52 <llunak> I'm still on vacation today, that makes me the same like the rest of the crowd
16:09:59 <wstephenson> brave man ;)
16:10:16 <wstephenson> #topic agenda
16:10:27 <kmi> the kde3 stuff
16:10:31 <llunak> I think you understood it the wrong way around, but whatever
16:10:40 <wstephenson> * keep kdebase3 etc for 11.4? what's left depending on kdelibs/base3
16:10:46 <wstephenson> * old items
16:10:50 <wstephenson> * status report
16:10:57 <wstephenson> * Stop fixing KDE3 packages/repos since it is perceived as maintaining,
16:11:04 <wstephenson> * Discuss openSUSE:KDE ideas 11.4
16:11:09 <wstephenson> * KDE:45 SC repo
16:11:19 <wstephenson> * KDE Four Reloaded call for testing/feedback
16:11:27 <wstephenson> * Q&A, misc
16:11:32 <wstephenson> any other agenda items?
16:11:50 <kmi> i added "package new kde apps for dummies"
16:11:54 <kmi> to the wiki
16:12:10 <tigerfoot> kmi : link ?
16:12:10 <wstephenson> * Create a “Package new KDE apps” for dummies tutorial (kmi)
16:12:11 <kmi> if thats ok
16:12:19 <wstephenson> tigerfoot: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_Meetings
16:12:22 <wstephenson> so
16:12:24 <llunak> kmi: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/kde-obs-generator?content=121094
16:12:34 <wstephenson> #topic old action items
16:13:09 <wstephenson> #chair wstephenson
16:13:09 <bugbot> Current chairs: wstephenson
16:13:12 <wstephenson> #topic old action items
16:13:23 <wstephenson> bah
16:13:37 <kmi> bug triage results?
16:13:44 <wstephenson> #topic old action items
16:13:56 <llunak> wstephenson: what? the topic not changing? the bugbot needs admin, but I think it's better if the topic is actually kept intact
16:14:00 <wstephenson> * cb400f will announce the call for adoption of orphaned packages
16:14:10 <wstephenson> llunak: i will change it manually then
16:14:46 <wstephenson> cb400f_: done, i think
16:14:58 <wstephenson> * javier_: Announce bug triage 13th-16th of August - done
16:15:04 <wstephenson> * llunak update meeting howto (meetbot, etc.)
16:15:09 <llunak> not done yet
16:15:12 <wstephenson> * llunak lead discussion about KDE:45 repo on opensuse-kde list
16:15:18 <wstephenson> we started that in your absence
16:15:22 <llunak> ok
16:15:27 <wstephenson> * remur_030 read llunak's mail on -project about what a strategy is about
16:15:45 <wstephenson> not here
16:15:59 <wstephenson> * wstephenson will send to the list the changes made on kde-four-live
16:16:11 <wstephenson> not done, but sort of worked around by direct communication
16:16:36 <wstephenson> TOPIC: status reports
16:16:43 <javier_> wstephenson: nice caveats.odt :-)
16:16:54 * wstephenson starts
16:17:35 <wstephenson> so kde-four-live is out for a week
16:17:42 <wstephenson> and this little other thing called 4.5.0
16:18:02 <wstephenson> mostly i have been fixing akonadi and nepomuk bugs from top to bottom
16:18:11 <kmi> \o/
16:18:22 <wstephenson> preparing the online update for 4.4.4
16:18:33 <wstephenson> i think it works ootb with that update
16:18:40 * tigerfoot congrats wstephenson ... (o) (°)
16:18:58 <wstephenson> also some community things, helping alin get started with image building, hanging out here, fighting stupid on the lists.
16:19:02 <wstephenson> who's next?
16:19:57 <wstephenson> javier_: how did the bug traiage go?
16:19:58 <kmi> releases k3b 2.0.1 a few days ago
16:20:08 <wstephenson> saw that, good work
16:20:17 <javier_> wstephenson: well, we closed some bugs
16:20:35 <javier_> and i even built kdelibs4-apidocs (wishlist)
16:20:37 * wstephenson closed a lot of pim bugs
16:21:14 <wstephenson> javier_: fancy doing a quick report about it?
16:21:26 <wstephenson> i saw a lot of action from ctrippe and stephen dunn
16:21:59 <javier_> wstephenson: ok, i'll send a message to -kde to gather info about the kde bug triage
16:22:16 <wstephenson> just a short blog with who was active and how many bugs were closed. you can use bugzilla to get the numbers.
16:22:27 <anaumov> and what's about that? https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=632216
16:22:30 <javier_> ok
16:22:30 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 632216 in openSUSE 11.3 (KDE4 Workspace) "unable to start KDE, graphical login always fails" [Critical,Resolved: invalid]
16:22:56 <wstephenson> rabauke blogged thoroughly :)
16:23:08 <wstephenson> llunak: holiday report?
16:23:19 <llunak> wstephenson: the vacation was nice, thank you
16:23:21 <wstephenson> anaumov: resolved invalid, no need to discuss
16:23:33 <rabauke> did I?
16:23:35 <rabauke> :)
16:23:58 <anaumov> llunak, ;)
16:24:03 <wstephenson> ok
16:24:33 <wstephenson> TOPIC: Stop fixing KDE3 packages/repos since it is perceived as maintaining
16:24:41 <kmi> anaumov: black screen looks like incompatible gpu dirvers or broken plasma config
16:24:56 <rabauke> that's mine
16:25:20 <rabauke> it seems to cause confusion if novell staff works on the kde3 repo
16:25:48 <llunak> it's irrelevant whether novell staff works on the repo too or not
16:25:50 <wstephenson> certain people are capable of creating confusion out of the scarcest facts in this regard
16:26:02 <kmi> it'll also cause confusion if the staff doesnt
16:26:12 <rabauke> why? it was dropped. period
16:26:16 <kmi> i think you cant please every1
16:26:54 <llunak> if somebody points to the repo directly, slap them with http://en.opensuse.org/KDE3
16:27:10 <rabauke> that does not work, as the mailinglist shows
16:27:14 <llunak> and if somebody doesn't understand what the word 'maintenance' means, that's their problem
16:28:11 <kmi> anybody knows what distro the trinity guys use? if oS maybe they want to maintain it
16:28:22 <bitshuffler__> buntu
16:29:17 <rabauke> I do not see any reason in helping to keep that repo working, it just makes its death longer suggesting support for kde3
16:29:29 <llunak> rabauke: I haven't caught up with the lists yet - it is somebody else or just Ilya again (or whatever the english transcription of the name is)?
16:29:47 <kmi> i wouldn't mind if the kde3 for 11.3 repo was even deleted completely, but i dont have any repo access numbers
16:30:00 <llunak> I use several packages from the KDE3 repo
16:30:14 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: so don't do that. I just don't see why not anyone else who wants to spent time with it shouldn't do it, regardless if one is a N employee or not.
16:30:21 <llunak> so I don't see why I those should be deleted or kept failing
16:30:28 <kmi> like? (that kinda affects the kdebase3 topic as well)
16:30:44 <wstephenson> llunak: just ilya
16:31:16 <rabauke> others as well, otherwise they would not call for will etc if things are broken
16:31:18 <llunak> I've told him already, he apparently is unable to get what 'maintained' or 'supported' means, even if you slapped him with a huge dictionary
16:31:22 <wstephenson> i kind of expect strange behaviour from ppl taking on this job
16:31:48 <llunak> rabauke: that's why we have the KDE3 wiki page, just post the link, done
16:32:20 <rabauke> ok. but keeping that repo alive causes more harm than good imho
16:32:32 <bitshuffler__> why?
16:32:46 <llunak> we can move the repo somewhere else, so that it's not KDE:KDE3, if others think it's a good idea, but I will not support removing the packages
16:33:02 <kmi> if lubos wants a few apps from that repo, it's ok when he fixes a few issues here and there
16:33:10 <anaumov> Ilya write on planetSUSE about KDE2 too, it's funny I think...
16:33:28 <wstephenson> rabauke: i think the angry squad will be angry whatever we do
16:33:30 <bitshuffler__> I'm against moving it cause it just creates more mess and wins nothing imho.
16:33:43 <kmi> kde3 should move to the same place as unsuported SC releases (4.5, 4.7,..)
16:33:54 <llunak> and I can blog 'KDE3 is dead' if you want and think it'll make it openSUSE-oficial
16:33:56 <wstephenson> i thought about it and realised they are classic Laggards and eventually will join us in KDE 4 or go elsewhere. nothing we can do will please them.
16:34:00 <bitshuffler__> kmi: which wont work since it isn't unstable
16:34:03 <rabauke> wstephenson: correct. yet if its gone, its gone and it comes to an dend
16:34:21 <anaumov> llunak, +1
16:34:43 <wstephenson> llunak: i think that will just poke the bees' nest.
16:34:44 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: again, in what way does the existence of that repo harm you? If you don't use it then it doesn't bother you anyways.
16:35:12 <javier_> Unsupported:KDE3?
16:35:22 <rabauke> bitshuffler__: it makes kde3 users think that it is not eol
16:35:29 <bitshuffler__> just leave it to folks who are interested in it and be done with it. After all it is also a plus for suse that installing kde 3 is still possible.
16:35:49 <rabauke> thus stay stay around, keep on pesting
16:35:59 <llunak> rabauke:  slap them with the wiki page and ignore them afterwards
16:36:01 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: so let them use it. better than some endless "omg kde4 iis teh sucks, kde3 was thaaaaaaaaaaaaat much better".
16:36:17 <wstephenson> and meanwhile we actively moderate the lists to shut down the flames
16:36:18 <llunak> if that doesn't help, tell me and I'll slap them with the KDE3 wiki page, harder
16:36:18 <kmi> bitshuffler__: +1
16:36:32 <rabauke> bitshuffler__: if the reop was gone, that discussion was gone. as long as it exists, that discussion will come up again and again
16:36:39 <anaumov> bitshuffler__, do you want to support supported KDE3?
16:36:56 <kmi> how about actively dropping it for 11.4?
16:37:02 <javier_> we would have to improve our wiki slapping skills then
16:37:04 <kmi> not even an unsupported repo
16:37:15 <bitshuffler__> anaumov: no, I couldn't care less about it but apparently there  are some peeps who like it and as long as they keep it building I don't see why it should get removed.
16:37:31 <wstephenson> kmi: against the sense of the OBS, ppl should be able to do stuff they want to do
16:38:03 <kmi> just offerering a compromise between rabauke and bitshuffler ;)
16:38:10 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: well, there simply is no reason that your will has to get forced on others who disagree with you. If you don't like it then just ignore it and forget about its existence
16:38:19 <bitshuffler__> and point anyone who doesn't get it to the wiki page
16:38:58 <rabauke> bitshuffler__: as if that would work
16:39:00 <anaumov> bitshuffler__, you have to understand, that we need people who will help with KDE�
16:39:05 <anaumov> *KDE3
16:39:11 <bitshuffler__> seriously, we have it, it builds and it is interesting for ppl. So, if you don't like it just leave it alone and let others worry about it.
16:39:15 <kmi> rabauke: you could create a mail rule and filter  all kde3 mails
16:39:25 <szal> doesn't Packman have KDE3?
16:39:27 <wstephenson> oh read the "KDE3 Enthusiasts" thread on opensuse@
16:39:28 <rabauke> bitshuffler__: it does not build without the help of the opensuse kde devs
16:39:45 <wstephenson> anaumov: *we* don't need people who will help with kde 3
16:39:54 <wstephenson> kde 3 fans seem to need it
16:39:57 <bitshuffler__> anaumov: well, there are ppl who "help" / care about kde 3 and fix the stuff so just let them do that if that is how they like to spent their time.
16:40:28 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: and if those help out there then it still is their free choice.
16:40:33 <rabauke> I would not have a problem if those that claim kde3 is still alive would keep that repo building but its those that tell them that it's dead
16:40:48 <kmi> rabauke: you could create a mail rule and filter  all kde3 mails
16:40:51 <bitshuffler__> rabauke: as in llunak just explained why he does that
16:41:15 <wstephenson> so, as chair - are we getting anywhere with this?
16:41:20 <kmi> no
16:41:24 <rabauke> no
16:41:28 <bitshuffler__> just leave it alone
16:41:34 <llunak> hmm, pity I was on vacation, I could have finally tried how moderation works
16:41:55 <llunak> next time I'll block these 'KDE3 again' threads
16:42:01 <rabauke> Yet as long as you fix kde3 I can fully understand those that think it is supported.
16:42:37 <kmi> next topic please ;)
16:42:38 <wstephenson> let's move on, and remember that the KDE3 wiki page is your best defense against them
16:42:51 <wstephenson> * Discuss openSUSE:KDE ideas 11.4
16:43:16 <kmi> martin filled the page already
16:43:18 <wstephenson> TOPIC: ^
16:43:21 <kmi> i did a bit
16:43:44 <kmi> he and i seem to agree that phonon-vlc should be default
16:44:16 <rabauke> does it actually work?
16:44:17 <bitshuffler__> and where do you get the vlc from (or isn't that necessary)?
16:44:27 <rabauke> never did here
16:44:35 <kmi> bitshuffler__: VLC without mpeg codecs is in playground
16:44:49 <kmi> backend works for me better than any other backend i ever tried
16:44:50 <bitshuffler__> kmi: and that works better than xine?
16:44:59 <kmi> just one quirk:
16:45:08 <bitshuffler__> hm, iirc I tried it some time ago and just listened to silence
16:45:10 <rabauke> what about cpu uzsage?
16:45:39 <rabauke> and it has to work with the packman vlc otherwise its pretty useless
16:45:40 <kmi> when I exit a multimedia app, instead of normal quitting, it crashes additionally, but since i exit it anyway, i don't care much
16:45:44 <wstephenson> i heard that was a bit higher.
16:45:51 <kmi> it works with pacman
16:45:56 <rabauke> wstephenson: double here
16:46:10 <tigerfoot> having a audio engine without mpeg is just useless ...
16:46:13 <kmi> I have so far no problems with cpu usabe
16:46:31 <rabauke> kmi: does it use more than xine?
16:46:38 <rabauke> if so that is a problem
16:46:44 <kmi> if the VAAPI-VDPAU wrapper worked, i would also have GPU acceleration
16:46:45 <wstephenson> if anyone doesn't know sandsmark, he's the Phonon guy.
16:47:03 <llunak> this is discussing a bit too ahead - is it in Factory, if not, is it suitable for it?
16:47:04 <tigerfoot> it will just drive more user to make the mistake to put videolan and packman repo ...
16:47:05 <kmi> I never compared xine vs vlc CPU-wise. i don't notice a difference
16:47:06 <sandsmark> phonon-vlc apparently supports vaapi
16:47:17 <sandsmark> (probably Xine too, haven't tested, though)
16:47:20 <wstephenson> sandsmark: scrollback - http://paste.opensuse.org/80853325
16:47:23 <sandsmark> kmi: they both use ffmpeg
16:47:29 <rabauke> kmi: on a netbook your battery will
16:47:39 <sandsmark> there shouldn't be a noticeable difference
16:47:46 <kmi> i have a notebook ;)
16:47:56 <kmi> i don't see any difference
16:47:58 <tigerfoot> rabauke: only without the power unit  :-)
16:48:04 <wstephenson> sandsmark: are there any big ticket items preventing us from assessing p-vlc as backend?
16:48:06 <sandsmark> but I'm not sure Phonon-VLC is ready, tbh.
16:48:08 <kmi> and if vaapi works, it should even be much lover
16:48:18 <wstephenson> next release is in January, fwiw
16:48:23 <kmi> I use it since it's in playground
16:48:24 <sandsmark> wstephenson: there are some bugs, like missing audio effects (→ sometimes weird behaviour in amarok)
16:48:27 <sandsmark> oh
16:48:42 <kmi> works like a charm except that crash-on-exit thingie that sounds worse than it is
16:48:43 <wstephenson> sandsmark: eg crossfade
16:48:57 <sandsmark> well, amarok doesn't have crossfader with any backend yet
16:49:03 <sandsmark> (should be fairly easy, though)
16:49:08 <llunak> there's not much point in discussing playground material
16:49:09 <wstephenson> shows what i know ;)
16:49:20 <wstephenson> ok.
16:49:20 <llunak> we it needs to make it into factory, after that it may become the default
16:49:27 <llunak> s/we//
16:49:33 <kmi> just saying even as playground it works better for me than gstreamer and xine
16:49:58 <llunak> then push it for factory
16:50:31 <kmi> someone with leet programming skillz ;) just needs to look at that crash bug to make it mainstream compatible IMO
16:50:43 <wstephenson> kmi: bug#?
16:50:51 <wstephenson> sandsmark: know what kmi is referring to?
16:50:56 <sandsmark> nope
16:50:57 <kmi> didn't file any, because it's in playground ;)
16:51:06 <sandsmark> kmi: do you have a backtrace?
16:51:19 <kmi> in a minute ;)
16:51:50 <wstephenson> ok, next item on the ideas?
16:52:07 <wstephenson> who wrote "matching green icons"? for what?
16:52:20 <wstephenson> we are looking at http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:KDE_ideas_11.4
16:52:37 <kmi> i think its a leftover fom 11.3
16:52:48 <bitshuffler__> can I add some "get rid of green and make a blue release!"?
16:53:04 <javier_> hehe
16:53:07 <kmi> to make it look like kubuntu, mandriva, and fedora? ;)
16:53:21 * wstephenson shrugs
16:53:24 <wstephenson> lets ignore that
16:53:36 <kmi> fine with me
16:53:39 <bitshuffler__> dunno what color mandirva has but the rest is more gnome distros so ...
16:53:43 <wstephenson> cb400f_: your disable animations option
16:53:49 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: blue
16:54:08 <wstephenson> cb400f_: appeals to me and no doubt some of the more moderate members of the angry brigade too.
16:54:09 <bitshuffler__> heh, well, blue rocks ;D
16:55:19 <wstephenson> cb400f_:  is afk
16:55:36 <wstephenson> so the PA thing i started separately on the list, consensus is to try it out
16:55:55 <wstephenson> i'll leave rekonq to last
16:56:04 <wstephenson> looking at the Single features list now
16:56:25 <bitshuffler__> but the kde integration for OOo & firefox will stay, right?
16:56:39 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: i expect so
16:56:45 <wstephenson> but we need to fix this slowdown bug
16:56:51 <bitshuffler__> fine :)
16:57:04 <wstephenson> lots of little things in the Single Features list would be good to have
16:57:24 <wstephenson> but i dunno where the engineering time is going to come from.
16:57:34 <bitshuffler__> well, would you write me some "working app to sync my mobile with kontact" if I add it there? ;P
16:57:36 <kmi> in my experience OO + KDE integration is also less stable, but since crashing OO does not start Dr. Konqui, i have no backtrace
16:57:54 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: sure. in my sleep. :P
16:58:02 <bitshuffler__> \o/ :D
16:58:20 <wstephenson> the randr item is on my and others' todos for 4.6
16:58:24 <wstephenson> (upstream)
16:58:28 <wstephenson> so will get done
16:58:49 <javier_> anti virus plasmoid?
16:59:02 <wstephenson> *coughs*
16:59:18 <javier_> it's part of single features
16:59:19 <wstephenson> firewall status and apparmor is easy to do.
16:59:35 <wstephenson> i think antivirus is unrealistic
16:59:56 <wstephenson> unless it says 'you're using opensuse KDE, no virus writer cares about hitting such a small target' ;)
16:59:58 <bitshuffler__> what for? you need it on a server and that doesn't run X
17:00:14 <kmi> indeed
17:00:36 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: do you mean email virus scanning?
17:00:46 <herby> A KDE client for fwzs would be nice
17:01:23 <wstephenson> http://gitorious.org/opensuse/fwzs
17:01:26 <wstephenson> first i hear of it
17:01:31 <wstephenson> "Firewall zone switcher"
17:01:31 <bitshuffler__> wstephenson: yes, basically you just need it for mail & file servers or not?
17:01:33 <kmi> I think phishing detection in kmail makes more sense than virus checking
17:01:38 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: yes, no need to discuss further
17:02:04 <wstephenson> kmi: we'll have enough to do with PIM just making sure we don't lose features with the akonadi port for 4.6
17:02:18 <kmi> i know.
17:02:21 <anaumov> maybe it will be better just to do what we have more stable and... just better?
17:02:45 <wstephenson> herby: looks like about 1/2 a day's work...
17:03:15 <wstephenson> just turn http://gitorious.org/opensuse/fwzs/blobs/master/fwzsapp.py into a python plasmoid.
17:03:29 <herby> wstephenson: Yes should be easy.
17:03:48 <wstephenson> ok so we should rank these features by prio
17:03:50 <wstephenson> i'll add a few
17:04:05 <wstephenson> i'll start that process and ask for comments.
17:04:20 <wstephenson> TOPIC: keep kdebase3 etc for 11.4? what's left depending on kdelibs/base3
17:04:25 <wstephenson> that's sort of a feature
17:04:38 <wstephenson> who added that?
17:05:18 <kmi> btw, filed https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=632903 after I installed the debug symbols
17:05:22 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 632903 in openSUSE 11.3 (KDE4 Workspace) "Phonon-VLC causes segfault in app exit" [Normal,New]
17:05:39 <rabauke> it's more an upstream issue though
17:06:18 <llunak> wstephenson: it's not a sort of a feature
17:06:38 <wstephenson> llunak: design decision for next release then
17:06:38 <llunak> wstephenson: we need to keep that part of the KDE3 building if we still ship it, and there may be 3rd party apps that still need the libs
17:07:05 <wstephenson> sandsmark: bug ^
17:07:11 <kmi> i don't know any. maybe llunak can enlighten us which apps he still uses
17:07:27 <llunak> kmi: none that must be in the release
17:07:44 <wstephenson> quanta, gambas?
17:08:03 <wstephenson> the list is getting shorter now kmymoney released
17:08:10 <llunak> there's gsoc for kde4-based quanta, although I don't know the timeline
17:08:25 <wstephenson> it was milianw so it probably succeeded.
17:08:37 <herby> I have read quanta will become part of kdevelop
17:08:37 <llunak> I wouldn't consider a BASIC IDE that important
17:08:42 <wstephenson> no,
17:08:52 <wstephenson> although it is probably used by thousands of angry old sysadmins ;)
17:08:55 <kmi> seamonkey is a better web editor anyway
17:09:45 <wstephenson> anything else?
17:09:46 <llunak> I think we should postpone this topic until late alpha or early beta phase
17:09:49 <wstephenson> ok
17:10:00 <kmi> when is that, btw?
17:10:09 <wstephenson> #action postpone kde3* inclusion decision until late alpha/beta
17:10:10 <kmi> package deadline
17:10:29 <wstephenson> kmi: http://www.suse.de/~coolo/opensuse_11.4/
17:10:52 <kmi> is that "component freeze"?
17:11:03 <wstephenson> no
17:11:10 <wstephenson> around dec/jan
17:11:34 <wstephenson> M6 16 dec
17:11:37 <kmi> ah, ok. deciding about rekonq has some time then, too
17:11:51 <wstephenson> TOPIC: repositories specific for KDE SC 4.5
17:12:15 <wstephenson> ok just a quick summary of what happened since last meeting
17:12:21 <javier_> this reminds me of openSUSE installer's icons... right now it's a mixture of gnome and kde icons
17:12:31 <wstephenson> javier_ is doing branding work for open-PC
17:12:35 <javier_> shouldn't be oxygen made the default?
17:12:40 <wstephenson> was going to base on KDF
17:12:52 <wstephenson> javier_: yes, -> Q&A, Misc now though
17:12:59 <javier_> ok
17:13:21 <wstephenson> but since lots of people ask for 4.5 'stable' and a product release needs a stable repo
17:13:34 <wstephenson> he agreed to help maintain a KDE:45 repo
17:13:37 <wstephenson> or whatever we call it
17:13:47 <javier_> well, one possibility was using kde 4.5.0 from k:d:f with the repo disabled
17:13:59 <wstephenson> i suggest to discuss further on list, if there are no further questions.
17:14:10 <wstephenson> javier_: that prevents people from adding new apps though.
17:14:21 <javier_> i am no maintainer expert but i would def like to help and learn in the process
17:14:26 <kmi> did the list bring any result wtr?
17:14:41 <kmi> we discussed already several times
17:14:43 <wstephenson> a stable project is a good place to learn
17:14:54 <javier_> wstephenson: i know, that's why having kde45 is a nice idea: )
17:15:06 <wstephenson> kmi: i think it's just about agreeing the nitty gritty now
17:15:08 <wstephenson> 1) name
17:15:19 <wstephenson> 2) update policy, frequency
17:15:32 <wstephenson> 3) technical implementation, frozen linkrevs or what
17:15:54 <wstephenson> llunak: want to kick this off on list with those subtopics as starting points?
17:15:54 <bitshuffler__> wstephenson: to what do you want to link?
17:16:13 <bitshuffler__> regarding the update policy: when new upstream release comes out or to add bug fix patches
17:16:17 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: linking to good revs of KDF is one possibility, until it goes 4.6
17:16:30 <wstephenson> bitshuffler__: details. we'll do this on list
17:16:38 <wstephenson> but you're right, those are the kind of questions
17:16:46 <wstephenson> then javier_ has a clear program
17:16:52 <kmi> an alternative could be to switch kdf at 4.6RC,not beta...
17:16:52 <bitshuffler__> oh, I thought it is merely about a 4.5 repo
17:17:19 <bitshuffler__> kmi: that would slow down development for 11.4 or not?
17:17:23 <javier_> one possibility: link when there's a new stable KDE SC release
17:17:31 <javier_> only
17:17:50 <llunak> wstephenson: I haven't caught up on the list yet
17:18:03 <llunak> wstephenson: but I can take the AI
17:18:10 <wstephenson> llunak: ok, i'll start the discussion so it gets done sooner.
17:18:30 <wstephenson> #action wstephenson start KDE:45 project implementation discussion on list
17:18:46 <wstephenson> any more questions that can't be handled on list?
17:19:16 <kmi> media player / phonon-vlc?
17:20:56 <wstephenson> kmi: OT now :)
17:21:07 <wstephenson> TOPIC: KDE Four Reloaded image call for testing/feedback
17:21:13 <alin> hi boys I made it too
17:21:17 <alin> wstephenson: just in time
17:21:25 <kmi> i though the question was what to outource to the ML
17:21:42 <wstephenson> kmi: yes, scoped to the kde45 project discussion though.
17:21:50 <wstephenson> alin: ok, it's your time!
17:21:53 <kmi> k, sry
17:21:53 <alin> javier_: did you update the update_packahe
17:22:06 <javier_> alin: no, not yet
17:22:15 <wstephenson> alin and javier_ have updated the 11.3 KDE 4.5.0 reloaded image, with suse branding
17:22:23 <wstephenson> at some point i would like to make a splash about it
17:22:29 <alin> wstephenson: I have been in town, they are still painting the doors so I get high if I spend too much time in the office
17:22:30 <wstephenson> and rtyler will push it on his site
17:22:33 <javier_> my idea is to have kde-reloaded the classic way: openSUSE 11.3 KDE4 Live CD packages + 4.5.0 + Updates
17:22:42 <wstephenson> agreed
17:22:58 <wstephenson> do we release it now, or wait for eg 4.5.1?
17:23:10 <javier_> I think we can release it now
17:23:15 <alin> wstephenson: once the packages are solved we should release it
17:23:20 <wstephenson> or keep releasing with updates from KDE:45
17:23:33 <alin> wstephenson: makes life easier for the ones who want to install
17:23:50 <javier_> wstephenson: better wait then and make two announcements
17:23:55 <alin> when is KDE:45 coming to life?
17:23:57 <tittiatcoke> apologies for being late. To be honest I didn't expect that the meeting was still ongoing
17:23:57 <kmi> wait a few days until we have a 4.5 repo and preconfigure Reloaded to access it instead of factory?
17:24:08 <javier_> kmi: +1
17:24:10 <alin> kmi: good idea
17:24:13 <wstephenson> can someone update the README.pdf with a disclaimer that this is unsupported?
17:24:27 <wstephenson> it's made from caveats.odt in the package sources
17:24:37 <wstephenson> kmi: +1
17:24:42 <llunak> KDE:45 repo may take more than a few days
17:24:44 <alin> wstephenson: you MF want some bleeding edge stuff you are on your own after you click enter
17:24:49 <alin> click ok
17:24:52 <alin> llunak: why?
17:25:09 <wstephenson> alin: those paint fumes smell of guinness.
17:25:33 <alin> wstephenson: maybe I do not know I quit drinking guiness many years ago
17:25:40 <llunak> because things usually take a bit longer than expected?
17:25:45 <kmi> llunak: at first we could simply agree on a name and to a symlink to factory
17:25:56 <javier_> kmi: +1
17:25:56 <alin> llunak: we put tittiatcoke to do it and will be fast
17:26:07 <tittiatcoke> alin: hehehe
17:26:11 <llunak> kmi: hmm, ok, that might make things faster at the start
17:26:17 <alin> tittiatcoke: I thought you are hiding
17:26:26 <javier_> that would be great
17:26:29 <tittiatcoke> alin: Nope. I guess I arrived at the right moment
17:26:57 <alin> tittiatcoke: cool was the same with me
17:27:08 <wstephenson> i'm ok to wait a bit
17:27:12 <wstephenson> we've got enough going on atm
17:27:20 <tittiatcoke> +1
17:27:34 <alin> let us do an a-team for the kde45 and then once ready we update the live
17:27:46 <wstephenson> ok
17:28:04 <alin> who voluntiers? for the kde45 repo?
17:28:10 <wstephenson> #action kde-four-reloaded-team: polish while waiting for KDE:45 to come on tap
17:29:05 <wstephenson> alin: javier_ is going to help
17:29:05 <alin> wstephenson: ok... do we have size restrictions?
17:29:19 <alin> wstephenson: he should
17:29:23 <wstephenson> and i guess llunak and i will help get it established
17:29:31 <alin> wstephenson: joking
17:29:32 <wstephenson> alin: 732something bytes
17:29:44 <wstephenson> and remember that the x86_64 livecd is bigger than the i686 one
17:29:48 <alin> wstephenson: cool... we will need a list with things that have to be on
17:30:01 <alin> wstephenson: yes around 7MiB
17:30:03 <wstephenson> alin: you are empowered to go make that list.
17:30:18 <wstephenson> next topic...
17:30:24 <wstephenson> TOPIC: Create a “Package new KDE apps” for dummies tutorial
17:30:26 <alin> wstephenson: that is a mistake I will put only expensive one on it...
17:30:27 <wstephenson> kmi: ^
17:30:45 <kmi> you posted a kde-apps link
17:30:52 <javier_> wstephenson: i remember you gave a me link with the package list of openSUSE 11.3 KDE4 but it wasn't quite what i was looking for. Perhaps we can make one and put it in gitorious, same place as kde4_unstable
17:30:58 <kmi> didn't look at it the past few minutes
17:31:19 <wstephenson> javier_: yes, let's do that offline
17:31:29 <javier_> ok
17:31:30 <wstephenson> #action wstephenson put pacakge list in gitorious
17:31:51 <wstephenson> kmi: llunak's kde-obs-generator tool is a packaging tool for dummies
17:32:18 <wstephenson> as well as that some people are working on adding it to qt creator, to make packaging for devs easier
17:32:20 <kmi> sounds perfect for me ;)
17:32:23 <wstephenson> dunno about the dummies set though
17:32:42 <wstephenson> sebas, leinir: know anything about frank's project to tell us?
17:33:26 <javier_> it's a bit offtopic, but a plasmoid workshop at the openSUSE Conference would be great
17:33:41 <javier_> are you planning any kde workshops there?
17:33:51 <wstephenson> javier_: packaging plasmoids?
17:34:07 <wstephenson> no dev workshops planned but i do have one i was developing for linuxtag that i can give
17:34:07 <javier_> wstephenson: no, creating plasmoids
17:34:28 <javier_> okis
17:34:56 <javier_> wstephenson: which frank's project are you referring to?
17:34:57 <wstephenson> ok then
17:35:00 <llunak> javier_: there's a page at techbase.kde.org
17:35:09 <wstephenson> javier_: OBS packaging support in qt creator
17:35:20 <wstephenson> javier_: your frank
17:35:23 <leinir> Well, other than that we're proceeding at pace with it, not really - if you want to check the design document, it's in the obs-qt-creator team clone on gitorious :)
17:35:33 <leinir> javier_: Hello, we are colleagues ;)
17:35:34 <javier_> I know, but a workshop (if possible) would be perfect
17:35:49 <anaumov> javier_, +1
17:35:51 <wstephenson> oh dragotin asked me if you are using his old qt creator obs plugin code at all?
17:36:00 <wstephenson> javier_: gladly
17:36:02 <javier_> wstephenson: I meant which one of frank's project
17:36:09 <javier_> leinir: hi ;)
17:36:25 <wstephenson> javier_: are we on the same page now?
17:36:25 <javier_> leinir: are you also working on the open-pc?
17:36:54 <leinir> wstephenson: i didn't know there was one... but it would make sense to do so, sure :) have you got a link handy? (also, that part of the project is sebas' :) )
17:37:02 <leinir> javier_: No, i'm working on ocs :)
17:37:13 <javier_> wstephenson: which page you mean?
17:37:19 <javier_> leinir: ocs?
17:37:35 <leinir> javier_: open collaboration services :)
17:37:37 <wstephenson> leinir: i'll ask dragotin for it
17:37:46 <leinir> Also, opendesktop.org's server side :)
17:38:00 <wstephenson> ok if that's it, let's talk about Frankitschek Global Empire in Q&A, misc.
17:38:06 <wstephenson> TOPIC: Q&A, Misc.
17:38:38 <javier_> leinir: perhaps it could be integrated with the Open-PC's desktop in the future :)
17:39:22 <leinir> javier_: it sort of already does - the social desktop plasmoid uses ocs already ;)
17:39:51 <javier_> hmm, but the plasmoid is not on the desktop (by default)
17:40:01 <wstephenson> leinir: are you coming to the opensuse conf?
17:40:32 <javier_> I think I can talk now about the installer's icons
17:41:11 <wstephenson> sure
17:41:32 <javier_> well, the installer uses different styles of icons and i was wondering if we could make oxygen's the default one
17:41:48 <javier_> since kde is the default desktop
17:42:06 <kmi> at least for DVD and KDE Live CD +1
17:42:23 <wstephenson> afaik yes this would be accepted, there was some discussion about it on -artwork or -marketing i think
17:42:29 <javier_> for some reason, YaST uses GNOME-style icons by default
17:42:42 <javier_> yes, it was on -artwork
17:43:06 <javier_> ok
17:43:29 <llunak> javier_: for yast, make a bugreport (and add kde-maintainers to CC)
17:44:10 <leinir> wstephenson: Well, i certainly wouldn't mind that - Frank did mention it :)
17:44:11 * leinir growls at stupid internets :P
17:44:29 <javier_> llunak: iirc, there are two directories, the default one and another one for oxygen
17:44:39 <wstephenson> leinir: excellent
17:44:51 <javier_> so if the yast people change that, we wouldn't have to do anything extra
17:45:25 <javier_> wstephenson: action for me
17:45:45 <wstephenson> #action javier_ bugreport for yast to use oxygen icons in installer.
17:45:51 <javier_> thanks
17:46:18 <wstephenson> well if that's it
17:46:31 <wstephenson> i will end the structured part of the meeting
17:46:40 <wstephenson> of course we can continue to chat
17:46:42 <alin> javier_: do not run I will be back in 2 minutes
17:46:51 <alin> javier_: I want to ask you something about packages
17:47:13 <wstephenson> thanks everyone for coming
17:47:15 <wstephenson> #endmeeting